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So you’re thinking of voting for Tony Abbott? Think again!

One of the more difficult tasks of being writer is actually doing the writing. You know what to say but you can’t put it together with any eloquence or power. Your endless search for the right words bear no fruit. Then you stumble across a comment on social media that says exactly what you were hoping to say, though perhaps with much less eloquence, but certainly packing the punch. Some things are just better when written from the heart instead of the head.

A comment by well-known and popular blogger Cuppa, on Cafe Whispers did just that and his comment deserves to be a post on its own. It has a powerful message to all those planning to vote for Tony Abbott: think about the consequences. Look beyond September 14. Getting rid of Julia Gillard will give you the real Tony Abbott and it might not be the Tony Abbott you voted for. Victoria Rollison summed it up recently with her Spinach or shit article which summarised:

‘Voting for Tony Abbott because you don’t like Julia Gillard is like eating shit because you hate spinach’.

Before quoting Cuppa’s comment, first a little background. Cuppa, among others, have been engaged with the dregs of right-wing social media brigade for a number of months over their preference for the proverbial shit sandwich without any plausible reason why they don’t like spinach. The response has always been the same: “We don’t like spinach”. You can see a sample of their responses collated by Michael Taylor here and summarised as:

. . . parrot-fashion repeats of what we hear from the opposition and the media.

Anyway, on to Cuppa’s comment:

Just remember this, if the swaggering monkey finds himself propelled into the Lodge, it won’t be YOUR victory. You will be among the losers like the other 99 per cent of us.

It will be a victory for foreign billionaire Rupert Murdoch and the richest woman in the known universe Gina Rinehart. It will be a “victory” for the radical right-wing spewing hate jocks of talkback radio, who pretend to be on the side of ‘the working man’, but are in fact orifice greasers of some of the wealthiest, grubbiest, most powerful people on earth. It will be a “victory” for those sellouts at the national broadcaster who sold out their professional journalistic ethics and impartiality, the Institution which employs them, and the whole damn community they’re meant to serve, a victory in the name of toeing the one-way biased media line of Murdoch, Rinehart and international greed merchants.

When the monkey and his misfits start taking the country apart, the howls of protest will be loud and long. When they start siphoning wealth upwards from you, your relatives and neighbours to those who already have more wealth than they possibly know what to do with, you will start waking up.

When the recessions begin, when the interest rate hikes start to cripple home – and business buyers, and the unemployment figures start climbing, you will learn that you did a bad thing.

As the country turns to a Third World shithole – with clampdowns on freedom of speech, scandals and cronyism at the highest levels, degraded public services, declining health standards, rising mortality rates, armies of poverty, beggars on the streets, shanty towns for the masses, gated communities for the One Per Cent, an atmosphere increasingly clogged with dark noxious fumes – as this happens it will slowly dawn on you that you made a big mistake.

It won’t be your victory. It will be your Mistake. And your shame. Your loss. Your regret. And we won’t let you forget it. You will get no sympathy or forgiveness from us. You will get the blame and contempt due for what you, in your stupid brainwashed partisan spite, did to your and our country and all our descendants already here and yet to come.

That’s if we even see you around here any more when the stuff ups start happening. You’ll have so much to defend and make excuses for you’ll run out of Spin, as monkey brains f*cks up in big ways or small every day.

So enjoy your brief hubris, gibbering morons, the onset of agony is just around the corner . . .

It lacks my eloquence, but well said Cuppa.

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  1. Craig

    This is SO true!!!

  2. Min

    Whenever right wingers have smugly pointed to the latest poll or the latest headline from the Murdoch media, the thought always came to mind: be careful what you wish for. Cuppa said it far better than I ever could.

  3. Martin Bannard

    Love your work! Wish it wasn’t necessary. I’m in “fear and loathing” mode already.

  4. jared morgan

    I have copied this and will be posting it to FB etc in a years time or so, when everyone is whining….Australia you get the government YOU DESERVE

  5. xiaoecho

    Cuppa forgot to mention that people won’t be able to do anything about it because every time they try to stand up for themselves and fight back with industrial action the unions will have to pay crippling fines and will evenyually bankrupted under the new laws the LNP introduce.

  6. ydarcy

    You talk to people up here in QLD and the answer ” I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM” and my answer is Well someone bloody did

  7. ydarcy

    Well Queenslanders You got what you wished for

  8. dave the brickie

    lib voters,turkeys waiting for xmas……..

  9. Fed up

    Labor is saying it makes more sense to put a price on carbon emissions and a tax on super profits, than it does to extend the GST to food.

    I believe one of the reasons the MRRT was so low, was because the main states put their royalties up, which are deducted from the MRRT. Royalties by the way are a more unfair tax on miners. The MRRT takes into account, profits, royalties do not.

    So the NSW premier agrees the education funding model is broken. Anyway, it runs out soon. What does Abbott have in store for us?

    Why does any new system have to give the same increases to the wealthy, at the expense of state schools. Do not understand that. Gonski has promised that no school would be worse off.

    Gonski has promise that it will be the child that is funded, with extra for the disadvantage. Private schools, if you want more of the money, take more of these kids on.

    Was Abbott out today. Seen Hockey, but no one else.

    All the figures are now out in the public arena, in a manner that maybe Abbott can understand.

    Will the election be over the debt and deficit. I believe not. Will Abbott control the agenda? I suspect not.

  10. Fed up

    Well he is warning the voter, if they do not give him the government he wants. he will be back to the polls asap, so t6he voters can correct their errors.

    What happen to the concept, that one elected an government for three years.

    That the result of the election, was what the voters deemed.

    Often, voters do vote in a way that curtails the power of any PM..

    What the voters are saying, that you have to get in there and work with the MPs we have given you.

    Yes, we give out local member the mandate to work on our behalf.

    The government of the day, reflects the will of the voter. If one cannot accept that, move aside and let someone else who willing to do so.

    Telling us, months out from the vote, if the numbers do not suit you, you will take us back to the polls is wrong.

  11. Natasha

    Dream on, Labor supporters.

    Australian people gave you guys first chance in 2007, then gave you second chance again in 2010.
    What have you done to the country? Ran it into the ground.

    Going into an election with a huge deficit of $19.4 billions in the back of best terms of trade – it is a too big ask from australian people to give you 3rd chance.

  12. Fed up

    Mr. Abbott, you have not accepted the vote of the people in 2010. Mr. Abbott most people, including Labor, Greens and Independents, the electorate chooses the government, and it is up to those elected to make it work.

    All but you realised this.

    In 2010 The result, has been stable government that is running full term.

    Yes, this present government is a duly legitimate elected government, according to the Constitution.

    Whatever the numbers throw up in the next election, will be as legitimate.

  13. Frustrated

    Natasha, “ran it into the ground”????? Either provide some *actual* evidence of this much parroted yet factually inaccurate sweeping statement espoused by Messrs Jones, Bolt, Ackerman et al or DON’T state it! Australia has a AAA rating from all three international agencies – not even John Howard succeeded in getting this during the alleged “golden years”. Now, if Howard, with his surplus didn’t deserve, what the f*** do you think Labor have done to earn it?? In case you LNP sheep have missed the point: LABOR HAVE DONE GOOD THINGS FOR AUSTRALIA.

    We have invested in critical infrastructure, not sold government assets for a fraction of their value for quick cash to dangle in front of people.

    Labor have run nothing into the ground. Look at the facts. Hint: FACTS are not found in ANY newspaper published in this country. Get over the deficit thing – we wouldn’t have the economics rating we have if there was massive risk attached to the debt.

  14. eleanawi

    Natasha. What has Labor done for this country? That’s a very stupid statement and only shows up your ignorance. I pity you for only knowing what MSM throws up at you which is full of lies and misrepresentation of the truth. The truth is Labor has done so much and under very trying circumstances, but you wouldn’t understand or know about it. Why are you advertising your ignorance on this site?

  15. anationaltreasure

    European nations have Immigration problems that totally, totally, totally eclipse Australia’s. Australia is one of the very few nations that STILL retains a 3 star credit rating…i.e. we remain a very, very flush, and wealthy country, despite the deficit Rupert likes to speak of as a calamity. Why then have the Australian people TURNED on, and against Labor and Julia Gillard?

    Any Australian who is a Pensioner, Has Children….as to be concerned for their immediate education, through to tertiary level, and then their future work prospects, Is Paying a Mortgage, or lives from week to week……pay day to pay, as the bulk of us are, and values their employment…should be absolutely TERRIFIED at the prospect of an Abbot led Government after September 14, 2013.

    In fact any Australian with an earning ceiling of $80,000 p/a or less, should be TERRIFIED at the prospect of an Abbot led Government. Why? Contrasted against the super recessed, and ever deteriorating Global economy, Abbot; for fundamental ideological power driven reasoning, is going to wreak financial havoc on Australia’s economy and inturn it’s people.

    Tony Abbot will have you believe the country is a basket case. IT IS NOT……by a very, very long march. It is a LIE, of inordinate proportions. It is a beat up! His predecessor, John Howard……took this Country to war on the basis of then known, and now proven LIE.

    Please think very carefully…this September will be one of the most crucial elections in Australia’s history. Voting for an Abbot led Government will be rued by ALL…those for him, and those against him.

    It is no longer a Labor/Liberal “thing”….it is Australia’s survival that is at stake. Sounding alarmist as that is, it is the BALD TRUTH………….GO AND DO A LITTLE RESEARCH!

    He will DESTROY this country….that is how important it is! Please DON’T turn on this Country by giving Mr Abbot the keys to the Treasury Benches…..and yes, for a period there, I had even toyed with the idea of voting for him myself……..

  16. allanr44

  17. Bill Shaw

    Natasha, most economists do not rate the debt as huge. Only the LNP and its supporters put the huge adjective in. The economy is very healthy to the chagrin of the right wing. It will only become a mess with Hockey and the LNP in power. We will also lose our AAA ratings. Must be sickening for the right wing to see the Labor side getting 3 X AAA,, something a LNP has never achieved.

  18. cuppa

    What has the Labor government done for Australia? Let me count the ways…

    · NBN (the real one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b)

    · BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate)

    · Gonski – Education funding reform

    · NDIS/DisabilityCare

    · MRRT & aligned PRRT

    · Won seat at the UN

    · Signed Kyoto

    · Signatory to Bali Process & Regional Framework

    · Eradicated WorkChoices

    · Established Fair Work Australia

    · Established Carbon Pricing/ETS (7% reduction in emissions since July last year)

    · Established National Network of Reserves and Parks

    · Created world’s largest Marine Park Network

    · Introduced Reef Rescue Program

    · National Apology

    · Sorry to the Stolen Generation

    · Increased Superannuation from 9 to 12%

    · Changed 85 laws to remove discrimination against same sex couples

    · Introduced National Plan to reduce violence against women and children

    · Improvements to Sex Discrimination Act

    · Introduced Plain packaging of cigarettes

    · Legislated Equal pay (social & community workers up to 45% pay increases)

    · Legislated Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave scheme

    · Established $10b Renewable energy fund

    · Legislated Murray/Darling Basin plan (the first in a hundred years of trying.)

    · Increased Education funding by 50%

    · Established direct electoral enrollment

    · Created 190,000 more University places

    · Achieved 1:1 ratio, computers for year 9-12 students

    · Established My School

    · Established National Curriculum

    · Established NAPLAN

    · Increased Health funding by 50%

    · Legislated Aged care package

    · Legislated Mental health package

    · Legislated Dental Care package

    · Created 90 Headspace sites

    · Created Medicare Locals Program

    · Created Aussie Jobs package

    · Created Kick-Start Initiative (apprentices)

    · Funded New Car plan (industry support)

    · Created Infrastructure Australia

    · Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects)

    · Doubled Federal Roads budget ($36b) (7,000kms of roads)

    · Rebuilding 1/3 of interstate rail freight network

    · Committed more to urban passenger rail than any government since Federation

    · Developed National Ports Strategy

    · Developed National Land Freight Strategy

    · Created the nations first ever Aviation White Paper

    · Revitalized Australian Shipping

    · Reduced transport regulators from 23 to 3 (saving $30b over 20years)

    · Introduced NICS – infrastructure schedule

    · Australia has moved from 20th in 2007 to 2nd on OECD infrastructure ranking

    · Awarded International Infrastructure Minister of the Year (2012 Albanese)

    · Awarded International Treasurer of the Year (2011 Swan)

    · Introduced Anti-dumping and countervailing system reforms

    · Legislated Household Assistance Package

    · Introduced School Kids Bonus

    · Increased Childcare rebate (to 50%)

    · Allocated $6b to Social Housing (20,000 homes)

    · Provided $5b to Support for Homelessness

    · Established National Rental Affordability Scheme ($4.5b)

    · Introduced Closing the Gap

    · Supports Act of Recognition for constitutional change

    · Provided the highest pension increase in 100 years

    · Created 900,000 new jobs

    · Established National Jobs Board

    · Allocated $9b for skills and training over 5 years

    · Established Enterprise Connect (small business)

    · Appointed Australia’s first Small Business Commissioner

    · Introduced immediate write-off of assets costing less than $6,500 for Sm/Bus

    · Introduced $5,000 immediate write-off for Small Business vehicles over $6,500

    · Introduced Small business $1m loss carryback for tax rebate from previous year

    · Legislated Australian Consumer law

    · Introduced a national levy to assist Queensland with reconstruction

    · Standardized national definition of flood for Insurance purposes.

    · Created Tourism 2020

    · Completed Australia’s first feasibility study on high speed rail

    · Established ESCAS (traceability and accountability in live animal exports)

    · Established Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse

    · Established National Crime Prevention Fund

    · Lowered personal income taxes (Ave family now pays $3,500 less p.a. than 2007)

    · Raised the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200

    · Australia now the richest per capita nation on earth

    · First time ever Australia has three triple A credit ratings from all three credit agencies

    · Low inflation

    · Lowest interest rates in 60 years (Ave mortgagee paying $5,000 less p.a. than 2007)

    · Low unemployment

    · Lowest debt to GDP in OECD

    · Australian dollar is now fifth most traded in the world and IMF Reserve Currency

    · One of the world’s best performing economies during and since the GFC

    · Australia now highest ranked for low Sovereign Risk

    · Overseen the largest fiscal tightening in nations history (4.4%)

    · 21 years of continuous economic growth (trend running at around 3%pa)

    · 11 years of continuous wages growth exceeding CPI

    · Increasing Productivity

    · Increasing Consumer Confidence

    · Record foreign investment

    · Historic levels of Chinese/Australian bilateral relations

    · First female Prime Minister

    · First female Governor General

    · First female Attorney General

    A fiscal strategy to return to budget surpluses over the economic cycle without damaging its economy with austerity measures already proven to fail. A future linked to the National Broadband Network, renewable energy and greater productivity through higher education and infrastructure investment. Improved social equality and has a larger voice on the world stage.

    All this (and more) despite a hung parliament, a recalcitrant press and the most negative and asinine Opposition since Federation.

    In my view this has been one of the finest parliamentary periods in our history.

    With credit to commenter, Gecko, at the Poll Bludger blog.

  19. Shaun

    This website should be renamed to:

    The Australian Labor Supporters Media Network,
    because the only difference between us and News Corp is we don’t money to throw around.

  20. Peter M

    How droll, another lefties opinion piece that is big on claims and void of substance. I’m glad that you don’t refer to yourself as a journalist for your writing is that of an opinion writer.

    I especially like your linking of various economic outcomes of doom that are not linked in a common cause. Economics fail but because it is opinion you don’t check for facts. Being shirt on facts you descend into the well worn path of name calling, that’s and abuse. The path travelled by anyone who had no substance to their argument.

    File this piece under fiction for that is where it belongs.

    Come the election, we all get to deal with the results of the wishes of the Australian public. Just because you may not like the result it doesn’t make it wrong, don’t be such an egotistical prat.

  21. Shaun

    we don’t have any money to throw around.*

  22. Steven Subhash James

    oh natasha, you are just another brainwashed monkey, so common in this country : (

  23. Shaun

    One thing that is prevalent with labor supporters. They seem to state that if you aren’t a Labor supporter, you are ‘brainwashed’, or ‘can’t do research for yourself etc’.

    The hypocritical nature of these statements are astonishing. If you actually did research you would have known about this economic ‘Black Hole’ well before now, (Consult RBA figures from June 2011-June 2012) and you will see Australia’s deficit was climbing at a rapid rate, proving this sudden debt appearance was not unexpected.

    I’d have more respect for the ALP if they could actually be honest and not hide behind a wall of lies. Wayne Swan said there was going to be a surplus by the end of 2012, when the RBA’s facts stated otherwise. Now, you can argue all you want about whether running a deficit is beneficial, but that doesn’t change the fact he lied. Just one of the many false promises/propositions this Government has been a part of.

  24. Rev. Bill Kelly

    @ Natasha: “Your comment dream on Labor supporters “.Either u have a convenient memory or u are too young to remember. When Whitlam lost government 2 Fraser he handed over an economy with zero debt ,yet when Fraser with Howard as treasurer lost government the debt was over 40 billion.This was a period when there was no recession. This Labor government which u try 2 belittle has taken us through the worst recession the world has cn in over 70 years.Because of the great way they handled the economy Australia has 1 of the best economies in the world,with AAA rating ,The best the LIBS could do 4 Australia wasAA.Had the LIBS bn in power during the recession (& it’s not over yet) we would have had mass unemployment as their policy is ” when in trouble slash & burn.The real person behind the LNP is not Abbott ,Abbott is only a stooge 4 the UGLY YANK Rubert Murdoch.This is the person who dumped his Australian Citizenship 2 become a Yank.His paper was kicked out of Fiji ,disgraced in England ,not wanted in Canada Now he wants 2 take over Australia by stealth through his stooge Abbott,not for the betterment of our country but 4 power & financial gain.This creep has no interest in Australia other than what he can get out of it .He is not an Australian ,he is an Ugly Yank & that is by his choice.He used his media 2 try & defeat Obama in America ,but the average American is smart ,because of this he failed .He thinks the average Australian is stupid so he is trying same thing here

  25. Truth Seeker

    Min and Cuppa, well said 😀 Keep up the good work 😎

    Shame about the deluded fools who are here spreading Abbotts lies, but they obviously wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the arse, so you just have to feel sorry for them 🙁

    Cheers 😀

  26. Fed up

    Shaun, what is wrong with being Labor supporters. Does the site claim to be anything else.

    Yes, Shaun, it might surprise you, we are still a wealthy country. Well wealthy enough to look after our weak, and invest in our future.

    In fact, if we do not invest in essential infrastructure, and maintain our services, we will indeed go down the gurgler.

    Yes, we must invest in education, health technology, among other things.

    It is not about what we cannot afford.

    It is about what cannot afford, not to spend.

    NDIS GONSKI NBNCo. CEF All necessary for the country to just keep up, and be an important player in the Asina Century.

  27. Joseph

    -There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead

    -We will return to a budget surplus in 2012/13 no matter what

    -Jenny Macklin can live on newstart allowance apparently

    -First term Prime Minister knifed

    -MRRT raises 90% less than expected

    -Constant leakages from dismayed MP’s and Ministers

    -Cutting university spending savagely

    -Even the greens broke up with Labor

    – Kevin Rudd in general is a problem

    -NBN exceeding budget and not passing many premises

    -Ministry reshuffle less than 12 months before an election

    -Live export immediate shutdown for a knee jerk reaction that is still hurting industry

    -Playing on the misogyny card way too often

    -Calling an election extremely early and promising no campaigning until close to the election date

    -Electing Peter Slipper as speaker

    -Craig Thompson affair

    -Did not stop the boats

    -Too many broken promises

    These are the reasons I will not vote labor atleast for another two terms, they need to clean up the whole Julia and Kevin act. They have lost my vote and a lot of other people in my community, I’m not saying I will vote liberal, but I cannot vote labor with that shit record.

  28. Fed up

    Looks like we are going to get a rerun of fallacies from ancient history, most that have been reputed.

    Could go through their list once again, but cannot be bothered.

  29. cuppa

    Fed Up,

    I’m considering drawing up a list of things the Liberals have done wrong in Opposition. It would be a long list! and give plenty of pause for thought to anyone considering putting them into government.

    And because that shows only half their picture, we could also look at the Liberals’ record when actually in government. A grimy picture indeed. By their actions you shall know them.

    On the latter, there is a part list of their record at this post at the AIMN:

    Howard’s Golden Years

  30. pterosaur1

    There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead

    Well Joe (if I may call you that) you stuffed any credibility you may have hoped to achieve by falsely imputing the above statement as a lie. You show yourself as a liar, arrogant fool (assuming as you do, that readers are unaware of the nature of your lie), and hypocrite, in that you don’t appear to grasp a partial quote, given without context, amounts to deliberate misrepresentation, on your behalf, and then you claim “too many broken promises?

    Just another liar, parroting lies, too enamoured to question the source, nature, and purpose of propaganda you attempt to spread.

  31. Shaun

    I didn’t say anything was necessarily bad about being a Labor supporter, what I did say was that it is very common that a large majority of them always say the same thing, yet accuse LNP supporters of doing the same…

    Where did you get the impression I said NBNco etc were bad things? Seems like you made an assumption about what I was saying, rather than constructing an argument against my claims. Please stop drawing conclusions and making assumptions with very little fact to back up your claims.

    Oh, and a fun analogy for everyone. With the economy, Australia proclaiming we are the best is similar to a sprinter winning a 100m sprint with a 50m head start. The fact is, we had a stable economy before the GFC with plenty of money in reserve. We already had the head start over countries that were already in debt, who in the end stood no chance once the GFC hit. So the fact that we came out of the GFC better off than most shouldn’t be a surprise…

    The most recent economic report about Australia (I can’t remember which firm it was, I believe it was Fitch), stated that we had great savings beforehand (which was attributed to the Howard Government) which gave us the ability to ride out the hard times…

  32. Truth Seeker

    Joseph, sadly you have been conned by Abbott and his puppet master Murdoch either of whom make PMJG look like a saint.

    Look at what was really said.
    Look at the state of the economy and that we are the envy of the developed world, Look at the debt to GDP.
    Look at the AAA rating, then take a good hard look at the lies and spin of the LNP and their MSM supporters.
    Talk to someone from the UK, Europe or the USA, and find out first hand what we avoided courtesy of the ALP.

    As Fed up said could go through the list once again but cannot be bothered, but if you don’t want to be just another Murdoch sucker, ask some questions and seek the truth, cos it’s out there and it will show you that you have BEEN CONNED!

    Cheers 😀

  33. Steven Subhash James

    if you libs dont like it here ? then bugger off !

  34. Steven Subhash James

    good one, cuppa : )

  35. Shaun

    So the whole website has turned against it’s sole purpose…

    Check the original post, where it says: “Over the coming days and weeks you’ll see this site take shape and the network develop, followed by what we endeavour to be quality, unbiased, balanced, independent journalism. Goodness knows this country needs some.”


    Yeah right.

  36. cuppa

    The most recent economic report about Australia (I can’t remember which firm it was, I believe it was Fitch), stated that we had great savings beforehand (which was attributed to the Howard Government) which gave us the ability to ride out the hard times…

    I could produce reports finding the Liberals the biggest-taxing government in Australia’s history, who just happened to have the gold fortune to find themselves in office during the biggest growth of global prosperity ever seen.

    Of course they were going to be in surplus, given the stupendous amounts of money available to them and their highest ever per-GDP tax take.

    Only thing is: their much bragged-about departing “surplus” of $20~ billion didn’t even go close to meeting the
    $52.4bn we needed for Economic Stimulus Packs 1 and 2.

    I could also produce reports finding the Liberals the most wasteful government Australia has had in its 200-year history. And reports finding their tax and give-away policies left the budget in structural deficit.

  37. cuppa

    Thanks to Min, Craig, Martin, Truth Seeker, Jared and Steven for your kind words. 🙂

  38. Steven Subhash James

    like i said if you dont like what you are reading, then it is a simple thing to just go away YOU ARE VERY WELCOME CUPPA : )

  39. Shep.

    We’re all in trouble.
    I keep believing the election’s over a year off as everyone’s talking about “September Fourteen”.
    Now I understand that they mean “The fourteenth of September” but have been corrupted. This is Australia, not America, get your dates right people.

  40. Fed up

    Shaun, what do you believe independent means.

    This, we also have been through many times before. Cannot bother doing it again. If it does not please you, feel free to move on.

    Saying that, you are free to challenge what we say. Not with abuse, but with facts and figures.

    Name calling is a waste of time. Proves nothing.

    Why many feel that they are free to come here, behaving in a rude manner.

    Good manners goes long way. Telling one how the site should be run, is the height of rudeness.

  41. Shaun

    What’s wrong with tax? The impression you give is that less tax is better, does this mean that no tax at all would be preferable? Please note there are countries in the world with happily living people who pay much higher tax than we ever have had to. There seems to be a consensus in society, that says that the less tax we pay the better.

    Another thing, remember the analogy I gave? I said a 50m head start in a 100m race. We started with a considerable amount, we were already half way there before the race even began. We had a huge advantage over practically any ‘developed country’ entering the GFC (http://stats.oecd.org/Index.aspx?DatasetCode=GOV_DEBT).

  42. CMMC

    Wingnut troll invasion!

    They will go away, eventually.

  43. Shaun

    Oh please, I’m only pointing out the basis of this whole website.

    Calling me rude and abusive and saying I’m not arguing with fact? Please re-read what I said and you will see that I have given credit to sources by name every time. Are you offended by the facts I’ve given you? Because I have not been rude or abusive in any way, shape or form.

  44. Michael Taylor

    I find it peculiar that some people don’t mind the bias of the mainstream media but squeal like pigs about perceived bias of those independent of the media.

    Me thinks it’s because we don’t tow the right-wing messages that they prefer.

  45. Michael Taylor

    PS – please feel free to start up your own site.

    No amount of complaining from you is going to change the way we do things here. You’re only wasting your time.

  46. Tadpole

    I liked this post. I hits the nail on the head. Well done Min and Cuppa.

  47. Fed up

    Maybe Shaun can point out, where we are bias and unbalanced.

    Having different views is not a crime.

    I suspect, unless we support Abbott, have nothing, but good to say about him, leads to such allegations.

    Of course one must never mention the PM is a positive light.

    Then the site would suit him, and his ilk.

    What one gets here is an alternative view.

  48. Shaun

    I have no problem with a website being pro labor or pro liberal. I do have a problem with the website having an aim, and not following it.

    Just call it out that the website is pro labor, or edit the original post…

    It’s verging on hypocritical.

  49. Steven Subhash James

    why do you continue to hang around ?

  50. Shaun

    You aren’t serious are you Fed Up? Michael is part of ‘the Team’ and just stated that he approves of the way the website runs, which in turn means he has a bias to a particular party.

    I also have no quoted any mainstream media outlet, because I honestly don’t pay attention to what they say, I gather my facts from reputable (not mainstream media) sources. Why have you assumed that I follow this stereotype of a Liberal supporter because I disagree with your views?

  51. Natasha

    What is wrong with Labor people here?

    ” LNP sheep”, ” brainwashed monkey” – personal and aminal attack tactic is well truly embeded in Labor’s DNA. You guys have learnt well from your dear leader Miss Gillard.

    But let me point out a few inconvenient truths here:

    – people have stopped listening to Julia Gillard and her government.

    – people are sick and tired of so called visionary/revolutionary rhetorics by this Labor government. We just want a honest and competent government who can look after national finance well, who can reduce cost of living and ultimately who can improve economic growth and standard of living.

    – Gillard/Swan who lost tens billions of our taxpayers’ money in two short weeks should be charged if they were business directors. How dare they want us to re-elect them?

    – you guys bagging Abbott should be very grateful to Mr Abbott – who is going to remove carbon tax and to keep the compensation, actually give you guys tax reduction and pension increase; who provided bipartisan support to NDIS, and more importantly, the NDIS will be competently implemented by an Abbott government in coming years.
    Be thankful, no more Labor stuff ups.

  52. Chief Editor

    Shaun you are just stupid, labor has done more than liberal could even conceive in their thought process.

    Show me evidence of how big labor has made the debt???

    Show me evidence of any other MSM crap you go on with

  53. Fed up

    Please give examples. Please explain where we are wrong. Where do we discouraged alternative views. That is except for being told how to rum the site.

    You have made many allegations with no examples to back up what you say.

    Saying we are bias and unbalance proves nothing, without examples of where that occurs.

  54. Shaun

    I specifically stated that I don’t go along with MSM. As well as citing reports from the RBA which show how our nations debt has climbed over time.

    Take the time to read instead of throwing around insults.
    This website is a joke and is an insult to it’s own founding purpose. Which I also stated (however, you probably didn’t read).

  55. cuppa

    Looks like someone is trying to derail the topic….

    So let’s put it back there:
    If you vote for the Liberals you’re a bloody idiot.

  56. Shaun

    “Please give examples”. Okay, read almost every single so called ‘article’ this website publishes, to which almost every single one is biased to one party.

    I shouldn’t even have to provide an example as this article alone is proof enough of my point, without me having to link you to virtually every other article this website publishes.

  57. Fed up

    Shaun, you are dense. I agree with Michael. I like the way the site is run.

    Do you have a comprehension problem.

    You alleged the site is bias and unbalance.

    I have ask yo for examples of were this is so.

    Having different views and opinions, does not make one bias.

    When one makes allegations, they should be prepared to back them up with facts.

  58. Chief Editor

    Shaun you really have no idea what you are talking about, atleast Labor people are smart, and are moving towards a modern economy efficiently and effectively.

    Meanwhile you are stuck in the 20th Century with no modern ideas and just spreading crap, once again no links about debt, no actual sources about labor doing bad things, just lies and crap,

    I think you are actually quite dumb supporting the Liberals and I feel so sorry for you and everyone you know.

  59. Fed up

    Shaun, I have come to lose patience with many like you, come to the site, with the same rubbish. I have learnt to be nice is a waste of time.

    I now tell it as it is, up front.

    I suspect, as the people turn back to this PM, there will be many more of you that come.

    If you make allegations, back your words up with facts and examples, or just shut up.

    If you want to debate the topic, feel free to do so.

  60. Shaun

    A bias is when you favor one thing over another, as I said, almost EVERY article on this site is bias. I can give you a list if you insist, however you will be taking a very, very long time to go through them all.

    And chief, just stop. “Labor people are smart”, okay, so you are generalizing on behalf of everyone who voted for Labor because they agree with your view, and anyone who disagrees must be dumb. Grow up.

    Stop trolling, I have given sources, you don’t have the ability to read, that’s your problem. Just because I didn’t always give you a hyperlink to click on, doesn’t mean I didn’t acknowledge sources.

  61. Chief Editor

    I keep seeing writing, but no evidence to back it up, I bet you are probably misogynistic like good ol’ Tony, once again, no fact to back up your writing, no evidence, no real policy, just a bunch of MSM lies like the LNP.

    Labor actually get the important things done, Liberals undo everything important, just like you seem to do. Read a book once in a while, you might actually learn something like Economics, Do you know what the word economics means?

  62. Shaun

    I referenced the RBA to state about the debt climbing.
    I acknowledged Fitch and their recent credit rating.
    I gave a link comparing GDP figures from different countries.
    I quoted this website itself and said where it came from.

    I have not presented any differing arguments apart from these. What else do you want? You have accused that I haven’t mentioned sources, to which I did…

  63. Chief Editor

    Labor is getting the important things done, once again no shred of evidence from you Shaun, just lies and deceit like the LNP.

    Liberals undo everything great about australia, workchoices was trying to destroy this whole country into oblivion, and then kevin and julia saved us from that.

    You need to pick up a book and read it to learn something, maybe economics, do you know what the word economics means?

  64. Fed up

    Shaun, what type of article would one expect to find on a leftwing site. If I went to Menzies House, I would find articles from authors on this site.

    I suggest not. I would be even surprised, if you found comments from the left..

    Why, in the standards you set, one would find positive stories, on the PM, on the Bolt show,

    What is welcome, is genuine alternative views from those wishing to make comments.

    Few here might agree, but they are genuinely welcome.

  65. Fed up

    By the way, Shaun there are many authors to this site. It does nave many readers, and has been, and is very successful.

    Micheal does welcome those with an opposing views to put a post up. There have been many.

    Not all the posts are about politics.

    Sorry, you have it wrong. Your allegations do not stack up.

    Do you have anything of value to offer?

  66. cuppa

    Look at this. Five sentences in a row beginning with the first person pronoun (“I… “). “It’s all about ME!”

    Well, sorry, it’s not, unless you want to make it about yourself and your reasons for voting Liberal. Tell us why you think the Liberals would be “better”. Tell us why you believe (if you believe) Abbott would be a “better” PM.

  67. Shaun is silly

    Shaun You need to pick up a book and actually learn something, Do you know what the word economics means???

    Or good economy,

    Liberals are dragging this nation back to the stone ages, and you post no sources or facts again, lies lies lies just like the LNP

    You need to actually get educated on the issues, labor is bringing us forward to an educated economy (except obviously some were left behind *cough*)

  68. Shaun

    Still, as I said, the website isn’t doing what it set out to do, to be unbiased… Which was fine, as confirmed by an admin.

    I still haven’t been given a reason to why the website has gone down this path. Which is what my initial comment was related to…

  69. Bacchus


    You have referenced nothing. You have asserted that the RBA made some comment re debt. We have only your word for this. You have given me no reason to believe what you say is gospel truth, or that your interpretation of whatever the RBA had to say is accurate.

    Link to the article or accept the ridicule that should rightfully come your way.

    Same goes for Fitch or whatever else you want us to believe…

  70. Natasha

    ” LNP sheep “, ” brainwashed monkey” – personal and animal attack tactic is well truly embedded in Labor’s DNA. Labor supporters have learnt well from their dear leader Miss Gillard.

    But let me point out a few inconvenient truths here:

    – people have stopped listening to Gillard and her government.

    – people are sick and tired of so called visionary/revolutionary rhetorics by this Labor government.
    We just want a honest and competent government who can look after national finance well, who can reduce cost of living and ultimately who can improve economic growth and standard of living.

    – Gillard/Swan who lost tens billions of our taxpayers money in two short weeks – remember that $7 billions, $12 billions and $17 billions? – should be charged if they were business directors.
    How dare they want us to re-elect them?

    – Labor people bagging Abbott should be very grateful to Mr Abbott – he is going to remove carbon tax and to keep the compensation, actually give your guys a tax cut and pension increase; he provided bipartisanship support to NDIS, more importantly, the NDIS is going to be competently implemented by an Abbott government in coming years.
    Be thankful, no more nightmare Labor stuff ups.

  71. Fed up

    I suggest that a bias, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    This sites aim is to counter the lies that abound about Labor, in the MSM.

    Just tell us where we have it wrong. Just tell us were we misrepresent anything.

    Point out our lies and errors to us.

    This, unlike rightwing sites will allow you to publish your opinions.

    Cannot do better than that.

  72. Fed up

    Shaun, this site is not a joke. If it was, you would not be here trying to undermine or derail it.

  73. Fed up

    Shaun, I take, that your views and opinions are not bias or unbalanced.

    We that differ to what you have to say, are bias and unbalanced.

    Well, in my eyes, that is just having differing opinions.

    That is allowed in a democracy. It also comes under free speech.

    You have not even attempted to reply to the topic.

  74. Mark Seaton

    Shit. That’s all completely true.. but unfortunately a product of our shit two party system

    But It seems you want us to keep eating shit because the flavour of the Labor shit is slightly less offensive than the right wing shit?

    Shit no!

    Best thing that could happen is Labor DESTROYED in the upcoming election, takes a long hard look at its shitty itself, jettisons a lengthy list of dis loyal, mouth breathing, piles of shit (Gillard, Swan, Shorten, Combet, Garratt, etc etc etc etc) and gets is shit together.


  75. Fed up

    Mark, what have you added to the debate. Not sure what your intentions are.

    What is it, that you object to with Labor. What action is upsetting you so?

    You sound very unhappy. How has this government caused this.

    What would you like to see changed?

  76. Michael Taylor

    Fed up, Shaun is a sock puppet.

  77. Fed up

    Michael, there appears to be a few out tonight. Wonder what those private polls is showing. Abbott does have a worried look on his face.

    They seem to have changed their modus operandi a little. Trying to look intelligent,

    Come to think of it, that is Abbott;s new pose as well. Playing the role of an intelligent statesman, someone suggested president. Shame he is such an ham of an actor.

    I seen where one said we should be thankful for Mr. Abbott getting rid of carbon tax. Wonder why one would be grateful of getting rid of a necessary market based cost on carbon emissions, to replace it with a more expensive, inefficient Direct Action which will cost each tax payer $1200 per year. Why would one want thank someone, that was transferring the cost, from the polluter, to us, the taxpayer.

    Especially when there is proof that CEF is working. Why would someone want to dismantle something that is working.

    Still, there is hope. Maybe those undecided are beginning to move. Must worry Abbott that higher income earners, support the Swan budget. One wonder why the opposite is true for lower income earners. Still there is time for them to wake up.

    Michael, I do not believe trolls and their ilk are going to have much effect. We are learning to deal with them.

  78. Fed up

    “The Fitz Files

    Illustration: Reg Lynch
    I’ll say it again: in the wake of the news this week that since the carbon tax was introduced last year, ”electricity generated by highly polluting coal-fired power plants had fallen 14 per cent … while renewable power had soared”, why on earth would the Coalition dismantle it to replace it with a proposal that gives ”financial incentives to companies that cut carbon emissions … [to] cost $3.2 billion over four years”? Under the current carbon tax system, the heaviest users of electricity pay the most heavily for it; under the Coalition’s system, all taxpayers contribute to bribing the polluters to no longer pollute.
    Honestly, does that make sense?…”

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/what-on-earth-is-abbott-thinking-20130518-2jt4r.html#ixzz2Tl6jr9Lf

  79. J.Fraser

    The “Slick” Abbott cheer squad in the form of “Shaun” has arrived.

  80. Steven Subhash James

    maybe all these pain in the arse people, is only one person! is that you tony ?

  81. Min

    Mark, my own thoughts are that both parties have move too far to the right. A good portion of the blame for this I believe is that the government has not had the intestinal fortitude to stand by it’s own beliefs. An example of this is the government pandering to the far right by reopening Nauru. But what do you do when you have the forces of nearly all of Australia’s media regurgitating Liberal Party propaganda. There was only one chance for the government and this was to defuse as much of the MSM’s smear and fear as possible, that being primarily that Abbott has the mysterious ability to turn back the boats and that the reopening of Nauru would somehow solve all problems pertaining to asylum seekers.

  82. cuppa

    We just want a honest and competent government who can look after national finance well, who can reduce cost of living and ultimately who can improve economic growth and standard of living.

    I’d like you to explain how we would get that by putting the Coalition in Labor’s place. Their record in government (and more recently, opposition) suggests they are not the party to do it.

    Please tell us why you believe the Coalition would be “better”. Please tell us why you believe (if you believe) Abbott would be a “better” PM.

  83. Terence

    There are many similarities between what happened in Queensland and what is happening federally.
    Initially it was a constant refrain from the LNP that the economy is crook, the budget is in disarray, the Bligh government is out of touch/out of control. campbell Newman, who was only known in Brisbane and who was not even in parliament, was held up as the messiah: it worked and Labor were trounced.
    Peter Costello was brought in to do the state’s financial audit and, of course,he found that things were crook and recommended the Newman policy of massive privatisation and outsourcing of government sources.
    One significant difference that has been highlighted in recent days and, reluctantly acknowledged by Joe Hockey on ‘Insiders’, is that the Australian economy is actually in in very robust health and all indicators show that Labor have done extremely well in a very volatile international setting. Further, the coalition have accepted all of the budget savings initiated by Swan and support most of the spending with the odd exception of education funding (which the media continue to call “Gonski” just to confuse and muddy the waters around a very positive policy).
    As the focus turns away from personality to solid policy I think you will see some glaring holes in the coalition’s policies starting with the foolish promise to repeal carbon pricing, which will make us an international laughing stock, and the MRRT which, whilst below expectation, has so far raised over $200 million, and of, course, the barmy parental leave scheme and associated company tax imposition.

    As the small boy noted, the (coaltion’s) emperor has no clothes, just a fake tan !

  84. patsy kehlet

    bravo…encore…..but are we getting this message to enough people……and the right people that are really going to suffer?????

  85. CMMC

    Right wing troll behaviour is fascinating, in psychological terms. Martyrdom, persecution obsession or just Tourette syndrome, they come from a disturbing place.

  86. Min

    Cuppa, that is one thing which the right fails to answer – and god only knows we’ve asked on numerous occasions – why will Tony Abbott make such a sterling prime minister. **proviso is..without making extremely stupid statements such as he isn’t Joolya…

  87. cuppa


    It’s been a while since we put the challenge to them at the Cafe. Perhaps, now that the election is only about 12 weeks away, it’s time for a post here at the AIMN to renew our call for Liberal fans to argue why they believe Abbott would be a “better” PM. Not why Julia is “bad” (that’s played up every day in the mass media), why Abbott would be BETTER. Their reactions would make very interesting reading I expect… 🙂

  88. Natasha

    Someone asked me here why I believe an Abbott coalition government would be better.

    – firstly, Gillard Labor has set the bar so low, anyone or any government would be better than the current lots.

    – I trust that Abbott will be a pragmatic and center right prime minister – far from being a extreme right winger as his political opponents have painted him.

    His IR policy, his support to NDIS, his carbon tax compensation retaintment and his interests in indigenous fair are the examples of his centralist approach and political smartness.

    Scaremongering that ” he’ll lead us back to 50’s”, ” cut to the bone” etc from Labor and the left is just childish and unbelievable. They have and will underestimate him to their peril.

    Tony Abbott has proven he is a successful opposition leader. He will prove to be a successful prime minister.

  89. Because we are naive.

    Oh no, Shaun presents an argument against our views. Must me a troll.

    You guys sound like it’s a conspiracy theory and the media is out to get you.

  90. cuppa

    You guys sound like it’s a conspiracy theory and the media is out to get you.

    Why ever would we think that?

    Headline at #theirABC

    “Abbott ‘honest, competent’ budget reply”


    And the boss himself

  91. Geoff Of Epping

    Poor Natasha….you are one of the very spinach haters this article is referring to. poor Natasha….like eating shit do you? Enjoy your meal you poor deluded person.

    “What have you done to the country? Ran it into the ground.”

    I am going to have to assume you are either willfully ignorant, or this is a stupid knee jerk voter reaction from one who listens to 2GB. Alan Jones speaks to you and you grasp these pearls like they were oxygen for your collapsing lungs. Gullible Fool.

    A thought….are you so blinded by your own ignorance that you can’t/won’t step outside the conservative bubble and read some alternate facts? are you really that stupid. it’s hard to believe that could be the case.

    Enjoy your shit girlie. That’s all you will get from your beloved Abbott. Then come crawling back when you have had a gut full of this shit and see how sympathetic we will be towards you. NOT AT ALL.

    PS aren’t you at the wrong site…isn’t Andrew Bolt from the Telegraph missing you and your single brain cell?

  92. Geoff Of Epping

    As an American citizen, having given up his Australian citizenship, that pile of rotting offal called Rupert Murdoch has no right commenting on Australian politics.

  93. cuppa

    his support to NDIS, his carbon tax compensation retaintment and his interests in indigenous fair are the examples of his centralist approach and political smartness.

    Labor alone gets the credit for the NDIS and carbon tax compensation. It is wrong to imply the Liberals should be given any refelcted credit for them. They only say they “accept” the policies for political expedience (or political “smartness” as you put it).

    Do you think the Liberals would ever conceive of progressive policies like NDIS and compensation under the carbon price? Not in a hundred years. THEY didn’t even turn up in the parliament on the two occasions the Disability bills were being introduced.


    Like the Liberals care about disability!

    In 2010 Abbott said discussion on disability access is “waffle”.


    …. And on carbon reduction policy. THEIR carbon reduction “policy” actually slugs households to pay for it (to an average $1,300 per household per year), with no compensation to them. While the big polluters walk away the money.

    Do you think that’s fair – that those making the pollution walk away scot free, while households pay the ‘penalty’?

    That would be like your neighbour throwing rubbish into your yard. The government says to you, “That’s your bad luck, you’ll have to pay him to stop doing it.” You think that would be fair or logical?

    And for Abbott to say he would retain the compensation payments, while abolishing the source of funding that makes those payments possible, is economic recklessness. He is running around crying about a “Budget emergency” (simple marketing Spin), yet this action, that he would take purely for political expedience (or what you call “smartness”), would knock big holes in the budget.

    He is putting his political interests ahead of the nation’s budgetary interests. At the same time as he’s crying “Budget Emergency!” Why would you reward that?

  94. Natasha

    @ Jeoff of Epping

    Wow, such a strong response. I must have hit the nail on the head.

  95. Roswell

    Cuppa, if I were on Twitter I’d reply to Murdoch that most Australians are sick of his miserable media. The end can’t come quick enough.

  96. cuppa

    Roswell, I told him wtte that our politics are none of his business as an American, and we don’t care for his, quote: “miserable” views. I told him, boy did I tell him! 😆

    PS: Have you considered going onto Twitter? You’ve got a talent for the pithy take-down, which works a treat in that medium.

  97. Fed up

    Natasha, we are saying Tony will take us back to the past, back to Howard’s days.

    He finished off his reply speech, actually saying that, when he praised himself and present shadow back bench, for what he seen as the successes of the years of surpluses.

    Natasha, does he also take credit, for the years of interest rate rises.

    Does he takes responsibility, for the structural imbalances that were left behind.

    Does he take the responsibility for the rise in middle/upper income earners welfare.

    Mr. Abbott sees nothing wrong with the present school funding. Are you willing to see the inequitable system to continue, one that runs out next year.

    All Abbott is offering, is the continuation of the present funding asrrangemets. One that ignores the needs of the majority if kids,

    Abbott says he supports NDIS, while saying he has no idea how it works. Let at action if there was ever one.

    An Opposition leader that is promising nothing than PPL and Direct Action. Both dubious policies at the least.

    When it comes to the boats, he has refused to listen to the experts. This PM has put all in place, what he demanded. in fact she has put in place a harsher model. It does not work.

    Abbott still says he will turn back the boats. Does one believe that even to attempt such an action, will not lead to damaging the relationship between us and others in the region.

    I like the Heuston plan, which returns them by plane. Which by the way ius happening to many now, back to Sri Lanka.

    Do you really want a second rate NBNCo, which will save little and take nearly as long to install. I rather the far superior model, that in the long rum be much cheaper. Yes, cheaper. By the way, the streets are not being dug up for fibre is being pulled through existing copper wire channels. That is another lie of Abbott’s, during his Thursday night’s reply. There were many.

    Look at that show, on Ch7 yesterday morning. Yes, Natasha, you will find the truth there.

    Natasha, you have not given us examples of why Abbott will be better. Saying so, does not make it so.

    I have noticed that the new influx of trolls, across the left wing sites, have got their words down pat. Same so called arguments being used every where, no matter the contexts of the posts..

    Now Natasha, the challenge to o you is to convince us we are wrong Facts and date is needed. Not we are mad.

    The ball is in your court.

  98. Truth Seeker

    Natasha, you’ve got it the wrong way around, you’ve obviously hit your head on a very large nail to do that level of brain damage 😯

    You are either a troll, or an idiot who’s had a full frontal lobotomy. There can be no other options 🙁

  99. Fed up

    Natasha where has Abbott proven he is a successful Oppositiion leader. He lost the lat election. The present minority government is still standing. Non of Abbott;s dire predictions have come true.

    The economy is still strong. The PM has had no [problem getting legislation through.

    What has he achieved in the last three years.

    Noit sure, the polls even count. He is as unpopular as the PM.

    He runs from every serious interview.

    Maybe some see that as a success. Many do not.

  100. Fed up

    Who is going to win the Gonski battle. The PM is putting up a strong fight, coming out on the front foot.

  101. Fed up

    The main point with the Gonski debate, is not whether more money will be spent. It is about how the money will be spent.

    Gonski will bring to an end, the competition between stae and private schools for the available money.

    Abbott is trying to make it an argument about how much, not how.

  102. Fed up

    Read the comments on this site. Many seem to be going with the PM. Yes, commonsense might just reigh=n when the nexrt electiion comes. Abbott and Pyne are attempting to defend, the indefensible.


    “.his reform has been fully funded. This is a priority for our children and our future. This should have been done by Mr Howard with the huge mining boom and massive revenue. I dont understand the states not backing this. We all pay our taxes and deserve great reform like this and the NDIS, NBN. If this is not passed the Coalition will never do such a reform. Mr Abbott is happy to give Gina Rinehart her millions back but says no to billions for our education system. Where are the priorities of LNP. Mr Abbott also said no to the NDIS until he noticed the over whelming support of the people, he only backed it for votes as far as I can see and he will do the same with Gonski. Then like the NDIS will try and take credit for it. Where is the LNP policy for education, health, jobs ect. Mr Newman up here is closing schools to sell the land, WT. NSW cutting funds for TAFE, These are the policies of LNP. Bad Policies that help who????? No body.”

    Just one example. Natasha, do you really support the present broken and unfaIR MODEL.

    Natasha, the PM could do it cheaper, if she abandons the stupid promise, that wealthy private schools retain there present unfair funding.Yes, the part that says no school will be worse off. This in spite that some are now getting more than their fair share.

  103. cuppa

    Help Fed Up! I’ve had another comment (a reply to Roswell) apprehended by the spam filter.

  104. Fed up

    Natasha, you talk about scare campaign. What is a bigger one, than the budget needs emergency surgery. The fear campaign of debt. Another big furthy, my dear. Sorry to disillusion you. Then, maybe your mind is so closed, that is impossible.

    “…….Government-debt-a-phobia is a new anxiety disorder that is reaching epidemic proportions in Australia.
    It reached emergency levels last week and over the weekend in the wake of the federal budget which confirmed the fact that Australia has one of the smallest budget deficits in the world, the trajectory to surplus is one of the fastest in the world and amid all of this, Australia has one of the lowest levels of government debt in the world.
    Yet some claim government fiscal policy is a “budget emergency”, “chaos” or a “disaster”.
    The position of Australian government finances is about a scary as a daddy long legs spider to normal people, but we need to remember that all spiders, however harmless, are very scary for those who suffer from arachnophobia.
    Here is what we know about the state of the government’s books. The budget deficit next year is expected to be 1.3 per cent of GDP and two years after that, it will be in surplus. If this profile is correct, and there is no obvious reason to think it isn’t, net government debt will peak at 11.4 per cent of GDP before it starts to drift lower……..”

    Read more: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/5/20/economy/debt-goes-bump-night#ixzz2TnjpkGft

    Natasha, do not let a few inconvenient facts get in the way of your beliefs.

  105. cuppa

    I have noticed that the new influx of trolls, across the left wing sites, have got their words down pat. Same so called arguments being used every where, no matter the contexts of the posts..

    Do you suspect our blogs are the target of an organised campaign by the LNP proponents of “Free Speech”?

  106. Fed up

    Sorry, cuppa, cannot help you on this site,

  107. Fed up

    cuppa, of course. Would not be, if we are not having an affect. One only has to look at many of our new visitors.

    That, and the fact that we have been very successful, in linking the many sites together. I suspect we are not reaching a big audience.

    I must say, the trolls have change direction, in how they attack. Reflects what Abbott is trying. Trying to act the statesman. What we have seen of Abbott the last few years, is the real Abbott. No acting needed there. Now that he is attempting to change his spots, we see that he also has no acting skills. Coming across as a ham at the very least.

    The MSM keeps telling us that Abbott has grown in the role. Maybe he has, he sure looks more like a conman, than ever.

    If one wants to see someone that has grown, over the last three years, they need to turn their attention to the PM. No shrinking violet there.

    Yes cuppa, one knows they have made it, when the trolls invade. Congratulations Michael.

  108. Fed up

    Yes, Natasha, there are many inconvenient facts.

    “……………Those points are still valid.
    According to research undertaken by ANZ, on current budget figuring the level of gross government debt will peak at around $293 billion in 2014-15, a level just below the current $300 billion ceiling. As the budget returns to surplus in 2015-16 and beyond, the level of gross debt will fall. Or rather, the gross debt could fall if the government wanted it to, but the advice any government will receive from treasury, the Reserve Bank, the Australian Office of Financial Management and from financial market participants is that gross debt must not fall given the need to maintain a liquid and tradable bond market.
    All up, for views on the level of government debt it is best to trust financial markets and the credit rating agencies rather than the words of those wanting to pursue an agenda which is based on a phobia and fantasy rather than sound analysis.
    Australia’s government finances are among the strongest in the world. The return to surplus is prudent and based on sound assumptions. Commentary to the contrary is based on fear, opinion and bias and not fact……”

    Read more: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/5/20/economy/debt-goes-bump-night#ixzz2Tnod6O2l

  109. Fed up

    Pell is appearing at the inquiry this week. Wonder if he will follow the actions of the church dignity, that resigned last week.

    Archbishop of Melbourne is appearing now. Looks uncomfortable.

  110. Min

    I think that one has to be a bit cautious about labelling anyone anything. We get labelled leftie group-think and far right wingers get labelled trolls. Blogmasters do know who is trolling (as in posting under numerous aliases) and therefore I believe that this term should be used with caution against anyone who has a different opinion to oneself.

    I would hate the day to come when anyone/everyone who arrives might find themselves labelled a troll simply for expressing an alternative opinion on a leftie blog. I am thinking of AntonyG and that infamous moment when he put in his first comment on one particular blog only to be told to fck off *troll*. At least on the left leaning blogs we give them 125 chances…then we tell them to fck off. 😉

  111. Min

    Fed up, thank you for the links. Cuppa’s comment, put up for discussion here was all about possible consequences of a Tony Abbott prime ministership so perhaps the comment about Pell is particularly relevant.

  112. Fed up

    It is amazing what the MSM does not see. Maybe eye scanning is required for all.

    “………….The reaction of Australia’s media to Opposition leader Tony Abbott’ Budget reply speech last Thursday was a surprise to some.

    Observers familiar with Australia’s economy would have noticed in the presentation several stated or implied falsehoods and other curious claims. And might have expected some criticism from the commentariat.

    Well, not only was media reaction completely devoid of fulmination against the fibs, but it seemed none had even been detected. Somewhat bizarre…”


  113. Fed up

    Yes, Abbott’s budget reply was fallacious in many aspects. What does it say, of the most successful Opposition leader we have ever had, has to rely on lies, to become PM.

    “….The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development recently reported on taxation around the world.

    It asserts that taxes on wages in Australia are now among the lowest in the developed world, with only five small countries taking less; households are paying less now than during the Howard years; and the biggest tax breaks have gone to the poorest.

    Other pressures alleviated include interest rates and costs of imported products.

    3. “Only by delivering a strong economy can government deliver a sustainable National Disability Insurance Scheme …”

    Implying Australia’s economy is not strong now? In fact, Australia’s economy was ranked 12th in the world in 2007. It is now clearly number one. Switzerland and Canada are jostling for second. But no economist disputes Australia’s ascendancy – on virtually every measure.

    4. “In the second line of this week’s budget speech the Treasurer said that it was a budget for jobs and growth. In fact, unemployment increases and growth decreases.”

    The problem here – and an embedded difficulty throughout – is ignoring the global financial crisis. The GFC devastated economies worldwide. None was spared.

    Average annual increase in Australia’s gross domestic product was 3.65% during the 11 Howard years. Then down to 2.44% under Labor.

    But here’s the thing: Australia’s average through the Howard years was about the same as equivalent countries. The USA averaged 3.04%. Canada 3.3%. Some European countries were higher. Luxembourg averaged 4.78%…….”


  114. Fed up

    MOre inconvenient facts and lies, on the part of Mr. Abbott.

    He asked the question, “who do you trust?’ Well I do not trust a man, that on many occasions has admitted to lying.

    “…………….And finally:

    12. Regarding “proper cabinet process”, Mr Abbott suggests “That’s how Bob Hawke and John Howard ran their governments but that’s not how government is run now, as the four former ministers now sitting on the backbench have testified.”

    This was a barbed reference to ministers who departed after internal party ructions. [Kevin Rudd, Simon Crean, Chris Bowen and Martin Ferguson].

    But here’s the question: how many ex-ministers on the backbench did John Howard take to the 2007 election? Answer: 17.

    And here’s another question: how many former Howard ministers does Mr Abbott currently have on his backbench? Answer: five. [Judi Moylan, Phillip Ruddock, Bruce Scott, Alex Somlyay and Ian Macdonald.]

    So what is happening with media scrutiny Downunder? Does no-one care about accuracy? That seems unlikely given the fury greeting broken promises by Labor.

    And what’s with the ABC’s headline: “Abbott ‘honest, competent’ budget reply”?

    Is there perhaps a double standard with regard to the political parties? Or women in politics?…”


    Come on Natasha, I am sure you have answers to all I have raised.

  115. Fed up

    “….Tony Abbott apologised last night after offending the disabled by describing as ”waffle” parliamentary statements on cinema access.
    Mr Abbott had been trying to make a point yesterday about why question time needed to be reformed but ended up putting offside groups that represent the deaf and the vision impaired.
    He also fuelled government attacks that he was a risk because of his ”speak-before-you think approach”……………………..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-election/abbott-should-try-earmuffs-for-a-day-20100801-111f8.html#ixzz2To1obYBM

  116. Fed up

    Min, I do believe anything to do with sexual abuse is relevant. I was only interested in letting people know that the hearing was being broadcast.

    I, for one, did not like what I heard. In fact, Archbishop Hart was sickening.

    Abbott, played a role in some of the abuse, when he wrote out reference for one of the worse offenders in the church. What his views on these inquiries is important.

  117. Fed up

    Min, I do not like calling anyone a troll. Just pointed out that Natasha, like Shaun, among others, on another site, are using the same dialogue.

    I believe I have given her plenty to give replies to.

  118. Mark Seaton

    Oh so you ask me what had the Labor party done to lose me?

    Sure. Happy to respond (or re-respond as I wrote some of this talking with chums. And I added some. And i edited in some from other comments I have made)

    So first.. Some disclaimers and admissions. I am an ex-card carrying member of the Labor Party. An ex union member/worksite rep, committee member etc). Firm believer in the left, voted Labor all my life.. EXCEPT for 2010. So If they have lost me, they have some serious issues.

    So lets start at the start. The knifing, the assassination, whatever you want to call it. Personally I belief this was the end of the current version of the Labor party, said so at the time and have been proved right.

    The Labor Party ran THE MOST PRESIDENTIAL campaign in the country’s history where the general public voted for Rudd Labor. RUDD LABOR. The party THEN had the gall to give him the flick (via the ‘faceless men’ who all now have to go) and tell the public “No. No. You got it wrong” And thus the compact between Labor and the public was broken.

    Then we had the “Real Julia” debacle. Like Labor, Gillard seemed to stand for nothing. And then the final nail in the coffin “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead” You can argue what ever you want here about existing Labor policy or a commitment to ‘price carbon’ or the need to form minority govt (were the Greens going to pal up with the Libs? Ever? ahhhh NO!) whatever you want, but “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead” was the final straw. The end of Gillard, the end of Labor.

    Oh and lets not forget Workchoices Lite. The Labor Party then insulted all union members with its meaningless shuffle of the IR Laws. Now we have Workchoices Lite. They know it, I know it. Amazing. The Surplus. The constant blame shifted to misogyny when it was simply her crap performance. Union officials strutting around the place like the run the joint (Paul Howes et al) flicking PM’s and ignoring their members. The Slipper farce. Craig Thompson. I could go on and on but its just too depressing.

    Rudd was a brilliant PM. He was inspirational, he had ideas, bad ones sometimes but that is fine, that’s why they get discussed. The 2020 Conference. Brilliant. Stolen Generation Apology. Brilliant. etc etc. He needed loyal and efficient deputies who could do the other stuff whilst he inspired and lead. He got disloyal, greedy bastards like Gillard, Swan, Shorten, Arbib, Combet etc etc. I don’t care that he was a prick to work for. Most of our bosses are. Grow up you bunch of children. Un-believable.

    Some of the Labor policies are terrific (DisabilityCare, NBN, Gonski) but you can’t promise no increase to the Medicare levy to pay for it and then do it (At the end of the day it was the right way to fund it but she said they wouldn’t), waste money on Education Revolutions (16 BILLION), billions more on Asylum Seekers, billions more on Carbon tax compo (which you wouldn’t have had to do if you DIDN”T DO IT) etc etc etc, then come crying poor to Joe Average who pays far to much everything nowadays and say “Give us more money”. It’s just flat out bullshit. Ruddy, MAYBE could have pulled it off. This lying vile leader? No.

    At the end of the day, Labor (Rudd Labor mostly) may have done a decent job in the economy, getting us throo the GFC, bringing in the NBN, (tho if Gonski and DisCare was so important, why wasn’t it done sooner, they have been there for 7 years) but they have been terrible at GOVERNING. Governing is about hope and inspiration and ideas and hopes for the future and encouragement and TRUST all that soft motherhood stuff (IMHO) which is JUST AS IMPORTANT as making the economy run along tickety-boo. As a GOVERNMENT, they have been absolutely terrible. Hated John Howard, knew exactly what he stood for tho. NO idea with this mob. And politicians are only now realising that they can no longer lie to the public. They are too switched on, too informed, too connected for that to fly anymore. For proof see Abbott’s budget response. He’s twigged.”

    Goodbye Gillard Labor. Its been sucky. I’ll be working hard to fix the party for 2013.

  119. Fed up

    Mark, I have glanced through what you have written. I acknowledge that you are entitled to your views, but I find myself in disagreement with all you have said.

    I could list why, but at the end of the day, you will still b not agree.

    Not one point holds water

  120. Steven Subhash James

    mark… blah blah blah… get over it !

  121. Roswell

    Cuppa, I only visit a few blogs. Haven’t bothered with Twitter or Facebook as I’m only partially interested in politics.

    Science is my passion. Astronomy and archaeology mainly. Plus cryptozoology. Plus aliens. 😉

  122. Because we are naive.

    Mark said the last straw was when “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead” ended up being a lie.

    “Yet not one point holds water” you say? So are you trying to say Fed Up? Julia Gillard never said this? Maybe some of his other points are questionable, but to say you only glanced what he said, but none of it holds water is completely arrogant. It seems to be a case of your way or the highway, broaden your views and don’t just turn a blind eye to his point(s) because they don’t agree with your view. Some of his points are valid, you just can’t see his perspective in this argument.

    In doing this, you end up being locked down one path, even if that path ends up being the wrong one later.

  123. Fed up

    Mark, the PM did indeed say that, adding that she would be dealing with carbon emission with a market base costing on the emissions. Yes, that was the second half which is left off. We do not have a carbon tax.

    Same for most of your other concerns, they have been refuted so often on these sites, that I cannot face going through the exercise again. Just go through the archives here, and over at the Cafe. All will be revealed. There are much more interesting things to talk about now,

    I will also remind you, Rudd was deposed, because he lost the confidence of his political party. His behavior since, suggests that Labor MPs got it right. Many leaders have been deposed the same way. The PM has on more than one occasion, had the vote tested.

    As for Gonski and NDIS, they have been in the pipeline for the last few years. All the necessary work has been done to bring them to fruition. It is not like this PM has not been bringing in, and getting passed much important leglisatiojn. There is even so much, a woman PM can do.

    Are you sure, your biggest complaint, is, that the PM is a woman.

    As I said, you are entitled to your view. I am just saying, I find many of them flawed.

    The hardest one I find hard to accept, is that this PM does not represent

    No one is condemning the PM major policies at this time. In fact,, time after time, we hear they are sound., The complaint seems to be, she cannot sell them.

    The other is that one that claims to be a lifelong Labor and union member could ever vote for Abbott. no matter how bad they see the PM. Just does not add up for me.

    Personally, I find NBNco, CEF, Gonski, NDIS and FWA are exactly what this country needs to take our place in the Asian Century. Yes, all are investment in infrastructure, for the future. Yes, I do believe that the input into super has to increase,.

    As leading employers have said, there is nothing wrong with Labors paid parent leave.

    What do we have from Abbott, PPL and Direct Action. You would have to support these, it you cannot bring yourself to vote for Labor. Not a pretty picture.

    Not that happy about the way we are dealing with asylum seekers.

    Not that happy about some of the middle/upper income earners handouts that remain.

    Would love to see more done to block the tax loop holes that exist. Maybe that is why there are to be 500 in the taxation office.

    Mark, much of what you reject are good policies.

    Mark, I am just saying, I strongly disagree with much of your beliefs. Sorry, could not help myself, said I was not going to reply.

  124. Fed up

    “Because”, it does not hold water, because the comment is simply not true. No need to widen ones mind when faced with a lie.

  125. cuppa

    I’ve seen Fed up bat away dozens of the same old repertoire of Liberal talking points day after day. Entirely understandable if she’s fatigued or losing patience.

  126. Fed up

    cuppa, maybe this time, it is my own fault. I did ask him, and he has put up a decent list, with no abuse.

    Yes, it is still the same tired Liberal talking points. There is so much to talk about, what is happening now. Just wish they would move on.

    Wish they would try and convince us how good Abbott is.

  127. Steven Subhash James

    well they can try to convince us how good abbott is, but it will be a waste of time.. we know evil when we see it !

  128. Robbie

    Mark. You have some good points there. You agree with the funding for the NDIS (even if she said she wouldn’t pay for it throught the medicare levy). Lets punish Gillard for all the things she sais she wouldn’t & did! She did ‘survive’ when Abbott said she wouldn’t/couldn’t/oughtn’t etc… She rules with a minority government & the support of the Independents (who said the Parliament never had such good debates & negotiations for new laws tabled) Politics is the art of the possible: not simply relying on what you say you will or will not do, but on achieving outcomes that are fair and equitable for all. So lets punish Julia (The bitch won’t lay down and die: Abbott) So who will be punishing whom? You want Abbott to replace her because you want to punisg Julia? Do you settle a dispute with your neighbour by burning down your own house? Sure Rudd lost the support of caucaus. But did he step up to the plate when Crean made room for him to do so? He didn’t have the numbers/courage to do so. Very disappointing the lack of courage (Never did have much of that.) Julia has had to go on in the face of brutal personal attacks, left/right and centre. From within and without. The media, the Opposition, you name it, she had it thrown at her. Good, I hear you say: she deserved it for doing to Rudd what was done. But do we deserve Abbott? Really reward him with the ‘top job’? What has he done to deserve that? Does Murdoch deserve to be rewarded for pushing Abbott to the front? Do the shock-jocks deserve to be rewarded for their bile? Look at who wins/who loses! People have short comings/faults/flaws, but it will be over my dead body before I reward Abbott/Murdoch/Rhinehart for the dismantling of our country for they selfish interests.

  129. Steven Subhash James

    good on you robbie

  130. Fed up

    Another lie of Abbott today. He claimed that the carbon tax has destroyed the aluminium industry. When the tax goes, the industry will come back.

    I do not believe that to be true. The problem is that the industry here has not kept up with new technology.

    The way one produces the metal is completely new. The new technology means cheaper production, much less power usage, and factories many times cheaper to build.

    Putting a price on carbon emissions has actually led cheaper, cleaner and higher productivity production of aluminium.

    Industry here has not kept up.

  131. Fed up

    cuppa, cannot help on this site.

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