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Comparative justice: Djokovic Vs Seekers of it

Diary No 5: January 19 2022

1 How is it possible that the attention of the world is so focused on a magnificent sportsman who, in essence, has tried to cheat his way into the Australian Tennis Open? I ask this question in defence of comparative justice. And l defend my use of the term comparative justice with another question.

How does the attention thrust on this tennis player who admits to being an anti-vaccination believer and refuses a jab compare with the plight of a group of asylum seekers housed in the same cheap lodgings? He was incarcerated or inconvenienced for a few days; they have completed as many as ten years imprisonment for never committing a crime.

According to our Government, their crime has been to seek the safety of Australian shores when persecuted by their own. Even after ten years of incarceration, there is no room for empathy from people whose blood runs thin through barren thoughts. If my words were able to jump from this page, I would command them to do so and confront these nefarious politicians’ intent only on using people’s lives to show how strict their border policy is.

Over its time in office, this Government’s performance has been a daily show of crudeness’s raining down on society. Surely performance or lack of it must mean something.

Friday, January 14

Scott Morrison has made yet another political decision to send Djokovic home. A decision made only after calculating that the enormity of any alternative was a political cost he couldn’t carry.

Back in the real world, 32 detainees at Melbourne Park’s Hotel – where Djokovic was detained – didn’t receive the same celebrity attention as the tennis player.

Efforts to free them have been frowned on by the Morrison government: A government that is much more interested in Novak Djokovic and the political gain in the story.

Their objections have been dismissed yet again, the refugees and asylum seekers involved in this sad episode in Australian history. The forgotten men and boys who have been abandoned after up to 10 years of indefinite detention placed their weary eyes on putrid windows. They watched as people gathered in the streets below, waving Serbian flags and chanting support for the tennis great.

A more intense exercise in personal narcissism l have ever seen.

Not a word was heard from Djokovic about their plight. He was undoubtedly preoccupied with winning another grand slam, and the Government was busy putting out the flames of yet another controversy.

Djokovic could have used his high-profile position “to advocate for their freedom” but chose his own self-importance as being more critical.

We live in a country where good takes its place in front of evil, but the margin is slipping by degree.

6pm Sunday, January 16

Novak Djokovic loses his appeal to stay in Australia after the Federal Court upholds the Government’s decision to cancel the tennis star’s visa. The three judges’ unanimous decision and the reasons will be published later.

Notably, the case was about Minister Hawk’s authority to make the decision he did and had nothing to do with the rights or wrongs of it.

The judges concluded that: “It is no part of the function of the court to decide upon the merits or wisdom of the decision.”

Never have I seen so many double faults in one game.

2 If rules are rules, how did Hillsong avoid a fine for singing and dancing. There are rules for some but none for others. Added to that, they seem to have an endless supply of RATS. How come?

Sunday, January 16

I, for one, am sick of the political scam that takes place in Australia every three years or every day, for that matter. Something has to be done. If Labor cannot win this election, I sincerely fear for our nation and its future.

Australian politics has for over a decade been suffering from the longevity of sameness. I advocate a change in the way it is practised. We don’t have a representative and participatory democracy that administers for the benefit of all. It is time to evaluate just what we want from our democracy.

We can often become so trapped in the longevity of sameness that we never see other ways of doing things.

Change is needed, but it is more difficult for them because it is anathema to the conservative mindset. For progressive Democrats, it should be uncomplicated.

Anyway, I was thinking about whether it will be enough to just go through the motions of bland, vapid promises and a traditional election campaign. Will it achieve a Labor victory?

Albo’s low key philosophy in the face of a self-destructing Government might work, but if you offer to give the people back its democracy, you might emphatically secure victory.

We are at a point in our history where “change” demands it to be listened to. Where the events of a decade scream out for it. It only requires the voice of a natural leader to order it on behalf of the people.

Change sometimes disregards opinion and becomes a phenomenon of its own making, with its own inevitability.

The definition of servitude needs to be indelibly ingrained into the minds of those seeking election. And the self-serving attitudes that now exist need to be purged from the minds of our current politicians.

Brian Briggs tweeted. Never in my 35 years in the law have I seen a Federal Court Appeal proceed so quickly and before a Full Bench and on a Sunday. Some serious strings have been pulled by someone for this to occur. Normally the wheels of justice turn slowly.

We await the court’s reply.

My thought for the day

We dislike and resist change in the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure. Yet change is in fact part of the very fabric of our existence.

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  1. New England Cocky

    The Novaxx Joker distraction provided about eleven (11) relief from the public scrutiny of Scummo et al and the band of Hou$ton Happy Clapper$ demonstrating their supreme levels of uncaring incompetence at managing the Australian economy in a world crisis.

    When analysed as a political strategy, Brian Briggs SG has accurately exposed the highly organised ”drama” for the Murdoch media-ocrity.

    Thank goodness we have authors able to see through these political machinations, call them out for what they are and keep accurately analysing the devious proceedings of the fascist Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment.

    Thank you JL and all the other contributors demanding better government practices for an egalitarian Australia.

  2. Josephus

    The unmasked singing godbotherers don’t suffer the consequences. In contravention of international law refugees aren’t even allowed, mostly, to escape to the USA or New Zealand. That the tennis star didn’t once think of the desperate people in his hotel, ditto the mob outside outdone by the refugee protesters says a lot about the efficacy of the vile popular press here.
    Vote Labor yes but enough voters must choose the greens or independents to pressure Labor into at least returning to its roots.

  3. Jaq

    Novox supporters need to watch the self centred way he conducted himself. The whole thing was a mess but the outcry against the Government for granting him a Visa in the first place, was heartening . All those whining about how much he gave to the bushfires should look at how public he likes to make his largess . Nadal and,Federer gave much more quietly. I’m sure if either of them had been intererned with the refugees that would’ve been their priority. You can be sure, deals have been by the LNP to allow Novax TO AGAIN circumvent the 3 year band behind the scenes, so why bite that hand?

  4. Caz

    Why concentrate on how little care Djokovic had for the refugees. How about how dismissive of them the average Australian is? This is our problem to highlight and solve, not the job of a high profile foreigner.
    I was gobsmacked reading letters in the SMH where people were saying that they never knew we had locked up innocent refugees like criminals. Really? Don’t these people read the news, listen to the ABC? Apparently not. And these people VOTE.
    Djokovic tries to enter the country unvaccinated. We have permitted our governments since Howard to lie to us, demonise desperate people and defy international treaties that they signed on our behalf for the last twenty years. If we want to know who should have it exposed what was happening in the Park Hotel, don’t look to blame Djokovic, look in the mirror.

  5. Terence Mills

    The contest in the Full Federal Court had little to do with Djokovic. It had everything to do with whether the federal minister for immigration could be challenged having exercised his sweeping statutory discretion to cancel a visa.

    The answer is , NO !

    The discretion granted to the minister under the Immigration Act is, for all intents and purposes, non-reviewable.

    So, if the minister decided to grant the Sri Lankan family residence in Australia or release the detainees in the Park Hotel that would also be a binding decision and non-reviewable in a court of law.

  6. James Robert LEONARD

    “If rules are rules, how did Hillsong avoid a fine for singing and dancing”
    The answer is clear: if you make your huge income out of selling the right kind of claptrap you become exempt from all our laws and safety regulations.
    Those who remember the Royal Commission also remember the things that happen to young people in “camps” run by holy men, but these kids were still allowed to attend.

  7. wam

    Assuming there is truth in your assessment of the government, you should be looking at why they haven’t lost. In 2010-13, labor governed by two conservatives who lost their political careers by supporting gillard, a great PM, except for one descent into a sleazy lawyer. Sadly, she would have had a comfortable majority if not for the last minute stupidity that gave roy a seat and the last minute clp lie that lost solomon. She could have then ignored the bandit and avoided juliar.
    As for the men and boys in detention, did they leave their mothers, wives and sisters in the danger from which the ran??
    ps Mr Leonard there are legislative rules for many groups and their application is varied according to whatever the minister decides.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Scott Morrison just said “I understand that those Rapid Antigen Test shortages have been a great frustration but a lot of these comments are made with hindsight, not foresight.”

    It’s not the comments that are the problem Scotty….it’s the lack of foresight of the government in preparing for what would happen when they got rid of basically all restrictions at once and said to the unvaccinated go forth and party.

    I still have not heard a sensible plan for the staffing of schools re-opening. The idea that droves of retired teachers will come flooding back, or that uni students can leave their studies, or that there is some huge bank of causals available at the drop of a hat, aside from being fanciful, doesn’t address the problem of how you timetable each day not knowing what staff or students will be there.

    Schools couldn’t find enough staff before the pandemic. Now they are expected to source from somewhere a 10% supernumery rotational workforce that they may or may not need on any given day. Will there be an on-call payment?

    They MUST consider staggered return, part-time face-to-face with some online, and delay the labour-intensive exercise of kindergarten starting for a month.

  9. Terence Mills

    James Robert LEONARD

    Hillsong got away with a technicality : they called their rave a “religious” service so apparently it was exempt.

    Go figure !

  10. Terence Mills

    Morrison seems scared to discipline George Christensen over his anti vaccination comments : clearly a coalition is only useful for getting into office.

    Morrison this morning on George Christensen who holds a relatively lucrative position as a backbencher on the joint committee for investment and trade.

    As a free country, people are allowed to say what they think, but we don’t have to listen to them. We don’t have to amplify their views. And are certainly not seeking to do that. I think these are dangerous views, I don’t think people should be listening to them…**

    You want the best information, my advice to them is to get the best information from the official sources. Don’t go after things that are people rabbiting on Facebook and social media and all the rest of it, you’re not going to find it there, you aren’t going to find things can help you there.

    Go to the credible source of information on vaccines and George Christensen is not one of them.

    Undisciplined and lacking leadership sums up the Morrison government !

  11. Al

    The pro-jab camp is in the ascendency here. But there are other voices, the first dissenting cab off the rank this month was Novak and now George. Seems George’s thought-crime involved his interview with Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA expert. As their worldview differs from Silicon Valley and Pfizer/Moderna, the pressure is on to shut them down, predictable. Some people learn from pain, others from the pain of others. Pushing onto others an experimental therapy that has no long term safety data does not sound all that intelligent.

  12. GL


    “Pushing onto others an experimental therapy that has no long term safety data does not sound all that intelligent.” You made that comment now provide evidence to back it up otherwise it’s a baseless and unsubstantiated opinion and can be ignored.

  13. Jon Chesterson

    Comparative justice – Djokovic never mentioned it, the mainstream media hardly mentioned it, the justice system has turned a blind eye and deaf ear, the government ignored it, some Australians are more concerned about the injustice to a rodent tennis player and here we are after 10 years innocent people still locked up at the pleasure of the Morrison government, falsely imprisoned with no access to the courts or voice of justice in this land – Just fucking outrageous!

  14. Phil Pryor

    There is an Al here, an unintelligent loudmouth. Has this Al some expertise, experience, qualifications? NO? Liars stink.

  15. Jon Chesterson

    Of course Djokovic is an expert on COVID vaccination too, so much so he was unable to play tennis – Fancy that! As for Christensen, he is so far up his own arse looking for his brain he’d be in danger of landing on the moon. What is it with people that they consider either of these two worth listening to. They don’t even have the moral decency to examine the science or human rights let alone consider what might be fair or civil to the person sitting next to them, unless it is for private or public exploitation – a million dollar ego or a piece of the action in the Phillipines, respectively speaking. Shades of Morrison, Dutton and contempt.

  16. corvusboreus

    Since George the gut-stapled sex-tourist from FNQ is now the recommended go-to source for reliable & intelligent counterconsensus views on medical matters, do you think I should also start sourcing my climate science info from him as well?

  17. GL


    Gorge, I mean George, had 85% of his stomach removed. It’s worked so well that he’s almost as fat now as he was before the surgery.

  18. ajogrady

    The tennis world and populist journalism is a strange place. Firstly we had Peng Shuai the woman Chinese tennis player that Steve Simon from the American based WTA who was so upset that her human rights had been violated that all women’s tennis events in China have been cancelled violating all woman tennis players human rights to be able work and earn a living. Then a Czech tennis player Renata Voráčová is deported from Australia after dodgy visa violation. Not a peep out of Steve Simons and the WTA that her ability not to be able to work was therefore a violation of her human rights. Now how amazing and frightening is it that a tennis player is held to a higher level of accountability, honesty and truthfulness by Australias media stenographers, laughingly called journalists, then the Prime Minister of the country. That in itself explains why Australia is in the predicament it is in. Truly pathetic.

    Scott Morrison, Novak Djokovic and the dark arts of political manipulation

    A nation run by bankers will never be out of debt.
    A nation owned by weapons manufacturers will never know peace.
    A nation that allows a small segment of its citizens to write the laws will never know justice.
    And if these elements own the media, we will never know the truth.
    James Rozoff Author.

  19. Kaye Lee


    Pushing onto others a virus that has extensive mortality and morbidity data does not sound all that intelligent. In fact it sounds fucking stupid and unbelievably selfish. Our health professionals need us to help.

    Just stop the sooking and get the jab.

  20. New England Cocky

    @Al: Scummo was the first Australian vaccinated and he believes in the Sky-Fairy.

    You seem to have succumbed to a fatal dose of Foot in Mouth Disease by mouthing the propaganda of the FB specialists.

    COVID cures stupidity ….. painfully ….. permanently.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Pushing onto others an experimental therapy that has no long term safety data does not sound all that intelligent.

    Awesome. I’ll tell my daughter – a doctor in a major city hospital who watches people die of Covid – the wonderful news.

    But, being scientific and all that, she’ll ask me for proof.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to confess it’s a wild conspiracy theory.

    PS: We don’t accept conspiracy theories on this site.

  22. corvusboreus

    In praising the COALition member for manilla for his honest intellectual dilligence, you neglected to salute the early awakening to the TRUTH behind the VAX-SCAM by a couple of other pioneering Australian freethinkers in fields of medicine and science, namely Craig Kelly (UAP) & Pauline Hanson (PHON).

    Don’t let Georgie hog the whole pie, Craig and Pauline deserve their slice!

  23. GL

    Georgie Porgie has stepped down from his food trough job as chair of the committee. Could it be that even the oaf has realised that he well and truly overstepped the boundaries with his latest mouthing off.

    Now it seems Professor Doctor Morriscum is considering changing the 7 day isolation for positive Covid down to 5 days. Could it be that the eagle is talking to him again?

  24. corvusboreus

    Losing that committee role means lardycakes takes a drop in salary of around $23,000 per annum.

    Methinks Humpty was pushed.

  25. GL


    It will be hard on him, just think of that $23k worth of McDonalds he’ll have to miss out on.

  26. paul walter

    Terence Mills AGAIN!!

    This fella gets it unerringly right so many times.

    Djokovic qets patsied by Morrison and the usual contemptible games, but Morrison is like a rat on a sinking ship, so no deed is too low; no hypoc5risy too egregious from the man who rubbished the idea of Covid two years go after botching the bushfires; the idiot who, with Murdoch other right wingers and anti vax flakes reading off the Trumpist idiot sheet ridiculed any idea that the event might be serious or require significant non- propertarianist intervention for the sake of Australia.

    Not once have the events since last election have swayed him from IPA agenda, regardless of harm does others..

    Only a week or two ago he spieled forth with libertarian rubbish about how Big Pharma should not undergo ANY attention from the government because they could gouge as they liked; should only be concerned as to their OWN profitability (even if the rest of us died by the multitude.

    Nothing has got through to this idiot regarding his ideology, which I thought today ran so counter of the Good Samaritan parable.

  27. Al

    Comparative justice is the way of the world. Refugees are not seeing it, it’s not of much interest to the media or govt who both have an agenda to follow. It is the same story with jab science. I’m still waiting for someone to point me to long-term studies of jab safety. I expect to see such a study in about 2026 at the earliest. And what of the investigation of the 740 people cited on the TGA database as having died after the jab? 11 of them have had their death associated with the jab but the other 729? I’d like to see autopsy results just so that it’s clear why people are dying. And spare a thought for all the public hospital staff who were coerced to get the jab to keep their job. It seems as of yesterday they are now in situation where contractors can enter their workzone unjabbed. Do the ‘visitors’ include seconded private hospital nurses who were not subjected to mandates? If so, what does that mean in terms of fair treatment of pubic hospital staff. Looks like an own goal – the mandates caused a mass exodus of public hospital staff who did not bow to the mandates, only to be restaffed by unjabbed private hospital staff? Am I reading this wrong?

  28. Phil Pryor

    Al, your curiosity is wandering and lost, but, don’t stop. Do listen, to simple truth. YOU as with everyone, can only fight a virus infection and recover, by your immune system’s successful response, which failed too often. Only scientifically proven vaccines, with more than a century of proof, endorsed by millions of medical experts over time, can strengthen that immune system. We are in debt to clever people, for proven, successful treatment of vaccine preventable disease and death. That is clear but not proof against stupidity.

  29. Al

    Phil, ‘more than a century’ – then how come the Guinness World Records says the “first mRNA vaccine to be approved for use by a national regulatory body is the Tozinameran COVID-19 vaccine” on 02 December 2020?

  30. Kaye Lee


    They have been working on mRNA since 1960.

    An mRNA vaccine doesn’t contain any weakened or inactive germs like some other vaccines.. It doesn’t enter the nucleus of cells in the body. It doesn’t affect our DNA in any way. It just teaches your body to recognise the protein that’s on the surface of the virus and stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies to it….the same way your body would react if you got COVID.

    All healthcare workers, whether in public or private employment, must be vaccinated as far as I am aware.

    In NSW, out of a public health system workforce of more than 140,000 people, 136 quit.

  31. Phil Pryor

    Al, you are being deliberately obtuse and unseeing, for the Australian Government medical site for the department of health offers twenty four, 24, booklets clearly outlining the history of all the major vaccine preventable diseases that used to ravage Humans. Stupidos lying and denying today might have been dead over time of cholera, typhoid, smallpox, dysentery, rabies, influenzas, polio, many childhood diseases, except for vaccines. Vaccines have allowed liars to strut around lying about vaccines, This vaccine range is proven, and if prelates, pontiffs, popes, presidents, monarchs, even misfits can be safe, so can you, if you swallow the denialist idiocy. If you are a traitor, an enemy, a chronic fool, an uncivilised and silly savage, that is what you are…

  32. Kaye Lee

    The TGA explains VERY clearly on their website about the 740 deaths that had a temporal association to vaccination, 11 of which they identified as linked to vaccination

    “Large scale vaccination means that some people will experience a new illness or die within a few days or weeks of vaccination. These events are often coincidental, rather than being caused by the vaccine. As the number of people being vaccinated has increased, so has reporting of fatal events with a temporal association with vaccination. Review of these individual reports and patterns of reporting does not suggest that the vaccines played a role in the vast majority of these deaths.”

    There had been about 44.1 million doses to January 9.

  33. Al

    Kaye, what does the TGA mean by ‘new illness’? Is it a ‘new illness’ doctors have never before seen and therefore in need of urgent research attention, or do they mean a known illness new to that particular person who just died? I agree that the TGA statement is VERY clear, except for stating how many autopsies have been done or whether there is a ‘new illness’ as yet unresearched or properly identified.
    Phil, once upon a time vaccines were formulated around inactivated viruses and were tested for 5-7 years before being released to the public. Now we have gene tech and experiment on primary school children despite the warnings from the CDC about myocarditis and pericardits. Science allows debate, unlike media and govt.

  34. corvusboreus

    The CDC disclaimer at the top of the ‘openvaers’ site is worth reading.

    My favourite submission to the VAERs site was the one where a vaccine recipient reported side effects including rapid bulk growth, uncontrollable rage, superstrength and green hued skin.

    Pfizer made hulk go smash!

  35. Phil Pryor

    Let us leave Al to his rambles, selecting stupidities to back up prejudicial ignorance, mind shut tight, tight as a clam’s cloaca, watertight. There is good, scientifically proven vaccine for covid and so many other vaccine curable diseases.., but not for utter brainless stupidity. Irresponsible infectious idiots are a murderous danger to all.

  36. corvusboreus

    It is strange.

    I recently had reasonable discourse with a commenter called AI on the thread of an article by Kaye Lee.
    That AI (personalised ‘escheresque’ gravatar) derided active covid misinformation, and acknowledged the discrediting downfall of Dr Robert Malone from acompetent research fellow to an academicly blacklisted ‘infowars’ guest.

    This new variant AI (generic gravatar) reckons that fat George & Alex Jones’ goto rebel virologist is solid rock of credibity against an ocean of deceit.

    It seems that AI comes in highly variable forms regarding soundness of programming and processing.

  37. Terence Mills

    The reasons for the decision of the Full Federal Court have now been published :

    To my reading, in context, it comes down to :

    105 That is the position in this case. Another person in the position of the Minister may have not cancelled Mr Djokovic’s visa. The Minister did. The complaints made in the proceeding do not found a conclusion that the satisfaction of the relevant factors and the exercise of discretion were reached and made unlawfully.

    It comes down to the fact that the minister has a very broad discretion and he was not acting unlawfully in exercising that discretion.

  38. corvusboreus

    In the case of ‘Djoko’, the court found that the government had not broken any law in deporting a wealthy professional ballhitter who fiddled his entry forms.

    In the case of ‘robodebt’, the court found that the government had broken laws in generating then demanding unproven debt from impoverished citizenry.

    Which hill should we be charging?

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