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“Stale conventional wisdoms and orthodoxies”

In an astonishing display of projection, Scott Morrison has blamed the public service for the “trust deficit” in politics.

He then goes on with the most contradictory set of instructions on how they will change in order to win back the respect of “the forgotten middle class”.

Morrison wants a “diversity of viewpoints” whilst warning public servants that they must be “an enabler of government policy, not an obstacle”.

Whilst claiming to respect the public service’s professionalism, he demands that they “get on and deliver” government policy and that Ministers set the agenda rather than becoming “captive of their department” – giving birth to a new three-word slogan “respect and expect”.

Replete with Morrinsonisms about “quiet Australians”, moving outside the “Canberra bubble”, and an obscure analogy about football and farm animals (?), it is hard to decipher what he is actually trying to say in this waffling diatribe.

It sounded a lot like “shut up and do as you are told”.

He wants the public service to be “more open to outsiders” yet continues to appoint the party faithful to any position going. Perhaps we will have a Voice from the Minerals Council enshrined in the public service charter.

Considering how much this government spends on consultants and outsourcing government services, it seems like they look at the public service as the typing pool.

In the most glaring example of cognitive dissonance, Morrison claims that – like the university sector – the public service risks a “trend towards conformity” and “stale conventional wisdoms and orthodoxies”.

This from the man who invites cameras to watch him pray, the man who fondled a lump of coal in parliament, the man who insists we study How good is Western Civilisation and our Judeo-Christian heritage, the man who thinks delivering a surplus is more important than anything, and the man who is so ideologically opposed to taxation that he has hamstrung us from any type of reform.

This was Morrison spin all over – it’s not our fault there is a lack of trust, it’s theirs, and I’m the man to whip them into line.

Yawn. The headline should read Inaction Man Makes Noise.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    This suppurating liar and endrenched superstitious self saving, self awarding, self charging Morrison, the shitty shonk from some mythical shire, is doing a post Orwell line; he projects everything he knows or fears are negative and nasty, and, claims the ownership of correctness. HE IS the liar and slow worker, and dud thinker, HE IS the cause of lack of faith in government honesty. Nobody believes the dogshit advertising approach of new, improved, 90% better conservatism, because the are the bottom of the crooked, bribery and corruption through donors and patrons connected cause of our discontent. Morrison is a lying fraud, a loudmouthed self absorbed uncivilised, mediaeval idiot of no worth to this nation. The poor, long suffering, hard working and thinking public service, the top officers of which have more brains than this faecal flock of conservatives, is our only hope of some intelligent planning. Filthy repeated lies are constantly disgusting, shameful, stupid, self defeating in the long run. Even the idiots (think Q’Land) will suffer and reflect.

  2. Aortic

    I am sure the public service would be only too happy to ” get on an deliver government policy” if they only knew what the hell it was.

  3. Kaye Lee


    According to the SMH Morrison has a plan….

    “Mr Morrison will enforce a “respect and expect” model on his ministers and their dealings with the public service chiefs, as he sets his priorities on delivering infrastructure, making industries more competitive, enforcing corporate laws, cutting bureaucratic red tape and delivering social services more efficiently.”

    According to Roy Morgan….

    “Economic Issues led by Unemployment, Cost of living, Economic problems, Poverty and the gap between rich and poor, Homelessness/ Lack of housing and Housing affordability were mentioned by almost 34% of Australians as the most important problems facing Australia.

    Environmental Issues including Global warming, water conservation and problems with the Murray-Darling, Drought, Pollution and Rubbish were mentioned by a further 24% of respondents.

    Now 46% of Australians mentioned some form of Environmental concern as the most important problem facing the World more than doubling since early 2018 (22%). This was enough to overtake the still important Economic concerns on 21%, down 4%.”

    It shows how out of touch our politicians are about priorities.

  4. New England Cocky

    I m reminded of the fate of another fake Christian politician, a Premier, who sold off the Land Titles Office to a consortium of banks and received a sinecure reported to be $2 MILLION PER YEAR as a Senior Customer Officer at one of the banks. Nothing like worldly rewards for failing firstly as a banker, then as a politician. Now what happened to those Christian values of “Sell all your worldly goods and give the money to the poor, then follow me”?

  5. Vikingduk

    Phil Pryor, once again you say all that needs to be said, and so beautifully. Oh to be rid of these slimy shit suckers.

  6. Josephus

    No, Aortic. never ,never must the public service enact without reflection what the government tells it to. It is there to ensure fairness, democracy, justice. If governments betray our trust then its servants must say NO, just as a few SS men did when asked to shoot dead naked Jews standing before pits they had just dug. Any other way leads to a dictatorship- can’t the PM see that? Or maybe he does, and does not care.

    Resistance is our duty if evil walks the land. Meanwhile we see that a public servant cannot anonymously bewail the cruelty that is ongoing detention without being sacked , nor may a public servant or a lawyer denounce State spying on a vulnerable new nation (in order to steal more of its oil reserves), without risking being sent to prison.

    Australian values? No. Is that what the Diggers died for? No. Anzac Day is an empty shell, a lie.

  7. Terence

    UnFarkinBelievable – There’s a Sir Humphrey episode on this.

    You can just tell that this has been workshopped to a bunch of Straya Mums and Dads because sure enough, the great unwashed are lapping it up today in Ltd News rags like a dog returning to it’s vomit. Those bunch of lazy good for nuffin public servants need to live in ya real world like the rest of us ‘caus it’s my tax paying for them.

    The reality is SlowMo is just formalising what’s been happening in the PS for the last 20 years. Howard killed off any resemblance of an independent public services by putting all Dept Heads on contract and every politician since loves the power of a well heeled lap dog. The last 10 years has seen the politicising of the PS go nuclear when the Wealth Confiscators dropped all pretense of independence and just started appointing mates without even going through a selection process.

    Of course the vast majority of people (Read: Stupid) think this is bloody marvelous that those lazy good fa nuffins shouldn’t have a job for life, not realising that permanent tenure was there as a check on an otherwise corrupt politician. Now The Stupid are demanding an Independent Federal ICAC – oh how we laughed.

    Actually the funniest thing is that all these mates who are on contract usually get their contract renewed just before an election. 5 years is usually the standard, and then when the Govt get booted and the new one comes in and has a clean out, what happens? They all have to have their contracts paid out. They all do it and its a rort on a massive scale yet Straya Mums and Dad have NFI on how much money is wasted every election.

    If Stupidity was an Olympic sport – Come On Staya!! If you have a go, you’ll get a go.

  8. Frank Smith

    I wonder how Michael Pezzullo feels about being told to “shut up and do as you are told” by Morrison.

  9. Trevor

    The dishonourable Morriscum reworks Hillsong Prosperity Gospel on Australia’s Public Service.

    The continuation of the IPA led Lord Scumsucker Abbott, Turnbullshit now Morriscum Govt on governing by blaming any and all opposition, real or imaginary.

    The LNP are devoid of ethics, morality and compassion, yet call themselves Christian.

    Just a bunch of useless cu*ts actually riding the parliamentary gravy train.

  10. Kerri

    It’s the PUBLIC SERVICE not the government service!

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