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Yes is inclusive, No is divisive

The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


“The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.”

The Charter of Budget Honesty was introduced to stop incoming governments from claiming the previous government lied about the true state of the nation’s finances. The heads of the Treasury and the Finance Department are required to put out their own set of numbers, the Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook (PEFO), during the election campaign. This gives a neutral baseline against which we can assess the new government’s figures. PEFO is the only set of Budget forecasts that truly belong to the bureaucrats – all other documents (like the Budget) are issued by ministers.

The outlook in PEFO was remarkably close to the figures in the Economic Statement issued by Chris Bowen and Penny Wong just before the election was called. The public servants in PEFO projected the Budget balance out for a decade. They found that the Budget was on track, before the election, to return to surplus in 2016-17 and keep improving from there, eventually hitting a surplus of about 1% of GDP by 2023 with net debt approaching zero.

Despite the Charter and the neutral numbers in PEFO, Joe Hockey still played the Budget black hole card. The new government’s mini-Budget (MYEFO) contained dramatically bigger deficits than the bureaucrats’ PEFO projections, with no surpluses in sight.

The line Hockey has been pushing is that not only did Labor hide the level of deficits in the current budget cycle, but that it left a series of hidden spending commitments in the unpublished years beyond forward estimates.

“From 2017-18, payments are projected to increase substantially (a real increase of almost 6 per cent in just one year) because Labor back-ended expenditure in a number of key areas and hid it from the public.”

Strange…this member of the public was able to find all those figures without the aid of any staff. In fact PEFO specifically says “Specific program estimates are included across the ten years for DisabilityCare Australia, the National Plan for School Improvement, and the Nation Building 2 and Nation Building 3 programs.”

Labor in fact revealed the funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the budget last May, with new spending broken down out to 2019.

“The Australian Government will provide $19.3 billion over seven years from 2012-13 to roll out DisabilityCare Australia across the country. This brings the Australian Government’s total new investment in DisabilityCare Australia to $14.3 billion over the period.

The Australian Government will provide funding of $11.7 billion to DisabilityCare Australia in 2019‑20, the first year after full national rollout. This represents 53 per cent of the $22.2 billion total cost of running DisabilityCare Australia, with the States and Territories providing the remaining funding.”

This was to be funded by the increase to the Medicare levy.

Likewise the spending for the Gonski reforms was spelled out in detail as was its funding.

“The Budget provides an additional $9.8 billion over six years from 2014‑15 for new needs-based school funding arrangements.

To ensure that the National Plan for School Improvement will be fully funded, the Government has needed to make tough decisions — redirecting savings from higher education, self-education tax deductions and business taxation; and better targeting family payments.

In addition, a range of national partnerships for education will be ceased (or not renewed) and funding will be redirected to the National Plan for School Improvement. As well as helping pay for this historic reform, these saving decisions will also will help improve the position of the budget in the next few years.”

Labor copped a lot of flack for its proposed cuts to university funding, which were really a smaller increase rather than an actual cut. The reason they are opposing these savings now is because they made the cuts to fund education reforms, not to spend on roads.

Hockey also bemoaned supposed hidden funding increases to foreign aid and defence.

“The fact is Labor’s left us with a massive forecast increase in foreign aid, a massive increase in defence – for example in one year, there’s meant to be a real increase in defence spending of 13 per cent, a 66 per cent increase in foreign aid.”

The increase in foreign aid was also in the budget papers - it was actually a reduction on previously proposed spending, with the government’s Millennium Development Goal commitment to lifting foreign aid to 0.5% of gross national income put back another year to 2017. The government spelt out its planned increase in foreign aid up to and including 2017-18.

As Crikey pointed out in April,

“Labor invited the Prime Minister to spell out the government’s MDG policy, which he duly did: aid is to reach 0.5% of GNI when the budget returns to surplus. Which raises the question of why, in Hockey’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook in December, Hockey left Labor’s MDG aid funding increase intact, in defiance of the government’s own policy. The answer, of course, was that it would inflate the budget deficit for 2017 and beyond.”

And on defence, the budget tells us that defence spending for the 2014-15 financial year will rise by $2.3 billion to $29.3 billion, a real increase of 6.1%, with a commitment to building defence spending to two percent of GDP within a decade. So it seems that wasn’t a nasty surprise either.

Interestingly, the Labor budget also said “Government has chosen not to offset the hit to revenue in the near term, as it would come at significant cost to jobs and growth.”

In a budget press release, Joe Hockey said

“While the former Government left Australians with $123 billion of deficits and no path back to surplus, our budget repair efforts have meant that deficits in our first four years are now projected to be $60 billion, with a surplus of well over one per cent of GDP projected by 2024-25.”

Ummmm, according to Treasury and Finance, Labor policies would have got us to surplus in 2016-17 with a surplus of 1% of GDP by 2023.

Hockey goes on to say

“Gross government debt is now forecast to be $389 billion in 2023-24, compared with the $667 billion left behind by the former Government. This reduction in projected debt of nearly $300 billion also assumes that we provide future tax relief to address bracket creep.”

I am not sure why he keeps talking about gross debt, I assume because it is a bigger number, but he really should look at the government’s own website which says

“The August 2013 Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) estimated that net debt would rise to 11.7% of GDP in 2013–14 and peak in 2014–15 at 13.0% of GDP. These levels of net debt are not unprecedented in Australia. Between 1970–71 and 2011–12, net debt level as a percentage of GDP exceeded 10.0% ten times (mainly in the 1990s)..…compared with other advanced economies, Australia’s net debt levels are comparatively low, and have been for some time.

The PEFO projected a return to surplus of 0.1% in 2015–16.

Although Australia’s fiscal balance fell to a low in the context of the GFC, its structural budget balance is reasonable compared to other advanced economies.”

When Hockey says that Labor left us with a debt of $667 billion, he is quoting a figure from his own MYEFO document which included his decisions to cut revenue from the mining tax, the carbon tax, the 15% tax on superannuation income over $100,000 a year, and the Fringe Benefits Tax rort on novated leases.

It also included his inexplicable decision to hand $8.8 billion of borrowed money to the Reserve Bank. The sale of Medibank Private - a $4-5 billion contribution to the budget - will be spent on roads because Abbott wants to be an “infrastructure prime minister”, when it could cut the budget deficit or the debt. That could be $13-14 billion off the deficit and debt right there - or an interest saving of more than half-a-billion dollars a year. Scrap the company tax decrease, scrap the Paid Parental Leave scheme, close a few corporate tax loopholes and tax concessions for the wealthy and we would be well on the way to addressing the challenges of the future.

So what it boils down to is that Hockey confected a large future debt to justify ripping the heart out of our most vulnerable so he can say he is being “responsible” by getting the young, the sick, the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled, the single parents, and anyone else who doesn’t have a voice, to pay for his claim that he might improve his own fictional bottom line in ten years’ time.

In the mean time we will give up the Gonski reforms, the real NBN, all action on climate change, environmental safeguards, research, renewable energy, hospital funding, universal healthcare, the ABC…all while sending a large percentage of the population into poverty.

The carbon tax doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche


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  1. bobrafto


    Let me try.

    Smokin Joe is also a gambler.

    The Reserve made a few billion in foreign exchange trades that went into the Treasury coffers.

    Joe is gambling that the Reserve can do this again.

    As with all gambling sometimes you lose.

    Let’s hope that $8 billion doesn’t go up in cigar smoke.

  2. Kaye Lee

    yes bob, the persistently high dollar must be causing him a few worries.

  3. Matters Not

    Speaking of Friedrich Nietzsche

    All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.

    Watched Hockey Q&A last night for a while before becoming somewhat disgusted. Already the accepted ‘common sense’ is ‘We are doing what we are doing because of Labor’s debt and deficit.’

    Unfortunately, it’s the big underpinning lie that is never challenged. Abbott and Hockey et al are political masters at setting the parameters of almost any debate. The endless repetition of three word slogans (Labor’s debt and deficit) wins the day.

    The education system has much to answer for.

  4. Rob Alan

    “infrastructure prime minister”

    Team barn sale build tomorrows corporate toll road deal using public funds. Doing the debt/barnsale democracy tango routine all on their own.

  5. ChristineR

    Reblogged this on Christine R and commented:
    Thank you, at last, all the lies about the big bad debt laid out so that even I can understand. This government cannot go into another election, ever, with Abbott and Hockey. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Matters Not,

    I find myself also becoming somewhat repetitive in my articles in attempting to refute the lie.

  7. geoffreyengland

    Hockey has fallen victim to his own over inflated sense of worth, and his own over inflated belief in his ability.
    That he continues to try and fool the public, speaks volumes about his cognitive abilities, that the Government continues to push the “hard decisions for hard times” bullshit speaks volumes about their moral compass.

  8. ChristineR

    Thank you, at last all the lies about the big bad debt are laid out so that even I can understand.

  9. Peter Garcia-Webb

    You are right, of course. The question is what can we do about it? The answer may well be nothing.
    Interestingly it is said of Friedrich Nietzsche that he adored those who were strong and were honest enough to use their strength to gain power and flaunt their power.
    While depressed at the budget and our democratic impotence, I wrote of our elected representatives:
    There are those among the elected group who stand for the truth. Who have morals and ethical standards. They are of course still ambitious, but they modify that ambition for the good of the country.
    We have elected them. Perhaps it’s time to actually support them. Because there will not be an early election. The last thing those who currently abuse their power want is Democracy.
    Not that those few have the power to cause change, but it would at least be a start.

  10. Brownie

    Why are Labor too scared to tackle Abbott and Hockey head on regarding their claims about the budget deficit left by Labor? The lies being told by Abbott and Hockey about the budget emergency are astounding and yet I can’t recall Shorten or others getting in front of the media and disputing them. I mean Abbott has been found out to constantly lie, isn’t that a good starting point for someone from Labor to front up and ask why would anyone believe any claim he makes and then point out just how much the Libs have added to the deficit since they came to power.
    It should be, where possible, that for every interview Abbott or Hockey gives, Labor should be next in pointing out all their lies.
    You can just see that Abbott has been given the message that when he fronts the media, of course the easy ones he likes, he has to keep saying ‘fixing Labors budget mess’ and if he can get that repeated two or three times in the one grab then all the better.
    It really frustrates me that I don’t see Labor more on the attack, given the amount of ammunition they have they should be crucifying this mob.
    Where is there a Paul Keating in the Labor ranks when you need one.

  11. Rob Alan

    ‘I find myself also becoming somewhat repetitive in my articles in attempting to refute the lie.’

    You’ve done an awesome job of helping expose the tip of an iceberg ‘lying is acceptable’ Kaye. And I do mean that in earnest, WTG.

    Lying is not the natural balance to truth. If a spade is not a spade then what is the point have having a language in the first place.

  12. Rob Alan

    ‘Why are Labor too scared to tackle Abbott and Hockey head on regarding their claims about the budget deficit left by Labor?’

    Goff Whitlam regime change left latent fear of more of the same, as more than evident around the globe.

    I’d guess the alp have gone quite on reasoning the GFC into the argument, might have the Oz public wondering why America hasn’t set up a pay the world back levy, for the stolen savings alone.

    We the people need to tell govt we know of some of these fears. We also share them so why not work together?

    Cheers all.

  13. Gordon Riley

    Why let real figures get in the way of sensationalist propoganda about a budget emergency? Can’t have people thinking, despite some infighting, the previous government may have actually been competant. Something this current one is hard pressed to be, and getting harder by the day.

  14. CMMC

    ‘Labor cuts to university funding’ is a myth. It was simply the mechanism known as the ‘Efficiency Dividend’ , a funding principle implemented by the Hawke administration.

    It can be used as a blunt instrument to decimate the public service, and that is exactly what Hockey is doing. The Efficiency Dividend has been raised to 2.25%.

  15. deanyz1

    I agree with you, Brownie. Labor should be the ones to constantly refute Hockey’s spin. Labor should start saying things like “Hockeys big budget LIE” and “A great big LIE on everything.” I hate sloganisms but the majority of Australians have a short attention span. They could not mentally wade through Rudd’s erudite yet lengthy monologues. Labor will have to be more succinct and repetitive in their message…

  16. Solusnauta

    Hello Kaye. you mentioned…..”When Hockey says that Labor left us with a debt of $667 billion, he is quoting a figure from his own MYEFO document which included his decisions to cut revenue from the mining tax, the carbon tax, the 15% tax on superannuation income over $100,000 a year, and the Fringe Benefits Tax rort on novated leases.”
    I believe this is the figure Hockey also mentioned in his budget address in Parliament and also by Abbott in a reply in question time later in the week. If what you are saying is correct then why can’t they be referred to the Privilege’s committee for misleading Parliament. ( a very bad offense I might add that can lead to dismissal of the member)
    I remember, I think, Al Capone was done on Tax fraud and not on his actual activities. Maybe this is a back door way of highlighting the lies as well.

  17. Wayne Turner

    Imagine if the MSM weren’t puppets for these Libs.The truth and FACTS would have gotten out aka we would have a properly working democracy.Instead of the SHAM we have.

    Also,you just have to look at the parties name: IT’S A LIE! They are NOT Liberal. More like extreme right wing.A better name for this current lot is:-


    Aka CRAP

  18. Billy moir

    Please stop, writing, it is so depressing! where has albo gone where has labor gone the rabbott has already claimed to recovery and only two of us and the dog know that labor did manage the economy???

  19. guest

    It is clear that the Coalition Budget is a concoction of lies built upon lies.

    Shorten’s reply was a strong risposte to that heap of garbage enunciated by Hockey.

    As well, Hockey has been criticised by his own side of politics, by large numbers of the populace and by academics.

    What is not being made clear in the MSM in general is the truth. The scarcity of truth is a hurdle for the Opposition because the truth is being deliberately stifled by the lies repeated ad nauseam.

    As well, time for sustained, direct criticism of the Coalition and its policies has been minimalised by the small number of days of Parliamentary sittings scattered over the past eight months.

    It seems the time is ripe for an all-out expose of Coalition lies and misinformation. Already the polls are showing voter dissatisfaction is deepening.

    It is quite clear that whatever the Coalition hopes to achieve in terms of surplus can be achieved without the Coalition and without the excessive pain they propose.

    The attacks on the poor and vulnerable and upon scientific institutions and upon media outlets critical of their policies are just desperate ideological measures to maintain a business-as-usual position favourable to the favoured and in defiance of changes against them mounting around the world. This Coalition has no future; it drives while looking in an increasingly blurred rear vision mirror.

  20. Stephen Tardrew

    Of all the information out there this is some of the most critical to the recovery of Labor as a political force. Though people are pissed off with unfairness the big bad debt narrative just bubbles along with no relief in sight. It has to be a communications problem with Labor. Now is the time to use the words deceit and lying loudly and clearly. They must set the agenda by reinforcing the governments dishonesty and the subsequent lack of trust. They have been handed the poles and it’s the time to take advantage and convince people they do not have to loose out if they return to Labor’s original and legitimate budget (PEFO).

    They must get off the acronyms and spell out the facts of LNP Big Bad Fake Debt. Tell the voters there is nothing to fear and no need for austerity as the LNP budget is a LIE. Voters want a solution and it is not Abbott’s solution so Labor must take this window of opportunity and bash the Big Bad Fake Debt as a gift to the wealthy while providing a fully detailed reply returning the resource tax, super reform and others items by demonstrating they will not hurt the middle and working class voter. For Shorten and Co every speech has to have the same drive as the budget reply replete with a Fake Big Bad Debt Ripoff of Ordinary Australians reply at every possible opportunity. It’s like a song – repeat it often enough and it sticks in the mind eating at the big bad debt meme.

    Continue to ride the inequality mantra while endlessly challenging the big bad debt with the Fake Big Bad Debt Ripoff Ordinary Australians. Have the figures ready to support the claim but whenever possible repeat Fake Big Bad Debt Ripping Off Ordinary Australians add nausium. Mud sticks and the more you throw the more it sticks.

  21. Kayla Flamenco Malaysia

    Dear Kaye,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have summed it all up in a nutshell. The evidence backing your claims is there for all to find, I just wish people would take the time to do some research before they take anything as the gospel truth.

    I was in the process of gathering/collating all the available evidence I could find to bring the truth to light, I could feel deception in my bones. You have beaten me to it, thank goodness, cos you are a much better writer than I am, so, I hope you don’t mind, I am linking to this article all over the place so others will hopefully start to see the picture from a different angle, truth based on evidence. Thanks again, and keep up the good work, it is well appreciated.

  22. Wayne Turner

    The latest LIE about Abbott (LIE BY OMITTION): “If Labor doesn’t pass budget our Triple A credit rating is at risk”.

    When Labor was in the Libs ignored Triple A credit rating achieved by Labor.NOT achieved by the Howard Liberal government.

    Sadly,now by leaving out who achieved Triple A credit rating.It’s a good thing.


    Plus Abbott has no concrete proof to back up his claim.Just more FEAR & BS.

  23. Kaye Lee


    ” A global credit rating agency is undermining the Prime Minister’s latest attempt to get his budget passed. Tony Abbott is warning the Opposition and the Greens not to block his government’s budget measures in the Senate because that could put Australia’s credit rating at risk.

    He based this claim on a newspaper report that says the global ratings agency Standard & Poor’s could review the country’s triple-A credit rating unless the Government drastically cuts spending. But S&P is not backing that up, and says there’s very little chance of a change to its assessment on Australia.”

  24. Stephen Tardrew

    You’ve got to hand it to the devious little shit he just keeps on piling up the lies. He is really showing his colors and right when he should be pulling his head in just can’t resit another damn Big Bad Fat Poxy Fib.

    He really does have serious psychological problems and is in no condition mentally to run the country.

    Fancy pissing of the S&P with more fairy tails. I think he has got the Bible and reality so messed up that he actually believes his own deluded rantings.

  25. Wayne Turner

    Thanks Kaye 😉 .I didn’t see that.

    Still Abbott is making an assumption because it says “could review” – So he’s still fear mongering because it is NOT a certain thing.Plus as pointed out S & P are NOT backing Abbott’s claim up.

    Of course I still maintain Abbott is a LYING HYPOCRITE,because suddenly a Triple A credit rating matter NOW,but Libs/MSM ignored it when Labor achieved it.


  26. Wayne Turner

    So true Stephen – The Libs of LIES,to cover up LIES,when confronted on their LIES deny it and add more LIES.

    Abbott especially is a delusional,lying fruit cake.Unfit to clean my toilet,let alone run anything.

  27. Robert Henry

    Totally agree Wayne Turner, there is hardly a journalist left in the MSM, they are all scribblers who follow the Paper’s/Channel’s line. Look how well they followed the March in March, with 150,000 people marching all over Australia. I couldn’t believe the size of the crowd in Melbourne, with nary a mention. Like it never happened. Howard’s Mob were Far Right Conservatives, this Mob are Fascists, every one. I heard one from Gippsland this morning talking about how bad the debt crisis was, and they had to fix it. They all repeat the exact same line, Stop The Boats, Stop The Tax, etc etc. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of them. A Mob funded and supported by Corporations, Big Business, the MSM in all it’s forms, Free flights to the wedding of the Mining Magnate’s daughter for Julie Bishop, Barnaby Joyce and Teresa Gambaro who collectively claimed more than $12,000 in “Overseas Study” allowances to pay for their flight home. Joyce also claimed
    another $3,600 in taxpayer entitlements to fly to Perth, the day before he and his wife boarded the Private Jet to fly to Hyderabad for the 10,000 guest wedding. Ms Bishop also claimed $3445 for the flight to Perth from Hyderabad, also claiming her trip as a “Study Tour.” Ms Gambaro claimed $3446 for “Overseas Study Travel.” Then there is the Bankrolling of Joyce’s Campaign Fund in his quest to win the seat of New England
    formerly held by Tony Windsor. A $500,000 “donation.” The four Libs involved in the NSW Ghost Donation Company faced Court, why not Gina. Look up the definition of “Fascist” Wayne. A Government put there by Corporations, Big Business and the Wealthy. This Mob ticks every box, and every one a Fascist.

  28. jimhaz

    [Friedrich Nietzsche that he adored those who were strong and were honest enough to use their strength to gain power and flaunt their power]

    Sure, yes the use of power is intrinsic to the universe. How stars form via gravity for example is a use of power.

    Those things that last longest are those where the interconnection of the differing parts is most equalised. I do not see the rich getting relatively richer than the majority as being “equalised” – it is creating too much friction between the lesser parts (us plebs) and the dominant parts (the users of us plebs). Some OECD countries like the US, UK and Aust are becoming like a car engine with worn pistons (those in poverty) and bad fuel (ultra-con lies that underlie the LNP idealogy). Like communism it is not an efficient application of power.

    I would not argue against a hierarchical society if the pyramid of power was flatter. That it can be flatter is shown in some progressive Northern European countries.

  29. Wayne Turner

    Indeed Robert indeed 😉

  30. sandrasearle

    Kaye, Michael or anyone else. Please, please can you forward this whole article to Katherine Murphy at the Guardian Australia. This is the sort of information that needs to be got out to the rest of the folks in the real world. Perhaps Fairfax might be interested in lifting their reader coverage by also getting some real facts.
    Well done Kaye. Keep up the good work, we are right with you.

  31. Olivia Manor

    Keep up the good work Kaye! By the way, Abbott flew to Qld for the funeral of some big landlord there. Was it funded by the taxpayer? Also, I have noticed the ALP is now personally addressing the public through emails, presumably due to the fact that they get no traction from the media in general. Maybe this is the way to go till themfourth estate will actually report positively on what they have to offer.

  32. Brian Giffin

    Reblogged this on The Ripper's Lair and commented:
    Labor’s massive debt was nothing but a LNP lie. Who’d’ve thunk it?

  33. mars08

    Any yet… so many Australians still seem to think that it’s controversial or impolite to call Abbott a liar. Sure, it’s okay to thinks it… but it’s uncivil to say it out loud.

    About a century ago, a famous man said:

    “…the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world…”

    Sadly, that piece of wisdom still applies…..

  34. DanDark

    News in Abbott has postponed trip down here in vic at my sons old uni at deakin in Geelong
    get this cos of security concerns
    Go Aussies Oi Oi Oi, you bloody beauty, finally he is scared of us, so he should be
    And hockey and sinodinis and killer Morrison, I bitch, Bronny etc etc

    Oi Oi Oi

  35. Kaye Lee


    He has woken our kids up. And more power to them. I love the passion of youth

  36. donwreford

    Kaye, I have not understood the 8.8 billion handed to the Reserve Bank, can you inform us why this is so?

  37. Fed up

    Abbott not going to Geelong tomorrow., Student have scar him off.

  38. Kaye Lee


    Firstly I want you to understand that I have no insider information. I am not fed with press releases or leaks. The only people I interview are sitting on my verandah usually drinking champagne, or family, or the people I speak to through work and online.

    I wrote a previous story that gives a few thoughts on the matter of Joe’s gift that I have collated from various sources.

  39. DanDark

    Oh Kaye, I knew, I knew, but because I am only a psychic, in a little country town
    and not an economist
    I didn’t know how, but I knew, sinodinis, and co had sinister plan, as I told him in my letter to
    The leach sinodinis, knew it had been planned well, years ago, but they had to destroy Rudd and then Julia and then Rudd bit by bit trying to get their ultimate plan in, labor did not destroy itself
    The LNP’s did, but made it look like ALP self destructed
    Ferguson, was an informer for liberals I feel
    They didn’t expect the ICAC to eventuate like it has either, sinodinis gone

    but I think it has FAILED, a big F for the Smokin cigar, shoe tapping thief Hannibal
    It’s just sad they have even been able to get away with these criminal acts
    And assault on our country and peoples

    When I saw those pics of them celebrating, before the death policy they inflicted on us
    There rhetoric, and very serious faces, all other times, I knew they thought they had us
    I have other letters I sent, Morrison, j bishop, little shit Briggs, predicting their soon to be quicker than you thought demise LOL
    You Go the free and young of our country Oi Oi Oi
    Let hitler know, he is not wanted anywhere now

  40. Möbius Ecko

    And the fear campaign on what will befall the people if Hockey’s budget measures aren’t passed in full.

    I fully expected it and it will ramp up that’s for sure, but the fear monger Hockey has let loose the first one. If his measures aren’t passed the interest rate rises will be the sole fault of those who obstructed his budget to save the nation.

    Of course if all his measures go through and interest rate rises still go up then they will be a good thing. Remember Hockey going between interest rate falls being bad and rises being good when he was in opposition. Expect him to flip that around now.

    I am really hard pressed to think of a greater bunch of deceiving and lying politicians in this country and Hockey is right up there at the top.

  41. steve

    Sadly the repeat, repeat, repeat has worked for these liars. So many times I have heard people saying how we need to fix this debt crisis. It may be all lies but it’s working for them. The ALP made a big mistake making Shorten their leader. People can’t trust a man that back stabbed both Krudd and Julia. He lacks any real personality and doesn’t seem to have the balls to get up and attack these scum.
    Albo or Bowen would have been much better.

  42. Kaye Lee

    Tony reassured his backbenchers that they “had a strategy”. The strategy is based on misinformation rammed home to a gullible public. Emails and phone calls to local members will have a great impact right now. Tony has opened the window. Anyone who cares has to let their local member and all Senators know what they think.

  43. DanDark

    After abbot and co
    Bill is safe, he is non threatening
    He is comfy with women
    People are needing non violent words, smiles, reassurance they will be ok

    Use albo and Tanya, man woman, you are connecting with both women and men then
    We don’t want to see more men in ties, it’s intimidating to a lot of women
    We need to hear a voice for us women, someone on our side
    Can relate to, soft, compassionate, understands other women’s concerns
    But I know labor better get them butts into gear, and be ready for libs demise
    I hope very soon

  44. Fed up

    Abbott not going to Geelong. Students have scared him off. Not so for Hockey. It appears he will have another hard day.

    ………….Q&A might be able to control the format, but they can’t always control the crowd, as student protestors proved a fortnight ago when they forced the show off-air briefly after unfurling a banner and chanting “No cuts, no fees, no corporate universities”.

    Last night also started to go south pretty quickly, with Hockey heckled from the outset. It took host Tony Jones to step in and describe Hockey as courageous for appearing on the program, before the audience calmed down.

    The timing is awkward for Hockey, and for Q&A, because tomorrow, Hockey is the keynote speaker at an Australian Council of Social Services luncheon in Sydney, at Parliament House.

    But his appearance is on the basis that he not only gets a free lunch, but a free kick as well — organisers have been told Hockey will only appear if no questions are permitted from attendees.

    Both ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie and Treasurer Joe Hockey were unavailable for comment at the time of press. …

    Hockey's Free Lunch, No Questions Asked

  45. Fed up

    <ales that illusory research fund far ogg onmnto the future look werak.

    .However in today’s Guardian (Australia) eminent medical scientists slammed the concomitant slashing of funding for non-medical research in disciplines that are rerequisites for medical research: “But acclaimed medical researchers, cited by the government as examples of the people it wants to encourage with the money, said it needed to be rethought. Many have said they are torn by a budget that provides the new pot of money, in part by charging people to visit the doctor, but also cuts $80m from co-operative research centres, $111m from the CSIRO and $75m from the Australian Research Council… Professor Ian Frazer, whose team developed a world-first vaccine for cervical cancer and who appeared alongside Abbott on Monday, told Guardian Australia he and other researchers had advised Abbott and the health minister, Peter Dutton, that the fund should have a “very broad remit” beyond researching new cures. They said it should include health economics and preventive and “translational” health – “translating” medical research into diagnostic tools, medicines, procedures, policies and education.” (see Lenore Taylor, “Leading scientists cautious about $20 bn medical research fund”, Guardian, 19 May 2014: )…

    Hockey's Free Lunch, No Questions Asked

  46. Kaye Lee

    Fed Up,

    I think that is the most gutless thing I have ever heard. I can understand not fronting the students….they are justifiably fired up at the moment…but to meet with the Social Services sector, who you have just kicked in the guts, and refuse to answer questions is like the fat family having Christmas dinner while the homeless kid stands in the snow with his nose pressed to the window. Perhaps we are getting a better insight into how desparate asylum seekers feel and why they sew their lips together.

  47. rossleighbrisbane

    When Noam Chomsky was asked where he got his information from he explained that most of it was readily available if one cared to look. Indeed, he found the business section more reliable when it came to facts because the right don’t wish to misled when it comes to money. Keep up the good work. Chomsky would be proud. 😉

  48. Kaye Lee

    thanks ross. consider me a conduit 🙂

  49. mars08

    Ah… Labor… I gave up on them years ago. Still, it would be sorta nice to see them get their act together.

    So now we have Shorten leading in the polls simply because he’s NOT Phony Abbott… and he has said that it’s a horrible budget,

    BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT…!!! PRECIOUS LITTLE about how the budget was needlessly harsh. PRECIOUS LITTLE about there not actually being a “budget emergency”. PRECIOUS LITTLE about how Hockey backed up his spin with bogus numbers.

    Oh FFS!!! Go on the attack! Or at least defend yourself! As long as the govt keeps spewing the “debt and deficit disaster” line, there will be voters who will accept that the budget nasties were crucial for Australia’s future. As long as the “budget emergency” slogan keeps bouncing around, there will be voters who will accept Hockey’s “solution” to Labor’s poor management.

    It’s all very well taking the safe and easy stand against an unpopular budget. Unfortunately Labor is leaving itself in the firing line by not exposing the LNP lies about why such a brutal budget was “necessary”

    But then making a rational, factual, nuanced argument IS such hard work in our current political climate. Maybe it’s best that Shorten just keeps sniping from the sidelines and hope that the public quickly forgets that it’s ALL LABOR’S FAULT.

  50. Don Winther

    “The visionary lies to himself, the liar only lies to the people that trust him.”

    He has never lied to me because I think he is full of rotten arrogant selfish shit, I dont trust one word that comes out of him or his bullshitting mates.

    Stop selling my country Abbott !

  51. Kaye Lee


    “But then making a rational, factual, nuanced argument IS such hard work in our current political climate.”

    it’s not hard work. it is time consuming. but if I can read articles, go to source documents and websites, pass on information, converse with commenters, whilst doing my paid work and sharing a house with 3-5 other adults and looking after old parents with all that requires, I figure the combined forces of the media and various political parties and representative groups can work as hard as I am to spread the word. many are trying….we just need more ears.

  52. Fed up

    Is it the students or what the show is about, Something about Carbon Nexus, that the Federal government funded. Still going to Victoria.

    Just watched a rerun of the so called Bishop attack.. Looks different when one sees the whole show.

    Bishop was never in danger of being assaulted, Very small numbers that let her through. More focus on making noise,.

  53. Fed up

    So Standard and Poors did not make the comments Hockey linked to them. Did not support the budget. Good to see them putting the record straight..

  54. mars08

    Kaye Lee… my last para was just a dig at the Labor’s odd reluctance going on the attack while the govt is off balance.

    Apparently Labor unwilling to do the work needed to expose the LNP myths underpinning the budget. They just want to take the easy shots and hope that Hockey’s finger pointing goes unrewarded by the voters. I think it’s a dangerous tactic to leave the “foundation” of this budget unchallenged.

  55. Kaye Lee

    I am starting to get a smile on my face again as I watch apathetic, comfortable, wonderful Australia mobilise.

    The church is speaking out in a show of interdenominational unity. The state premiers are speaking out. The charity groups, the health professionals, the teachers, the pensioners, the disabled, the students….all are stirring.

    The battle has a long way to go and I am not looking for a political victor. I am looking for Australians to unite in reminding all politicians that they work for us and we will have a say in how our country is run. An election is not a green light to do as you please.

    Our current government is failing in their KPAs. Knowing productivity is a key element to our future, watching politicians makes me want to slap an efficiency dividend on them and see how they like it. Better still, performance based remuneration.

    Come join the real world kids where quality control actually means something. I doubt most of them would last a second.

  56. DanDark

    here here kaye
    I wont rest till,
    I see…. breaking news, gg sacks most corrupt, cruelest gov we have ever seen
    then I wil lrelease a sigh, with thank f–ck for that, the nightmares over

    There is something about us humans,
    when we are faced with death, through no fault of our own
    you fight, you fight and fight, sometimes folk come through, some don’t

    But we will fight for life till our last breath, weather its injury, disease, illness,
    or someone that wants to take our life, we will fight, and hard
    Because it is only then and only then,
    do we realize how precious LIFE is
    and we have got more living to do…

  57. Matters Not

    While I applaud the basic sentiments expressed here, I have some reservations as to the best way forward re constructing a new/better political ‘common sense’. Take Kaye’s comment as an example


    in reminding all politicians that they work for us

    Frankly, I’m not attracted to the concept that politicians ‘work’ for us’ is the best way of describing the (ought) relationship between ‘citizens’ and their elected representatives.

    ‘Work’ as a concept, suggests that people (our representatives) ‘do it’ because they are being paid. To me, that entertains the notion that those who pay more are entitled to get more.

    One wonders what Ted Mack would think of that ‘common sense’?

  58. Kaye Lee

    Very good point Matters Not. I also dislike that phrasing. I admire Ted Mack. and then we have Tony who, when we are working so hard to teach young people that sucker punches are the actions of a coward, uses the analogy to sell his budget.

    “As you know I’m a man of peace, but as the scrum broke up I gave him my best possible punch……The point of the story is that sometimes you’ve got to throw a punch to be the best and fairest.”

  59. Kaye Lee

    How many different groups can you piss off at once. Not only are the States cranky, local government is up in arms too.

    “Tony Abbott is facing a backlash from local mayors who say they will have to increase rates or cut municipal services to cope with a three-year funding freeze announced in the budget that reduces forecast federal grants to local government by $925m.”

  60. jasonblog

    It’s great to see the Abbott & co bullshit being recognised for what it is.

    However, the ALP still has to formulate a response to what is a significant debt / deficit. They are not worthy to hold office until they can articulate an economic policy that recognises fairness and equity, but also prudence and care (wow! I just sounded like my father).

    In short, if you want services they have to be paid for.

    Let’s have a real conversation about tax. And taxation reform.

    The big problem is keeping Shorten honest. He can’t just lap up the mob anger towards Abbott and campaign on a vacuous platform of confected rage.

    He either articulates a vision that acknowledges Australia’s debt / deficit situation and is resolute in how it can be addressed, or, if he doesn’t want to go hard he can just go home.

  61. DanDark

    found this link and when I saw this line, my heart sunk, is that their plan for here,clean us all out of our house, and sell them at a profit, when times right, bloody seems to fit in, smash the economy, the peoples incomes, whammy, a lot of foreclosures

    “After subprime mortgage crisis, Blackstone Group LP has bought more than $5.5 billion single-family homes for rent and then sell when the prices rise


  62. mars08


    The big problem is keeping Shorten honest. He can’t just lap up the mob anger towards Abbott and campaign on a vacuous platform of confected rage.

    He either articulates a vision that acknowledges Australia’s debt / deficit situation and is resolute in how it can be addressed, or, if he doesn’t want to go hard he can just go home.


    At this point it looks like Labor is content to just ride the wave of shock and outrage WITHOUT arguing that the budget is needlessly harsh. It’s a lazy and dangerous tactic. Abbott and co. are insisting that their solution to the “budget emergency” is vital. Labor is doing little to challenge the notion that such an emergency actually exists.

    The LNP divide and conquer approach means that there WILL BE voters who will warm to the budget nasties if they think they will get off lightly…. AND if they believe it will fix Labor’s “debt and deficit disaster”. There WILL BE voters who will warm to the budget if they can be convinced that ANY alternative will leave “Labor’s mess” untouched. These are the people Abbott is relying on to get his through his slump in the polls.

  63. Kaye Lee

    A line that I hate hearing from Labor MPs

    “We are not in government. it is not up to us to find a solution. We will listen to what Mr Abbott has to say and consider our response.”

    FFS you were ALL elected to represent your constituents in running this country. if the best you can do is just say yes or no to Abbott’s ideas then move over. You know what the problems are. Haven’t you already thought about how you will fix them? Are you keeping it a secret so Tony doesn’t steal your ideas? Perhaps you are working on a whole heap of amendments? The silence is deafening and disappointing.

  64. Wayne Turner

    Abbott too afraid on being questioned by uni students.Fits his pattern of avoiding being held to account ie: Q & A too hard for moron Abbott.

    On principle this lying gutless moron was unelectable,by any thinking person.CONGRATS TO THE NON-THINKERS: NOT!

  65. DanDark

    Can I sleep tonite, is someone out there gettin word out
    I rang abc, and said he is lying, budget of honesty, 8 bill into the pokey machine
    Driving the dollar down, that right you are lighting the fire idiot, not putting it out
    Getting the desperate words out now, fire,vandals,
    How much do we pay goebbles for all this?

  66. DanDark

    I rang cheaters chester office and said we know, we know, there is no budget emergency, only if you want to push dollar down, to make profits off that 8 bill you gave the rba, where was the budget honest thing, only 2 pollies in budget lock up for fist time in history
    They were kept away, cos Tony had a stategy
    It worked last time, but the dollar is too high, destroy the economy to get your hands on our money,
    I said to woman,” they better start running, cos WE know , and so will everybody else very soon,
    They know now, if they didn’t, that some of us know, a lot of us know, and more of us will know
    They are dead ducks floating now, we just have to sink them now…

  67. Joe Banks

    Matters Not, the repetition of three word slogans is a weapon the LNP uses to great effect. I listen for them and cringe and wait for the interviewer to pick up on them – but they never do. The latest is ‘national complaints desk’ used twice in the one interview on AM this morning. Labor must launch a campaign against these slogans by openly holding them up to ridicule, by laughing at the latest slogan, making jokes about the LNP slogan department, by anticipating the next mindless slogan. Paul Keating cold have done it with great style and flair until the LNP gave up in embarrassment, but I am not sure the current Labor politicians can carry it off. But unless they fight these slogans, they are always going to hit a few targets with success.

  68. DanDark

    Nooooooooo we aren’t dead yet,it’s not over till the fat man sings
    And he has only been squealing like the troff pig it is till now
    But We will doing the singing and
    These boots are made for walking
    Then waltzing Matilda, and dancing around our offices and homes and streets

    With our loved ones, the look on the twits face when Laurie had that got you moment
    Was priceless, lying fat cat, and I quit me bank job when she rang cos
    ain’t been since last Friday, I said, “you got to be joking, they are planning to take us out, why is Tony looking after them, stripping innocent peoples protections away,sinodinis worked for biggest donor to liberal party etc etc etc, do you really believe we are going broke, dosnt seem right does it Helen, oh she said, no, I said they will send us broke,the plan,I said bout the subprime, and single peoples houses used as profit play things
    And then I am going to bring banks to account, not play the new Aussie world game
    I said think about it, cos she was clueless, cos she too busy making money, to listen and really watch our trusted gov,cos she would vote Liarbils too
    A win for me the little peasant yipppeeeee

  69. jimhaz

    RE Nicole Johnston
    “Drafts are not records, they are not records and not recognised as records by the State Archivist and they control all documentation relevant to council,” he said.

    Funny enough whenever there is court case subpoena, they seek all documents, including drafts.

  70. bkpyett

    Today Abbott was on radio with Jon Faine. A pensioner rang to say she couldn’t manage living on the pension and was doing sex calls to get some extra money. Abbott is caught on film winking, showing his true colours yet again. He has no idea!

  71. Fed up

    It appears that was not Abbott’s fault. He was reacting to the look on Faine’s face, indicating it was OK to let the call go ahead. So Tony picks who he answers.

    Never our Tony’s fault. Always has a smart let out clause.

  72. Fed up

    Pity we still did not have party lines,where one could listen into the calls of those out of Cabinet in this government. Would be interesting. I am sure some ears are burning.

  73. john921fraser


    Appears Credlin ran through the media throng explaining that it was saying Abbott was ok with the interview and that was what the wink meant.

    The Abbott gangs lies are getting worse every day.

    Universities are calling him out, Doctors are calling him out, Standard & Poors are calling him out.

    Murdoch still loves him though.

  74. mars08


    The Abbott gangs lies are getting worse every day…

    You’re probably right. But who cares? What we MUST remember is that this government stopped those irritating boats! Yipppeeeee!!!!

  75. Fed up

    Everyone is picking on our Tony.

    News Corp apologises to woman who accused Tony Abbott of aggression

    Barbara Ramjan said Abbott punched the wall on either side of her head on night of student election, and was accused of lying……….

    …………………Abbott has refused to comment on the ruling which rejected testimony that Ramjan had invented the confrontation.

    There was no response to repeated calls to his office and requests for comment via email.

    The allegations of the punch were originally reported in a Quarterly Essay by David Marr and an article later ran in the Australian which said: “Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger has accused the woman who levelled allegations of physical aggression against Tony Abbott during his student politics years of being a serial manufacturer of false complaints against her political opponents.”

    Abbott lost a student election to Ramjan in 1977 and on the night the result was declared Ramjan said Abbott approached her, brought his face close to hers and then

  76. donwreford

    Some who are tortured enjoy the pain, and develop a relationship that is enjoyed by both parties, often in families some one is tortured or violated and the victim often protects the torturer.

  77. donwreford

    Abbott, is a inspiration to all bullies and repressive agencies.

  78. donwreford

    Do you think Abbott had phone sex with this granny, the wink was the realization that they both knew, as you can see Abbott, is anything other than what you think, it would not surprise me if he is a sexual pervert, I just mention this so in case we hear of another side of Abbott, it will not come as a shock to know, the unspoken thought has been spoken.

  79. DanDark

    Romsey was caught saying something like those plebs wont vote for us cos they are to rusted on to welfare, that lost him te last election
    so what Hitler and co did, was learnt from that loss, from the losers the tea party, and set the plan
    and conned and lied to us plebs, get their vote, then cut them off welfare,
    which Romney was going to make poor people over their even poorer
    it unimaginable what these very rich people
    can even think to do this, but they do as Abort has shown us

    sooo the only way they knew they could beat Labors GOOD policies was to match them,,or us plebs would of voted Labor, and a lot did,, but I don’t blame them,,they were played and lied to and used to get Hitler in power,, the election was rigged by Libs,
    ,lost votes, found votes in Indi,, that shunted Mirrabella out
    Abbotts other attack weapon. was a huge loss to the gestapo

  80. DanDark

    This is what I think they are doing
    The extreme right, have got tone’s balls
    Corman is Belgium, the connection to this madness

    This is what they want, I reckon kaye

  81. DanDark

    Kaye,I not sure how those other 2 above came up with joe and wife, it was different site
    But corman is Belgium, and I think that’s where they are taking us, extreme right
    they are rising, especially in Europe, and well I think yep, this has been libs plan for while but had to ripen the political areana whammy,,end of Julia, labor,, this does not look good
    but I know why they so scared to tell the truth,, they carnt now
    But I know we need to move,,cos they have been pulling tones and co strings for a while now

  82. DanDark

    army breaching indos waters, not a mistake
    why buy all them jets,, he has brought guns too
    shit,,we are in dangerous times,,
    and while all our ships re looking for a plane that’s not there
    over this side of country is being ignored,,

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