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The legacy of the “visionless plodder”

By Kathryn

Considering that the diabolical, plodding, non-achieving, bone-idle sloth Morrison rose to power within the LNP on the back of his ruthless backstabbing betrayal of two of his colleagues: Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull, is it any wonder that he was, inevitably, pushed out of his dubious role of PM in total disgrace?

Morrison has a long and infamous history littered with failure and a remarkable inability to hold down any job that required hard work, dedication and credibility! Besides the fact that this nauseating bible-thumping hypocrite tries – and fails – to hide his self-promoting, born-to-rule arrogance, callous inhumanity and disingenuous deviousness behind a thin cloak of bible-thumping hypocrisy, Morrison has proven himself to be one of the worst, internationally condemned, political misfits and pathological liars ever seen on the political stage even when you take John Howard and that swaggering, inarticulate misogynist, Tony Abbott, into consideration (and that is saying something!).

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – apparently “Christian”, compassionate, honest or genuine about Morrison! He ticks every box as a cold-hearted, self-obsessed, conniving political manipulator who said and did everything to attain and maintain autocratic power, even if it meant stomping on the corpses of his own colleagues to rise and rise like faecal matter in a polluted pond!

It is no secret that even some Morrison’s own colleagues thoroughly distrusted him; not surprising considering that Morrison only showed that he cared about one thing and that is the owner of the smug, sanctimonious, smirking face he sees in the mirror every morning!

The major problem with the LNP right now, however, is that they are so bereft of decent, hard-working leaders with even the most minute levels of demonstrated intelligence, foresight and compassion, that the only person the LNP could resurrect from the infected bowels of their party was yet another demonstrably inhumane, political savage in the form of Peter Dutton! My God, let’s hope and pray that that terrifying individual never rises like a behemoth to become prime minister – let’s face it, the only person one can consider worse than Morrison is Dutton!

Like his notorious predecessor and like-minded habitual liar (Tony Abbott), Morrison is a born-to-rule religious hypocrite who truly believes that he had some God-given “right” to rule over us like some swaggering, paternalistic, preaching autocrat. In the past, Australia has been justifiably proud of its secular governments that were (once) free of insufferable, patriarchal religious hypocrisy which is why it is so shocking that such phony sanctimonious pietism has become normalised within the LNP ever since the rise of John Howard.

The fact that the LNP has now been completely taken over by raving, thoroughly dictatorial, misogynistic alpha male right-wing extremists is a red-flag warning that they have no intention to change, zero insight, and a rigid determination to continue being influenced and controlled by far-right lunatics and religious hypocrites who have absolutely nothing in common with ordinary Australians!

Fortunately, at the last federal election, the large majority of Australians could see through the transparent hypocrisy of Morrison, and his version of the the LNP, and understandably swiftly put them back into Opposition! The last election proved that, in the end, most intelligent Australians agreed with Emmanuel Macron’s contemptuous opinion of Morrison as being a thoroughly disreputable, self-serving and remorseless liar!

Did the LNP learn anything from their catastrophic loss at the last federal election? Nope! It seems that the self-righteous LNP are incapable of learning anything and, once again, they have nominated a born-to-rule plodder (in the form of Peter Dutton) to lead the bumbling rabble.

It is these regressive, coal-loving, rigidly conservative, bible-thumping hypocrites within the LNP who are dragging our nation back to the 19th century! What is amazing (and rather disturbing) is that the LNP managed to rise and rise without a single constructive policy, with nothing but appalling, disproven lies and scandal against the ALP receiving front-page prominence at the hands of their notorious allies, the appalling, Z-rated Murdoch press!

Fortunately, most Australians have become immune to the deceiving malfeasance of the Murdoch press and, thankfully, ignored all the character-assassinating lies in Murdoch’s notorious scandal sheets and voted, overwhelmingly, for more insightful, egalitarian, compassionate and secular leadership in the form of Anthony Albanese!

Let’s hope that it is decades before our secular nation is taken over by the appalling sanctimonious religious hypocrites, alpha male misogynists and corrupt self-serving elitists who seem to be holding sway within the LNP! Australia has a long, proud history of keeping religion out of politics – let’s keep it that way by never voting LNP again.

Note: Thankyou to Dr Binoy Kampmark for the term “visionless plodder.”


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  1. Arnd

    Ok, so Kathryn tipped another bucketful on Scotty from Marketing – and fair enough: the man needs tipping on!

    But the simple fact is that men and women of this ilk exist in Australia, and there is little point in whinging and wailing about that.

    The real question is why such people seem to have a way above average likelihood to rise to the top!

    And the answers to that question – if they are honest answers – may reveal certain aspects of modern society which are unflattering to all of us.

  2. Geoff Andrews

    But all that aside, he was a good cook and had a great sense of humour and I shall miss his regular appearances on “Mad As Hell”.

  3. Paul Smith

    “… Morrison is a born-to-rule religious hypocrite who truly believes that he has some God-given “right” to rule …”
    Wow! Kathryn! Such passion! Such eloquence! But please, beware words used in haste that mean the opposite of what you intend. A false belief cannot be truly held. By saying that Morrison TRULY believes that he has a GGR, you turn a self-serving presumption for which he ought to be eviscerated into a mental illness for which he cannot be blamed.

  4. Shevill Mathers

    Spot on, may the LNP sink out of sight into the brown sludge from which they emerged, with Morrison leading the way.

  5. Mark Shields

    Apart from SKY, I think Murdoch actually backed away from Morrison somewhat this time and that allowed the Independents the huge swing. The frightening thing is that there ARE gullible voters willing to be led like sheep again, next time.

  6. Terence Mills

    Outgoing Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells certainly didn’t hold back on Morrison, describing him as “an autocrat” and “a bully with no moral compass who pretends to be a man of faith. It’s his way or the highway”.

    The senator said Mr Morrison had “honed his manipulative skills” during his time as state director of the party’s NSW division.

    “He is adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience,” she said.

    “His actions conflict with his portrayal as a man of faith. He has used his so-called faith as a marketing advantage.”

    “There is a very appropriate saying, the fish stinks from the head,” she said.

    That coming from somebody on his own team who has worked with him over a period of years.

    I think the sooner he leaves public life the better for us all.- the Liberal party made a huge mistake in electing him their leader and they may have done the same again with the present incumbent.

  7. Pete Petrass

    Absolutely nailed it!!!

  8. RoadKillCafe

    Yes, Arne, much ado about nothing. A lovely use of words, but why. A pointless article heaping shit on the dung heap that is morrison. Sorry, Kathryn, whilst I admire your abilities to string words together, mate, for me sounding like a broken record. As Arne suggests, may reveal more unflattering knowledge about us humans.I wonder if it will be as Roger Waters says, alien anthropologists will explore our planet, wonder on our demise and conclude that we amused ourselves to death.

  9. New England Cocky

    Do NOT overlook the role of Michael Photios in the election of Scummo. Photios is reputedly the ”brains” behind the NSW Liarbral Party, and likely also behind much of the Feral skullduggery>

    I lok forward in anticipation to Benito Duddo aka Boofhead remaining life-time Leader of the Loyal Opposition of Australia for the next 30 years so that Australian voters may return to the egalitarian society we enjoyed before Little Johnnie Howard was elected by Murdoch media.

    I also look forward to Australia following the Fiji example and dispossessing the Murdoch organisation of ALL their Australian media assets.

  10. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo was and is, a greedy bible bashing money worshipping creep, comfortable in the fact that feeble minded people like the congregation at his church, and other assorted religious dunderheads, are easily swayed by pious rhetoric and bullshit, dressed up as religious guidance. He now dismisses any authority of government or the UN. Sound familiar, ???? Just like his fellow dickhead, Trump. And the voters of Cook must be in awe of such a vile specimen of honesty and truth who represents them, in the absence. He gets paid to, but fucks off to do something else.
    Poor fools, the voters of Cook.

  11. Albos Elbow

    A religious fanatic who “left everything to God” and didn’t want to interfere, while he and his cronies made millions out of fossil fuel and other forms of corruption.

    Trouble is, God stopped listening to him a long time ago. It was Satan who was giving him the advice based on Scummo’s and Hillsong’s predilections to sin, child molesting and greed.


  12. Canguro

    re Arnd’s question… ‘…why such people seem to have a way above average likelihood to rise to the top?’, I think the answer is pretty simple.

    It’s because [crude language warning] they’re arseholes, pricks, sociopathic or worse, psychopathic personalities that have no qualms about forcing their detestable behaviour onto those whom they wish to conquer or better. Politics is,as we all know, a fiercely competitive business; preselection, the election, then jostling for power, position, prestige, and all the other goodies that come with being a politician – for some this is the stuff of life, it is the only game in town, it’s almost a life or death struggle for these dysfunctional arseholes, their ‘raison de vivre,’ without the ferocious battle to define themselves within the context of the political struggle they are nothing, empty shells and hollow husks, meaningless creatures without purpose.

    So, it befits them to use whatever strategies and skills to better their colleagues and others, to climb the greasy pole by clambering over the backs of anyone who stands in their way, in their delusional belief that getting to the top is all that matters in this world, and if others suffer along the way, well, too bad… the law of the jungle and all that.. the strong will thrive and the weak will fall along the wayside.

    The pity of it is that we’re mostly taught to behave politely, and to consider others, and not to behave badly, rudely, selfishly, and so when we encounter these malicious outliers we don’t have a suite of skills readily available to counter them, to shut them down, to reduce their outsize egos and to put them back in the box. And the outside egos take full advantage of this, bullying and blustering and making others’ lives miserable until the others just give in, give up, just to have a bit of peace and less stress from having to deal with the constant provocation and assault from the arseholes. Politics is a dreadful business, and attracts dreadful people. Not all of them, but the LNP seems peculiarly suited to these wretches, as we’ve seen time and again.

  13. Terence Mills

    Interestingly newly minted backbencher, Morrison won’t be attending the new parliament this week as he evidently had a prior engagement to join a group of former leaders in Japan.

    Odd that whoever organised this meeting of former leaders didn’t think of inviting Howard, Keating, Turnbull. Abbott, Rudd or Gillard.

    Other former PM’s attending include Cameron (UK) and Harper (Canada).

    What’s going on ?

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    Canguro…. You’ve described very accurately and insightfully, the way most politicians and particularly the Scummo kind, rise up the greasy pole. They’re there, not to serve the people or the country, but to make their stay, as lucrative as possible. LNP pollies like the fornicator and Scummo are the best examples of such unprincipled bastards. Its all about the money.

  15. leefe


    More RRWNJ plotting to remake the world iin their (dystopian) image.

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