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Sonia Kruger needs to think before she speaks

By David Chadwick

Can I start by saying that being concerned about Islamic terrorism does not necessarily make you a racist? However it is also no excuse for making statements that further the efforts of the same terrorists you are scared of.

Sonia Kruger’s comments about stopping Muslim migration because she wants to feel safe surprised me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am always surprised when Andrew Bolt’s verbal diarrhoea is a topic for conversation, as it amazes me that anyone reads his rubbish. So for a national program to think it is worthy of discussion was surprising in itself.

And then for Kruger to endorse the position, citing Japan as her example of a country that experiences less terrorism due to its mainly homogenous religious groups. Well news flash, Sonia – Japan has experienced more terrorist attacks than Australia. If you haven’t heard of the Aum Shinrikyo, you probably are not qualified to comment about Japan and terrorism.

But Kruger did anyway. Not only that, she made pretty clear intimation that the Nice attack was the work of Islamic extremists, even though this has yet to be confirmed and it has been reported that the attacker showed no adherence to any other tenet of the Muslim faith.

It is tempting (so tempting) to go ad hominem in response to Kruger’s appalling commentary but I have tried to avoid that and just spend a few moments on why her statements are so stupid.

Firstly, it may well be that the Nice attack was the work of Islamic extremists, but just because ISIS claims responsibility for an atrocity does not mean they have actually had any hand in it. They want to be feared and will claim responsibility for every attack they can to project more power. Going along with this narrative before it has been properly investigated is SUPPORTING ISIS! So is making kneejerk divisive reactions. If you haven’t watched this video by Waleed Aly please take a few minutes to do so. He explains this far better than I can.

Now terrorism tied to Islamic extremist groups is a very real issue that nations around the world are faced with. I totally get why many people are concerned about it. It is also extremely complex and I would like to devote a longer article just to it later, but for now just consider her proposal to halt Muslim migration.

Aside from any constitutional issues how would it work? Couldn’t people just not declare their religion when asked or say that they had renounced it, if it is recorded somewhere? What then? Even if it were somehow achievable, what would be the consequences? Australian Muslims would (quite rightly) feel unfairly targeted and oppressed, making it easier for them to be radicalised, potentially increasing danger . . . not decreasing it.

Yes, Australians want to feel safe. Safe from terrorism, sure. But also safe from harassment, intimidation and other forms of violence. Many Australians are Muslims and words like Kruger’s increase the likelihood of them experiencing just that from the ill-informed people they frighten. You know when you find yourself agreeing with Donald Trump on foreign policy, you probably need to re-evaluate.

Andrew Bolt doesn’t need anyone to echo him, Sonia. Educate yourself or shut up!

This article was originally published on Quietblog.

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  1. Florence nee Fedup

    Hard for many to even give thought to, but most so called terrorist here & other western countries are products of our own society. Yes, reared here. Some don’t even have Muslim background.

    I am sure any of the refugees from the middle east would soon make them aware of their stupidity, not join in blowing us up. The asylum seekers are fleeing from extreme Muslims is, used as as excuse to kill them. Nothing to do with religion.

  2. Sean Moore

    Sonya Kruger should also be afforded the same courtesy of being safe from harassment, intimidation by those opposed to her opinion, And she IS entitled to an opinion.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Of course she should be safe from harassment and intimidation, and of course she is entitled to an opinion.

    But when was the last time she was harassed at a bus stop because of wearing a head scarf?

  4. Chris Heale

    Australia should introduce Sharia law then Muslim terrorists will not have any reason to blow us up!

  5. Chris Richards

    Yes, Sonia Kruger is entitled to an opinion. The rest of us are also entitled to listen to that opinion with a critical ear, and afterwards say “Look, you’re not a noted authority on foreign policy or international relations. You’re Tina Sparkle.”

    Nobody’s trashing her right to free speech, as is evidenced by her repeated platform in the media where she gets to talk bollocks about whatever is in her head.

  6. wam

    Avoidance of the religious element is the risk.
    The truck driver was safe in the knowledge that he was doing god’s work and would be rewarded in heaven.
    Should all followers of Islam, who believe in this god, be classified as accessories to this murder?
    Should all followers of Islam avow their god does not welcome murderers?
    Should Christians avow that their god doesn’t welcome men who kill their wife and children?
    What part does religion play in suicides?

  7. paulwalter

    Amazing I should come here from QA where I have just shut the thing down because of Pauline Hanson’ s nonsenses, to find something on Kruger, a poor little victim also chattering out her night terror delusions like a inebriated chipmunk.

    Kerry Chikarovsky tried the boogy man mossie thing discussing Kruger on the Drum and got shot down in flames by other panelists for trying it while Julia Baird had to look on, helpless …messy.

  8. Jack Russell

    Vapid attention-seekers, no matter who they are, should be ignored but, unfortunately, they aren’t.

  9. bobrafto

    The chances of a terrorist attack in Australia are small in relation to Europe and the US and the logic is that there is more media hype exposure on cities like New York, London, Paris which benefits ISIS. There’s more bang to the buck in those major cities than in a country on the other side of the world.

    I would bet the cops are working 24 hours keeping us safe and one would assume inflammatory language against muslims would only make their work harder.

    Since spouse murders are approaching 2 a week, I would suggest to Sonia to keep a lookout for that gleam in her hubbies eyes as she has as a bigger chance of being murdered by her husband than by any terrorist.

  10. my say

    What about all the children and mothers, wives ,people on the street people in their homes ,have they all been killed by muslims,i am so sick of all the hate and fear ,
    we have more to fear from white people,

  11. Michael

    Where was Sonia when the Chilcot report was released?

  12. Matters Not

    Tonight there’s been no reports of any ‘terrorist’ attacks in Australia or in any other ‘Western’ Nation. If there was, that would be ‘news’. we would all shake our heads.

    Yet there is no recognition that tonight in the ‘Middle East’, the bombs continue to rain down with brute force that makes the Nice ‘attack’ look like the work of an unskilled amateur (which he was).

    Why is there no perspective? Effing unbelievable.

  13. paulwalter

    Millions have left this life over there. Should I mention the notorious Madelaine Albright sumnation of about fifteen years ago after half a million had died before the second Bush antic was.even was thought of.

    And how is it that Africa remains a running sore on the conscience of post WW2 humanity? How many tens of millions of more people, before a bit of money and constructive help instead of greedy meddling occurs?

  14. Matters Not

    There’s lots of ‘traditions’ here in Australia (and elsewhere), but the most disconcerting one is the notion that an individual can transfer individual ‘moral’ responsibility to the ‘other’ via a religion. Applies to Muslims, and also applies to Christians and others.

    Muslim terrorists usually shout Allahu Akbar before they engage in horrific inhumane activities while we in the west chant “God bless …” before we do even worse, just because we have better technology.

    When will each and every individual take responsibility for what is done in one’s name and also what is ‘endorsed’?

  15. Kaye Lee

    I think Sonia has some problems. In 2008, during an episode of Dancing with the Stars, Kruger made a comment about a “sweat shop of illegal immigrants” working on her wardrobe for the Melbourne Cup carnival.

    By all means she can express her opinion and she can expect to be called out for her factually incorrect ignorant xenophobic racism.

  16. Matters Not

    Also watched Q&A and Hanson again demonstrated the failure of the ‘education’ arrangements.

    Cringe worthy writ large.

    An absolute ‘bogon’, meant in the pejorative sense.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Pauline is a fool. When asked if she would back the $50 billion tax cut, she seemed to think it meant cutting expenditure, saying ten years was too long, we need to make cuts now??? She then said she didn’t have an office or staff yet so she didn’t know what was in the budget until she got a briefing. Ummmm….it isn’t a secret Pauline and I would have thought that anyone with even a passing interest, let alone the power to vote on it, might have had a look at it some time over the last two months. I guess she is expecting the “see Spot run” dumbed down version but I doubt it would be possible to make it easy enough for her to understand.

  18. Kaye Lee

    Nick Folkes, from the Party for Freedom, turned up with a crowd to support Hanson. He is the guy who wanted to have a party to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Cronulla riots.

    “It’s a psychological win for us and just to let Pauline know that we are here for her … and we’ll continue to support her.”

    He expressed frustration that the two groups of protesters were being kept apart by police.

    This is going to be an ugly time.

  19. mark

    Sonia,another queensland dunce.mark

  20. Shahn Perkins

    sonia is not even a journalist just a light air-head never given anything serious to do in media a fluff magnet who should not be taken seriously the media must really b desperate to call her opinion news worthy ahe needs to stop inhaling perixide

  21. townsvilleblog

    As a Queenslander I would have to back up Mark’s comment. From memory she comes from the same territory South West Queensland, that the redneck Allan Jones shock jock comes from. It’s pretty clear now that the Muslim population has reached 500,000 from a 50,000 initial intake that if Muslims in general meant us harm we would have seen a lot more Sydney sieges. Every population has an element of evil people, poor ole’ Sonia is a 6 pack short of a carton.

  22. Sir ScotchMistery

    I have to confess I have no idea who Sonia Kruger is. Sad I guess that I don’t even care enough to look her up. Sadder still that her blatherings are just that. Blatherings. Meaningless female liberal “go make the tea” twaddle.

    I wondered whether she might be Michael Kruger’s squeeze, but again, I don’t care enough to check. She is just another liberal woman. Meaningless.

  23. Kaye Lee

    Michael Kroger and Janet Albrechtsen are partners.

  24. helvityni

    Why on earth are we so fascinated with these blond and red-haired girls, who Dance with the Stars; I’d prefer dancing under the stars myself, maybe even in the rain….

    I rather like that little Sam Dastiari, so pleased Pauline was too busy with her fish and chips shop to prevent Sam from entering Oz….

  25. helvityni

    paulwalter, do you ever wonder, why those Liberal girls like Kerry Chikarovski and Michaela Cash are always shouting, I’d put Kelly O’Dwyer with them too.

    Referring to Michaela’s loudness Shaun Micallef said, rather sweetly; she’s not angry, that is just how she speaks…. 🙂

  26. Wayne Turner

    Sonia No Body an EXPERT on NOTHING,who doesn’t listen to ANY EXPERTS.

    She is NOT entitled to her opinion (Clearly she can express it,because she has the platform to do it.But when it’s ignorant like this,means it does NOT have to be taken seriously).She is ONLY entitled to an informed opinion.

    I prefer what an informed on this topic David Campbell said in reply.Along the lines of: “I disagree.We are a free society,and we believe in freedom of religion”.

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Good question, Michael @ 10.40 pm last night.

    Kruger is expressing fear for her children’s safety from the small percentage of extremists who represent radical Islam.

    But she should also be expressing anger at Howard’s, Bush’s and Blair’s decision to blow up the millions of homes of innocent Muslim people who she irrationally fears.


    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however those in the media particularly the likes of breakfast show hosts are there to entertain not make political commentary. If wanting to move into news etc. current affairs maybe then they would be obliged to check not only the facts but also have some qualification on history and the effects of religious dogma, doctrine. For example, the Christian religious wars of the Church of Rome, the murdering Crusades, if she has a Germanic background atrocities to the Jews because they were Jews, Bosnia etc.

    Sadly now however, the truth today is shaped now by invested interests, who owns the media from where the comments come from, also SIMPLY are we losing in ratings and we need some throw away comment to be made to increase our ratings….which have an affect on advertising dollars, or I am beginning to lose my looks (sadly for mostly only women, older men become distinguised, older women, just older) so any stupid uneducated remark may increase my own personal ratings. Having worked in television and have had dealings with those in front of the camera some are legends in their own minds, full of their own importance, ego on steriods. Television is driven by ratings, newspapers by sales, the Internet is taking over all media, both industries need to take a good look at what they are delivering otherwise a slow death is ensured. Moi? apart from local news I catch up on old movies on YouTube. My news is delivered to my inbox.

    The real question is who created this havoc we find ourselves in today? The WEST! going to war on lies as was just handed down in the UK. There are just a few with the blood of many on their hands, fortunately if not brought to justice as War Criminals, history in time will blacken their names. The crisis of refugees created by the West and the oxygen given to Terriorism by the West is beyond belief.

    Sadly many Australians are similar to the tv commentators, unthinking, knee jerk reactions don’t check facts or even bother to read a novel that may include some background of history. The fortunate side is the younger generation from my experience appear to be more questioning.

    I remember a time when both Roman Catholic and Anglican Nuns wore clothing similar to a Burka garment. Were those Nuns really who they said they were? I know there was a movie made with the characters dressed as nuns toting machine guns!

  29. Michael

    Kaye Lee, Michael Kroger and Janet Albrechtsen are partners. – uncontrollably mindblowing.

  30. jimhaz

    [Well news flash, Sonia – Japan has experienced more terrorist attacks than Australia. If you haven’t heard of the Aum Shinrikyo, you probably are not qualified to comment about Japan and terrorism]

    Groan. I do not see any real comparison. Aum Shinrikyo is just a small group with no recent attacks. It has no population powerhouse behind it.

    [Not only that, she made pretty clear intimation that the Nice attack was the work of Islamic extremists, even though this has yet to be confirmed and it has been reported that the attacker showed no adherence to any other tenet of the Muslim faith]

    Groan. So what …the dude copied the violence. It was Islamic terrorism that became his role model.

    It is tempting (so tempting) to go ad hominem in response to Kruger’s appalling commentary but I have tried to avoid that and just spend a few moments on why her statements are so stupid.

    Groan. Why the word appalling? What is appalling about wanting to protect ones future?

    [Going along with this narrative before it has been properly investigated is SUPPORTING ISIS! So is making kneejerk divisive reactions]
    Groan. What is kneejerk about many many recent cases of islamic terrorism. Don’t you think it is a case of ones tolerance cup being full?

    [Aside from any constitutional issues how would it work? Even if it were somehow achievable, what would be the consequences? Australian Muslims would (quite rightly) feel unfairly targeted and oppressed, making it easier for them to be radicalised, potentially increasing danger . . . not decreasing it]

    Ok, finally some rational points, however it is possible to do it mostly on the sly. I do think we’d become a bigger target, but that is a price we should pay. The good thing about Australian muslims is a) the relatively low numbers allowing the more radical to be monitored far better than in Europe b) many of them have been here a longish time or are from countries where muslim fundamentalism is not extreme. Without limits on muslim immigration however one can expect that in 15 years the population will reach a level where the costs of monitoring makes it a failure. I think the negative effect on homegrown radicalisation is likely to be exaggerated – hard to tell.

    It does not matter though as a minimal Muslim immigration policy is not going to be something politicans will even talk about let alone introduce. It is not something as a multicultural country we could do is terms of leading the world. We could only do it when other countries had done the same.

    I’d say muslim immigration from middle eastern countries is a bit like Australia choosing to import low ranking Nazi officers – most were probably good people ie they were just following the orders of their leaders, which is akin to following the viewpoints of radicalised muslim leaders.

    Or maybe it is like those that support Coal Seam Gas mining – you know most of these mines will never cause any trouble, so let go hell for leather putting them everywhere.

    [Yes, Australians want to feel safe. Safe from terrorism, sure. But also safe from harassment, intimidation and other forms of violence]

    Yes, safe from the harassment of people who think like people from the 19th century.

  31. SGB

    Sir Scotchmistery said it but I have to ask

    Who is Sonia Kruger?


  32. Freethinker

    It is a sad reality but if Kruger join Pauline you van bet that thousands of people will vote for her and she will finish talking the some nonsense in the federal parliament.

  33. Florence nee Fedup

    Seems to many she is being harassed because one voice their opinion in disagreeing with what she says. One could say real harassment is towards those who disagree with this lady along with Hanson & her ilk.

  34. Florence nee Fedup

    Chris, many believe Canon Law and other Christian beliefs should be enshroud in law. One only has to look at abortion, divorce & attacks on Muslims see this.

  35. Florence nee Fedup

    In reality under Dutton, very few Muslims are getting into the country. How many have we took of the 12000 promised from Syria. Also normal 137000 intake seems to have ceased. Listening to the PM, Dutton now has his complete support. Things can only get worse.

  36. Kevin R

    Sonia Kruger is just the same as Pauline Hanson and I am not being offensive when I say that. Sonia probably had a lovely dinner party on Sat night with all her same thinking mates and this topic came up.She’s right; it is about fear.And there’s nothing wrong with that and being able to express what you think which she has done.Sonia is the epitome of the average Australian. She knows a little bit but not a lot.A least we are having these discussions which a healthy thing to do.I was not impressed with Sam Dastyari with his pseudo psychology smart arse Politician way with Pauline Hansen. I think Sam had a touch of she’s really beneath me so I won’t go there.I’ll just humour her

  37. Gangey1959

    Let’s get something straight right from the beginning. Opinions are like arseholes, we ALL have one.
    It doesn’t matter what the question is, MY opinion on ANY given subject can be taken from :
    If it is not made in Australia it is third rate, yes, no, purple, nail his head to a coffee table, reprogram it with an axe, rule 303, Evolution is a distinct probability, the Earth is not flat because I live on a steep hill, I sleep better when I’ve been kind to someone than when I’ve threatened to beat them up, guns kill, ANY religion is ALL bullshit, and sonia kruger is an overpaid dumb bitch.
    I think that has it all covered. Oh. And after the last election we are STILL screwed.
    I can THINK whatever I want whenever I feel like it.
    Do I have the right to spout all of that off whenever I feel like it, or Heaven forbid I find myself on National television ? HELL NO.
    I weighed in yesterday on Facebook.

    My solution.
    Get ALL immigrants, from WHEREVER they hail, whatever they wear, and whichever name they give their particular holiest of holys bag of steam, to sign a pledge that goes something like this.
    In order to settle in Australia, and to cause as little disruption to the local community in which I reside, I will :
    Refrain from practising ANY religious customs.
    Refrain from wearing ANY traditional clothing or dress.
    Learn to speak Australian, and teach others about my language.
    Send my children to a Government Co-Educational school.
    Bring my children up as Australians, not ………….. .
    Sign here…………………………. .
    On Australia’s behalf our citizens will have the national obligation to :
    Explain Vegemite on toast and it’s benefits.
    Suggest that collingwood is not a necessary afl team choice, but it’s a free country.
    Teach Australian to all and sundry, including Bathurst being the national combat sport, fought between Holden and Ford, and that the other cars are a waste of materials and petrol.
    Explain and teach parallel parking when and as required without being angry.
    Explain rule 10. BMW’s SUCK.
    OK. It’s not going to happen, but if EVERYONE new was treated as being equal we might have a chance.

    The farcical thing about what ms kruger said, and ms hanson being back in Parliament, and looking at the new cabinet is having to wonder what the hell turdbott is going to be able to do apart from wank over the fact that he is still (currently anyway) pm? He sent us to a DD election over the building unions and an obstructionist Senate, but has ended up in a worse position than he was before, because now he has six years of a deeply divided and racist and sexist and homophobic Senate to deal with. Or was that his plan all along, to take our attention off the real issues, like the fact that the lnp have a really malevolent agenda but no plan, and he lied and bullshitted his way back into power, and 3/4 of his own side of the chamber want his head on a stick.
    Let’s face it, he’s back pedalling over the plebiscite already. What is covered by the PBS is already being changed. It is being made more difficult to obtain or retain the DSP. NOTHING is being done to make the pointy end of town pay their share. And we have redneck f*cksticks like p hanson and corehesaburntarsehole in the Senate stirring up the population over things that are just plain not true and unimportant. (I’m just waiting for the apex monsters down here in Melbourne to be labelled Muslims too, so that the entire African refugee population can be targeted.)
    Meanwhile back to ”jobs n growth”……….
    Oh that’s right. The turdbott got his job back, so his money will grow. I knew I was doing my obligatory 2 days a week for something.

    @ Michael 10.40 yesterday. She can’t read words that big.

  38. silkworm

    A few years back, when she was hosting Big Brother (which I was watching purely for sociological research purposes, ahem), Sonia made a smarmy, and undoubtedly scripted, remark about Julia Gillard, which revealed to me that she – and Southern Star Endemol – were LNP/Abbott backers.

    No surprises with Kruger’s new remarks, except maybe for the timing. I find it hard to believe that her comments were not vetted beforehand by Channel 9 before going to air, and it may even be the case that her remarks were scripted.

    Channel 9 may have been using Kruger to kick up dust, to cover up their woes resulting from their failed Lebanese child snatching fiasco.

  39. Annie B

    From AIM Article ” They want to be feared and will claim responsibility for every attack they can to project more power.”

    Spot On

    … and while the media gives them so much attention, and believes / promotes their claims – the situation will only become worse.

    Wondering how many atrocities, at the hands of disenfranchised or mentally challenged individuals, who allegedly claim ( or not ) some form of allegiance to ISIS ( i.e. with wrongly projected ‘art’ or Arabic language depicted ) have actually been ISIS controlled / aligned, terrorists … cells. ??

    Not trying to give a quota here – just wondering. And certainly NOT making any excuses for ISIS.

    The more the media spout, the more ideas it gives out to people who are mentally unstable, or who are indeed bent on serving up hell – be it as ISIS proponents, or some other ideology in their ( probably ) addled brains.

    It’s long time past that the media take some responsibility in the way they report world horrors, and then criss-cross the information from day to day, while the momentum lasts.

    Makes me ill that we still fall for the ” if it bleeds, it leads” mantra by media. They so often get their ‘facts’ wrong.

    As for Sonia Kruger – don’t think I wish to comment … except for – she is soooo way out of her league, and her thinking.

  40. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I was stuck in a doctor’s surgery today and of course they had that Channel 9 trash show featuring Kruger because … you know, all sick people are thick too!

    I didn’t know who she was before that but I sure do now!

    Just another little squirmy, unintelligent opportunist.

  41. jimhaz

    [Just another little squirmy, unintelligent opportunist]

    Or a f*cking normal human being with legitimate concerns seeking some form of solution.

    Lefties are so overbearingly self righteous.

  42. Michael

    jimhaz July 20, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Life, whether one is left and right (most “right” leaning people do not chop off their left hand because they have convinced themselves as not self righteous) = choices + consequences.

    Collectively we are on the consequences side of the equation of choices OTHERS made on our behalf (yes, and we continuously let them, if not support them).

    Choices have been made which cannot be undone and we are collectively and hopefully using both left and right sides to now having to find solutions.

    Squealing about how afraid one is should remind us how not as half as fellow humans in Iraq and Afghanistan felt when the choice was made.

    All the same, I am glad you are there, 100% with us in finding a constructive, humanist solution.

  43. Flogga

    Tina Sparkle rocks

  44. David

    People don’t seem to understand there are 2 forms of Islam, in the same way we have Catholics and Protestants in the Christian religion. We have all heard of the Shia’s, the Sunni’s, and the Wahhabi’s. They are collectively referred to as Arab Islam. Just recently, the new form of Islam was launched in Indonesia. Up until this year, the majority of Muslims in Indonesia practiced a moderate, “traditional” form of Islam. This year, last month, a new form of Islam appeared in public in Indonesia. It is referred to as “modern” Islam, and appears to be based on the later teachings of the Koran (Quran). I am waiting for confirmation that the “modern” Islam is more radical, as the later teachings of the Quran propose?

  45. Terry2

    I had to Google Sonia Kruger as I’d never heard of her ; now I wonder why her opinions matter :

    ‘Sonia Melissa Kruger is an Australian television presenter and media personality. She is best known for co-hosting the popular Australian version of Dancing with the Stars and for the role of Tina Sparkle in the hit 1992 film Strictly Ballroom.’

  46. Max Gross

    I feel quite safe because I still have that nifty fridge magnet John Howard sent me back in 2003. And although he insisted terrorists were out to get me, possibly disguised as refugees or asylum seekers, I must say that magnet has worked a treat. My fridge remains thoroughly free of terrorists. Or refugees and asylum seekers.

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