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Scott Morrison awaits the Apocalypse

The minds of defeated prime ministers are rarely pretty. In some cases, they are damnably awful places, where ruins accumulate and dust gathers in wretchedness. Such figures can become, by the admission of former Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, miserable ghosts, cantankerous, bitter and resentful. Then come some, such as Malcolm Fraser, who have healthy revelations. Others just go to seed.

This may well have been the case with Scott Morrison, the accidental of Australia’s prime ministers. In 2019, he won an election deemed unwinnable. In 2022, he lost in the formidable face of a third of voters who preferred to go for alternative parties. Refusing to read the smoke signals from a Liberal heartland worried about political integrity, climate change and violence against women, his party was carved by the stormy arrival of independents and minor parties.

Put out to lean, undernourished pasture, there was little reason to expect him to slide into respectable obscurity. The lecture circuit beckoned, and his debut came in his July 14 address to the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul. In it, he emerges enlightened, quoting from yet another pop-historical tract from historian Niall Ferguson, this time on pandemics. His account is free of failures and full of praise, much of it for achievements not his own.

On the matter of pandemics, he can only cause others to raise an eyebrow and crease the forehead. An assessment by John Hopkins University is cited, ranking “Australia second in the world in pandemic preparedness.” There is also Bloomberg, ranking Australia as the “world’s fifth most COVID resilient nation.”

He ignores the enormous, unmatched role played by the States and territories, and the half-botched stuttering of his government in the face of crisis, from pandemics to environmental catastrophe. The Commonwealth’s own conspicuous role, throughout the pandemic, was to frustrate the arrival of Australian citizens left stranded overseas and yearning to return to their homeland. Morrison’s famous contribution to the issue of climate change and violence against women was to absent himself from the debate or seek advice from his wife.

One remark stands out. “You must be able to trust and delegate.” Reading between these chosen words is the sense that you must abdicate and defer responsibility as a leader when your role most demands a purpose.

Then came a sermon at the Victory Life Centre, a Pentecostal Church where former Australian tennis champion Margaret Court presides in occasional, reactionary majesty. In his 50-minute address, Morrison did much to express those regressive tendencies that betrayed him as a visionless plodder whose understanding of politics was always confined to snarls and bruising rather than foresight and understanding.

Australians, he suggested, should forget governments and forsake the United Nations in favour of a vengeful Sky God’s blessings. It was almost refreshing to have such deluded frankness, given that, as prime minister, he was always keen to lecture the Chinese on the “rules based international order” and good government.

“We trust in Him,” Morrison stated, after promising with eschatological creepiness that “God’s kingdom will come”. “We don’t trust in governments. We don’t trust in the United Nations, thank goodness.” With such a sentiment, he would have kept company with any aged theocrat sniffing the glue of imminent apocalypse. “We don’t trust in all of these things,” he went on to say, “fine as they might be and as important as the role that they play. Believe me, I’ve worked in it, and they are important.” So, dear voter and citizen, “if you are putting your faith in those things like I put my faith in the Lord, you are making a mistake.”

A few days later, it was confirmed that this man, full of contrived principle and love for the ultimate deity above, had also tried to convince the Australian Border Force to draft and release a media statement about the interception of a boat filled with asylum seekers. The timing was crucial: election day, May 21.

That same day, the New South Wales Liberal Party took advantage of the occasion to bombard thousands of voters with text messages, encouraging them to “keep our borders secure by voting Liberal today.” Bad habits die hard, and in Morrison’s case, they do not die harder than exploiting refugees and asylum seekers for political gain.

A report subsequently prepared by Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo took the scrubbing to ABF personnel and Australian Defence Force by exonerating them. It would have come as no surprise that a self-investigation of public servants by public servants was bound to be sympathetic. The entities concerned had, apparently, acted with “integrity” in refusing to release the statement – at least when initially asked. Labor’s Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil, suggested that the Coalition government had “sabotaged the protocols that protect Operation Sovereign Borders for political gain.”

To the last, even a beastly creation such as Operation Sovereign Borders, very much Morrison’s grotesque political contribution when Immigration Minister, might well be sacrificed if the needs required it.

As a program of secrecy in intercepting vessels on the high seas laden with asylum seekers, it remains Australia’s military grade approach to coping with humanitarian desperation, one lacking accountability and transparency. The fact that O’Neill, now a Labor government minister, is defending it, is no doubt something Australia’s Pentecostal former prime minister will draw much satisfaction from. The rest will be left to the good Lord of his persuasion.


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  1. David Baird

    ‘Visionless plodder’ is an excellent catch-all description of this bloke. I’d include the fact that he’s a superficial, devious, disingenuous, hypocritical, phenomenally mediocre twerp. His strong streak of nastiness and his natural talent for outright lying are very much part of the warp and weft of his character, despite his pretensions to godliness. We’re well shot of the prick.

  2. Harry Lime

    Thanks Binoy,although we hardly needed reminding what a fraudulent arsehole whatisname is.I’m still getting over his election three years ago.Still a lot of easily led dills in this country…and a lot of them remain in politics.Mike Pezzullo?…I hear that even Satan won’t take his calls.

  3. New England Cocky

    An excellent description of a worthless scum-bag. So why did the electorate of Cook re-elect him when he was obviously an absolute failure?

  4. Keitha Granville

    Perhaps the electorate will learn from this disastrous expedition into a quasi-religious governing body, and recoil in horror at the result.
    Secular government, separation of church and state, it MUST be enshrined in legislation if possible. We have a nation of many faiths, the most important perhaps being the Indigenous peoples’ dreamings, and sprinkled with doctrines of every kind. If we could we must learn just one thing from any of them – live and let live, love your neighbour, be kind to animals, respect and protect the vulnerable – most would have some of those in their books. The narrow minded fairyland of the fundamental faiths of the world must be sidelined from the mainstream, anyone is free to follow them as they choose but they must never again be allowed to infiltrate the governing of the nation.

    As for Scummo, I fear he will be sadly disillusioned when the Rapture fails to arrive.

  5. Frank Smith

    NEC, I can’t see Morrison sitting contentedly on the Opposition backbench for very long. Let’s hope the electors of Cook finally get an opportunity to vote for candidates of THEIR choice in a by-election that can’t come soon enough and rid the Parliament of this hypocrite. Regrettably he has already joined the long and very generous gravy train of “used” Prime Ministers bleeding the public purse.

  6. Jon Chesterson


    Why can’t journalists and the MSM say it for what it is? The most of them simply pussyfoot around the bush in their tights and golden slippers chewing cud like daisies in the meadow – But for this fanatic delusional religious moron from the shire, this fringe pseudo-christian sadistic hypocrite. This ignorant lying bigoted ‘visionless plodder’. Friends and people of Cook, what the hell is wrong with you! Are you all that deaf and blind you still cannot see what the rest of the nation have posthumously realised after all these years, only to be followed by death star Herr Dutton? LNP – Pox spreading Trump licking zombie Party of living dead, god forbid any of them ever return to the corridors of power, where given half a chance like Trump and Putin, they’ll not relinquish power again but send us all over the cliff like ‘the herd of swine’ we are’ – The vengeful apocalypse they’d rather be remembered for. What bitter deed did we ever proffer to deserve this other than the folly and foolishness, the tragedy of electing them in the first place?

    Please, please, never again!

  7. Harry Lime

    Hi, Jon, you bet you are, you bet I am.How did it ever get to this?My first port of call would be eliminating the Murdoch poison.Hello Rupe, hope you’re feeling well, or not.

  8. RoadKillCafe

    Ah, John, how tragically true, the braindead of America, even after all the testimonies, still think trump’s the man, the muckrake morrison, with the able assistance of the diseased old scroat, believes he will rise again, as cunning as a shithouse rat, as deluded and filthy and rotten as a politician’s promise, he has a plan. For our ignorance we get what we deserve, our inability to tell shit from custard, our who gives a fuck, believe the lies, why not, I’m alright, Jack, fuck you.

    Now, here we are, responsible for the extinction of more mammals than any other country, continent, shithole on the planet, rushing headfirst into our very own mass suicide event, we fucked it, no real will to fix it, we pay the price now. As far as I can tell, we deserve no more no less but to experience the reality of our wilful ignorance, climate change, nature, has only just started in its quest for retribution, pay back time now.

    Cheers one and all, we are a fucked species that had a chance. What will you tell your children, your grandchildren, will you look them in the eyes and say I tried my best, I’m sorry, will we find a miracle? I think the piper wants paying, we are going to get whacked.

  9. margcal

    Morrison won’t be going anywhere until he gets a job offer.
    It could be a while.
    Would you employ him?
    Hillsong and the Sharks haven’t exactly rushed to his door.

  10. Kathryn

    Considering that the diabolical, plodding, non-achieving, bone-idle Sloth Morrison, rose to power within the LNP on the back of his ruthless backstabbing betrayal of two of his colleagues: Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull, is it any wonder that he was, inevitably, pushed out of his dubious role of PM in total disgrace? Morrison has a long infamous history littered with failure and a remarkable inability to hold down ANY job that required hard work, dedication and credibility! Besides the fact that this nauseating bible-thumping hypocrite tries – and fails – to hide his self-promoting, born-to-rule arrogance, callous inhumanity and disingenuous deviousness behind a thin cloak of bible-thumping hypocrisy, Morrison has proven himself to be one of the worst, internationally condemned, political psychopaths and pathological liars ever seen on the political stage even when you take the war criminal, John Howard and that swaggering, inarticulate misogynist, Tony Abbott, into consideration (and THAT is saying something!).

    There is nothing – absolutely NOTHING – “Christian”, compassionate, honest or genuine about Morrison! Morrison ticks every box as a cold-blooded, self-obsessed, conniving political sociopath who will say and do ANYTHING to attain and maintain autocratic power, even if it means stomping on the corpses of his own colleagues to rise and rise like faecal matter in a polluted pond! It is no secret that even Morrison’s own colleagues thoroughly distrust him, not surprising considering that Morrison only cares about ONE thing and that is the owner of the smug, sanctimonious, smirking face he sees in the mirror every morning! The major problem with the LNP right now, however, is that they are so bereft of decent, hard-working leaders with even the most minute levels of intelligence, foresight and compassion, that the only person the LNP could resurrect from the infected bowels of their party was yet another unspeakably inhumane, political psychopath in the form of Peter Dutton! My God, let’s hope and pray that THAT terrifying sociopath NEVER rises like a behemoth to become prime minister – let’s face it, the ONLY person one can consider WORSE than Morrison is Dutton!

    Like his notorious predecessor and like-minded habitual liar (Tony Abbott), Morrison is a born-to-rule religious hypocrite who truly believes that he has some God-given “right” to rule over us like some swaggering, paternalistic, preaching autocrat. In the past, Australia has been justifiably proud of its secular governments that were (once) free of insufferable, patriarchal religious hypocrisy which is why it is so shocking that such phony sanctimonious pietism has become normalised within the LNP ever since the rise of John Howard. The fact that the LNP has now been completely taken over by raving, thoroughly dictatorial, misogynistic alpha male right-wing extremists is a red-flag warning that they have no intention to change, zero insight and a rigid determination to continue being influenced and controlled by far-right lunatics and religious hypocrites who have absolutely nothing in common with ordinary Australians!

    Fortunately, at the last federal election, the large majority of Australians could see through the transparent hypocrisy of Morrison, and his version of the the LNP, and understandably swiftly put them back into Opposition! The last election PROVED that, in the end, most intelligent Australians agreed with Emmanuel Macron’s contemptuous opinion of Morrison as being a thoroughly disreputable, self-serving and remorseless liar!

    Did the LNP learn ANYTHING from their catastrophic loss at the last federal election? Nope! It seems that the self-righteous LNP are incapable of learning anything and, once again, they have nominated a born-to-rule megalomaniacal narcissist (in the form of Peter Dutton) to lie and deceive his way into power! It is these regressive, coal-loving, rigidly conservative, bible-thumping hypocrites within the LNP who are dragging our nation back to the 19th century! What is amazing (and rather disturbing) is that the LNP managed to rise and rise without a SINGLE constructive policy, with NOTHING but appalling, disproven lies and scandal against the ALP receiving front-page prominence at the hands of their notorious allies, the appalling, Z-rated Murdoch press! Fortunately, most Australians have become immune to the deceiving malfeasance of the Murdoch press and, thankfully, ignored all the character-assassinating lies in Murdoch’s notorious scandal sheets and voted, overwhelmingly, for more foresightful, egalitarian, compassionate and secular leadership in the form of Anthony Albanese!

    Let’s hope that it is decades before our secular nation is taken over by the appalling sanctimonious religious hypocrites, alpha male misogynists and corrupt self-serving elitists who seem to be holding sway within the LNP! Australia has a long, proud history of keeping religion OUT of politics – let’s keep it that way by continuing to vote Labor!

  11. Malcolm Ansell

    Can’t wait for the biographies to come out!

  12. Michael Taylor

    Kathryn, I wouldn’t mind using your comment as an article.

  13. Canguro

    The fact that Morrison chose to give a delusional address under the roof of the delusional hag Margaret Court’s theatre of the absurd says it all, really. Cosplay by rich, delusional, and no-doubt to be eventually demented god-bothering bigots. Good riddance to them all!

  14. RoadKillCafe

    Now that his good mate, Houston, is out, does the muckrake morrison have visions of becoming the new happy clapper messiah? Like a fart in an elevator, he goes on, god’s will of course, just ask him, he’s a legend.

  15. Henry Rodrigues

    There is only comment I’d add to all these the worthy ones already expressed, begone satan and take your coterie of deluded religious fuckwits back to the fires of hell scenarios that you depend, on to scare feeble minded fools, for ensure your continued relevance

    Religion, ideology, and racism have been the cause and the effect, of most of the world’s evils. Trump, Putin, Modi and the ayatollahs are proud examples, Scummo is just another dickhead following in their footsteps.

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