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The Messiah from the Shire and other advertising slogans

If you believe the media, Scott Morrison is popular with the electorate because he is “genuine”. Apparently, he is a man of conviction, a man who’s deeply held beliefs guide his actions, a man who sticks to his word.

Or should that be slogan?

Scott’s past was as an advertising man and one could be forgiven for thinking that’s all he’s got.

The whole Newstart debate has degenerated into a sloganfest.

“The best welfare is a job”.

“Labor’s unfunded empathy”.

“Conservative compassion”.

When Scott resists advice from everyone that the low level of Newstart is an impediment to getting a job, and when he resurrects random drug-testing for young unemployed people, and when he supports extending the cashless welfare card, and when he stubbornly sticks with the Robodebt debacle – he isn’t putting his surplus before the well-being of the people and the economy, he isn’t throwing red meat to the baying hounds of Sky After Dark, he isn’t stigmatising those who cannot find work no matter how hard they try – he is being kind.

In the ultimate display of self-interest and paternalistic hubris, the Messiah explains that his government’s priority was “not to overburden the welfare system”.

“I’m helping a lot of people if I’m careful about it, and if it’s well targeted, and I invest in getting a better understanding of what the needs are and what people have to overcome, in order to become more self-reliant.”

I am not sure that trying to make Scott understand is a worthwhile investment.

But back to the ad man’s slogans.

Defending his cruelty, Morrison tells us that he wants welfare to be “a trampoline, not a snare”.

Great line. So great he’s been repeating it for years.

In his address to the IPA in July 2015 titled Positive welfare and compassionate conservatism, Scott called it “The Trampoline Effect”.

“An effective and reliable safety net that catches and supports the most vulnerable is absolutely necessary. But we need a safety net that acts like a trampoline, not a snare.”

When the Messiah rose from the ashes of the Turnbull knifing to reluctantly take the mantle thrust on him by a grateful party, he travelled to Albury in September last year to deliver a sermon rekindling the Menzies adoration and calling on us all to love each other.

Morrison said anyone worried about what he would do to Medicare or Centrelink should know he is committed to looking after people.

“Remember, my value is: we look after our mates,” he said. “That’s why we have a safety net in this country, to protect people. But it works as a trampoline, not as a snare.”

As Morrison and co try to portray the unemployed as indolent, hedonistic addicts rorting the system, the fact is that the majority of Newstart recipients are aged over 50.

With the pension age rising to 67, and renewed calls to increase it further to 70, combined with the skills required in this new age of digital disruption, that number will only rise.

“If you have a go, you’ll get a go” doesn’t seem quite fair to say to a retrenched 65-year-old.

Just like he stuck with “Where the bloody hell are ya?” despite its obvious failure, this ad man will stick with the plagiarised slogans he has been using for years.

Genuine? You gotta be shitting me.


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  1. RomeoCharlie29

    Morrison is a flimflam man, an advertising shill who parades his so-called Christianity while every action he takes involving the poor, the needy, the welfare recipients, gives that religiosity the lie. If only he and his grubbyteam pursued the wealyhytax evaders with such zeal, the country would be better off. Jacque Lambie willingness to support this crap shows her up as no better than the LNP bullies. Shame Lambie.

  2. Peter F

    The trampoline effect? My young (then) son was injured on a trampoline. It is designed to throw you back up, not to give you gentle support.
    Perhaps our PM DOES understand what he is saying

  3. Wobbley

    How do you combat an assailent who has two legs, two arms and a hell of a lot of weapons when you are on a board with wheels, no limbs and no weapons at your disposal? That is how unfair it is for the majority of people the world over against the fascist machine that is destroying humanity in all its glory! And of course the very planet that all life is dependent on in the name of blatant GREED and POWER.

    I’m a terminally ill cancer sufferer and I’d be only too happy to take up arms in a revolution against this ultimate evil. Unfortunately revolution only occurs when it’s too late to stop evil like this. Thank you again Kay.

  4. Phil Pryor

    Religious superstition, lies, training in advertising technique lies, general and assorted careerist lies to achieve success, this turd from the trough is a born and trained liar. He hasn’t yet proven his superstitious rubbish by inducing his god to actually appear in front of the High Court so as to justify the lying rubbish, triumphal supremacist bullshit and dictatorial loudmouthing. Disgusting. Fascist fraud and filth…

  5. New England Cocky

    As I remember it, Christianity started out as a civil rebellion in Judea against Roman domination, with the mantra to the rich “Sell all your give the proceeds to the poor and follow me”. (I don’t see any Morriscum real estate coming on the market at present, or in the foreseeable future).

    Somehow the happy clappers in the Cronulla Peninsula have forgotten their roots with the 2006 racist riots fanned by three times failed Liarbral candidate and shock jock Alan “Pissorie Pick-up” Jones.

    “Mates?????” Yep, I remember the pic from the Night before the Long Knives and that perfidious smirk as the victim was patted on the shoulder.

  6. Bronte ALLAN

    Just how great & good is this lying toe-rag? For a supposed “christian” person he sure does not understand or even follow too many of the “christian” beliefs & teachings his bloody religious beliefs would suggest he should. You are right about everything he says sounding like advertising slogans. after all, he probably created most of them! BASTARD!! As for his “obvious” concern regarding persons on Welfare etc–what an absolute pile of crap that is! Sadly, it seems, nothing will be done while he is “in charge” (sic!), to further ANY more monies etc to anyone on Welfare, especially the poor buggers on the bloody pittance “Dole handout”! You have to “have a go to get a go”? What does this crap even mean? Sadly, we are stuck with this lying buffoon & all his idiotic bloody so-called “liberal” mates for far far too long now! Yet another great think piece Kaye!

  7. Artemis

    Menzies would turn in his grave if he knew what horrors are being committed in his name.

  8. ajogrady

    The “quiet Australians” of the Shire have surely proven that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

  9. David Bruce

    Morrison doesn’t look after people! As he said himself “we look after our mates”

    So who, apart from the lnp funders, are his mates?

  10. Aortic

    Must be some presiding diety,who according to the bible raises up governments in his name and we get Trump, Johnson and Morrison. Perhaps this is his sense of humour and the holy threesome are laughing their heads off at the ensuing chaos. All very well I suppose but in the meantime we who are inhabiting the unfunny side of his planet are less than amused. If I thought prayer would have the slightest affect, I would indulge but talking to a presently raining sky, seems pointless.

  11. Jennifer Demas

    Kaye Lee as posted at an earlier piece, in the words of Aristotle “A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subject are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him believing that he has the gods on his side” ever since Adam was caught short on smartness (knowledge) by the Misses it was to deflect to the mythical apple then, blame, shame, smear, divide with laden with prejudices (against the RU486, marriage equality, RC into institutional child sex abuse etc,) it was visceral then the pious recruitment drive fear. And fear, to borrow from Henry V111, fear begets obedience to the pious and the rest is not just history there’s still much, so much more division, prejudices, deflection, blame, shame laden with fear to come as the social fabric unravels at break neck speed and the public invariably caves to the uncommon devotion to religion and the pious.

  12. Aortic

    One thing missing from the photo is an onion.

  13. Mr Shevill Mathers

    It still amazes me how his ilk get re-elected even after having a wonderful opportunity to clean out the rudderless ship of state. I can only hope that those who put him and his minions into power, have a big change of heart at the next election. The previous comments from all do indeed echo my sentiments.

  14. Perkin Warbeck

    Kaye Lee

    If Dutton had a plane it would be Number 2. He is s turd with eyes. Snake eyes.

  15. Kaye Lee


    Dutton is the only other MP apart from Morrison who has a full-time security detail.

    And yes, Number Two would be highly appropriate.

  16. ChristopherJ

    In that over 50 age group, Kaye. I am fighting illness and unlikely to have a job outside of working for self, but am lucky to have resources and a working partner behind me. By contrast, all my over 50 renting friends are in a precarious position and I hear horror stories of having to beg at centrelink just to get the paltry money they offer you via Newstart. They don’t need a new start, they need to rest from 30 and 40 years of working. Newstart doesn’t even pay the rent and only a minority of Australians care; that’s how successful they’ve been at lying about the bludgers taking taxpayer dollars that could be better spent elsewhere.

    The cashless card is gaining momentum, but none seem to see that it can be extended to stop grannies on pot playing the pokies when they’re on the aged. This scum has no doubt thought about it.

    We’re in deep shite and too few of us have any inkling about what’s to come

  17. Paul Davis

    Don’t worry about the pensioners and self funded retirees going to their local clubs for subsidised lunches, bingo and a few bucks in the pokies each pension day. That steady income stream is valuable to the clubs, they have courtesy buses (probably funded through their community benefit program) to ferry patrons to and from. The registered club lobby group will ensure that no disruption to this income happens, so no Indue shitfluckery for the oldies…

    Like the hotels in NSW who have got the lock out laws repealed because Sydney after dark is a ghost town they claim with no vibrant nightlife as tourists and young people have nowhere to go to get pissed and obnoxious after 3am. Booze profits outweigh the dramatic fall in deaths, injuries, assaults and emergency services costs that resulted from this sensible responsible law.

  18. LOVO

    “No Indue Shitfluckery”, – nows there’s a slogan for our times.

  19. Nedi

    Morrison broke the welfare trampoline and put a giant hole in it with his fat arse decades ago by pilling on all the Coalition and jobservices providers contractor’s who wanted a go too. He and the coalition have been bouncing that welfare trampoline for decades hogging it all to themselves Remember the fire brigade had to come resue him when he put a giant hole in it and they couldn’t get him out of the trampoline . All the laughing Neibourhood Kids called him a big fat pie eater. And because he was bullied he became a bully. Fact is Morrison and his flunkys cant handle resorces juat look how bad the economy’s is. The fact is most on Newstart have way superior better resorces handling skills and balance sheets that would put this government to shame. In fact people on Newstart should be running the resources porfolio for the government. not dumb easy resources like digging coal. but the clever creative stuff that brutish shouty yobs and facists like him cannot grasp and think is too hard

  20. Zathras

    Morrison and his ilk are nothing but “pew-packers” who use religion not as a reason for their cruelty and intolerance but as an excuse.
    Behind the facade of compassion and concern is a plain meanness of spirit, naked personal ambition and blind ideology.

    His latest stunt in victim-blaming (previously refugees but this time the unemployed) is typical Tory scapegoating.
    During war time it was referred to as “bayonetting the wounded”.

  21. Nedi

    Also An Insider told me Coalition members have the biggest trampoline in the nation. Where Ministers frequently do multiple back flips in a row and a trick they like to call the salary moon shot. which is why the parliament has a giant roll back roof like rod Laver arena

  22. Matters Not

    Just watched Morrison on last night’s 7.30 Report. Far, far too good for Sales (not that she provides a high hurdle) but he’s gonna be very hard to beat. There for the longer term. But then again Labor was an apparent lay down misere last time.

    Big mistake to get rid of Abbott – always both an effective overt and clandestine leader of a fifth column. Tony! Where the bloody hell are you – in our hour of need?

  23. Kaye Lee

    I thought Morrison performed abysmally on 7:30 report. When pressed about what evidence he was using to justify the extended roll out of the Indue card, he resorted to the Pauline Hanson line – “somebody told me”. There is no actual evidence of any benefit. He is relying on a self-reporting survey. Now if you have quarantined 80% of someone’s income, are they going to answer a survey with “I still drink, gamble and use ice”? Are the white people who called for this measure going to say it hasn’t helped?

    “The St Vincent de Paul Society does not support the cashless debit card. There is no evidence that it improves the wellbeing of individuals or communities, either by reducing substance abuse or by increasing employment outcomes. The cashless debit card also carries a high risk of unintended and expensive consequences across government and the community, including social exclusion and stigmatisation, increased financial hardship, and the erosion of individual autonomy and dignity. Ultimately, this is a punitive and paternalistic measure that is driven by ideology rather than evidence.”

    “an Australian National Audit Office review found there were major flaws in the evaluation and said it was “difficult to conclude” where social harm had been reduced due to a “lack of robustness in data collection”.”

    “The Greens have also railed against the system, accusing the government of cherry picking data, and citing unemployment data from a region much broader than the trial site.

    “It’s like saying that unemployment has dropped in Canberra using the figures for the whole of NSW, it’s ridiculous,” Greens community services spokeswoman Senator Rachel Siewert said.

    “Unemployment figures in the Wide Bay area dropped quite a bit before the trial started and have changed slightly since the card’s introduction and are clearly subject to seasonal variation.”

    More porkies from ScoMo and Ann Ruston? Who’da thunk it?

  24. Jane

    The one thing which might put a dent in #TheLarFromTheShire’s halo is the debt has cracked the $1tn mark. Since 2013, those great economic managers have piled a further $743bn onto Labor’s $257bn, spent to keep us out of recession shit.
    Squawking it’s all Labor’s fault isn’t going to wash, except for the seriously deluded, who think Labor has a wand.
    ‘Scum & little Joshie aren’t going to get many kudos for their pathetic handful of showground tokens masquerading as a surplus in the face of this catastrophe.
    Time for Labor to take aim at the corruption called Indue & proof positive that this mob of crooked flim flam artists and would-be Elmer Gantrys is working against the country, not for it.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Jane, the gross debt for the federal government at the moment is $554.5b. The net debt at the end of May was $375.6 b. The $1 trillion might include private debt perhaps?

  26. Kaye Lee

    Just to prove what a liar the messiah from the shire is…..

    The cashless welfare card was rolled out progressively from 29 January 2019 in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region.

    “April 15, 2019

    Unemployment in the Wide Bay-Burnett region has fallen for the third year in a row, according to the latest Small Area Labour Markets (SALM) data compiled by the Department of Jobs and Small Business.

    After peaking in 2015, unemployment has declined for three years in a row in the South Burnett, Gympie, Fraser Coast and Bundaberg council areas.

    It has also declined for the past two years in Cherbourg.”

    Unemployment Drops For Third Year

  27. wam

    There is enormous support for these policies amongst the working poor. The people who should be voting labor but are believers in lnp are managers and labor losers. They all have neighbours who seem to fit the ‘dole-bludger’ stereotype and they all feel that it is better to cause temporary hardship to a welfare recipient than let a rorter go free(they also think it is ‘unlucky if an innocent man gets executed but they would bring back hanging for pedos and terrorists but I am sure they could be persuaded to extend to other offences like women who kill children)
    Seems obvious that albo, after clearing his pollies, should search for lnp and families rorters with shares in indue.

    Why the %@@# is he not exposing the scandal of gifting twiggy and now who knows $12000 a head to administer the card??

  28. Matters Not

    KL, elections are won (and lost) on the basis of emotion – unaffected by rational, factual evidence. ‘Tis the nature of the human beast who is not paying attention. Morrison will therefore be hard to beat. Already he’s creaming Albo. Sad but true.

    Re wam and

    should search for lnp and families rorters with shares in indue

    Now doubt ‘evidence’ of a sort will be found. Fake news persists. (Shakes head.)

  29. Kaye Lee

    “unaffected by rational, factual evidence”

    And that’s what really pisses me off. If we are told the truth then we can work on how to fix things.

    Political parties remind me of when we were kids and broke a neighbour’s window playing backyard cricket or broke the clothesline swinging on it – RUN and DENY….point at the other kid.

    Indue is owned by a consortium of financial institutions. They do, however, employ consultants and lobby groups with links to ex-politicians’ companies, notably Larry Anthony but also others from the Labor side too.

    Interestingly, I hear that Jim Molan’s daughter Erin and Scott Morrison’s buddy Scott Briggs, who was deputy chief of the Liberal Party under NSW director Scott Morrison and who is heading a group trying to get the contract for visa applications, tried, unsuccessfully as it turns out, to start an investment bank together last year. Their website said Fergoes Capital has “access to an extensive investor network to provide capital to both new and existing clients”. It also “initiates investment opportunities for its client base by offering ‘ground floor’ positions in a range of high-growth ventures”. Except the company had no clients, no capital and no ventures – just friends and relatives with influence.

  30. Matters Not

    KL – wam is telling the truth as he sees it. That his claim (re lnp and families rorters with shares in indue) is a nonsense matters not. He believes it. The vast majority (on this site) believe it.

    When it comes to politics (or indeed so many other areas of intellectual pursuit) facts (for and against) are either a dime a dozen or they don’t count. As the line in the song goes:

    a man hears what he wants to hear … and disregards the rest.

    Re buying the rights to visa processing. There’s two groups in the contest. Both have strong political connections across the spectrum. Labor’s Kennealy (sp) husband is a member of one such consortium. As is Conroy

  31. Paul Davis

    It doesn’t seem to matter what ordure spews from the mouths of Holymo or his vile henchpersons. They know they are able to spin, deflect, obfuscate, prevaricate, indeed outright lie, with total impunity as neither almost all the media nor the electorate will hold them to account. His ‘Holeyness’ on 7.30 last night with little miss lightweight for instance. Porkies about “evidence”. Utter nonsense. Unchallenged. Drug testing the dolebludgers is not about rehabilitation it is about ideology and class warfare, punishing the unworthy. As an astute observer has noted, if we still invited the public to stone criminals to death in our streets Twiggy Forrest would own all the quarries. Another example yesterday when the actual data on the increases to pensioner payments arising from deeming changes was finally abtained through FOI. HolyMo and Ruston have deflected and lied about this for weeks, while the media swallowed the story of the $800 for everyone lie. The truth? About 1% get the top figure, most pensioners get around $3 pw. HolyMo is as ‘holy’ as a sieve.

  32. Matters Not

    Worth pointing out that what Anthony, Santoro and Sciacca (SAS) did – is the ‘common sense’ for those who once had government connections.

    “So far, we have managed to compile a list of well over 150 former and current politicians, political advisors and bureaucrats who have either moved from the fossil fuel and mining industries into public office or vice-versa over the past decade”

    Revolving Doors: how the fossil fuel lobby has governments ensnared

    And that’s just the fossil fuel industry. Look wider and see what pollies do when they retire. Hard to find one who hasn’t sold their ‘connections’. They know only too well that their ‘influence’, and ‘connections’ have a very, very short half-life. Try Pyne and Bishop as recent examples. Then there’s Rudd, Turnbull, Abbott …

  33. wam

    Sorry matters not I am often writing words that require untangling and you are obviously a little tired after your hard replying morning
    You are to be congratulated if you were perspicacious enough to buy shares in indue from twiggy but unless you are in the loop or a relative of an lnp pollie you are not rorting.just being clever these shares remind me of poseidon with a long term guarantee
    The lnp have passed laws giving the company access to $millions. If they or their families have shares they have at least a conflict of interest if not the crime of insider trading.
    Albo should be exposing the lnp rorters but he better check his own backyard before he moves in case a ‘colleague’ has a finger in the pie.
    Does that make it easier for you??
    ps I am pleasantly surprised that you understand the connection between truth and belief. I expect you have seen Rashomon? 70 years anniversary of the venice and oscar winning film next year
    pps you are right it matters not scummo is in thanks to boobby and albo is doing a billy and that other lovely honest man beazley

  34. Perkin Wetneck

    Has New Zealand ever clarified what happened the missing $millions when Scummo was their travel guru? I thought tithing was only 10%…,

  35. Wayne Turner

    A lying f wit.

    All those that fall for him,are gullible idiots. Sadly there are way too many of them.

  36. Jon Chesterson

    ‘Genuine? You gotta be shitting me’. He shits on everyone else but his mates and rules with disingenuous slogans and lies. Very creepy, very corrupt, morally bankrupt.

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