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So this is what it feels like to be ruled

Whether it was Joh Bjelke-Petersen saying “Don’t you worry about that” or Tony Abbott saying “The adults are back in charge”, the comfort of handing over the reins just isn’t there.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would love to sit back, knowing that clear heads and steady hands were steering the ship, that lookouts were warning us about icebergs and bad weather ahead, secure in the knowledge that, if something unforeseen should happen, a spot in the lifeboat awaits with a short period of discomfort before being rescued.

I would like to think that we are being governed by people of integrity who base their decisions on the best expert advice available to further the interests of society at large.  People who saw themselves as the guardians of our common wealth and recognised that includes our environment, our way of life, and our reputation as a responsible global citizen.  People who see the needs of society as more important than the fiscal balance, who raise revenue from those most able to pay, and who prioritise spending to best satisfy our needs and wants.  People who understand the threat posed by climate change and income inequality.  People I can respect, admire, and most importantly, trust.

Which is perhaps why I have been feeling uneasy.  Actually it has gone way past uneasy – threatened would be a more appropriate description.

We are being ruled by people who want to be remembered, not for any public legacy, but for being “open for business”.  They are systematically peeling back all protection against the rampant greed of global corporations at the behest of their donors and their lobbyists and foreign governments.

Tony Abbott has mistaken the IPA for an independent advisory body and is assiduously working his way through the wish list prepared by those who fund this “think tank”.

We are being ruled by a man who destroys his opponents.

Tony ended up in court several times during university days, always accompanied by a high-powered legal team.  Even when the police were witness to his destruction of public property, no conviction was recorded.

When Pauline Hanson posed a threat by dividing the conservative vote, Tony organised a slush fund to destroy her, funding the legal action that saw her go to gaol, the conviction later being quashed.

His politically motivated relentless pursuit of Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper for relatively minor misdemeanours has destroyed both men’s lives and left them with serious mental health issues.  The fact that Tony and many of his party have been guilty of greater indiscretions appears to escape him in his lust for power.

awuRather than engaging in an honest contest of ideas, Abbott, in a move reminiscent of J Edgar Hoover, compiled a dirt file about Julia Gillard’s past, and proceeded to waste years in parliament accusing her of criminal activity, insisting, as he did with Thomson and Slipper, that police spend precious time investigating.  After intense investigation and grilling by the Royal Commission, Ms Gillard was found to have done nothing wrong.

With hundreds of millions being spent on media monitoring and metadata retention, we can expect this tactic to be employed more often.

Motivated by nothing but political retribution, Abbott is happy to spend tens of millions on witch hunts like the Royal Commissions designed to destroy Gillard and Rudd, yet he resists such an investigation into children in detention.   He made the unprecedented decision to make cabinet documents available to the RC into pink bats.  One wonders if Labor would do likewise for an investigation into the involvement of Coalition MPs in the attempt to bring down a democratically elected government otherwise known as Ashbygate.

Whether it be climate change or asylum seekers, Abbott ridicules reports from experts criticising this government’s actions and attacks the messengers.  The UN is talking through its hat and we are sick of their lecturing, Gillian Triggs is a Labor Party stooge, Save the Children workers are lying political activists trying to provoke criticism of our immigration policies, and Barak Obama was “misinformed” about the reef.

Public servants have been gagged, threatened with the sack if they criticise government policy.  Journalists face gaol if they report on sensitive government operations.  NGOs who are critical soon find their funding disappears.  Ministers are told when they may speak, what they may say, and to whom.  All department heads appointed by the Gillard government are being sacked, losing decades of valuable experience and expertise.

Unions have been vilified and undermined with the actions of a few being apportioned to all.  Unless you happen to be a friend of Tony’s that is.  Despite the evidence mounting up against his darling whistleblower, Kathy Jackson remains at large living the millionaire lifestyle.

Any pretence of transparency, accountability, and budget honesty has been abandoned.

The blue books offering advice to the incoming government were withheld.  Freedom of information requests are denied.  Ministers refuse to publish their diaries.  Journalists are denied access to detention camps and information about asylum seekers is withheld.  Free Trade negotiations are carried out in secret and cost benefit analyses and tender information are deemed “commercial in confidence”.

Previous reports and reviews have been discarded with hand-picked people commissioned to do new ones, the only selection criteria being you must be a climate change denier who favours big business, IPA membership preferred.  The government maintains editorial rights to reports and will exclude any findings they choose.  Advice about taxation reform is sought from the big four accounting firms and the superannuation companies call the shots about their tax concessions.  The banks and mining companies continue to make record profits whilst receiving government subsidies.

PEFO has been totally ignored with Abbott insisting that Labor left a deficit of $48 billion and a debt of $667 billion – a claim that earned him the Golden Zombie Award from ABC Fact Check which the Australian Broadcasting Corporation gives to the year’s most persistent falsehood that, “despite being killed off by fact-checkers, lurches back to life.”  It will look good on the mantelpiece next to his Colossal Fossil award.

Despite the finding of widespread corruption exposed by ICAC, the two major parties resist the call for a federal ICAC and the disclosure of fundraising by Joe Hockey’s North Sydney Forum got Fairfax sued.

The independence of bodies such as Infrastructure Australia, NBNco, and the Human Rights Commission has been under attack with people sacked and advice ignored in pursuit of a political agenda.  Others such as the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, the Australian National Preventative Health Agency, the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, and the Climate Commission have been defunded.

We are also seeing the wholesale offloading of our assets so Tony can temporarily make his budget bottom line look better.  In so doing he is denying a revenue stream to future generations for his short term political gain.

Everyone from the IMF to the Pope have identified climate change and rising income inequality as two of the greatest threats facing humanity.  Others would argue that peak resources and overpopulation pose more urgent threats.  The Pope is similarly vocal, as is the UN, on the need to help and show compassion to the millions of displaced people in the world.  On all these global problems our government is either mute or actively working against the world effort.

We are not being governed by altruistic enlightened representatives of the people.  Rather we are being ruled by self-serving lobbyists for big business whose vision only extends to the next election and whose method is whatever it takes.


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  1. babyjewels10

    How did we get ourselves into this mess?

  2. BJWard

    Dumb. Just dumb. And gullible (not me, though. This was all pretty obvious as soon as Abbott usurped the COALition leadership.)

  3. townsvilleblog

    In my living memory, I’m 59 I have never experienced a worse more ultra right wing anti-people government the first government I was aware of was Billy McMahon’s LNP government.

  4. flohri1754

    Exactly …. exactly why I dislike the current government in its entirety ….. 2013 to 2016 (if it goes full term) will go down in history as some of the most damaging, wasteful years in the annuals of Australian Federation …..

  5. townsvilleblog

    How we got ourselves into this is a long story, it starts with two AWU stooges by the names of Bill Shorten and Paul Howes who with others conspired to de-throne two first term sitting Labor Prime Ministers thus providing the impression that the ALP was in crisis, the enter our worst PM in history.

  6. Pudd'nhead

    Abbott is merely the gate opener. The wolves were there hiding in the grass outside the gate and he ushered them in to
    share with him, the carcass of what was once our beautiful (and caring) mother. Hands up those who voted to let the wolf have his way.

  7. Blanik

    We are not being ruled, we are being owned! Not just by the LNP, but I suspect that the ALP will be the same.

  8. Loz

    If this was a Labour government the msm would be bringing them down and the media are cowards for not
    bringing them to account. They are the most incompetent and dangerous government that Australia has had the misfortune to experience. They are taking us down a very dark road.

  9. diannaart

    Kaye Lee speaks with values that are near extinction; truth, honesty and dare I say integrity? – well I just did.

    People will fondly remember truth, facts and well reasoned investigation as a quaint ideas lost in the misty past.

    Before Abbott’s Authority, BAA!

  10. Kyran

    I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the neighbours were playing grunge music extolling the virtues of suicide (I kid you not!). Notwithstanding the serenade, I thought it would be a good day. Having read your article, I might ask the neighbours if I can borrow their Cd.
    When the inequity is as rampant as it is, I fear for the inevitable correction. When the majority are treated with such contempt and the minority regard themselves as above reproach, history has many valuable lessons. I can’t think of any that were ‘pretty’.
    By the way, I am not advocating self harm or insurrection. I thought the co-incidence was worthy of comment. As always, I admire your vigilance. Take care

  11. CMMC

    I mentioned this before, but prices of computers and gadgets are about to rise due to the falling $AU, at 75 cents to the $US and expected to drop to the region of 50 cents.

    Banana Republic, Keating warned about it but Abbott has delivered it.

  12. Florence nee Fedup


  13. Kaye Lee

    When speaking of awards, it would be remiss of me to leave out the Ernie Awards for Australia’s top sexist.

    And our winner is……

    Christopher Pyne, who won for claiming that increases in uni fees won’t disproportionately affect women because “women are well represented amongst the teaching and nursing students. They will not be able to earn the high incomes that dentists and lawyers will earn.”

    Dishonourable mention went to Eric Abetz for suggesting breast cancer was linked to abortion; and Matthias Cormann on the advancement of women in the Coalition: “We’re not going to get distracted by these sorts of, what I would say are side issues.”

    The Prime Minister was nominated for a record eighth time, earning him the Clinton for repeat offenders

  14. Kaye Lee

    “A coalition of 190 Non Government Organisations (NGOs) have warned the United Nations that Australia’s human rights performance is “steadily deteriorating” and handed a range of recommendations to the international body, including that the Australian Human Rights Commission have its powers increased and independence strengthened.

    In a submission to the UN’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) the organisations highlighted a range of areas where Australia was failing to make progress or regressing, including asylum seeker rights, government consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, police related deaths, poverty and homelessness.”

    They’re gonna be in twubble

  15. Florence nee Fedup

    I see that Abbott has refuse to set up coordinating body to deal with compensation to victims of institutional sexual child abuse.

    The government replied with two and half page, saying no.

    The argument is, not their responsibility.

    Keep on mind, the government was not being ask to provide the compensation money, only to coordinate system of payments. Truth is, the Federal government is the only body with po3wers to do so.

    Abbott states it was up to the institutions to pay. Why he said this, is beyond me. He was not being asked to pay. All agree it is responsibility of those found guilty.

    The alternate is, I believe, is for individual victims to go through court system. Suspect will cost government more in the long run., Also more unnecessary suffering for victims.

    Abbott would have got rid of this RC is he could. Thankfully Gillard set it up in a way he could not.

    At the same time, he has extended TURC which is proving to be a flop, revealing nothing new, except their beloved whistler blower, is the biggest criminal of the lot.

  16. M-R

    @Blanik, you’re right. When The Rabble Of Wicked Children is put to bed next year, the behaviour will continue to be bad. Not that the ALP has no good people; but because the ALP is frozen in exactly the same moment – refusal to dismiss its ‘leader’.
    And, @townsvilleblog, that’s because you too are right: they feel they can’t do it a third time.
    If only they would do it NOW, they COULD get away with it. Rissole the King-un-maker, for the sake of all the gods ! Get rid of Shorten, and give us someone else.
    My vote is Bowen; but I’d be just as happy with Wong …

  17. RatMatrix

    Until Abbott is delivered some SERIOUS payback, it will continue to treat it’s perceived enemies as fair game and ruin those lives, treating the whole thing like some school yard game. Is Slipper suing Abbott, Ashby and Pyne? Is Gillard suing and/or claiming damages? Will Thomson ever get Abbott in his sights and make the bastard pay?
    This “turning the other cheek” bullshit is just that – bullshit.
    Until Abbott is made to PAY and pay severely for it’s behaviour, it will continue to act the rancid turd it is.

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  19. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Thoughts of the French Revolution spring to mind! And Madame Desfarges with her knitting!
    And I agree with M_R and RatMatrix – Shorten is not a leader who can inspire confidence so we need someone with conviction who can ensure that our government moves further left.
    Meanwhile we are becoming the world’s laughing stock in retaining a Prime Minister recognised by all as a fool and, as pointed out already, who is developing – if that is the right word – policies which run counter to what are seen as necessary in the rest of the developed world.
    Before Abbott, and despite all his talking down our economy while in opposition, we were the envy of the OECD.
    Now we are the butt of jokes internationally!

  20. Kaye Lee

    In a confronting submission to the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance, Lock describes a system under which the tax office is outgunned and overwhelmed and the highly paid experts advising the major corporations thrive – and that was before he and several hundred other technical experts on big business taxation left as the public service job cuts hit. He sees the situation as so serious he proposes that it be investigated by a royal commission.

  21. Kaye Lee

    While moves from the Abbott government to cut the Renewable Energy Target (RET) caused investment in large-scale renewables to plummet by 88 per cent last year, and drove an overall drop off of 35 per cent, global investment grew by $270 billion.

    On the world stage, renewables made up nearly half of net growth in power capacity last year and the $270 billion of investment added 103 gigawatts (GW) of generation capacity world-wide, which UNEP said is equal to all 158 nuclear reactors in the USA.

    UN Report Highlights How Australia Is Missing Out On Global Renewables Boom

  22. mars08

    If Abbott and his cabinet cronies are so despicable, so corrupt, so arrogant, so cruel and abhorrent… surely it would be easy (and practically unavoidable) for an opposition leader to demolish the government. Or is the Coalition not as terrible for Australia as some here seem to believe?

  23. diannaart

    @mars08, maybe Bill Shorten has the answer?

  24. eli nes

    surprised gillard’s advisers didn’t write in this style beginning jan 2010 or any laborite, sometime in the last 4 years!!!
    Sadly billy and plibby cannot read kaye lee’s causeries, in case such subversive opposition-like ideas, conflict with their plan and cause confusion.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Perhaps I am blind to the good they do. When they say we stopped the boats, I ask what have they done to help refugees? When they say we got rid of the carbon tax, I ask what they are doing to reduce emissions? When they say they got rid of the mining tax, I ask why? When they say they have the budget back on the road to a believable surplus I say bullshit. But I am willing to be enlightened if someone can think of something that is ACTUALLY good that they have done.

  26. Möbius Ecko


    Let’s correct that headline by The Guardian. “multinationals-are-avoiding-billions-in-tax-and-the-coalition-has-a-clear-solution-to-help-them-avoid-billions-more”

  27. Resblah

    Abbott is a nothing short of a criminal for no other reason than BSing his way into the job (as well as a myriad of others of course).

    Anyone who attempts something like tht in the real world is sacked on the spot

    You would think that there would be a pretty serious case for treason and/or sedition to made against the whole stinking lot if them – that would be justice, but only on our dreams…

  28. Kaye Lee

    Oh, I forgot the free trade agreements. The one with Japan is costing us $1.6 billion over the forward estimates. One might wonder why, after years of negotiation, everyone was so ready to sign all of a sudden.

  29. Möbius Ecko

    Kaye Lee the answer I constantly get back, and it’s the by far the one most given, is “they stopped the boats”. They say it as though it’s the greatest achievement of any government in the history of this country and they always say it by comparing it to Labor’s boats figures and the thousands of drownings this compassionate government supposedly prevented.

    They never look at or take heed of the boat arrival figures leading up to and after the election when Labor’s woeful and shameful policy was still in effect.

    They never mention the obscene amount of money it’s costing, the huge amount of resources and the blanket secrecy that if given to any policy would make it a success.

    And finally they never mention the long term human tragedy and damaged lives this policy is costing.

    But hey, it’s the Abbott government’s greatest policy success by far. That they can almost exclusively come up with that as being this governments most successful policy says a lot about how much of a failure this government is.

    I could apply the same rationale to the policy they quote as being the next big success. Abbott got rid of the carbon tax. You don’t need to dig deep to find how much of a failure that has been and the long term damage and cost to this country it is causing, damage that is only just starting and already measurable. And that’s before other nations start treating us as a pariah and impose penalties as some are threatening to.

  30. mars08

    Kaye Lee… unfortunately, when it comes to asylum seekers, mining tax and free trade agreements… hardly any current federal politician has acted honourably…

  31. Terry2

    Abbott attended Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral in company with other regional and world leaders. Normally these gatherings allow leaders to do a little one-on-one networking to sort out any niggling problems they may have.

    Joko Widodo was also there but there is no evidence that Abbott and Widodo got together to try and get the bilateral relationship back on the rails. That doesn’t augur well for the boys on death row.

  32. Bronte ALLAN

    Yeah, this incompetent lying toe rag Abbot is right! The “adults are back in the Asylum” NOT the parliament! I have NEVER, in my lifetime heard so many lies, broken promises, & witnessed such rampant mismanagement, incompetence & wealthy class favouratism, as I have with this mob in power! Sack the bloody lot of them!

  33. Florence nee Fedup

    Being ruled or being rooned.

  34. Mic the Heretic

    Why do I get the distinct feeling that “Anthony John ‘Tony’ Abbott” = “Lafayette Ronald ‘Ron’ Hubbard” but without the alleged charisma?

  35. gangey1959

    Way back in 1912 “We stopped the boat” is what one iceberg said to anyone who would listen, and look at the global horror of that event.
    M-R and RatMatrix. Right on. We need to piss Abbott and his ilk off NOW. Hard, fast, and in screaming personal and public agony.
    Before they can work out between themselves how to make the next GE impossible to hold as a matter of National Security, and sell us all off to the labour camps.
    I’m buggered if I’m going to be made into Soylent Green

  36. stephentardrew

    Elizabeth Warren’s observations are well and truly relevant to Australia.

    They started thirty years ago and the vile reprobate of corporate greed, Abbott, is the zenith in Australia of supply side economics, neo-conservatism and economic rationalism.

    They have completely lost their moral compass while media sycophants genuflect in awe at power and greed.

    If you told me decades ago that we would end up here today I would not have believed it.

    Well folks here we are.

    Welcome to your nightmare.

  37. stephentardrew

    Mic: Hubbard was a devious lying manipulator with delusions of grandeur exploited by a consummate conman.

    Abbott is simply a sycophant with delusions of grandeur, a brittle facade and a propensity for bare faced lying.

    Hubbard made up creative stories, ridiculous as they were, whereas Abbott lives by unbending ideological dogma twisted to meet his own self-interest and greed.

    Subtlety passes over Abbott’s thick head like a puff of smoke in the wind.


  38. Florence nee Fedup

    There is only one way Abbott and his ilk can be made to pay. That is to be thrown out by the voter. Nothing to do with Labor or Shorten. We the voter have to do it.

    Is doable, believe it or not.

  39. Florence nee Fedup

    Mobius, every time we hear from Abbott and his cronies what he has done, we challenge everywhere we can. Whether Shorten is up to it or not is debatable. Even the greatest leader can do little, unless we the voter kick up a fuss that be heard all the way in polls, and in Abbott’s office.

    We have plenty of bullets to fire. All of them facts.

  40. Trevor

    Thank Kaye Lee. How did Australia get here? By virtue of a shitstem corrupted from its constitutional birth to the Lyinglowlife Abbott as PM. Australia has had some duds foisted by the Labor and Liberal/ country/national parties in the sick game of political subterfuge quaintly known as Australian Democracy. But daily the horrors mount, the costs to social cohesion and wholesale dismantling of years of hardwon societal needs. Instead the haters rejoice and Abbott’s rabble dissect and dishonour with no regard to those they are bound to serve, the Australian Electorate. In place now is a corporate thievery unseen and gravy train riders gouging public funds while lying and dissembling and obstificating where once a speck of honour and integrity made itself known. Now Australia sees to its communal cost the false hope of democracy aborted at Constitutional birth. Previous decades and generations copped the false premise that being ruled by the affluent effluent was accepted dogma and practice. Now Abbott and his rabble just shit on everything and everyone with a narrative unbeliavable and ill informed with twists, backflips, and all manner of manipulated discourse defing any logical explanation other than the Abbott rabble govern for only themselves. The media are derelict and remain serially ineffective by design or chance. Australia is being sacked before our eyes and all we get to see is the level of impotence that reflects the false hopes from constitutional abortion at birth. Too late to hope Labor may help as shorten is the problem not a solution. The political class of professional liars, thieves, spivs, rent seekers leaves little hope for worthwhile change from within and everyday new laws to stop those from without acting for worthwhile change. Vale Australia.

  41. Pudd'nhead

    Stephentardrew – Abbottt doesn’t give a fig for subtlety. He is presently top rooster in a virtually henless chook-house. It seems that the cockerels that surround him agree or have no control over him and he will go on making grandiose statements while cornering any critic who can be silenced. I often wonder why the government bill for Pauline Hanson’s claims for illegal detention wasn’t forwarded on to Tone. Perhaps a future Labor government may be able to help bring home to Tone that using the court for political gain or to worry your critics is open to all parties. I hope Labor will refuse that line of thought but have a feeling that the future has a warning in store for today’s litigiously inclined.

  42. mark delmege

    Three cheers for all the Hockey mums (and dads) who voted in these clowns

  43. Franny Priest (@Franny_Priest)

    Tony Abbott is a frightening, frightening madman. I spoke to a lobby group on the streets of canberra the other day and one of the guys told me that the anger on the streets against this government is unbelievable but no one has any power over this fascist. Also, just as Hitler operated, no man can do this to a country without the willing cooperation of many sycophants. THAT is the truly frightening part of this whole sad, scary episode in Australian history.

  44. John

    Well Kaye, that sums up the horrible state of affairs pretty nicely.

  45. lawrencewinder

    This is not a government, it’s a ruling rabble. The Coots-with-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe (IPA) are in charge of the agenda to lay waste to anything that looks like social equity and a balanced humanity.
    That Rabid -the-Hun is fortifying his office in Parliament is indication enough that hatred is rising.

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  47. Roswell

    A rabble is spot on, Lawrence. A complete and utter rabble. The level of incompetence is breathtaking.

  48. Awabakal

    This is a guide to the anti-social LNP’s latest attack on civil workers’ rights:
    Agreements have been stripped – no consultations; entitlements shifted in policy; policy can be changed at any time without consultation.
    Reduced job security by weakening current redeployment options and regional jobs protections.
    Increased working hours resulting in pay-cut to the hourly rate; increase to the end-of-day working hours; reduced access to shift allowance; reduced employee consultation procedures for working hour patterns and standard hours of work.
    Union delegate representation removed.
    Employee issues tending to terminate rather than negotiate employment; protections removed.

    And that is just for starters.

  49. Brad

    We got into this mess because a well known autocrat has been tampering in the underclothes of Australian politics. A better question would be how to limit its influence. Tony Abbott would be seated on the back bench if it hadn’t been for media intervention.

  50. Terry2

    Today’s Weekend Australian is targeting Labor as having no policies and focusing on Abbott’s personal recovery in the polls. Strange that they would expect an opposition to lay out detailed policies when 18 months out from an election. Have they looked at the coalition’s policies prior to the last election – apart from repealing legislation and diminishing revenue sources, there was nothing.

    I know I’m preaching to the converted but do they not accept that it was Labor who have been targeting profit shifting by multi- nationals and calling for a review of superannuation concessions to the top end of town ; both areas that the coalition discounted initially but seem now to be reluctantly taking onboard although Abbott has distanced himself from any “tampering” with superannuation.

    For a government that tells us it is all about small government and relaxed regulation I can’t think of a previous administration – should that be regime ? – that has been more intrusive or more invasive in our daily lives.

  51. Keitha Granville

    I sent the article to my MP (Lib, Lyons,TAS) for comment. His reply – “My only response would be, to not believe everything you read.

    Our Prime Minister is a good, decent and humble man. ”

    What can I say ?

  52. Andreas Bimba

    A really good article Kaye, I think one of your best. The Coalition are a disgrace yet nearly half the nation still want to vote for them. It can’t just be bigotry the mass media and advertising money to blame?

    Things are going to get interesting in the ALP soon and we will see whether they can improve. The Greens should win in a landslide now but 80 to 90% of the electorate still don’t want to vote for them. There must be a strong disconnect between AIMN world and suburbia??

  53. Kaye Lee

    I would be interested to know which parts of the article are not to be believed. And if that is the best he can do to explain their vision, no wonder they are in trouble.

  54. Florence nee Fedup

    Keitha, send it back. Ask him what is not true.

  55. Pudd'nhead

    If you believe that only the money accumulators have the wisdom to direct Australia’s path through the years;if you believe that your country’s trade systems are too complex for ordinary Australian to comprehend and thus need be declared “commercial in confidence” to prevent minds with sticky hands from gleaning the import of any such trade system; if you enjoy seeing Australia’s manufacturing capacity nobbled by withdrawal of government encouragement (e.g. solar energy, motor industry etc.) if you believe that those that speak on behalf of pensioners, workers, including the lowly paid and so called “illegal entrants” should be ignored or controlled to eliminate their effect;if you believe that publicly any form of personal derogation and insulting speech should be legally okay; if you believe that access to education is singularly the right of the moneyed classes;if you believe that only religious advisers are appropriate as school counsellors; if you believe that those who control the press should have more say as to how the country should be run than your every-day Australian and if you believe that we as a nation are not competent enough to arrange our own governance without Royal oversight and a glorious set of regal rewards; if you believe that unheralded refuge seekers who come to Australia by frail sea craft have performed an illegal act; if you can’t cry when you see the unnecessary destruction of the Australian democracy that had been built with care and lauded world wide over the years, then Abbott is your man. Did we really need this pseudo saviour?

  56. Kaye Lee

    If you believe making rich people richer will benefit the majority, those of us whose toil creates their wealth and who are the consumers who spend our meagre incomes to provide their markets, then Abbott is your man. He has a plan and the pamphlet to prove it, though with the number of broken promises contained in the pamphlet it may have been erased from history. For the dot point version see the IPA list.

  57. mark wells

    Whilst I agree with the summation of Abbott and the reprehensible pack of sycophants he leads, the major issue for me is with our somewhat skewed system, where when it comes down to the wire only Labor or LNP are the parties who form the governments.

    Labor is just as morally bankrupt as their opponents, just look at the repressive legislation they have joined the coalition to pass. They were/are gung ho about signing the TPP. Labor Right is just as ignorant about how the vast percentage of voters live. They have no one who can actually inspire the electorate or has even tried. The likes of Doug Cameron are few and far between. If they were honest their name should be Laboral.

    A pox on both their houses. We need a new political paradigm which does not include the dinosaurs currently doing the two party foxtrot.

  58. mark delmege

    Mark Wells I heard Cameron’s Afghanistan speech. It was a pathetic kneel down before zod offering of the worst order. During that exercise even one of the Green’s speech went blank on the airways – as if the powers that be were preventing any criticism of this longest war ever disaster being discussed in our halls of shame. We don’t need more Doug Cameron’s, we need less of them. Less fake hero’s but more men and women of substance and dignity. In my life time only Whitlam was not a Satrap and I see no bright prospects in the pipeline. We are a quisling country with a quisling media and representatives and I doubt that we will ever advance far with this mentality.

    But yes you are right ‘We need a new political paradigm’ .

  59. mark wells

    Mark Delmage, I will have to look up Cameron’s speech, apart from that I agree with everything you say. Whitlam was the last true leader we have had politically. I only hope the next visionary and charismatic leader comes from the Left as the Conservatives of both parties no longer have anything to offer the average citizen except for subjugation.

  60. Pudd'nhead

    I have just watched Mathias Cormann’s 7.30 interview and watched his eyes carefully. In the two to three minutes the interview lasted he did not physically blink once. Apart from his dependence on the need to criticize the long gone Labor government as the font of all economic evils now faced by he and his friends and his unwillingness to reveal secret LNP plans to cure all ills what does his eye-lid control say about him? I know it looked kinda weird but not being trained in psychology or any other human science that would allow me to give a value to the lack of eye-lid movement I throw myself into the arena and ask for your take on this strange lack.

  61. helvityni

    Pudd’nhead, I never study the Liberal politicians too closely, I can’t bear to look at them very long…
    I thought he came across as somewhat unhappy, he’s usually a bit more up beat.

  62. Terry2

    Most unusual interview with Corman: he was asked reasonable questions but was vague and evasive and as noted, he reverted to labor’s supposed debt and deficit disaster to get around difficult situations of the Liberal’s own making..

    I think that fundamentally he is a good man but he seems to be showing signs of desperation at having to trot out the Liberal mantras but with no answer to basic questions on economic management.

    As I write, Peter Dutton is about to speak with Fran Kelly – this is going to be painful !

  63. Kaye Lee

    Cormann reminds me of one of those dolls where you pull out the string and it repeats a few phrases over and over regardless of the question asked. He is an expert at motherhood statements. Kellie O’Dwyer was likewise doing the intergenerational report debt trajectory on Q&A. It is such rubbish to talk about a supposed debt in 40 years time and it is even more rubbish to blame it on Labor when it is based on Hockey’s MYEFO.

  64. Florence nee Fedup

    The interview with Cormann was in no way abnormal. That is the norm for him. What might have been different, he was actually asked questions. Told when he was not answering.

  65. helvityni

    Kaye Lee, Cormann is like a puppet on the strings, I feel the same way about Julie Bishop, the talk, the walk ,the smile….

  66. Pudd'nhead

    Amateur theatre rehearsals are commonly a drag but I can visualize Ms Credlin, stage front, running her actors through their lines for the day. I imagine she would wind up the session by encouraging her cast to remember,”When you say Labor dunnit please adopt a serious mien and emphasize the word Labor. You may add to your performance if you can imply Labor’s wickedness as economic wasters, uncaring dolts and if pressed for explanation advise your interrogator that we have the plan. Ignore requests for elaboration on the plan. That is scripted to your lead player and we do not want to devalue the power of his performance. Only he can do that effectively. Thank you players.” (Exit disillusioned grim faced actors).

  67. jimhaz

    [We are being ruled by a man who destroys his opponents]

    I notice his jock swagger has been pronounced lately, since he survived being nearly booted out of the cheats team.
    His sense of self-importance is overflowing.

  68. mark delmege

    Thanks Pudd’n I like that.

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