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Tame’s Break With Protocol And Rossleigh’s Rum Rebellion Day Honours!

In an amazing break with protocol, Australian of The Year, Grace Tame did not curtsy and smile at the Prime Minister, leading to outrage from people such as James McGrath and Peter Van Onselen. What’s wrong with her? Morrison manages to smile, even when he’s announcing someone’s death?

McGrath told her to hand back the Australian of The Year Honour. I don’t know how to break it to James but her term expires today so he seems about as out of touch as Barnaby’s people are not dying from Covid… oh wait, yes, I forgot comment.

Anyway, Peter Very Ordinary thought it worth a whole article where he suggested that if she didn’t like the Prime Minister that she needn’t have gone. Can we conclude from that statement that PVO must like the Prime Minister because he often goes places where Scott Morrison is?

Whatever, the whole incident where Grace shook the PM’s hand and didn’t smile has got people all abuzz and wondering if the next Australian of the Year will understand the protocols around kissing Morrison’s ring and genuflecting.

Whoever it is, I’d just like to say that I think they picked the wrong person. There are plenty of people who deserve it more than the person who gets it, so I’m really angry and I decided to start my own Australia Day awards. However, when I thought about it, I realised that it’s a controversial day and people would have been upset and wanted to know why I didn’t call it the Invasion Day Awards, Then others would have been talking about how they don’t want it to be Invasion Day and while we may have committed the odd genocide, can’t people just get on with things and pretend that racism is a thing of the past?

So, in an effort to please everyone and not take away from the awards themselves, I decided to call it Rum Rebellion Day Awards. And just to remind everyone who’s forgotten the Rum Rebellion occurred on the 26th January and people put the governor on a ship and sent him back to England.

I had a list of nominees which I created from the people whose public utterances I’ve liked throughout the year and I’ve settled on the following:

Ronni Salt for being more ahead of the game than every political journalist. She’s on Twitter.

Nadine Von Cohen for her articles in “The Guardian” and “The Shot”, but more importantly for her use of CAPITALS in every tweet as well as her refusal to use punctuation. She also does good work with refugees.

But the winner has to be Amy Remeikis for her refusal to just sit quietly and be polite to that POS PVO who has a tendency to take women on, but is surprisingly circumspect when it comes to males.

Amy, Nadine and Ronni you all get my order of Rum, with Amy getting the Rum Rebellion of the Year…

Yeah, it probably won’t take off, but it’s a whole lot better than watching everyone be polite and pretend that Morrison didn’t actually leave the best part of himself behind in Macdonald’s all those years ago!!

P.S. There’s been a bit of argy-bargy about the fact that Morrison could actually call a half-Senate election and hold off the House of Representatives until September with people saying that it’s not possible before conceding that, while it’s theoretically possible, it just won’t happen because it’s highly improbable and without precedent. Personally, I don’t think that it will happen, but when it comes to highly improbable and without precedent, I am wondering where these people were during the GFC… and pretty much every year since. At least in 2022 we’ve got back to the good old days where we can’t decide if we’re going to start a war with Russia or China but at least it’s someone predictable!


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  1. Garth

    Wot!… is Morrison now royalty?

  2. Stephengb

    Well said Rossliegh.

    I believe that if snotty thought his only chance is to call a half Senate Election and call the Election sometime prior to September, he would.

    He has not shown any reluctance to do anything that favours his chances.

  3. David Stakes

    Precedent is not high on Scottys book of rules, anything it takes is. So I would not put anything past this man.

  4. corvusboreus

    Tomorrow i will conduct a solo climb up to the top of a headland, then work with gravity to target and control/eliminate threatening non-endemic incursions in ways to best benefit long-term localised ecological communuties.
    To do so I will be fudging data dates to avoid obligatory pay-loading overtaxing limitations of allocated revenue.
    When i get home i will crack a bottle of Kiwi-brewed beer (“Monteith’s Black’).
    Thas moi straya day plans.

  5. New England Cocky

    I stand with Grace Tame.

  6. Terry Riordan

    Since when has anybody in this country been expected to curtsy to an Australian Prime Minister !!!!

    I am perplexed and somewhat astounded

  7. Some Village Hampden

    My personal view is that Morrison merely wanted the photo opportunity for his political/ego purposes and while a refusal by her to attend would have been an obvious snub and attracted adverse comment, he would not have been publicly embarrassed by her doing so. Having her turn up and pointedly snub his efforts was I am pretty sure a lot more humiliating for him and carried far more public impact than any other snub might.

    Good on you Grace

    PS: I am with you Rossleigh on having it celebrated as Rum Rebellion Day

  8. corvusboreus

    Scomo was OK with a norder of strayan merit going to Bettina Arndt, the ‘sex-therapist’ who conducted a worse-than-sympathetic interview with Grace Tame’s convicted predatory rapist.

    Scomo also stands by his moral mentor Brian Houston of hill$ong, who is currently on trial for concealing the serial rape of children.

    Apparently it is unconscionably disgraceful that Grace Tame refused to ritually abase herself before our prime minister.

  9. Greg Pocock

    I would like someone to shirt front the PM . To me he is a bit like some African despot

  10. Peter F

    Did anyone notice that she leans to the left in photos with the PM, but leans to the right in photos with Albo
    :Well. balanced, I would suggest.

  11. Kerri

    Please do the Rum Rebellion Awards every year from now on?

  12. GL

    The eagle has spoken (apologies to Neil Armstrong) and declared that He is THE CHOSEN ONE and all, except The Murdoch, should bow to his mightiness and heavenly curries.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Our young people are angry and rightly so.

    Greta Thunberg got a lot more attention for the cause by saying to the United Nations “How dare you!” and giving Trump a fierce side-eye than she would have had she nervously said thanks for inviting me with a sweet smile for the cameras.

    Same with Grace. In case anyone is in doubt, women are angry all over the world and Grace got her award for saying ENOUGH…I will have a voice to stop this. That she is less than impressed with ScoMo’s handling of his “women problems” only puts her in the majority as every poll will tell you.

    Yassmin Abdel-Magied was hounded out of the country for asking us to remember the refugees who are the victims of war ‘Lest we forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine)’

    These young women have the courage to tell men in power what they are doing wrong….and they REALLY don’t like it.

  14. Caz

    It’s not only young women who stand with Grace. It’s mother’s, grannies, single women and a lot of intelligent men, young and old.
    On thé matter of the half senate election, i was soundly ridiculed for suggesting that Morrison might try avoiding an election in May. This was some weeks ago. With Morrison anything underhand is possible.

  15. wam

    Tame had an admirable year and continually showed her mettle.
    Women have the key to peace and the wherewithal to maintain it. Unfortunately too many believe their god made them inferior to men for 25% of their ‘working’ life.
    As a pessimist, I never thought it possible, but it is getting close to a labor win barring a timely bandit miracle or an out of the blue, labor, policy.

  16. Florence

    Why are people concerned about Grace’s behaviour, when the PM commented to Grace that it was awesome.

  17. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Rossleigh. Lovely.

    And I do love the Rum Rebellion Awards.

  18. John Hanna

    Paterson, the IPA /Wolverine wanker needs a rocket up him, his opinion counts for nought. He should be concentrating on his job (whatever that is) probably goading the Chinese or bum sniffing Gina.

  19. Terence Mills

    I see that the federal government has acquired the aboriginal flag from the copyright holder.

    Interestingly the prime minister has stated that :

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the flag would be managed in a similar manner to the Australian national flag, where its use is free, but must be presented in a “respectful and dignified way”.

    I’ve seen the Australian flag depicted on underpants and thongs (flip flops) – what exactly does a “respectful and dignified way” mean ?

    Anybody know ?.

  20. Max Gross

    Once again the government demeans the very worthy recipients of the so-called Australia Day Awards by handing them out to the most vile and reprehensible among us. This time round its Gina Hancock and former Murdoch apparatchik John Hartigan. Previously it was Pentecostal loony Margaret Court and rape-apologist Bettina Arndt. No wonder Kerry O’Brien rejected his Order of Australia gong.

  21. Kaye Lee


    Don’t forget Peta Credlin. (thoough I think hers was on the Queens birthday rounds)

  22. Canguro

    @Terence, and face masks… as is our prime minister’s wont; the irony of him breathing his foulness and snotting into it obviously escapes him. But then, the marketing genius just says shit and expects others to believe him, so nothing new here.

  23. Kathryn


    I hope Grace Tame counted her fingers after she shook hands with this disreputable, repulsive, smirking, pathological LIAR and totally corrupt political psychopath! Morrison is the worst, most shameful, internationally condemned and arrogant, non-achieving political parasite since the last ones the LNP vomited up: Tony Abbott and John Howard. The ONLY reliable thing about the unconscionably corrupt sociopaths in the LNP is that they will continue to lie, lie and lie and continue to THRIVE on division, conflict, racism, misogyny, homophobia, hate, fear and WAR!

    Morrison’s delusion and megalomania knows no bounds. When Grace Tame – who became Australia of the Year in 2021 for her work to alleviate the suffering of victims of sexual assault – clearly displayed her justifiable contempt for this misogynistic grub who did NOTHING to curtail the skirt-lifting misogyny by the hard-lined predators in his party, naturally Tame is going to treat the revolting Morrison with the contempt he richly deserves!

    When Tame gave him the cold shoulder, Morrison had the stratospheric HUBRIS and arrogance to put it down to the ridiculous assumption that she was dazzled and intimidated at meeting him by saying: “It’s not every day one gets to meet the PM of Australia, eh?” – what staggering arrogance by an insignificant, non-achieving, blood-sucking political parasite who was was totally ignored, avoided and ostracised at the G20 Summit in Rome recently! Morrison brings NOTHING to our nation except for destruction, bible-thumping hypocrisy and cringe-worthy embarrassment on the world stage!

    Quite frankly if this creep tried to force me to shake his dodgy hand, I would have spat in it!

  24. Canguro

    John Pilger’s 2013 documentary Utopia opens with the following:

    [Newsreader] “I wonder if you’d believe this, as a solution to the Aboriginal problem. Herd the worst of the Aborigines into one area and put a chemical in their water that sent them sterile. In time there’d be none of them left.

    Well that solution has been put forward by none other than one of the premier’s closest friends, West Australian mining magnate Lang Hancock.”

    [Hancock] “Those who’ve been assimilated into, you know, earning [a] good living, and earning wages, amongst the civilized areas, that have been accepted into society, and they have accepted society and can handle society, I’d leave them well alone.

    The ones that are no good to themselves and can’t accept things, the half-castes, and this is where most of the trouble comes, I would dope the water up so that they were sterile and would breed themselves out in future and that would solve the problem.”

    25 minutes in, Pilger interviews white Australians celebrating Australia Day (2013) at Circular Quay, asking them for their views on how Aboriginals might feel about the day. He suggests to one woman that the original inhabitants might feel offended by the celebrations; nonplussed, she replies “Are they? Why?”

    To another, when asked if Aboriginals could have a special place in the day’s celebration, her reply was that they could have but now it’s everyone’s place, and when pressed on the poor conditions that Aboriginals live under, she suggests that it’s their fault.

    Another woman suggest that if they’re part of ‘our’ society then they have to do the same as ‘us’, get work and be ‘one of us’, she then shrugs and say but nobody wants to employ them, it’s all too hard; she goes on to say they’re drunk and no good to themselves. Sober them up, she says, then maybe they have a future.

    Another woman, when challenged over the shocking conditions many indigenous people endure, suggests that that’s what they want, they get offered a lot of things but that’s their choice, that’s how they like to live.

    And a final comment, from a white male, when asked about the potential grievance of the first people, said ‘You’re full of shit mate’, and walked off.

    I expect Gina’s busy schedule wouldn’t allow her to reflect on her father’s comments and perhaps publicly refute them, let alone condemn the ignorance expressed by Pilger’s interviewees.

  25. Keitha Granville

    Grace had the balls to turn up and let everyone know by her response to him just exactly how she felt. Pretty clever without saying a word. She did smile at Jenny I noted, it’s not all her fault that her husband is a creep.

    Go Grace.

  26. Kaye Lee


    Interview with Lang Hancock’s Aboriginal Granddaughter – 2014

    Naydene Robinson tells how her mother was removed from the Mulga Downs property by government officers and taken to the Moore River settlement, never to see her mother again until the little girl had married and reared her own family many years later. Naydene was then to discover that her mother’s father was Lang Hancock, then manager of Mulga Downs and growing wealthy from iron ore royalties extracted from the land of the Banyjima people of Mulga Downs and across the Hamersley Ranges.In this interview with anthropologist, Dr Bill Day in 2014, Naydene apeals to Gina Rinehart, inheritor of Hancocks mining leases and royalties, to recognise her many Aboriginal relatives.

  27. Kaye Lee

    Here is Lang (Is there a family resemblance there?)

  28. Harry Lime

    How else would any politically aware, modestly intelligent observer expect Grace Tame to behave?She gave him precisely the respect he deserves,which is zero.The biggest arsehole in the country should be rightfully shunned everywhere he turns up for some reflected glory,what an absolute prick.As for Van Onselen,an inconsequential media tart,pining for recognition,like so many other desperates
    in the garbage media.Nice photo of the they say,the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.Are there apple trees in Singapore?

  29. New England Cocky

    @ Rossleigh: Do you really want to advocate for a crook who defied Governor Bligh and sought to establish his own commodity based economy using alcohol from the only still in then NSW? Why the officers who were involved were cashiered out of the Army and vanished form NSW history. But the perpetrator? None other than the draper’s son John Macarthur who arrived on the Second Fleet.

    Certainly points for defying English authority and in his later life, and running naked down Camden main street when he escaped from his library, but otherwise an invidious stain on our early history. [Oops!! Silly me!! We are not supposed to mention his banishment back to England for seven years while the English justice system was wangled for his release by his new mate, the then Duke of Norfolk] instead, praise his foresight for establishing the Australian wool industry when all the work was done by three ladies, including Elizabeth Macarthur during his absence.

    @ Kay Lee: Now, now KL ….. next you will be advocating for women to be given the vote and equal pay and adequate maternity leave. Why you might even drag the Liarbral Nazional$ COALition into the 21st century.

  30. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, when I keep hearing (and I often do):

    “I don’t mind Aborigines. It’s just those bloody trouble-making half-castes that I don’t like,” without fail I reply:

    “Oh, so it’s the ones with white blood in them that are the problem.”

    Shuts ‘em up every time.

  31. Rossleigh

    NEC. Are you suggesting that we should criticise one of the “early” figures of Australian history just because they did things that were corrupt? Why next you’ll be suggesting that we don’t have to smile at the Prime Minister…
    Alan Tudge will have words with you about your negative view on our past!!

  32. GL


    The only way I could smile at Scummo Monstrosity is if I got hit with a burst of Joker Venom.

  33. Kaye Lee


    Back in 1975, when I was 17, I gave a speech at the Youth of the Year competition telling the Lions Club how misogynistic they were – it was the first International Women’s Year and the headlines the next day in the local paper said “Schoolgirl pours scorn on sex bias”. I am now 64 and I am STILL angry.

    (PS I actually won the public speaking comp – they were too embarrassed not to let me win – but the rules said a boy must go on to be the representative at the next level – a point I made during my speech)

  34. Josephus

    First Nations: there is an online request right now for people to support the Uluṟu statement, (although some , eg at the tent embassy , consider it somewhat weak) by writing to our house of reps MPs. The racism of those mining billionaires : sodium cyanide killed in seven minutes, an excellent , faster ‘final solution’ ie precedent for those bastards methinks? Gina the vile billionaire who won’t even meet her rellies: thank you for the clip from Naydene. Gina donates to a few sporty causes but refuses to share her obscene wealth with the people whose land her white rellies stole and worse, devastated with her mining lust. The peoples whose land it was get no royalties even. Instead miners blow up caves 46000 years old that had unique, beautiful paintings and the Rio Tinto top brass get their bonuses, um, reduced! Oh how I wish oh wish hell existed. Grace: behaved indeed with grace before the monster who told activist women they should be glad they are not shot, who thinks his god talks to him from some eagle painting, who unlike perhaps Boris asap was never got rid of after leaving us to go on holiday to some American colony… I feel sick. 26 January piss up: I never go . Once I did go to the event at the village pub, and seeing a coalition voter there wearing a trashy onesey in satin covered with Ozzie Ozzie flags as he sculled his beer… Says it all.

  35. Florence

    Does anyone know why the PM told Grace it was awesome getting their photo shoot?

  36. Kaye Lee


    A commenter here once said….

    “I have something Gina Rinehart and James Packer will never have……enough.”

    I would add they will never feel contentment, the happiness of sharing simple things with friends and family, and the relaxation that aiming to act with honesty and integrity brings.

    One wonders how much Gina would donate if it wasn’t tax deductible.

  37. corvusboreus

    There’s a way that scomo the statesman could make me smile.

    If an aquila saw scomo’s sconce as a stone and dropped a testudo on it, i would no doubt find myself wyly smiling from time to time in memory of event.

    Immediate reaction in the actual moment would be to lose my shit like a hyena on hallucinogens.

  38. corvusboreus

    Was Gina the Hutt’s strayanorda gong for her contribution to the arts in the form of her prose?

  39. corvusboreus

    Perhaps the medal was for selfless bravery in defense of humanity , like if junior Gina clandestinely sabotaged her Daddy’s bio-chemisry lab and thwarted his race-theory informed plan for a chemical-castration eugenics programme?
    (possibly in retaliation to papa Lang calling her an “indolent, vindictive, devious baby elephant”)

  40. Kate Ahearne

    No, CB. It must have been for her poetry:

    ‘Our Future

    The globe is sadly groaning with debt, poverty and strife
    And billions now are pleading to enjoy a better life
    Their hope lies with resources buried deep within the earth
    And the enterprise and capital which give each project worth
    Is our future threatened with massive debts run up by political hacks
    Who dig themselves out by unleashing rampant tax
    The end result is sending Australian investment, growth and jobs offshore
    This type of direction is harmful to our core
    Some envious unthinking people have been conned
    To think prosperity is created by waving a magic wand
    Through such unfortunate ignorance, too much abuse is hurled
    Against miners, workers and related industries who strive to build the world
    Develop North Australia, embrace multiculturalism and welcome short term foreign workers to our shores
    To benefit from the export of our minerals and ores
    The world’s poor need our resources: do not leave them to their fate
    Our nation needs special economic zones and wiser government, before it is too late.

  41. corvusboreus

    My mental hands are bruised from intellectual applause at the elegant symmetry of rhythmic structure,🙌

    And my eyes are bleeding at the beautiful expression of selfless aspiration for genaeral enrichment of broadest humanity😭

    Gina is a national treasure of far greater collective cultural worth than some old cave defaced with old handprints and dot-squiggles.

  42. Kate Ahearne


    You are so right! Hand-prints as against the elegance of those noble lines?
    All Hail, Gina! A grateful Nation applauds you for your selfless contributions to Self!

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