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SHAME! Government members called in early to work at being a responsible government

By Bert Hetebry

Government members were called to Canberra to get stuck into some work before the parliamentary week started, basically to consider how life could be made a little better for those who are struggling with the cost of living exacerbated by rent increases and what looks like the supermarket duopoly taking its customers for a bit of a ride so shareholders can look forward to increased dividends.

With the constant reminders of the cost-of-living crisis hitting headlines every day and an implication that it is all able to be blamed on the government, particularly ‘Albo’, what does a senior member of the opposition do?

Why, pour scorn on the idea that calling the Labor caucus in early to work on precisely those issues, somehow, all those white commonwealth cars waiting at the airport to pick up the members arriving is an expensive waste of money.

Senator Michaelia Cash on the news yesterday somehow implied that it is more expensive for the Labor team to arrive two weeks earlier than planned and the cars were somehow a waste of money to do the job they would otherwise be doing in two weeks’ time. Or could it be that somehow it is wasting money that the salaries these government members will not cost a cent more but the personal cost for the members is that they are away from home two weeks earlier than expected, to do the work they were elected to do.

My maths may be wrong, Ms Cash, but I think the cost of those cars driving members to their Canberra homes will cost approximately $00.00 more than it will in two weeks’ time.

Members are on salary so the additional cost for them arriving two weeks early to work on some pretty important stuff will cost an extra $00.00.

And I did so love the confected anger as it was implied that somehow the early start was somehow a dreadful thing, irresponsible even. Perhaps if the opposition had been called in early it would have been dreadful, dreadful to actually have to do some constructive work.


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  1. Stephengb

    This in anitiative straight out of some Social handbook. Not that is problem, but Right”will be resentfull- they will complain among them selves (hyppcrits). They do not lke any action that takes away their feelings of power and a talk fesr it will do ttat

    Krudos to Albo for having the spine

  2. New England Cocky

    ”Perhaps if the opposition had been called in early it would have been dreadful, dreadful to actually have to do some constructive work.”
    Uhm Bert ….. you have created the great oxymoron of using ”COALition” in the same sentence as ”work”. Never in the recent nine (9) years of misgovernment could the COALition be accused of ”doing work”.
    When it is easier to do dirty deals for USUKA subs (with the possibility of post-politics employment) and set up to rip-off all pensioners with the Debit Card controlling recipient spending, at an annual cost of about $10,000 per pensioner ….. to a long standing supporter(s) of COALition misgovernment.
    Further, you have given attention to the whingeing screeches of the COALition harridan, she of the whiteboard empire, another nominal female among the misogynist boys club.

  3. Heather

    Basically shows the mentality, or lack thereof, of the entire Opposition.

  4. Pete Petrass

    The Noalition of zero constructive ideas have nothing else but to try and confect something to whinge about.
    The other day Spud stood up and told us all to boycott Woollies………..and we have not seen or heard of him since. This would possibly be because he had forgotten that K-Mart did the same thing 12 months ago, that a raft of other big businesses have since done the same thing……….and the public outcry at his stupidity.
    And now just so we don’t forget about them the screeching cockatoo had to stick her head up and have a whinge.
    But alas today Albo has totally saved them all by breaking an election promise on the Stage 3 Tax Cuts. Just watch the absolute tsunami of Murdoch (and Co) media coverage on this broken promise. It will be an absolute, neverending onslaught. Barely an hour or so after the announcement they have already rolled out Suss, Onya Angus and Tehan.
    Labor have done the right thing and done the amendments to make it more fair for more people and literally dared the Lieberals to stand up and say out loud that they don’t care about the poor people. I am sure they won’t disappoint and will whine endlessly about how hard done by the rich people are.

  5. paul walter

    Heather’s comment.

    Btw, why the attack on productivity, which is sacred to neoliberalism?

  6. Clakka

    Nothing to be learned, nothing worth hearing.

    Just an assemblage of squawks, a din from the maddened cockies in the line-up of cages that is the LNP.

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