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The Transfield tentacles

The following are just a few examples of the many arms of Transfield. They seem highly favoured by government. The company is undergoing rebranding due to be implemented on 25 September 2015. They assure us there will be no change to their core values – “Integrity, Collaboration, Challenge and Ingenuity.”

Transfield Services wins more NSW Schools contracts

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The two new cleaning contracts generate revenue of $92 million over the initial four-year period and have options to extend for two further periods of one year each. Transfield Services now provides services to 419 schools and TAFE colleges throughout the State.

Transfield Services expands into the health sector

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Transfield Services today announced its entry into the $104 billion Australian health sector with a new three-year facilities management contract with Austin Health valued at $7.2 million. Transfield Services will project manage asset management and maintenance services for two public hospitals in Victoria, Austin Health’s Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital and Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre.

Transfield Services wins home insulation contract with Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Friday, March 11, 2011

Transfield Services has secured a 15-month contract with the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency to project manage the Home Insulation Safety Program. The scope of work includes safety inspections and rectifications of ceiling insulation in more than 20,000 homes across Australia, installed under the Federal Government’s Home Insulation Program.

The Company’s property services business is underpinned by key long-term government contracts, which include its relationship with Housing NSW since 2002. Transfield Services manages facilities maintenance services across more than 120,000 social housing properties in Australia and New Zealand, providing call centre, work order management, maintenance supervision and subcontractor management services.

Transfield Services awarded A$366m contracts with NBN Co.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Transfield Services has been awarded two contracts with NBN Co in Victoria, including: a two-year up to $300 million extension on the previously announced contract for $133 million to continue the Local Network/Distribution Network design and construction of the fibre optic network, and a new two year $66 million contract for the construction for Build Drops (exterior house pre-connections).

These contracts are in addition to the previously announced two-year $170 million contract comprising Passive Fibre Network design and construction and Build Drops (exterior house pre-connections) in metropolitan Sydney and south east Sydney and a two-year $41 million contract for the provision of comprehensive facilities maintenance services for all NBN Co sites across Australia.

Transfield Services secures significant and expanded Defence contract

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Transfield Services announced today that it has secured a significant contract to manage Australian Defence facilities across Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia under the Defence Support Reform Group’s Base Services Retendering project.

The initial contract term is for six years, with options to renew for up to further four years. The annualised value is $270m.

The Company also holds contracts to maintain the Australian Army’s wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as providing paint blasting and maintenance services on the Royal Australian Navy’s Air Warfare Destroyers and Collins Class submarines.

Transfield Services enters tertiary education market

Friday, June 26, 2015

Transfield Services has signed a five year $88 million integrated facilities management and property services contract with the University of Newcastle, delivering on its strategy to enter new growth markets.

The scope of work with the University of Newcastle will initially focus on providing integrated facilities management and property services across its metropolitan and regional campuses in New South Wales and will commence in July 2015. There is a provision to extend this scope of work to provide capital and upgrade works.

This agreement follows recent contract extensions in the housing and health sectors including those with the NSW Land and Housing Corporation worth $45 million over the next five months and the Gold Coast University Hospital worth $12 million over nine months.

Transfield Services extends relationship with Transpower

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Transfield Services has signed a new three-year NZ$78 million contract with Transpower, New Zealand’s electricity transmission grid owner and operator. Under the new agreement, Transfield Services will continue to provide high-voltage maintenance and project services for transmission lines and substations in Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Canterbury. We will also maintain metering services nationally.

Transfield Services is a leading provider of services to the New Zealand power and transmission sectors with clients including Meridian Energy, Contact Energy, Trustpower, Orion, New Zealand Steel and Auckland Airport.

Transfield Services preferred tenderer for DIBP contract

Monday, August 31, 2015

Transfield Services Limited has been notified that it has been selected as the preferred tenderer to provide Welfare and Garrison Support Services for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection at the Regional Processing Centres in Nauru and Manus Province . Subject to completion of a contract , the Company will be responsible for providing these services for a further five years .

Transfield Services full year results announcement

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Portfolio strongly weighted towards government clients with over 50 per cent of total contracted revenue in this category.

Strong pipeline of contracted revenue and growth opportunities of approximately $26 billion, with $3.6 billion currently in either “Shortlisted” or “Preferred Status” stages.

The Company today announced that revenue increased 2 per cent to $3,797 million compared to the prior period.



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  1. Kaye Lee

    Two days after he accused Fairfax Media and the ABC of trying to “bring the government down”, Mr Dutton has told a radio interview that segments of the media were frustrated and angry the government was having success with Operation Sovereign Borders.

    He’s such an angry ant.

  2. Kaye Lee

    Eight security guards from Nauru detention centre who attended a recent Reclaim Australia rally and posted a series of anti-Islamic rants on social media, have been stood down and face investigation.

    The group – seven of whom are former Australian Defence personnel – are part of the emergency response team on Nauru and are employed by Wilson Security.

    In pictures posted on Facebook, two of the men, Dan Connors and Beau James, wear T-shirts that proclaim them as “Australian infidel” and “infidel”, respectively.

    Guardian Australia reported another guard, Harley Levanic, had posted a picture of himself on Facebook displaying his new neck tattoo proclaiming himself an infidel.

    James commented on that picture, saying: “Welcome to the gang … well done old son. Looks awesome.”

    Another guard, Dan Connors, linked to a story about a woman beaten to death in Afghanistan with the comment: “Theres [sic] a lot of reasons why I think islam is a disgusting and evil religion … Absolutely disgusting and needs to stay out of our country.”

    When the emergency response team was recruited, part of the job requirement was “cultural sensitivity”.

    Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has been sought for comment.

    And these are the guys that have been given the green light to use whatever force they deem necessary

  3. Pingback: The Transfield tentacles – Written by KAYE LEE | winstonclose

  4. Kaye Lee

    “Drinks there on a Wednesday are a regular feature of life at the centre. Thursday is “fly-out day”: workers at the end of their fortnight-long “lag” leave and their replacements arrive, so Wednesday night is a chance to unwind over a few South Pacific lagers.”

    The three guards also were taking tablets of some description according to the woman who was allegedly raped. They gave her one and she passed out and then woke up naked in the bathroom.

  5. musicinhills

    I have not read any comments yet but if some one was good at investigative journalism there is a super story here, for a start I wonder if there are still links to mafia, In mount Isa years ago transfield used to employ all there workers from Italy to be employed at Mt Isa
    the poor bastards were virtually owned by transfield on arriving in Australia and starting work with transfield, they had to pay off there airflight’s pay for the food at transfield barracks pay for lodging at transfield barracks and would spend most of there time working with little time left to play, I am sure deals were done with AWU and other unions, unions and other constructions are well and truly tied together
    I always laugh about this bullshit about the unions and bosses continually at logger heads, they all do deals all the time, but try to prove it
    and there will be a high wall on both sides, the royal commission into union corruption is very careful not to get to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When the gold mines were all sprouting up late 80’s and during the 90’s, gold company’s went along with the deal
    “only let the AWU be involved and there wont be any strikes” the corruption in the unions now has locked a lot of good people out.
    Parts of the Labour party are up to there necks in corruption, its all about having people employed under the context of doing the right thing by the good old labourer.

  6. Mantica

    They have their tentacles all across WA in the energy industry, some very dodgy stuff there too.

  7. paul walter

    When they act up, aim a good sharp kick. A hard kick in the tentacles will send it scuttling.

  8. BJWard

    Kaye, I suppose you’ve seen the latest – Transfield CEO complaining because Rod Bowers, Anglican priest at Gosford, tells it how it is.

    At this point, let me say that if I were ever inclined to resume my fractured relationship with organised religion, Rod Bowers would be the reason. Go Rod! Have a look at the parish Facebook page for some of the more recent things he’s had to say.

  9. Kaye Lee


    Yes I did notice it. I mentioned it in another article “Who guards the guardians” and I have been speaking to Father Rod on his facebook page.

    I have met him a few times at protests. He is a man I respect. He is very inclusive, welcoming the atheists to lend their voices. His campaign for asylum seekers and same sex marriage has been tireless. His signs are wonderful. He is a very honest unassuming man who just has a passionate sense of justice.

  10. BJWard

    Thanks Kaye. I agree. A great man, who deserves all the support we can give him.

  11. Bronte ALLAN

    Bloody Transfield, like a flamin’ octopus! It seems to have its tentacles into all facets of life in Australia & overseas, now! It does seem to me that no matter what “branch” or department or company off shoot they have, there is always drama, lies, “dodgy” dealings & mistrust with Transfield! I wonder why?

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