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Before I move on to Peter Dutton…

Yep, you’re right we’re all sick of Peter Dutton. I mean, I know that if you snuggle up to him that you’ll find that he’s not a monster and if you talk to him privately you’ll find that he’s a really, really warm bloke and that all this beating up on the vulnerable is only because it’s his day job. In private he’s more than happy to show compassion and be nice to anyone who has a problem with getting a visa for an au pair girl or two…

But I feel that I need to question if the media have been asking the obvious question before I start talking about the things that need intelligent discussion and to give my advice to the current government and the Reserve Bank and just about everyone… Of course, I think you all realise that when I give my advice that it’s just that and that they can take it or leave it and that it doesn’t give me any sort of veto power. Given the way that certain people are behaving, it seems that they think that anyone with the right to give advice has some sort of way of insisting that the advice is listened to.

Before I move on to Dutton though, I’d just like to give you my reasons for opposing any sort of law that gives religious people any sort of rights at all, because, well, the Royal Commission found that some of them were abusing children terribly and if you want to pretend that it’s not happening and that giving religious people any sort of voice will solve the problem then you must be one of those left-wing people that argues that just because some people who have something in common with some other people then we should damn all those and pretend as though it’s the issue…

As for the Royal Family, well, need I say more… they’ve been taking advantage of children for generations. From arranged marriages that were all about forging the right alliances to denying their children any sort of love because they have nannies to provide that, the Royal Family has been so dysfunctional that if they were in a working-class suburb there’d be a social worker quitting out of sheer frustration at their lack of humanity… And apparently prior to the 20th century they were even worse.

But back to more topical topics…

It seems that Peter Dutton is adopting the strategy that was so successful for the opposition to the mining tax. On one hand, it was so unfair and costly that it was going to drive all the mining companies out of Australia and that they were going to shift their mining operations to some tax haven that not only didn’t have oppressive taxes but didn’t have any mineral deposits, thus enabling them to make the sort of losses that didn’t lead to having any profits to tax. On the other hand, the mining tax wasn’t going to raise the sort of revenue that made it worth creating…

Similarly, Voldemort…

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t be making fun of Dutton’s appearance. It’s something that he can’t help. Apparently when two or three of his follows do the correct incantation, he has to appear whether he wants to or not.

Mr Dutton is using a similar tactic by suggesting that the Voice won’t have the power to make any significant changes, but it’ll also be so far reaching that it will have the power to veto the Reserve Bank when it wants to raise interest rates… An argument that I’m not sure has the populist appeal that he’s hoping for.

Whatever, we’ve seen the Right Honourable MP, Dutton, attack a reporter by suggesting that their question was a typical ABC question and ask them if they lived locally. Unfortunately for Mr Dutton, they did, but fortunately for Mr Dutton they hadn’t asked the right people if they supported the Voice. They’d been asking the various Indigenous groups about it and the only people worth talking to in Alice Springs are the shipowners and the people in the streets…

Yes, according to Pete, there are only two sorts of Indigenous people, one is not worth listening to because they’re saying things that don’t match what the people in the street are saying, making them some sort of elite, and the other is worth listening to because they tell him that the first group aren’t worth listening to…

However, I haven’t heard any journalist ask the Man Who Nos Everything the important question which is quite simple:

“Given your call to send the AFP in, was there a time when you, as the Minister in Charge of the AFP thought of doing that yourself?”

Yes, I know that his answer will be either that it’s a typical ABC question or that things weren’t as bad under us because I didn’t care then.

But it’s still worth asking.


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  1. Harry Lime

    Yeah Rossleigh,A few of us probably sympathise with your obvious frustration ,.which begs the question…has the mainstream media been out to lunch for the last twenty odd years? Or is it difficult to find a journalist with an inquiring mind?Or is it all a result of a fucked educational system?Or are all employees required to ‘get with the program?’ That ABC reporter will probably be directed into a re education program.
    On the upside,Sky in the Dark will be struggling for reasons to have the jerk on,if they want to hang on to their dwindling audience….assuming they still have one.

  2. Andrew Smith

    Good question for Dutton, the Liberal Party and LNP coalition is, how are your policies developed?

    Clear that many are simply US imports to promote nativism and authoritarianism, masquerading as ‘freedom & liberty’ e.g. the planned sweep of Melbourne CBD by the AFP and allegations that Federal LNP/Ministers knew (or Vic/Tas AFP heads planned a unilateral action):

    ‘Australian Border Force: Peter Dutton says his office received a copy of press release, but no-one read it. Peter Dutton’s office received an advanced copy of the press release saying Australian Border Force officers would be cracking down on visa fraud but no-one read it, the Immigration Minister says.

    The operation in Melbourne was called off after public outcry over the suggestion Border Force officers would be on the streets of Melbourne “speaking with any individual we cross paths with”.

    This is in and from the same ecosystem of US Koch Network inc. ‘bill mill’ ALEC, which mooted Voter ID (to solve non existent voter fraud), Oz avoided, but the UK Tories have adopted and is a sheer unadulterated attempt at ‘voter suppression’ i.e. young people, low income and ethnic communities: eugenics?

  3. andy56

    Yes but that one question , where is your data coming from. It went straight to the balloon and i could hear it pop here in melbourne. And boy did that balloon go off, lol. He exposed the Valdemort and that isnt going to go down well in Teal territory. Just imagine the cabinet meeting, ” we just have to fuck up the referendum by saying no, then we can set the agenda”. 101 advertising anyone? Whats your reaction to an irritating add that gets repeated ad nauseum? Its a turn off, thats why the libs are in electoral hell. All this BS about the voice doing nothing on the ground because well, the voice comes from the ground up . Everyone sees through this. They had nine years and nothing changed and we all saw the voice coming together at ULURU. So they want to manufacture their own reality. Who does dutton think he is? Teflon Don? And what a backfire this stunt turned out to be. Over explaining to the point your guilt proves itself. Everyone of those libs that joined in will be forever tared as wannabes

  4. New England Cocky

    With the results of the Gillard Fox McCarthy Royal Commission into Child Abuse now published (but only in part to protect the guilty) there is obviously good reason for state funding of private schools to be stopped in all those institutions where child abuse allegedly occurred. But such removal of government funding from institutions should be extended to ALL institutions covering up child abuse.

    Now Charlie Chuckles Windsor Mountbatten has finally replaced the late Betty Windsor perhaps it is time for the disintegrating United Kingdom to escape their current 11th century political structure and progress into a 21st century republic.

    Could the dearth of thinking investigative journalists in the News Ltd main stream media-ocrity empire may be explained as ”no longer required” because the owner has bought a judge?

    Will Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump be protected by their mate the bribe-taking US Supreme Court’s Justice Clarence Thomas?

    But why is anybody surprised that Boofhead, the Minister for Nos, is against the Voice? Given his practical experience in dealing with Aboriginal persons in a racist manner seems to have resulted in his dismissal from the Queensland Police.

  5. Terence Mills

    Dutton was upset that the local ABC journalist – who actually lives in Alice Springs and is not just a blow-in like Dutton – asked a typical ABC question which has to be contrasted with a typical SKY News question.

    The typical ABC question, as in this case, sought to be probing and to get down to the facts of the issue : Dutton was creating alarm about the high level of child abuse in the Alice and surrounding communities. The local ABC reporter asked what evidence he had of this child abuse beyond hearsay and alarmist rumours AND had he reported this to police. He didn’t like that at all and questioned the journalists credentials.

    SKY News would have tackled the situation somewhat differently. As soon as Dutton tossed in the red herring about rampant child abuse the question would have been : “do you agree that this high level of child abuse is due almost entirely to the Australian Labor Party and the stolen elections federally and in every state except Tasmania and that Anthony Albanese is a threat to Australia’s well being and that Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and John Howard are the closest thing we have to living saints ?”
    To which Dutton would have responded that it’s always good to hear a sensible question from his good mates at SKY and the Murdoch organisation AND he would have agreed emphatically as he headed for the airport.

  6. Phil Pryor

    We are entitled to presume that P Duckwit-Futton is lying to us, until and unless we see proof, in print, witnessed, of a dossier or file or report where he has begun proceedings to officials, police, authorities about subjects in which he has made inflated claims. He seems to pluck fictions, frauds, fantasies, out of the thin atmosphere and wildly assert that some things exist merely because he shouts them up. In a decade of government nearly, what did he do and where did he go in relation to these matters? (apologies to the cadaverous mayor of Hornsby). Has Dutton any proof that he has done his duty in reporting offences where he can supply evidence personally? The crime situation is actual and awful, especially to innocent bystanders. Co-operation and real effort are needed, good will. It seems that hundreds of “things” have nor worked, and a voice may not do much unless muscle, sense and will prevail.

  7. Harry Lime

    Terence,I watched the Jacinta Price interview on Insiders this morning,and it was a train wreck.She was literally talking bullshit..parroting the walloper’s chosen narrative,and stumbling all over the shop.I suspect that our Jacinta is going to get very limited air time from now on…looks like Dutton is going to to have to prosecute all the lies on his own,a la Scummo.What’s not to like?And that worked out so well.

  8. Rossleigh

    Price basically said that there should be a whole series of voices but they shouldn’t be heard in Canberra because the people in Canberra are out of touch… However, she then went on to say that the federal government (Canberra) should take over child protection from the states.

  9. leefe

    What policies?

  10. Terence Mills

    Harry Lime

    I watched Jacinta too on Insiders but try as I might I could not get to where she was coming from apart from getting in a crack about Albanese going to the tennis……….

    She wants voices in the communities but doesn’t seem to want to co-ordinate those voices into a Voice to the parliament in Canberra.

    I think the panel were also confused as to where Dutton was coming from.

    Does he want to go back to the NT Intervention of June 2007which followed similar alarmist claims with a ‘national
    emergency response to protect Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory’ from sexual abuse and family
    violence ?
    There was an enquiry then with measures introduced with the release of the Report of the Northern Territory
    Board of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse
    known as : ‘Little Children are

    All this under the Howard government but there were no arrests made and now we are told by Dutton that it is still going on but he has no evidence to give to police .

    Dutton is just playing politics yet again and Jacinta would be wise to distance herself from him.

  11. Clakka

    I watched Insiders this morning, purely to train myself not to throw bricks at the telly.

    I wasn’t at all surprised about the scatter-gun bs and illogical disorganised non-approach that emanated from JNP.

    I’ve been across her and her mother Bess, and their patriarch from Newcastle for some time. It appear for all their time in positions where they can affect change, they’ve done zip, except for self promotion and propaganda.

    Noel Pearson appears to have nailed it, “trapped in a redneck celebrity vortex” being used by right-wing think-tanks to “punch down on other Black fellas.” And of course he nailed Dutton … “the undertaker”

    She and Dutts, are very successfully alienating the Arrernte locals, the NT Govt, the NT police, those involved in the making of Makarata, and the innumerable Black informati and academics that have been working towards the process for years. Not to mention all the majority of fair minded citizens of Oz.

  12. Stephengb

    I think we need to encourage dutton (lower case intended) because it is clearly working ????

  13. Stephengb

    It has been recognised since the Dickens era that poverty leads to crime, petty at first and then with ever increasing violence.

    Our current Neoliberal duopoly, know this is true, I understand the authoritarian born to rule Right Wing, but the ALP has NO excuse, especially that champion of neoliberalism ‘chalmers’.

    Yes, we are better off under the ALP, but not by much !

  14. andy56

    there is another undercurrent thats caught my attention. By leading off into child abuse, he has taken the heat out of the voice, its a whole new issue to be debated……….. Which leads me to think its just confused the issue in dutt’s little brain.
    And then i heard the piece de resistance, “Dutton is a former cop, he knows what needs to be done”. Holy f555ing guacamoli, what a f555ing moronic statement. Because he fixed things up when he was a wholaper. He did such a good f555ing job when he was in government, suddenly he has found jesus and knows how to fix things up. Is this the most insane they will get?

  15. andy56

    stephengb, remember it was abbot who famously said “its not up to government to support alternative lifestyles”. Yea right , they should all get out of alice springs. And you can see where that idea will go. 4 queue, dutton and abbott.

  16. New England Cocky

    @andy56: Boofhead was a Queensland copper for two weeks short of the 10 year minimum service to earn superannuation (at that time). He ”resigned” after a reported incident where a small group of Aboriginal kids were ”abducted” and unwillingly transported across Brisbane then released to find their won way home. He ”resigned” and did not have to account for his actions. Such was the state of Police racism at that time.

  17. Linda Wilkinson

    Yes, that’s true, Dutton took 3 Aboriginal boys, from Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, drove them to swamp land, took their shoes and told them to walk home. I call that CHILD ABUSE

  18. Andy56

    New england and Linda, you have explained everythng, lol.
    He wants to show them whose boss in the Alice. There is his solution. They need to be bare foot and frog marched out of the Alice, maybe to sunny Queensland. That’ll learns ya ! Yea, the jesus approach. Yea he is an ex cop and he knows what to do.

  19. B Sullivan

    Stephengb, “It has been recognised since the Dickens era that poverty leads to crime,”

    During the Dickens era poverty was a crime. I don’t know if Britain’s Poverty Laws had jurisdiction in Australia (which might account for much of the mistreatment of Aboriginals) but in Britain poverty was a legislated criminal offence, punishable by utterly pointless, intentionally soul-destroying hard labour like continuously turning a treadmill and digging holes and filling them in again.

  20. wam

    My rabbottians are fearful that Aboriginal Australians will get ‘control’.
    I tell them that not long ago the second largest greek speaking city in the world was melbourne can you imagine a government making laws about greek Australians and not involving them? or Italians, poms? I was going to add chinese, Japanese, Vietnames, Indians, Pakistanians or Iranians but they are all asians?? Surely it is time after 235 years that Aboriginals have input into laws that affect them????
    ps I remember when the abc dumped kerry for exposing the rabbott as a computer illiterate and all-round idiot. In the fallout, sleazy chris uhlmann rang the rabbott to seek support for his appointment to 7:30 Leigh Sales made a similar error when halfway into an interview on a report she asked the rabbott ‘have you read the report’. He never read anything that could threaten his beliefs. After that mistake she and the show established the pattern of questioning consisting of two types: when did you stop, lying, wasting, overpaying, sucking up to the loonies for gillard and would you like me to nod whilst you talk mrabbott?
    ps Alice petty crimes are a highlight when 10000 crimes in melbourne are unsolved??

  21. Gangey1959

    @ BSullivan
    The cime of poverty was utilised to great effect to sentence a “workforce” to “7 years hard labour” in Australia until it finally stopped in WA in 1868.
    Many convicts were sent to the colonies as “assigned individuals”, who were no better than slaves.

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