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Sixteen years later and the contemptuous Peter Dutton is still making the same speech

It was only seven months ago that Greg Hunt, Michael Sukkar and Alan Tudge, under threat of contempt of court charges, made an unconditional apology to Victoria’s Supreme Court for comments critical of terrorism sentencing.

In comments that were published in The Australian newspaper, Mr Hunt accused the Victorian legal system of becoming a forum for “ideological experiments”, Mr Sukkar said the judiciary should focus more on victims and less on terrorists’ rights, while Mr Tudge said some judges were “divorced from reality”.

Chief Justice Warren said the court was “gravely concerned” there was a prima facie case that the ministers and The Australian had committed contempt.

“There is one matter we emphasise,” she said.

“The court has accepted in this instance the apologies and retractions proffered. It should not have come to this, namely two court hearings.

“But for the apologies and retractions we would have referred the groups, namely the ministers and The Australian … for prosecution for contempt of Court.”

So how come Peter Dutton is not facing similar censure for saying there was a “problem with some of the judges and magistrates that Daniel Andrews has appointed” who were wrongly allowing bail and imposing “very soft sentences” in the name of political correctness.

And this is not the first time he has made such comments.

When Dutton gave his first speech in parliament on 13th February 2002, he expressed similar disdain for the judiciary and for civil rights in general.

“… as a police officer. I have seen the sickening behaviour displayed by people who, frankly, barely justify their existence in our sometimes over tolerant society.

In society today we are experiencing unacceptable crime rates, causing older Australians to barricade themselves in their homes, all in the name of safety.

The fight for a better place in which to live is today made even more difficult for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that the boisterous minority and the politically correct seem to have a disproportionate say in public debate today. Australians are fed up with the Civil Liberties Council-otherwise known as the criminal lawyers media operative – who appear obsessed with the rights of criminals yet do not utter a word of understanding or compassion for the victims of crime. Their motives are questionable and their hypocrisy breathtaking.

As leaders and representatives of this country, we must facilitate and inform debate, and not be deterred by those who would seek to drive their own hidden agendas.

The terrorist attacks and the attacks on our day-today lives by criminals who have complete disregard for common decency must be dealt with in a measured way. At this point in time it is stating the obvious that in my opinion the courts are not representing the views in the large of the broader community.

Time after time we see grossly inadequate sentences being delivered to criminals whose civil rights have far exceeded those of the victim and others in our society. This imbalance must be addressed, and for the sake of living standards and reasonable expectations for all Australians must be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

The Age reported the reaction of the legal fraternity to Dutton’s latest outburst.

The Law Institute of Victoria said it was “extremely concerned by the ongoing political attacks on Victorian judges, magistrates and the legal profession”.

“There is no place for political attacks on the judiciary and undermining the independence of our judges and magistrates,” the institute said.

The Judicial Conference of Australia also raised concerns about “repeated personal attacks on judges and magistrates”.

Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula said: “While Peter Dutton may enjoy going on Adelaide radio to take ill-informed pot shots at Victoria he has clearly not been paying attention. No Victorian government in recent memory has appointed more prosecutors and ex-prosecutors to our courts than this government.”

Obviously Turnbull is incapable of imposing any sort of discipline on this contemptuous creep.

Will the courts demand an apology?

Will they refer him for prosecution for holding them in contempt?

Does anyone still have the power to rein this man in?


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  1. Jaquix

    This will be a test of the courage of whoever it is that should be putting pressure on Dutton about these attacks on the judiciary on public radio. And in interviews as circulated on the internet by various media outlets. Who should that be? And how does the public get their outrage heard? Personally I think people are so used to Dutton being inappropriate, they are almost resigned to it. This as I said is a good test for someone!

  2. townsvilleblog

    For a bloke so concerned with living standards, it seems strange that this tory government has presided over five quarters of falling living standards, and then has the temerity to lecture others on what they should do.

  3. Frank Smith

    Dutton is a serial offender. Just refer “it” for prosecution as apologies from such as Dutton are meaningless.

  4. Jaquix

    Reading that maiden speech way back in 2002, I found was quite chilling. Nothing has changed. He has just risen to a position where he can wield an unprecedented amount of power, promoted enthusiastically apparently by a very weak Prime Minister, whose main aim in life is to cling to his own power. Giving Dutton the “Home Office” Monster Portfolio was a ploy to keep Dutton from being a contender as a replacement . The article by Ben Eltham published by NewMatilda this week, is a brilliant analysis of Turnbull’s character. Highly recommended.

  5. babyjewels10

    Dutton and the LNP wouldn’t exist without lies and fear mongering. And a gullible population.

  6. Cool Pete

    Dutton is a contemptuous being! And let us not forget his attack on the Queensland magistrate, who, quite rightly, only fined those brave young women $100 and didn’t record convictions over their protest at his electorate office. He is nothing more than a filthy, ignorant, racist, misogynist bastard!

  7. roma guerin

    His every utterance is designed to keep us watching our backs. How he must thrill to it. I’ll bet he has a minder reading everything and carefully compiling a file on us all.

  8. Cara Clark

    ………”the attacks on our day-today lives by criminals who have complete disregard for common decency “……. Oh the hypocrisy from the utterly contemptible Dutton.

  9. Kaye Lee


    The part that really got me was “As leaders and representatives of this country, we must facilitate and inform debate”

  10. lawrencewinder

    Hmmm… seems that Dodo Dutton has found some trivialities to mouth-off his tired, fascist, hobby-horse cant.
    I wonder how this mongrel’s going to feel as the chief witness at a judicial enquiry into defrauding of the Commonwealth within his tenure for immigration?

  11. John Higgins

    That picture of Dutton is perfect… if we could add sound, it would be the braying of a donkey … hee haw hee haw

  12. Matters Not

    Dutton is Turnbull’s Shogun – the de facto leader – who is a serious contender for the top job in name as well. Don’t laugh – we once thought that Abbott would never become PM. Dutton is prepared to set even lower benchmarks for political bastardy as he seeks centre stage. With the power he now has, look for a scare a day.

    PS, I see Roman’s son fronted Court on a drug’s charge:

    Officers detained him and found a clip-seal bag containing a “crystal-like” substance, which was found to be MDMA.

    No conviction was recorded and he did not comment as he walked out of court

    That no conviction was recorded should not come as a surprise. Sometimes being soft on crime is legitimate apparently. Besides he wasn’t black enough.

  13. Brian Wilder

    Charge him with Contempt of Courtt

  14. win jeavons

    Can anyone justify Dutton’s existence?Perhaps a fantasy novelist?

  15. Adrianne Haddow

    As Matters Not reported no charges recorded against Quadrivleg’s son.
    No law for them, only for the general public.
    When are Australians of all political allegiance going to wake up?
    These goons can be held in contempt of court and a lukewarm apology is all it takes…… for them to get off.
    Fascism stalks our country.

  16. stephengb2014

    When a government use fear as a means of garnering votes it means they think there are sufficient numbers of voters sympathetic to the fear factor to vote them back in power.

    What the hell does that say about Australians?

    I know exactly what it says!

    Dog you are a pathetic bunch of whimps

    S G B

  17. diannaart

    One could be forgiven for thinking there is little more to say about the snide and hypocritical Dutton… I fear what remains to be said…

  18. pierre wilkinson

    the courts are not large enough to hold the contempt we feel about Dutton

  19. Ricardo29

    Dutton certainly sounds contemptuous in his utterances and this contemptible grub is as much in contempt of court as his fellow grubs, Hunt, Sukkar and Tudge but, unlike them, he talks in generalities, not calling into question one particular judge or bench of judges. Consequently who, in the judiciary, can rein him in? No-one. It should, of course, be the Attorney General as the nation’s first law officer but with a new person in that position, particularly someone with less seniority than Mr Potato Head, that isn’t going to happen. Our Lawyer PM has the authority, but clearly not the willingness. Over to you, the voters of a Dixon.

  20. Matters Not

    Re Roman and his son’s conviction being non recorded. Note also:

    The Australian Border Force said it would not comment on any alleged matters that did not involve the organisation.

    Note it’s now any alleged matters even though the facts were established and guilt was admitted. But then again the concept of alternative facts is now just accepted as common sense. Seems like the Sarah Sanders’ explanation has now taken root.

    And the organisation has no responsible because their CEO is on (compulsory) leave.

  21. Cool Pete

    I hope Dutton finds himself up on a contempt charge.

  22. MikeW

    Yet another informative and well researched article Kaye Lee, thank you.
    Way, way off topic but a subject I know you are concerned about, our wonderful NBN.
    Well I don’t believe it I finally have it and it has worked flawlessly for four days now, after being told I couldn’t connect because of cabling problems in my house on account of burglar alarm, problem from the node to my house that I have to pay for etc. etc. will connect me when I rectify the problems, then all of a sudden after me doing nothing except pulling my hair out and ready to go wireless and top up my mobile data I get an email saying I am connected??? Which I am.. Went for the lowest speed getting 11.5 Mbps as the chances of higher speeds are pretty slim.
    No home phone yet told me it would take 3-7 working days to connect… Glad I’m not running a business anymore, will see what happens..
    Hope you sorted your NBN problems out. Cheers Michael.

  23. Max Gross

    In Dutton’s “fight for a better place in which to live” it is he, Peter Dutton, who is the greatest threat.

  24. Rob

    Dutton = Incite to riot and racial vilification. Won’t the IPA and Andrew bolt be hopping mad 🙂 🙂

  25. margcal

    There is a distinct touch of Hitler about Peter Dutton.

  26. wmmbb

    Why is it that Turnbull cannot control Mr Dutton? The assumption is that he is speaking on behalf of the Federal Government.

  27. LOVO

    “Already one of the outcomes of Minister Dutton’s intemperate comments is the emboldening of the racist and anti-Immigration groups in our society. They have taken great delight in finding a Minister of the Crown who shares their position and view about groups in our society.

    The sheer hypocrisy of the Minister’s commentary on this matter will be there for all to see during the week of March 21 when we celebrate Harmony Week. Certainly at this stage the Minister has done nothing to enhance harmony in our community.”

    Suresh Rajan calls out Peter Dutton

  28. Shutterbug

    My first thought upon viewing the head photograph of Know-Nutton Dutton, was Peter Beatty wants his teeth back.

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