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The Flowers of Empire

(Author’s note: No doubt we all hope that this never comes to pass, and that wiser heads manage to prevail)

The Flowers of Empire

They’ll bloom those flowers will
If madness reckons ‘tis time to kill
Putin’s no great tiller of reason
As he blood-sniffs the air for start of season

Should it come the stems’ll roil high
They’ll rival the sun and rend-crack the sky
They’ll propagate and proliferate
And dog release waves of ripped-snarl hate

The winds of sigh will obliterate out
Whatever compulsive earth-heave leaves standing about
Never will become now and time will cleave
As bodies mound up, tindered and sheaved

The harvest of the Flowers of Empire
Power’s folly delivered entire
Our futures ended complete
Our shadows faintly etched onto crumbled concrete


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  1. Hotspringer

    Let’s hope the short, bald and loathsome malevolent midget is lying as usual.

  2. Canguro

    While the Labor government’s decision not to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is welcome, the Foreign affairs minister Penny Wong admitted ‘poor timing’ of the announcement on a Jewish holiday and promises never to play politics on the issue. In other words, a bob each way.

    This embedded video from Ireland is what true political courage looks like, and this is what is sadly, lamentably, pitifully lacking in Australian political theatre. Passionate truth-telling, anger, outrage, fuelled by honest and open visceral disgust at the appalling behaviour of an apartheid regime.

    It’s time for politicians to stop their default inclination to hide behind weasel words and the nuanced language of the frightened and speak truth to reality.

  3. Harry Lime

    The Irish know something about bullshit and double standards after having been under the heel of the (former) British Empire for centuries.The message has yet to be delivered to Head Office,who appear to be oblivious to history…even if it’s only days old.Come back Boris, all is forgotten.

  4. John lord

    You got that spot on Keith. Remarkable work.

  5. Keith Davis

    Thanks John Lord. Your words much appreciated.

  6. Jon Chesterson

    What a fabulous metaphor, that poem title sings.

    A momentary lapse of history
    reason damned, madman’s words undone,
    a clod of mud that fills my gut,
    a scent of things to come.

  7. Michael Taylor

    I agree. It was fabulous, and so poignant.

    Well done, Keith.

  8. wam

    what one man of power sees and fears can be concealed by others who think they are trustworthy. Can the jan 24 line be an end of killing and the start of a political solution? I hope so but can zelensky stop because putin must???

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