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The Law

With the hounding down of Sam Dastyari today we saw the reality of a new political low in Australian culture. We witnessed for the first time in our political history the mainstream media (MSM) take control of political agenda and with the least assistance possible from the political opponents of the ALP, hunt down and destroy a member of the Senate of the Democratic state of Australia.

This throws a new light on the MSM and whose interests it is serving … in particular concerning the National Broadcaster – which is supposed to run neutral on political issues – yet we witnessed time and again a unilateral position taken on the cause of the Dastyari affair … while scant mention of the members of the Government receiving and even inviting donations of sometimes much greater figures from the very same source.

There was a “game” played in the south of Italy back before the second world war called “The Law”. It was a very vicious game played for high stakes among both the very wealthy and the very poor:

“The grotesque game of the Law, played in the taverns of southern Italy, is but a shadow of an even fiercer attitude to life-a potent metaphor for a vigorously hierarchical view of existence which rules over the mezzogiorno, the noonday culture of southern Italy. These are an almost feudal system of landownership which confers a bizarre set of rights upon a small number of landowners, and a pervasive system of organised crime which at one level seeks to control everything which occurs in the village and exact a tax on every transaction, and at another level manifests as petty crime and pickpocketing.

These combine with a hierarchical social system and a set of values based on traditional ideas such as honour, and which establish norms which determine who in this society is beholden to whom.” (From a review of the book; “The Law” by Roger Vailland).

The attraction of the game was the possibility of the peasant having a moment of control over his landlord or some other local official. It was a cruel game that became so notorious in its demands that it was finally banned by Benito Mussolini … That in itself shows the depth of viciousness it could descend to. The accusation and the hunting down of Sam Dastyari equals in the viciousness of that game.

There is a new direction now played out in this game of politics. The National Broadcaster has dealt into the hand … a position once reserved for the Murdoch press, but that monster, having lost both credibility and readership, it would seem that those who know how to organise these things have commanded that the ABC take over the shift once reserved for the Murdoch hacks. Perhaps because it is seen as having more “media cred”, more media “impact on the appropriate audience” than those has-beens in the commercial media … and I see that a new generation of suave, celebrity “media lounge-lizards” has pasted themselves on our ABC screen. A generation given the taste of “celeb’-bling” that will adhere them to the Murdoch stooge’s bum like a persistent pile.

“The law referenced by the title has nothing to do with civil authority or the official laws of the region. There seems little concept in the society being described of a moral requirement to heed the laws of the land; such laws are viewed as requirements which have been imposed, and which can therefore be evaded. The very people charged with upholding the law, such as the chief of police and his deputies, are those involved in developing strategies for its evasion. They happily invent stories, fabricate evidence, and block investigations, in this case to assist the principal racketeer Matteo Brigante in his efforts to evade justice. He is a man proud of his hobby of raping virgins, and this is known by Chief of Police Atillo, whose own favourite pastime is seducing the wives of the town’s leading citizens, making use of the racketeer’s premises for his conquests. The two men often compare and contrast their respective pleasures and approaches, each quietly confident that he is the more virile.” (ibid)

Another worrying concept witnessed in the loss of Dasty’, that cheerful jester of the House doorstop interview … is the lack of backing from his own team. Oh yes, there was the usual denials, the usual “downcast eyes” and twisting of the shoe in the soft dirt … the usual; “Oh well, I’m sure he will think on his actions and … “ but where was the blood ‘n’ guts of the counter punch when this all started to get a re-run? I’m not saying there was complicit evasion of any defence, but by jingo! … It sure looked to me to be a tad wishy washy … a mite pissy-weaky … sure … we can say that Dasty’ had done his dash by his very actions … that he, himself had cruelled his chances. But in the end, all he did was to drive through on the Keating philosophy of; “Look to Asia first” policy … and in doing so would he not deserve a little bit more consideration from his mates in the car pool? I want to see at the next election a victory earned by blood, sweat and tears. That’s why we write here on these blogs … I don’t want to see a stroll across the line through a default gain from hoping the other side falls down mid race … waiting for the sprained “political knee”, or the political crook back. I want to FEEL the tactile bone of victory … I want to SEE the pain of loss in the eyes of those miserable, cruel bastards when they concede they were beaten by the better team … DAMMIT! I want to see a new Australia rise from the fecund manure that this government is of lowly bottom-feeders, these moist microbes of most vile excretions from the soiled arse of some strange, alien parasitical maggot.

WE want a victory worthy of the name of the battle. And we want to go into that battle knowing that Labor has our back. I do NOT want our political intentions and honesty gambled away like chips in a high-risk game … I do not wish to witness all those hours of effort we put in here supporting an ideology worthy of benefit to so many being used as a kind of stuffing for some toy or ourselves as cannon fodder in a political war between party factions or old school tie wrangling.

I will NOT be dragged by my ideological enthusiasm as an unwilling player in a game of tyranny!

“It is a game of six or more players, played as a series of rounds, and in each round chance, in the form of dice or a drawn tarot card, determines which player will be the chief. He will choose another player as his deputy, and the others will supply a carafe of wine; the round ends when the carafe is drained. The chief behaves however he pleases: he may share the wine with the others or withhold it, and he may interrogate, slander, blame or praise them; his will is the law. A common strategy is to find the most vulnerable player and to humiliate him publicly, by referring to past indiscretions or current rumours, or by proposing some violation of a member of his family; he is required to endure it without flinching. It is the imposition of will which is appealing, the prospect of inflicting or observing the humiliation of another which affords them pleasure, and the possibility of demeaning someone higher in the hierarchy and untouchable in normal life which induces them to play.

But the law refers to more than this. It is a set of ideas and traditions embedded deep within the culture, which codifies obligations. It is a set of norms used to govern behaviour, but more importantly, it also establishes the benchmarks against which the behaviour of others can be judged. It is made clear that every one in the south of Italy is a jurist, ready to judge the others for their adherence to these unwritten rules and to impose them collectively through marshalling of town opinion, and it can encompass everything from the duty of a wife to submit to her husband’s desires, to the unquestioned right of a landowner to take the virginity of every young woman in his household, irrespective of her own wishes. It is assisted by the claustrophobic nature of southern Italian life in which every action is observed and reported, and everyone concerns themselves with knowing the business of everyone else.” (ibid)

We are now seeing the rise of a like culture in Australian politics, where the dice having been cast, the players; MSM (including the ABC), LNP, political opportunists, corporations and lobbyists set to and humiliate, belittle and torment the public … then go on to and rape and despoil the resources and the economy, to grant favours and loyalty to whomsoever they wish. This cannot continue.

As the unions are now saying: “It is time to change the rules”.


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  1. guest

    Joseph, an apt and gutsy post. Well done!

  2. Zoltan Balint

    T Rabbit was good at ‘if you say it enough times people will end up believing it’. Turnbull is doing nothing else. When will SOMEONE – anyone shut him up (end the interview) the minute he deflects to Labor when asked what HIS plans are. And another thing he keeps saying that people do not want or pay for more than 25 mb per second so why would NBN need to be faster. Ask the idiot one question. If a 1000 was available for the same price would people want it or would they stick with 25. People can not sign up or ask for something that does not exist. I bet everyone he talks to (at the IPA) AGREES with him.

  3. Ricardo29

    I agree, but pity about the digressions into arcane and irrelevant Italian law. The core of this post is important. The LNP, Turnbull, Morison and Mr a Potato Head among others, enthusiastically and scurrilously over-egged Dastyari’s rather minor, though stupid, transgressions into an ‘existential threat to national security’, hyperbole which was enthusiastically taken up and pushed by the MSM. To me, the far more sinister aspects of this matter, massively ignored, revolve around the drip drip release of negative material from unidentified sources including, potentially, ASIO (specifically denied in one instance, the phones, by Turnbull on QandA— how did he know?) the exquisite timing of, in some cases material a year old, just at the time of a difficult by-elections eems to have aroused no suspicion, or at least no interest, from the MSM who seem to have been so keen to destroy Sam Dastyari they couldn’t even be bothered looking into the many close links of the LNP to Mr Huang. As the author rightly says, the willingness of some of Sam’s Labor Party colleagues to join in the criticism, is weak as piss. To me it is a sad day for the Labor Party and marks them as no better than the LNP’s internal termites. I want Keneally to win in Bennelong and hope that the voters who might be influenced by the Dastyari affair, see the LNP’s fingerprints are all over it, and vote or her though like the author, I am having a hard internal fight about my feelings for Labor.

  4. Joseph Carli

    There’s no Italian law mentioned…”The Law” is or was a social game played at tables in taverns in the south of wasn’t civil law.

    BTW…beautiful pic, Michael…almost Caravaggio like in its mood !

  5. Harquebus

    Sam Dastyari is just another grub and I am glad to see him go. My hope is that a few more get the same treatment.
    I notice that his resignation was in the best interest of the Labor Party as is always the case with Labor Politicians. The ALP comes first and everyone else comes second.

    “Politics is war without blood, while war is politics with blood.” -— Mao Zedong

  6. Joseph Carli

    Harquebus..I should imagine the ideal world you would want to inhabit is one of only yourself, your wild imaginings and perhaps a Pirrelli pin-up calendar to keep you company on all those cold nights.

  7. Ross Cameron

    Thought Sams peccadillos were minor compared with the lack of principles displayed by the Coalition and ignored by the MSM. No enquiry into a PM who is so obsessed with being an Aussie, he hides his money in another country. And a Deputy PM who doesnt hide it in his pants.

  8. Freethinker

    I hope that people in Bennelong are going to take notice of this regrding Trunbull’s ” performance in ABC:
    ” Professor Megan Davis, a constitutional law expert and member of the disbanded Referendum Council, accused Turnbull of “bluster” and being “elaborately dishonest” in suggesting the voice would have veto power and would examine every piece of legislation.

  9. Harquebus

    Joseph Carli
    To tell the truth, I would like our world to be inhabited exclusively by the socially minded, such as those who visit this place and as it used to be all those millennia ago. Why do you think, after all the flack that I have copped here in the past, I am still here trying to save your bacon?

  10. Joseph Carli

    ” … I am still here trying to save your bacon?”… Christ !..Harquebus…don’t do me any favours……………….please..?

  11. Diane Larsen

    A hatchet job by the press with Thrumble and co egging them on disgraceful destruction of an elected Senator by accusations of conduct that is alleged to have occurrd leaked by whom to crucify an opponent I can only hope that Thrumble has opened a Pandora’s box and he and his measly mouthed bunch will rue the day they decided on this vile political strategy

  12. Freethinker

    Harquebus the Messiahs, then again harquebus is a weapon

  13. Steve Laing

    Dastyari had to go. I said it back when he got caught first time – – and unfortunately it appears he didn’t fess up properly at the time. The optics were awful, and falling on his sword was appropriate. Sorry, but that is the truth of the matter for majority of the general public, even many Labor supporters.

    Was it fair? Of course not. Are the media complicit in this Coalition beat-up? Of course they were. But this is the reality that we are dealing with. One set of rules for one lot, a different set of rules for the other.

    Unfortunately until someone is willing to actually change the rules, the party that does best by working them to its advantage will continue to be in power. And unfortunately, the ALP don’t seem to want to change the rules, otherwise they would have been demanding a Federal ICAC as almost everyone who wants an honest government does. So why don’t they?

  14. Shogan

    Sam has always been his own worst enemy, he not only made a few mistakes, he also lied about his comments in front of a Chinese news conference as was proven when a recording of his comments were made public & he should have resigned then!!

  15. Max Gross

    So now that Cormann has been sprung for a $20,000 “donation” for his election campaign by the very same Huang I guess the cigar chomper will also resign from Parliament???

  16. Joseph Carli

    Hang on, hang on…It is not just the case of Dasty’…it is to do also with the MSM taking the front line on the attack!..It is not the MSM’s job to become the attack dog, that is the job of the opposite political group..But they took the back seat on this beat-up and just gave party-cred to the MSM’s hachet job. The ABC was one of the worst offenders in that they , at least, are supposed to give apolitical reporting on the details.
    The fact that the media has now moved from reporter to not only accuser, but judge and jury as well gives hint to where it is going to go from here.
    The analogy of “The Law” demonstrates the principle that corruption has a procedure and a pattern that goes back a long way.

  17. Mhoira White

    With all the dual citizenship issues, why are we allowing Murdoch, an American citizen, to dictate the terms through his media outlets?

  18. Matters Not

    So Cormann et al are sprung receiving dollar donations from a citizen of a foreign nation. There’s shock, horror that a particular foreign national might be attempting to exert political influence by gifting dollars to both sides. (LOL).

    Yet here in QLD, we saw a foreign national attempt to determine the outcome of a State election on an ongoing daily basis via biased reporting and vicious editorials and yet this outrage seems to fly under the radar. No shock and horror! Just acceptance.

    Need I add this particular foreign national leads the list of tax avoiders. And his political donations will probably fly under the radar also because there’s no dollar signs involved. When will we get real?

  19. Zoltan Balint

    It has nothing to do with rules. It has to do with value systems of the society the person comes from. A French man slapping a female on the … is different to an Indian doing it. A bribe in Italy is different to a bribe in Germany. Being part of the system in Britain is different to one in Mexico. Sam comes from the middle East and networks and loyalty have a totally different implication. I do not excuse him but I understand why he did It.

  20. David1

    Harquebus i cannot recall a post of yours in recent history that has not been negative x negative. What a sad world you must inhabit. You obviously read the articles here to wallow in your negativity….must be Labors doing, oh well merry Christmas ‘lighten’ up .

  21. Zoltan Balint

    MSM is only the scribe the author and dictator of the Sam story is the LNP. Ask you one question, if the MSM puts out an article how come the LNP can talk, expand and explain the issue so clearly better than the article did.

  22. roma guerin

    I watched in dismay at the destruction of Julia Gillard by the MSM, aided and abetted by the radio hacks and Abbott. This was a repeat performance. They are comfortable with their attacks because the politicians have shown them how to do it.

  23. Joseph Carli

    ” MSM is only the scribe …” ..WAS only the scribe…the sophistication of structure of the questions and the attachment of one story about Dastyari onto an immediate one about the Bennelong election, in effect stitching them together in a vicarious connection…guilt by association…That was beyond the capabilities of the LNP members…it is an old journalistic trick.

  24. Zoltan Balint

    Joseph the LNP is feeding MSM and that was my point.

  25. Joseph Carli

    Oh, I don’t doubt that, Zoltan..But was it a case of..;”you give us the raw material and we will “value add” to the details…leave the rest to us.”

  26. Vixstar

    I too watched the destruction of Julia Gillard and it was heart wrenching, she is an amazing lady and a first class PM so many policies that were passed negoitated with Tony, Oaky NDIS SAFE SCHOOLS …………Bill keeping the great policies flowing with the help of his amazing team and then watching Sam being attacked was disgusting his poor children and family. I liked the guy he always asked the hard questions and was determined that all Australian’s knew about the benefits of neg gearing etc, his endless energy yep it eventually was his undoing but god giving away our Port in Darwin, getting a job consulting for 800, 000, having a $$$$$$$Chinese fund set up in your name isant exactly the same thing as 1200 bucks for travel expenses and telling someone to turn the phone off.

  27. Ricardo29

    Sam is the victim here and where were his defenders? Now we have people damn8ng him with faint praise, but where were his defenders. How can the Labor apartheid collectively hold up its head when they allowed a biased and groupthink MSM to destroy him. What does this say about the type of government a Bill Shorten led party would be? Could we expect it to initiate a robust ICAC? Could we expect it to crush the LNP quislings behind this putsch? could we expect anything other than more of the pusillanimous same? Sadly, I think the answers are all ‘no’.

    Joseph, I understand it wasn’t LAW law, just thought it didn’t add to your principal message.

  28. Zoltan Balint

    Ricardo29 you will never win the war if you keep thinking about the last man you shot. And you will never win the war if you only see the field beyond the battle field. The LNP for the last four or five years was looking for something to attack Labor about for more than five minutes. Sam was it. NOTE – Sam resigned and LNP is … sorry MSM is already talking about Bill $55000 dinner. I earned my lunch money playing cards in school and the way LNP play I could purchase the f#@$ing canteen.

  29. Zoltan Balint

    Joseph, MSM as I said IS not in anyway WAS.

  30. Terry2

    Dastyari was recently the subject of verbal abuse by redneck boofheads while out to dinner with family members; it was shameful to watch an Australian Senator being humiliated in this way.

    He has now been hounded from office by a vicious campaign coordinated by the Liberals and the MSM and, yes he has made some mistakes. But remember it was his job to hustle for donations on behalf of the Labor Party, a job nobody likes doing but they are all doing it and it’s not illegal, yet !

    We need to show some humanity towards Sam as no matter how strong he is he will be very vulnerable at the present time.

  31. David1

    Terry2…well said Terry I totally agree. I am still waiting to to hear what laws Sam has broken to warrant these vicious character assassination attacks and why the private force of Dutton is not investigating? Dutton must explain why he accused SD of being a spy and hence a traitor.

  32. Jaz

    Terry2 and David1 … couldn’t agree with you more . Yes Sam made mistakes and used poor judgement and was caught out for it. Should he have resigned ?? i’m still undecided
    BUT at no stage was the law broken in anyway and how it was allowed to be linked to national security is an outrage.
    Just how was this audio obtained ?? No one in the MSM is asking this question. IF its an intelligence leak then there are some big questions that need to be asked … OR is it from the chinese donor’s ex personal assistant who is now working for John Alexander on his by-election campaign .??? there are so many more questions that need to be asked here .. but all we get is the same spin mixed with shit.
    I’m astounded at the enormous one sided support the MSM and the ABC has given the LNP on this one.
    The coverage that the ABC gave Julie (skeletor) Bishop’s presser while campaigning with John Alexander was fuking breathtaking in its hypocrisy… The LNP including Bishop have taken donations and back handers from Chinese business people many more times in magnitude of value than what Sam is being berated over. So where are the questions from our media ?? almost non existent . Turnbull , Corman , Bishop , Pyne, Brandis and the vile Peter Dutton just bat away and deflect any questions they don’t like with not so much as a follow up question from the reporter. Then when its Bill Shorten or one of his shadow front benches turn to speak they are often bombarded with completely irrelevant questions for response … let alone it make any bulletins throughout the day or be shown in equal time on any of the nightly news that evening. It’s a fuking disgrace.
    I have one question the MSM should be asking and that is: WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS MICHAELIA CASH ? and WHY wasn’t that lying sack of sh!t given the same treatment dished out to Sam Dastyari ?

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