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That time Twitter harassed the wrong Peter Dutton

By TBS Newsbot

As Twitter stokes the fire of another leadership spill, let’s remember the time users badgered an innocent man … named Peter Dutton.

It’s a tale as old as time. As soon as a poll turns against Scott Morrison, #libspill trends on Twitter and users wonder if Peter Dutton will soon become our new Prime Minister.



Dutton, of course, was out-voted in the 2018 leadership spill by a score of 45-40. But while revenge is a dish best served just before the federal election, the realities of the situation are just a trifle too much to stomach, bear or make sense of.

So let’s not bother. Instead, let’s cast our mind back to 2018, and what was called #Lipspill3; one that involved Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton … but not the one you might think. Over on Twitter, one Texan that shares his name with the politician endured a rather hectic afternoon, eventually resulting in him writing the tweet below.



Strangely, he took it rather well, offering an empathetic hand to the thousands of stressed Australians blowing up his DMs.




Let’s address the nonsense in the room. With another election ahead of us (and perhaps a spill beforehand) why not have another? I mean, it’d be on-brand for our government.



Doppelganger politics. I like it. Can anyone slide into his DMs and ask very nicely if he’s still interested in leading the country?

This piece was originally published on The Big Smoke.


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  1. Michael Taylor

    Gotta smile at the “other” Peter Dutton’s bio on Twitter. It includes “The People’s PM of Australia.”

    He has a sense of humour. 😀

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