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Someone Else To Blame – The ‘unvaccinated’, the queue, and the guinea pigs

By Peter Wicks

The new dawn looms. Where the unvaccinated are Morrison’s scapegoats and our children are used as guinea pigs.

Sometimes making people do something can be tricky. Some go for the gentle encouragement method. Others go for the ‘scare the crap out of them’ approach.

It’s sad to see NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and some in our media taking the latter approach. In what has now finally been declared a race to vaccinate, I personally feel the scare tactics have gone a step too far.

I listen to the daily updates of the hundreds of COVID-19 cases in NSW and hear the daily death toll as we all do. But like many others I wince when I hear the victims of Sydney outbreak described not as loving mothers, or cherished sons, but as ‘unvaccinated’. Like that is the most significant thing about their life.

We all want to see more people vaccinated, but I think this public branding of a victim is both perverse and disrespectful. It borders on victim blaming.



The other thing that really irritates me about this victim blaming is it ignores the fact that we have a shortage of supply of the Pfizer vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions are currently sitting on a waiting list for the vaccine. Their wait is by no means any reflection on them, rather it is a reflection on the Morrison government. If any of those on a waiting list caught the virus and ended up dying, they would be another statistic announced as ‘unvaccinated’. Not because they were an antivaxxer, lazy or complacent, but simply because Scott Morrison didn’t order enough vaccine.

However, when Berejiklian says “sadly there have been three deaths in the last 24 hours” and then adds “all three were unvaccinated,” that’s not the impression you are left with.


Another day of victim blaming?


You know what I’d like to see?

I’d like to see those in our mainstream media question this.

I’d like to see them ask, regarding those who had died, “How many of these were on the long list awaiting vaccine availability?” Why not? The data should be available from NSW Health.

I live in regional Victoria, I was originally told I had to wait over 8 weeks just to get a date to make an appointment as everything was full and their system would not allow them to book anything ahead of eight weeks. Fortunately I found an alternative that had just started getting access to Pfizer and I shortened the wait to five weeks. I know of many others still waiting for their first jab.

We hear Morrison talk about this imaginary figure of 30,000 lives somehow saved, meanwhile there is real data and real names for those that have died waiting for the vaccines he didn’t order. Real lives of real people with real families. Each one a tragedy worth far more than being labelled and brushed off as “unvaccinated”.

Each of these people died because we were not at the front of the vaccine queue as we were assured in perhaps the most shameful political lie told yet this century.

Those of us who haven’t died waiting for vaccine availability are now being told that ‘the dawn’ is coming. The day when we hit the magic 70% vaccinated and have to “learn to live with the virus.” Morrison insists we have to end lockdowns at some point, and that is the point he wants us to revert back to normal life.



That sounds great, unless of course you’re a kid, have a kid, or maybe grandkids. Children won’t be vaccinated, just like all the ones we are seeing now end up in ICU or violently ill from the Delta strain, the Gladys/Morrison strain as some call it.


Living with the virus


While in first world countries children as young as 12 are receiving Pfizer, here in Australia the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) have been asleep at the wheel waiting for Health Minister Greg Hunt to figure out which way to hold the map. While Morrison and Hunt bicker with ATAGI over the wording of Astra Zeneca advice, children are picking up the virus and taking it to school for show and tell.

2022 is looking like it could be the year the Morrison government turned everyone’s children into guinea pigs while the modelling his decisions are based on shows the Delta variant will spread like a wildfire. Never mind, just like last time there were wildfires, the long vaccinated Morrison will probably have Jenny and his kids watching the carnage on TV from a beach hotel suite in Hawaii.


Australia’s burning


At least back home we’ll be able to do the important things again like go to a Harvey Norman store, or cross our fingers and put the rent money in a pokie machine right?

Yeah sure kids can wear a mask to school, but how many adults do you see having trouble fitting a mask properly?



Even if ATAGI pull their finger out and approve Pfizer for anyone over 12 years old, and even if we have 100% of those eligible vaccinated, where does that leave kids under 12? Do they all have to become Bubble Boys and Girls and live their lives in lockdown until a vaccine is found for them?

We need better options than what is being proposed.

Some will think I’m just being negative and not offering any ideas. I may be wrong, but I thought the countries Chief Medical Officer was paid the big bucks to do just that?

Instead of finding ways to improve our prospects he unfortunately seems to be focussing on trying to find ways to justify Morrison’s positions.

Morrison now says “It’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish the race.” Well as we lurch from one failure to the next it is looking increasingly likely under a Morrison government we won’t see the finish line.

If we want to make the distance there is one thing that we will need almost as much as we need more vaccines.

A new government.

This article was originally published on Wixxyleaks.


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  1. Kerri

    I am waiting to hear the inside story on those people who died at home in NSW?

    Were they really “ambulance hesitant” or did they call an ambulance that never came?

    I have zero faith in accurate information from the spinset.

  2. leefe

    The vaccine strollout is shambolic at best.

    I’ve been checking in regularly since I first made an appointment – which was more than two months in the future – for my first shot. Waiting times kept getting longer. Then, on Monday, lo and behold a local pharmacy had supplies and slots for this week. Two days later (yesterday) got the first shot. Will be interesting to see what the situation is in November when the second one is due.

    And I’m still waiting for some noticeable effect. So far, not even a sore spot on the arm or a teensy headache. Based on a sample size of one, problems are way overstated.

  3. Ken

    Don’t hold your breathe waiting for the MSM (main stream media)
    to start calling it like it really is, they’re in bed with ScoMo and Gladys.

  4. Roswell

    Wixxy, great to see you after all these years. The fire in the belly is still there, I see.

  5. John Hanna

    The rhetoric is all about the upcoming election, Smuggo does not want us focussing on the number of infections only the number of vaccines injected so he can claim some kind of victory in November when we reach 70% never mind we could have had 40000000 Pfizer doses at the beginning but he fucked that up along with the quarantine provisions. His defence is that a PM has more than two jobs to do and that is correct, the most important one is leadership. I would have thought he had the power to tell someone to pull their finger out and get the vaccine on offer…..but NO.

  6. Fred

    There is nothing quite like turning up to the race 6 months late and expecting the officials to still be there and have them fire the start gun again just so that we can hear it go off. If all states as part of the national Covid “cabinet” have agreed to the Doherty Institute’s modelling, then they are happy with “385,983 symptomatic cases and 1,457 deaths over six months”

    I haven’t heard GB tell us that she accepted NSW share of the death rate and is planning to personally speak to the families of the 700 victims. Maybe the MSM should ask.

  7. Graham

    Perhaps the questions we should be asking of this Government are –

    From the Government’s perspective, what is an acceptable number of deaths and long covid, by demographic (and perhaps electorate?) group if there is widespread opening at 70 – 80 percent vaccination rate?

    The National cabinet figures for non-disaster opening requires an average 70 – 80 percent vaccination rate nationally as well as for each state so what will the government do if these figures are not reached?

  8. Brad Black

    scummo can’t win a trick. He’s a ‘loser’ who simply buggers things up. He tarnishes everything he touches. His instinct is faulty, he lacks good judgement and if it weren’t for a third rate media dominating in this country he would’ve been on the political scrap heap after the robo debt thing, if not before. In private enterprise he wouldn’t/didn’t last a minute.
    If the ‘ruby princess’ were a stronger person, she’d be showing scotty the middle finger like other premiers.

  9. Henry Rodrigues

    ‘The MSM in bed with Scummo and Gladys !!!!’ Revolting and vomit inducing image of decadence and debauchery.

    Where is Dazza these days ??? No longer the useful tool, eh?

  10. BB

    “Not because they were an antivaxxer, lazy or complacent, but simply because Scott Morrison didn’t order enough vaccine.”

    Correct, but the narrative here needs clarification. It was never a question that not enough vaccine was initially ordered, it was.

    The original order was for 40 million Pfizer doses, but the whole order fell apart at the start, because Morrison sent a junior bureaucrat with instructions to play hard ball with the price, because Morrison is a tight arse when it comes to delivering social services for all Australians and Morrison is a penny pinching bastard. Morrison wanted the cheaper AZ vaccine, and domestic manufacturing for the AZ vaccine. (I bet his Liberal mates hurriedly, secretively bought shares in said AZ manufacturing firm).
    And also Morrison never believed, just like Trump, there was a pandemic, in his misguided arrogant view… “It’s not a race.”

    In having penny pinched the order, Pfizer told Morrison to fuck off. So Australia ended up with only 10 million doses of Pfizer.

    Incompetence, greed, thuggery and blaming everyone else are the the Modus Operandi of Morrison and his gang of crooks.

  11. BB

    Would be useful to know which vaccine you had?

  12. ajogrady

    The Morrison L/NP governments institute shopping Doherty Institutes plan is simply a rehash of the Menzies plan of the “Brisbane line” during World War 2 where the Menzies government would capitulate and cut and run leaving all of Australia North of Brisbane to the invading Japanese forces. Before this despicable plan could be actioned Labor came to power and protected all of Australia and Australians. Similarly the latest Morrison government plan will capitulate and cut and run to the Covid virus.

    The total miserable mess in Afghanistan is another example of the Morrison government penchant for cutting and running. The short sighted closing of the Australian embassy in April has caused massive pain and confusion. Not only has the Morrison government capitulated and cut and run hurting Australians but also those Afghanis who put their lives and those of their families in jeopardy who stood beside Australian officials in Afghanistan.

    Will a duty of care be invoked for the people of Australia and Afghanistan or will charges of willful criminal negligence or perhaps manslaughter by unlawful and dangerous acts perpetrated by those responsible in the culpable Morrison government be the necessary outcome so that future governments always act in the best interests of those in the Australian governments care. There is an implied duty of care for Australians and those who stand with us.

  13. New England Cocky

    Would somebody be so kind as to post the link to the Doherty Report that Scummo, Hunt ,Gladbags & the sycophantic MSM are misquoting, just so that I can be assured that their combined stupidity is real.

    The SMH 230821 reports 204/800+ cases of COVID-19 reported in children aged 0-9 years with a further 276 persons infected in age 10-19 years.

    When will somebody advise these wooden headed Liarbral politicians that the Delta strain does not mind what age the victims are, only that they be unvaccinated, DO NOT wear a facemask correctly, ignore social distancing and stay out of home like it is a vacation.

    DW News Germany reports American victims lying on their death beds and saying wistfully, ”Damn!! Trump was wrong!! COVID-19 exists and is killing me!!”

    I note that Scummoinsured that he had the first dose of vaccine ….. but have his kids been vaccinated??

  14. Max Gross

    Blaming the victims of their policies has been standard LNP MO for decades going back the monstrous Howard era

  15. RomeoCharlie29

    After a week of lockdown which required a mask that I wore for possibly an hour a day, I can only imagine what it must be like for those who have to wear them for much longer periods. The idea of schoolchildren, for instance having to keep them effective, makes me laugh, or cry.

    I don’tcare when the election occurs, though would prefer sooner rather than later, because no amount of spin, bullshit, lying and blame shifting is going to make me forget that Morrison is the most incompetent PM and his government the most venal and corrupt in living (and that’s a long) memory.

    Surely, by now a majority of Australians have seen, heard or read, enough alternative media to realise it is time to show them the door.

  16. BB

    A few links for you NEC, have fun….😃








  17. Michael Taylor

    BB, my apology for that comment being held for moderation.

    Our spam filter often mistakes comments with lots of links as spam, but as it recognised your ISP address – instead of sending it straight into our spam box – it set it aside for moderation for checking by one of our admin.

    The program is set by default to put aside comments with seven links or more. I’ll go in and reduce it to five, if I’m able to.

  18. Jack sprat

    If your kids attend a posh private school there is a good chance that they have already been vaccinated.

  19. BB

    Thanks Michael, I’ll keep it under 5 links in future, and thanks for inserting the pic to my comment, good for a laugh..👍😁

  20. Carl Marks

    What I have heard or read most of today, is that people have wanted to vax, but STILL cant get vaccines supplied (unless they live in teacher’s pet NSW)

    The government needs to STOP stuffing up its rollout and GET ON WITH IT!!.

  21. ChristopherJ

    Relying on non sterilising vaccines as the only hope in NSW to return to ‘normal’ is totally stupid, but GB will keep on saying it, as she has backed herself into a corner by not locking down hard and early. Its also consistent with all the other ‘states’ and countries that have failed to eliminate and bubble. Do they think if they reach 80% double jabbed that people will be flocking to visit Sydney, even when the virus is circulating in the community? As a lucky QLDer, I certainly will be staying put.

    Breakthrough cases have been happening ever since the first human was jabbed with one of the mRNA jabs, but it has only taken until now for the MSM to notice them.

    I read last week in Israel, who are well vaccinated, 25% of new cases are in the vaccinated.

    Vaccinated people behave like they are fully protected. And they are not and can infect many others before they realise. And they can get sick and die.

    Long covid is not just a real factor for many recovered people, it is a health disaster in the making. And our governments are dismissing it as short term, and unlikely, just like all those bad reactions from the ‘shots’.

    Saying we have no alternative, whilst also demonising some treatments which are working well around the world, like the ‘horse dewormer’ Ivermectin, is simply the worst public health advice I have ever heard in my life.

    A vaccine that doesn’t really work and which requires annual boosters? We don’t even consider the price, as governments are paying. Follow the money, it’s consistent with the advice we are constantly being bombarded with. And stay safe all.

  22. Phil Pryor

    The laziness, incompetence, avoidances, lying propaganda and general deviate offputting of this vaccine ordering chain is astoundingly evil, and effectively, the P M and his accomplices are murdering people by negligence. We are told to get vaccinated by a government that has stuffed up purchase and supply, planning and procedure. This morning, after NSW had a thousand plus cases, over 4,500 in a week, ABC news radio in Sydney had long articles on Victoria’s few new cases and repeated that over. NSW has promised an hour’s picnic time, but others doing better get examined as if guilty. The P M, a real greghunt and Hawaii bludger, is notorious for having never really worked, using insider gang manipulation and backstabbing, offering deflected lying excuses, changing the loudmouthing to suit survival hopes and being as uncivilised and un-Australian as possible. We can’t have this defective and dud any longer.

  23. Fred

    Christopher, could you please provide links to peer reviewed studies that show Ivermectin is useful in combating Covid-19. I can find lots of opinion but no fact to support the notion.

  24. skip


    BB the liddle PHARMACOM bot mouse that roars the pharmee $$$ lies.

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Tuesday told Fox News the company believes a COVID vaccine-resistant variant will likely one day emerge, but the company has a system in place to turn around a variant-specific jab within 95 days if it does.

    How much does Albert Bourla make as Pfizer CEO?
    Predictably, much of Bourla’s net worth is tied up in Pfizer stock. According to Wallmine, Bourla owned over 53,925 Pfizer shares as of Feb. 27, 2021, worth over $8 million.

    FiercePharma reported in Mar. 2021 that Bourla’s CEO compensation package for 2020 was $21.03 million. As is common practice for corporate CEO pay, a small percentage of the total compensation was from salary, while the remainder came from bonus pay and long-term Pfizer stock options.

    Bourla’s cash incentive pay was $5.49 million, and his long-term incentive compensation in the form of Pfizer options was $14 million. The Pfizer CEO’s base salary was $1.65 million of hiw $21.03 million total compensation.

    Comparatively, in 2020 AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot earned $21.5 million, and Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky made $30 million. In 2019, his first year as CEO, Bourla earned $19.7 million, and as COO in 2018, his compensation was $9.85 million.

    Dr. Peter McCullough, board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases and clinical lipidology, said in a recent podcast: “There are clearly sources of information to suggest that once we start vaccination and we get more than 25% of the population vaccinated, we will allow one of the variants that’s in the background to emerge because it’s resistant to the vaccine.

    Follow the $$$$.

  25. Carina McNaughton

    Skip. What nonsense. Of course COVID has variants. It is a virus. Influenza is a virus and has variants. We need to have an annual influenza vaccine because of this. Are we going to say we don’t need to have an annual flu vaccination. No we need it each year to protect us from getting really sick or making others really sick. Viruses are viruses they mutate all by themselves. They don’t need any help.

  26. New England Cocky

    @BB thank you for the extensive weekend reading list.

    @Fred: We previously used Ivomectin as a parasitic worm drench for sheep.

    @ChristopherJ: The quoted ”70-80% double jabbed adult population ”will be inadequate because COVID is now infecting kids who were less susceptible with Alpha COVID,.yet NOW the SMH reports that 204/800+ kids aged 0-9 years were discovered on 21-220821 weekend with another 276 cases in kids aged 10-19 years.

    Gladbags 70-80% of adults is about 56% of the total population too many of whom are unvaccinated so the 56% of total population will likely result in higher infection numbers, more deaths and longer queues at overcrowded hospitals.

    Gladbags must stop Scummo and his corporate mates whispering in her shell-like ear and follow the medical common sense. Yes, it is tough ….. but COVID infections are both tougher and too often fatal. Youth is no longer a guarantee of surviving.

  27. Fred

    Cocky, hence my question to Christopher who suggested Ivomectin had some value in combating Covid-19. Do remember this whole BS about Ivomectin came about by the results of an “in vitro” test, i.e. a “test-tube” test. I cannot find a large randomised trial that supports Ivomectin’s usefulness, however if there is science that shows it to be useful without significant side-effects, I’m open to changing my mind.

  28. Bert

    I wonder if I could get a drum of thibenzole, a drenching gun and set up a covid clinic? 5 bucks a dose?
    On second thoughts, I hope there isn’t some nutter that reads this and actually tries it out but you never know……..

  29. Terence Mills

    Interesting spin-off from the ban on elective surgery in NSW. Surgeons are shifting to Queensland and the elective surgery waiting list is being significantly reduced.

    In one case, surgery scheduled for late September was brought forward to last week.

    Have scalpel will travel !

  30. Canguro

    @ChristopherJ, re your comment: “Saying we have no alternative, whilst also demonising some treatments which are working well around the world, like the ‘horse dewormer’ Ivermectin, is simply the worst public health advice I have ever heard in my life.
    “, simply dropping the word ‘Ivermectin’ into a Google search gives a page of results along with an abridged Wiki page that states:

    “Ivermectin is a medication that is used to treat parasite infestations. In humans, this includes head lice, scabies, river blindness, strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis, ascariasis, and lymphatic filariasis. In veterinary medicine, it is used to prevent and treat heartworm and acariasis, among other indications.” As far as I know, although not peer-reviewed, Wiki pages aren’t too bad overall for their veracity of information.

    How people manage to make a connection between an antihelminth treatment and a something with efficacy against a virus is a marvel of magical thinking, up there with flat earthers, a moon made of blue cheese and Scott Morrison’s not a bad bloke once you get to know him.

    It’s easy to knock the Yanks, even though we know they’re not all idiots, but enough are that the opportunities to have fun at their expense is always available. Or if not fun, a bit of chin-stroking at their tragic stupidity and time & time again demonstration of their unshiftable obduracy in the face of better reason. As is the case with this poor fool, who preferred to place his faith in an animal dewormer, rather than pursue best-practice prophylactic and post-infection treatment.

  31. paul walter

    All summed up, “…magical thinking..”.

    People get flakier by the minute, especially ones who have come to believe the bullshit their politicians, media and press tell them.

  32. paul walter

    All summed up, “…magical thinking..”.

    People get flakier by the minute, especially ones who have come to believe the bullshit their politicians, media and press tell them.

    Found the comments about Big Pharma earlier interesting.

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