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The LNP: Do they ever learn?

By Kathryn

Hmmm, after the people of Australia resoundingly voted against the LNP in order to kick that repugnant little war mongering garden gnome, John Howard to the gutter, did the LNP learn a single thing about humility, compassion and not to use war, hate and xenophobic racism as a distraction against their inherent corruption, arrogance, self-entitlement and appalling misogyny?

Answer: Nope!

After it became as clear as the long honker on that LNP-supporting fool, John Elliott’s face that the swaggering, inarticulate, totally inept, unspeakably misogynistic intellectual midget, Tony Abbott, was about as popular as a pork chop in a Jewish Synagogue with about as much chance of winning a federal election in Australia as Clive Palmer has in winning the Sydney to Surf Marathon, did the LNP learn a single thing about respecting women, egalitarianism, equality and compassion for anyone or anything except enriching themselves and their obscenely rich donors in the Top 1%?

Answer: Nope! Nope! Nope! (to quote the Abbott himself).

After Abbott was quickly rolled out of view like an embarrassing old uncle with a major flatulence problem, the LNP then decided to go “all out” and push the supercilious Malcolm Turnbull in Abbott’s place. To be fair, in hindsight, Turnbull, an arrogant, non-achieving and extremely wealthy elitist seemed to be the “best” of a very, very bad bunch but his spot in the limelight was rapidly short thanks to the backstabbing manoeuvring and power play by the next up-and-coming political Judas, Scott Morrison! Did the LNP learn anything about loyalty, support, respect and diplomacy?

Answer: Nope! Nope! Nope!

Once the worst of the very worst, Sloth Morrison rose to the top like faecal matter in a polluted pond, he quickly revealed himself to be so damn bad, so megalomaniacal and such a smirking, uncultured, two-thumbs-up bogan, he made Abbott aka the wrecking ball look like a frigging genius! Morrison, the internationally condemned pathological liar, had such an appalling lack of discernment he became a signed-up member of the notorious cult of Hillsong, once led by the unconscionable predator, Frank Houston, a convicted paedophile! After all the dirt came out about hanky-panky Frankie, it didn’t take Morrison long to shun any friendship he maintained with Frank’s son, Brian Houston, and switch over to another obscure, prosperity-driven cult known as Horizon. Morrison was consistent in his pathetic endeavours to hide his disingenuous, self-serving corruption, malignant treacherous backstabbing disloyalty, stratospheric arrogance and remorseless self-entitlement behind a phony, transparent cloak of nauseating bible-thumping hypocrisy! What Morrison failed to realise is that he was akin to the Hans Christian Anderson tale, “The Emperor Without Clothes” in that everyone but Morrison – and the like-minded gormless, Murdoch-manipulated, misogynistic and racist fools who voted for him – could clearly see how depraved, deceitful and corrupt he was and still is to this day!

After the abysmal narcissistic bully Morrison eventually destroyed the vision the pompous, late but not great, cigar-chomping, classist UK-worshipping tragic, Robert Menzies, once had in relation to the LNP in rapid time, Morrison quickly turned himself into an international laughing stock and became the most despised, relentlessly depraved and inhumane PM in our history and known throughout the world as a reprehensible pathological liar. Morrison was notorious for being an unimaginative bogan, a non-achieving long-term political parasite who failed to hold down any job out in the real world that required hard-work, imagination or commitment! The only dubious talent this mediocre malingerer had was his ability to take credit for other people’s achievements or ideas and managing to select the absolute worst group of cruel, self-serving miscreants he could find to be part of the worst, most despised political cabinet in living memory! Did the LNP learn a bloody thing from our nation’s vile experience with their unenlightened f*ck up, Morrison?

Answer: Not bloody likely because the LNP are incapable of change!


Cartoon by Alan Moir (


How do we know this? Because the LNP have now gone ahead and pushed out one of the worst, most dangerously undemocratic and callously inhumane individuals from Morrison’s diabolical cabinet: Peter Dutton! If there is anyone who could share the podium with Abbott and Morrison as the worst PMs in our history, the deeply unpopular, sadistic, millionaire, ex-Qld cop, Peter Dutton is it! There he is, a monstrous, remorseless entity waiting in the wings like some salivating Behemoth, ready to turn heartlessness, corruption and political malfeasance into some type of warped virtue!

Does Australia really want a repeat performance by these lying, conniving parasites whose only legacy is $1 trillion in debt whilst thumping their chests and cynically bragging that they are the “best economic managers”!!!!?

Bloody hell!
The resounding answer should be:


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  1. ajogrady

    You always know what you will get with the L/NP. Consistency! Lots of consistency. Consistent corruption at all levels of government, consistent poor and inept leadership,
    consistent laws and legislation to stifle contrary debate, consistent leadership changes to fool the public, consistent avoidance of scrutiny, consistent abandonment of ” the greater good”, consistent lack of accountability like ” I dont hold a hose, mate”, consistent lies, consistent obfuscation, consistent pillaging of the environment, consistent stacking of boards committees commissions and delegations with L/NP stooges, consistent branch stacking, consistent religious nutters, consistent incompetent and corrupt members, consistent rorts, consistent slush funds, consistent jobs for the boys, consistent failed members kept on the taxpayer gravy train, consistent complacency like ” its not a race”, consistent blame shifting, consistent photo ops; consistent do nothing and ineffectual policies, consistent attacks on unions, consistent lack of support for workers, consistent demonising of those on social security, consistent divisiveness, consistent poor governance, consistent support of sex predators, consistently setting women’s rights backward in our nation; consistent rejecting the formation of an integrity commission that can investigate alleged incidents and maintain our MPs’ high ethical and moral standards. consistent bad judgement, consistent rewarding of political donors at the expense of the needy, consistent scotosis to implement policies that take Australia forward rather then impeding its progress to benefit donors plus consistently more and more corruption and theft of taxpayers money.

    Mangled by Macron: Morrison’s French farce shows lack of character

    Liberals now a pitiful shadow of the party founded by Menzies

  2. Phil Pryor

    Do they ever learn? No, they don’t, as many of them cannot and will not. One could see the seething fool Jack Howard at school and imagine he’d get older without growing up. A self fixated stirrer, Howard helped the Menzies’ party rot and putrify, with intense egotistical wilfulness taking over completely from policy, programs, planning. Menzies plodded on patronisingly, but, his latter day followers have been consumed in self, ignorant obsession, righteous vanity, all without talent or basic qualities. Abbott and Morrison should be up against a wall and Maximillianed, and Turnbull’s uselessness is only slightly lessened by his enemies within. Now, with Peter Duckwit-Futton as leader, a dud who cannot qualify to follow, the conservative front in Australia remains an object of derision and shame.

  3. Paul Smith

    Do, you ask, the LNP ever learn? They wouldn’t be the LNP if they could. Learn what, but? That inclusiveness works and self-interest fails.

  4. Keitha Granville

    gosh, don’t hold back !!!!

    Our response of NO needs to include 4 or 5 or more terms of a Labor government, one which eventually feels safe to revert to its core socialist value.

  5. Canguro

    Great essay, Kathryn! Well done.

    I’m wondering if there’s a way to get a copy of this into every Liberal and National Party member’s inbox or parliamentary letterbox, as well as to every hack ‘journalist’ currently taking Merdoch’s blood money in return for their daily poisoning the well of public discourse – the stable of tabloid rags that pose as journalism along with the cabal of lunatics who spruik their insanity nightly via Sky TV? It’s a long shot but such a well-argued essay might just hit home to a few of these soulless gorms – in my dreams I fantasise about a mass resignation of all Merdoch employees after they are hit with the gut-wrenching epiphany that their lives have been devoted to the service of the living embodiment of Satan himself.

  6. New England Cocky

    Oh I love it when the AIMN authors open up and accurately describe the LIARBRAL NAZIONAL$ COALition misgovernment and its component self-serving pollies. Makes me feel that the decades of yelling into the wind has been a valuable warning for what was to come and has been had during the past nine (9) years.

    A GREAT essay Kathryn!!! Welcome to the thinking world of AIMN where common sense and good government are the preferred agenda.

  7. pierre wilkinson

    welcome to the new year Kathryn, another concise expose of the pathetic bunch of losers that will soon have to face their sins in front of the public and an ICAC, without the benefit of being able to claim “cabinet in confidence”

  8. wam

    A great read, Kathryn with the crux beaming in your penultimate sentence.
    Rupert’s papers are fond of and full of modal verbs???

  9. John lord

    I sincerely hope you are now full reinvigorated and ready to tackle the year ahead.

  10. meg

    Bullseye Kathryn! Best rant I’ve read in years.

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