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Sorry Angus, you are talking crap

Where to start with Angus Taylor?

There was his very public opposition to wind farms ever since one was built next door to his family property near Cooma. He has been a strident critic of the renewable energy target, saying he had watched local communities “tear themselves to pieces, cousin against cousin, brother against brother for the massive subsidies to the wind industry facilitated by the federal government”.

There was his large donation of $155,000 to the Liberal Party before he was elected.

Then there is the whole Angus, his business partners, Cayman Islands, Barnaby Joyce, water buybacks thing (which may or may not be under investigation).

And the investigation into illegal land clearing against a company part-owned byTaylor’s family.

Taylor was part of the Abbott government who got rid of carbon pricing. They also tried to get rid of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) yet now boast, in their Climate Solutions Package, that

“ARENA has provided $1.347 billion in grant funding to 441 projects including large scale solar and pumped hydro. The CEFC has invested over $6.4 billion to more than 110 projects with a total value of more than $21 billion.”

Taylor was instrumental in sinking Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s Clean Energy Target and then torpedoing the National Energy Guarantee.

As reward for his efforts in opposing any action on energy policy or emissions reduction, he has been made the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction…as you do.

And that has opened us up to a whole new world of bullshit.

Speaking on Sky, Taylor said “We’re going to meet our international obligations as we did our Kyoto 1 obligations in 2010, we’ll meet our Kyoto 2 obligations easily in 2020 and of course we will again for Paris in 2030. That’s what we’ve consistently done”.

For starters, our Kyoto 1 target was to limit emissions for the period 2008-2012 to 108% of 1990 levels, hardly something to be proud of when everyone else was promising reductions. What’s more, we insisted that we be allowed to claim reductions from land-use change and forestry (LULUCF). To demonstrate how significant that clause was, from 1990 to 2012 Australia’s emissions from all sources except LULUCF grew by 28%.

I should add at this point that LULUCF emissions are very hard to verify. If a farmer has approval to clear land and doesn’t do it, should this be counted as an emissions reduction? If a farmer promises to plant trees and then a drought happens, does anyone check that those trees are actually alive? What about the increasingly severe bushfires?

The Kyoto 2 target was to reduce emissions to 5% below 2000 levels.

The latest data, released late by the Minister (not surprisingly), shows that Australia’s emissions for the year to December 2018 were 0.4 per cent above emissions in 2000, having risen again as they have for the last three years.

Only in the Coalition world of Creative Accounting could this be viewed as “smashing our target”.

According to the Department, the increase was primarily due to increased emissions from LNG for export, diesel consumption across transport, and metal manufacturing.

Taylor claims that increased emissions due to LNG exports is actually a good thing as it reduces worldwide emissions citing a figure for equivalent energy from coal-fired power which he is assuming the gas is replacing.

Except one of our biggest LNG customers is Japan who is replacing nuclear power. And what if cheap gas causes countries to invest in gas infrastructure rather than renewable energy?

And if we are going to claim emissions reduction credit for our gas exports replacing coal, are we also going to fess up to the emissions caused by our coal exports?

Angus Taylor has demanded that Labor endorse the Coalition’s climate policy suggesting they have a mandate.

“Our national target is achievable, balanced and responsible. We will meet our international commitments while keeping power prices down, keeping the lights on, and keeping our economy strong,” Mr Taylor said.

Our target is woefully inadequate. We haven’t achieved any genuine emissions reduction. Power prices are still surging. My home was blacked out for two hours yesterday. And our economy is really struggling.

Angus, you talk crap.

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  1. pierre wilkinson

    oh so true and oh so sad
    but what can we do?

  2. Trevor

    Mr Cayman Islands Crap Angus spreads his bile and bullshit beyond comprehension.

    It Crap Angus repeats a statement often enough it still remains crap.

  3. Phil Pryor

    You cannot get a result out of a deficient turd like A TAYLOR, a type who carts his broad brimmed hat to Oxford from the bush, sheepshit shod shoes and entrenched squatter bullshit attitudes to bluff out appearances, the deep fried dullard with prejudice going back centuries. Ignorance is beyond bliss if you are fully equipped at birth to know all, plan all, thieve all, off shore all, hoard all, organise the insider insurance to defy investigation, examination, prosecution, by covering your arse with slanted law and regulation. Loyalty to the Caymans, cronies, crooks and crims is essential to thieve water and use and abuse country party turds like Joyce, the redfaced, rorting, rural rooting robber. His primitive and unscientific outpourings are a reminder that attendance is not education.

  4. Keith

    It is not too hard to understand why Palmer spent millions during the last election campaign … it was an investment in a coal mine. Rhinehart also stands to benefit. It was known before the election that there were more mines other than Adani planned for the Carmichael Basin; but, it was hardly reported in the mainstream media.
    Are the profits gained of more consequence than creating extra land based and ocean temperatures?

    The Fix Is In: Adani hooks India’s poor and Australia’s taxpayers

    UN Says Climate Genocide Is Coming. It’s Actually Worse Than That. #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #StopAdani #EndCoal #ClimateChange #TheDrum #QandA #MatterOfFactABC @abcnews

    Hyperlinks from John Pratt article:

    Climate change migration is ‘genocide’, says Marshall Islands minister

  5. John L

    Angus Taylor is a lying piece of shit, so typical of LNP politicians. He couldn’t tell the truth to save his life!

  6. Keith

    Heat waves already are responsible for many deaths world wide. Inside Climate News has just published an article about death rates in the US from heat waves, conclusions drawn are that more people die as a result of heat waves than the aggregate of other extreme events. It is expected that by around 2030 that there will be an increase of temperature of 1.5C above pre-industrial times will happen.

    The business as usual approach to fossil fuel production promoted by Taylor and LNP generally is at the expense of numerous people’s lives. We are told by Morrison that the LNP are wanting to promote safety for citizens from terrorists; meanwhile vulnerable people are killed in Australia through heat waves. Arguably far far more people have died from heat stress than due to terrorist action.

    The LNP do a Pontius Pilot act through suggesting they are not responsible, through trying to promote the view that Australia is reaching its Paris accord goals “at a canter”, while the truth is emissions are going up. Exporting coal and gas is not taken into account; yet, the results of Australian exported fossil fuels will come back and bite us through increase in warming the atmosphere and oceans.

    If the wish was to do bugger all in relation to emissions, then it was a master stroke on the part of Morrison to combine energy and emissions in the portfolio given to Taylor.

    In These U.S. Cities, Heat Waves Will Kill Hundreds More as Temperatures Rise

  7. Pappinbarra Fox

    I am really pissed off, angry even, at the 44% of non thinkers who voted for the status quo. They are going to stuff this country and stuff the world but they are too short sighted and narrow minded to realise it. Shit bum piddle poop weewee.

  8. wam

    Angus doesn’t need the mirrors just a puff of smoke from his nether regions with an insincere smirk on his chiseled dial and the morning show deniers love him.

    KISS seems to be arguing from a greenhouse position and leaving complexity of climate change to nature.

  9. Frank Smith

    Logic (if such a thing exists in the Coalition) requires that if you claim credit for “reducing” global greenhouse gases because we are exporting LNG then you must also show the other side of the ledger by counting the increases in global greenhouse gases due to exported coal. Yes Angus, you are a crap-spouting shyster.

  10. Jaq

    It is now up to the Greens, Labor and Independants to literally turn their backs on these people in Parliament.
    To disengage.
    If the LNP are doing so wonderfully they dont need anyone’s help.
    The time for being wedged is over.
    Time for bullies to be given a taste of their own medicine.
    If these election results are anything to go by, they have nothing to lose.

  11. helvityni

    LOL, Pappinbarra Fox…

    “Shit bum piddle poop weewee”.

    My three/ four year old grandsons used the above phrase a lot regarding anything they did not like….

  12. Jack Russell

    I’m waiting for the tipping point, that one-thing-too-many moment when the whole lot collapses. Poking the media beehive with their big stick is another self-inflicted wobble.
    Here’s hoping for a sooner rather than later scenario …

  13. Keith

    CO2 levels are now higher than they have been for millions of years. Humans would not be able to exist in the conditions of 3 million years ago as coastal cities would no longer be in existence through sea level rise, much agricultural land would also be flooded, moving away from coastal areas would mean that much prime agricultural land would be needed for housing; meaning the carrying capacity of Earth for humans and flora and fauna would be significantly reduced. A recipe for wide scale conflict.

    We know that CO2 has been an important component in changing the atmosphere and oceans. Already in the 1850s experiments completed by Foote and then Tyndall displayed the relationship between CO2 and radiated light. Far more sophisticated experimentation has been completed since. Satellite data also underpins the importance of greenhouse gases in changing temperature in the troposphere. When laws are broken ignorance is not an excuse; in relation to committing crimes against humanity, once again ignorance is not an excuse.

    Peer reviewed comments about CO2

    It’s true that the current carbon dioxide level is higher than any time in human existence

    Berkley Earth has fairly recently reported that when taking into account temperature over the last 250 years, we have already reached the nasty 1.5C threshold over pre-Industrial times.

  14. wam

    beauty keith not a mention of the toxic slogan ‘climate change’.
    Get loud with the ‘glasshouse global warming’ almost everyone can understand glasshouse effect a la venus. Almost everyone can see glaciers melting and polar bears struggling with no ice in the Arctic.

  15. Frank Smith

    The December 2018 quarter update of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory shows that the fugitive releases of methane from LNG projects and coal mining are a significant contributor to the increase in Australia’s greenhouse emissions. These fugitive emissions will only increase due to the push for development of further LNG projects as Australia consolidates its position of the world’s leading LNG exporter. Further, there is growing evidence that these fugitive methane emissions are under-reported.The alarming thing about this is that methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide – 30 times more potent!

    The contribution of greenhouse gases like methane to the overall greenhouse effect is usually portrayed as carbon dioxide equivalents. This article by CSIRO scientists reveal that, whilst carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen to an alarming 414.7 ppm (as measured in the pristine environment of Mauna Loa in Hawaii), when other greenhouse gases like methane are factored into the measurements, the actual atmospheric greenhouse gas level has “just ticked past” 500 ppm carbon dioxide equivalent. A truly alarming level!!!

    So, Angus, what are you going to do about it?

  16. Geoff Andrews

    Angus Taylor brings to mind part of a stanza from C. J. Dennis’ “The Martyred Democrat”:

    “And likewise there, on couch and chair, with keen, attentive ears,
    Sat many sons and daughters of our sturdy pioneers;
    Seed of our noble squatter-lords, those democrats of old,
    Who held of this fair land of ours as much as each can hold;
    Whose motto is, and ever was, despite the traitor’s gab:
    “Australia for Australians — as much as each can grab.”

    If Angus and his cronies say they can reach some arbitrary reduction of carbon figure “in a canter”, logic says that if they put their shoulder to the wheel; pulled their weight; started lifting instead of leaning; pulled their collective fingers out; “got on with the job” or even broke into a gallop, we might have a SHOW of bringing our emissions back to the world average. If our emission is 1% of total emissions (a figure usually associated with the word “only”) and we are 0.3% of the world population, even Angus should be able to work out that we really should be looking at a 66% reduction before we can call ourselves responsible members of the world community. (Dutton couldn’t do the maths: he can’t even count.)
    If they don’t do a lot more than canter for the next three years, the horse will have bolted.

  17. David Stakes

    52.5% of people seem to believe anything these LNP turkeys spout. Until that changes nothing will change.

  18. Keith


    Some Councils and Governments are now using the term “climate crisis” or “climate emergency”. Though “climate change” is an accurate term, meaning that weather can swing from one extreme to another when viewed over a long time frame. It would be accurate to suggest that climate now is a “dogs breakfast”, though that might not appeal to people liking more sophisticated sounding terms.

    Regardless of terminology, we are setting up a dystopian world for our children, just hope that Berkley Earth is wrong in suggesting that we have already reached 1.5C past pre-Industrial times, referenced above. The founder of Berkley Earth, Professor Richard Muller, had been a skeptic, he had been commissioned to find flaws in climate science; and now after his extensive review supports climate change science.

    We have lost 3 years in tackling climate change through the LNP having been supported at the last election. The risk factors increase with the passing of time.

  19. wam

    Keith”true god and the bible”, is the definitive statement of agreement by kormilda kids 50 years ago. Absolutely, we are heading for a disaster but there is severe trouble now that can be seen and shared over and over till it sinks in.

    My rabbottians are black over 50s and white over 70s
    100% of them believe god is responsible for climate change and therefore it is natural.
    But some are not as strident over my sharing memories of the smogs we used to see in the films and pointing out we have come a long way We know a hothouse doesn’t have smogs but it gets hot so we can go further.
    If you saw tonight’s rupert’s news on qld you would be guessing labor is in for an even worse pasting next state election the little arsehole captain’s regime is well and truly forgotten.

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