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Scott Morrison’s coercive control of women (part 1)

By Tess Lawrence

Tess Lawrence is not known for holding back when holding forth. In this first excerpt from a longer treatise she calls out Prime Minister Scott Morrison, accusing him of both implicit and complicit coercive control over women in Australia, including female cabinet ministers as well as complainants of alleged rape and other forms of sexual assault and harassment.

Content warning: This article discusses rape and institutional political psychosexual violence.

Scott Morrison’s coercive control of women

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has burgeoned into a political psychopath.

His flaccid leadership and the gross logistical incompetence he’s displayed whilst mismanaging the accumulation, distribution and access to coronavirus vaccines for the comparatively small population who inhabit our vast continent are just two reasons why his tenure is doomed.

There are other crises that warrant immediate attention despite his continuing attempts to suffocate public debate. One of them is Morrison’s ‘woman problem.’ His misogyny and contempt for women have long been stripped bare. They are self-evident; two-faced on the one coin.

The government’s shrewd appropriation of last week’s National Summit on Women’s Safety was an indictment of the continuing irrelevance of the Liberal National Party when it comes to self-examination and institutional reform.

The lack of public advocacy by LNP female cabinet ministers and their appalling political subservience to the ‘father’ of the nation is galling, when it comes down to cleansing Parliament of its sleaze and sleazebags and rehabilitating the House of ill-repute it has become.

So is this. Mere days before the summit, Morrison and his desultory flunkies turfed most of the recommendations made by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins for the Australian Human Rights Commission.



Many good and wonderful women attended the summit and participated in good faith. Many more should have been there. The paltry 48 hours assigned to the summit was cruel insult. As was Morrison’s keynote address. He is a study in hypocrisy.

His twinkling eyes belie a smarmy paternalism. We have watched him slither from autocrat minister to prime minister, snatching the wattle crown with stealth from more politically agile expectants after the Turnbull spillage.

Morrison’s coercive control stem from Christian Sharia

Afghanistan’s Taliban are shameless in their overt control over women, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s insidious coercive control of women stems from a fundamentalist white man’s version of Christian sharia that deems women, like animals, are mere chattels owned by men and the state.

Of course, all regimes and governments exercise greater coercive control over women than men. Institutional bullying of women in particular is endemic in the construct of rule and religion. Democracy and the Westminster System alike are founded on the coercive control of women, are they not? In the West we learn how heroic women died in the fight for suffrage. They did us proud. My generation has betrayed them. How so?

Elsewhere and everywhere millions of faceless, nameless women continue to die from the catastrophic realities of simply being born female; remaining third class humans within their family household, the notion of voting or standing for any kind of parliament or public office not even a secret fantasy. We all have a shared history, a shared humanity, a shared inhumanity.

What is our Prime Minister doing about it in our own backyard? Bugger all.

We know enough of Morrison’s past and present to call out his patriarchal authoritarianism.

He is publicly steeped in evangelical, biblical primitivism and the subversive, oppressive white tribalism that fuels racial and male gender supremacy.

The latter marches alongside the latent new dawn of pan aryanism now insinuating its emergence from the darker marginalia of history into the stark daylight of global reality; the memento mori of those black and white Pathe’ newsreels replaced and repurposed with full blown glorious technicolour that capture scenes of terrorism, murder and butchery most foul.

Yet blood shed by all nations is as the same crimson shared on humanity’s own Pantone colour chart, regardless of gender.

Morrison’s laying of hands one thing – what of that other kind of laying on of hands?

Morrison may indeed possess healing powers when it comes to his religious laying on of hands upon unwitting constituents enduring hardship.

But it is his failure to adequately address allegations of the unwanted laying on of multiple hands of another kind by male parliamentary predators within the Liberal Party that renders him liable to being described a facilitator and enabler of such creeps; at the least, a bystander.

Then there’s the many allegations of historical and contemporary rape made against other politicians and staff – not all members of the Coalition either.

Morrison’s remit is Parliament and Australia entire; whether polity or populi. Time and again he has manhandled these allegations. He has weaponized them. He has turned that rapid fire assault rifle on the accusers themselves, forever trying to suppress their speech and control the public and political narrative.

His tolerance of what may yet prove to constitute criminal behaviour is disturbing.

Remember how he contemptuously nominated his bestie Brian Houston to be in Australia’s entourage and a guest at President Donald Trump’s White House state dinner?

Houston, we have a problem!

But hey, with Pastor Brian Houston, we had a problem.

Royal Commission cited Houston over father’s sex abuse.

The New Zealand-born founder of global behemoth Hillsong Church, Houston, Morrison’s religious guru and mentor was cited by the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse for failing to inform police that his own father, Pastor Frank, was a self-confessed child abuser.

That failure dogs the son of the paedophile preacher man to this day. It dogs Morrison too.

Note: Houston was recently charged by NSW police with the alleged concealment of alleged child sex offences. In the United States, Hillsong continues to be mired in sexual scandals as well.

Sources say Oz big bizzo threatened boycott White House dinner if Houston attended.

It was Wall Street Journal’s Vivian Salama who broke the story about Morrison’s failed attempt to secure Houston an invite to Pennsylvania Avenue. And yet before Salama’s scoop, there was loud rumour in diplomatic circles that Trump had given Morrison and Houston the finger.

Now I have learned from former White House insiders that they were not the only ones who didn’t want this episode in the life of Brian to cause political fission. I was told that powerful Australian business interests didn’t want a bar of Houston either.

Of course, Houston had visited Trump’s White House before and after Morrison’s visit but the intervention by some from big bizzo was uncompromising. Some were said to have threatened to boycott the state dinner if Houston attended.

I quote one member of the group who asked not to be identified:

“We don’t want to be in the same room as Houston, whether it’s the White House or the Lodge – let alone sit at the same table with him.”

Further, I was told by a former White House staffer that some of those White House dissidents are also amongst the group of business powerbrokers that recently approached former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to intervene in the lack of vaccines debacle in Australia.

White House rebuff kick in the goolies for Morrison

The fact that even pussy grabbing Trump knocked back the megachurch’s Pastor Houston in this instance was a kick in the goolies for the embarrassed and embarrassing Morrison.

He’d tried in vain to keep a lid on the fact that Houston’s name was on his intimate dance card, once even preposterously asserting that to do so would constitute a threat to national security.

Morrison and Houston were both humiliated by the knockback. I understand our US Ambassador Joe Hockey sided with the business power brokers. Surprise, surprise. Australia now has to endure the historical ignominy of inviting Houston to represent Australia in the first place over arguably worthier invitees.

But wait, there’s more, in less than a fortnight, SloMo is off to the White House again to attend the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Leaders Summit. President Joe Biden will be doing his darndest to get some sense out of Morrison on the subjects of Covid 19, climate change, cyberspace and oh, yeah, something about a free and open Indo-Pacific. Did someone mention China? No mention of the increasing violence towards women or the disintegration of Afghanistan and particularly the plight of women.

But out of earshot of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan, Morrison will be discussing the implications of the Houston fracas.

Houston episode forensic insight into ScoMo’s psyche

The point is, this White House-Houston episode gives us important psycho-forensic insight into Morrison’s tolerance laissez-faire attitude and mindset about the proliferation and subject of sex abuse in general.

It exposes a worrying personal and political diffidence towards the many historical and contemporary allegations of rape, sexual harassment, insult, abuse and violence made by women – and directed at women within and beyond parliamentary precincts.

It shows too, how Morrison puts his mates first and Australia second. He does this time and again.

Note: Here we must also cite the Coalition’s failure to implement critical aspects of the Royal Commission’s recommendations, specifically the Redress Scheme.

Does Scott Morrison really treat men against whom allegations have been made differently to their alleged victims? Yes. His biases favour males in general and they include alleged male perpetrators.

The siring of daughters has clearly done little to prompt him to be either friend, mentor, protector or prime minister for womankind. We are the last among equals and our Indigenous sisters are the least among the last.

The barbarians at the Holgate

Consider the outrageous bullying and egregious cowardly attack under the protection of parliamentary privilege upon then Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate, by Scott Morrison.

On the morning of October 22, last year, Ms Holgate appeared before Senate Estimates where it was revealed Australia Post had gifted $3000 Cartier watches to four employees, as a bonus for (it has since been revealed) securing contracts worth several hundred millions of dollars.

In feverish delight, Morrison seized the opportunity to put the boot in to Holgate in Parliament, once again displaying his capacity for demeaning women, going so far as to cast aside common sense let alone natural justice and the law:

“She has been instructed to stand aside, if she doesn’t wish to do that, she can go.”

It was a repugnant abuse of power and parliamentary privilege by a Prime Minister who is accustomed to maintaining a political harem of proudly compliant female ministers who lack the moral and political fortitude as individuals or even as a group, to seriously denounce and indict allegations of bullying and sexual abuse within their own party, even within their own cabinet.

Morrison’s notorious corporate slut-shaming and bullying of Holgate is forever documented in hansard and the ugly saga of the barbarians at the Holgate is far from over. Holgate recently received a $1million payout from Australia Post.

Morrison’s outrageous presumption of the woman’s guilt was out of order, given he did not have the facts at sleight of hand. It was an act of political psycho-violence against Holgate; part of a behavioural pattern, coercive control.

He bloody well knew that Australia Post had a history of dishing out opulent bonuses, including those made to Holgate’s male predecessor Ahmed Fahour.

Mathias Cormann, Onan the Invisible v CEO Holgate

Revelling in his power and toxic masculinity, Morrison proceeded to demean and vilify Holgate in the people’s house. In our name. Not only was he her accuser but also the jury and sentencing judge.

But there had been a long-time plan afoot. Months earlier, he’d sent in his bovver boy Communications Minister Paul Fletcher to politically stalk and undermine Holgate.
Go-fetch-her-Fletcher was only part of it.

There was the sneaky skullduggery of Onan the Invincible, former Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, he who was the regurgitator in 2014 of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s offensive “economic girlie man” slur. How is it okay for a minister to use the word ‘girlie’ as an insult?

The Government needn’t have bothered paying for actors for this ‘play like a girl’ ad – it simply should have featured Mathias Cormann and his ‘girlie man ’insult. After all, there’s no copyright on sexism.

Together with certain members of Australia Post’s Board and Executive, the blokes plotted to get rid of Holgate, who’d dug in her high heels, to keep Australia Post intact, despite being subjected to industrial strength gaslighting, undermining, mudslinging and character assassination.

Magna Cartier

She was steadfastly opposed to any Coalition privatisation or divestiture of Australia Post, as had been conveniently recommended in a Boston Consulting Group report.

It just so happened that Boston Consulting’s report happily coincided with the LNP’s intent to sell off AP and sell out Australia’s iconic mail delivery service.

Holgate’s apparent largesse provided Morrison with the perfect sexcuse. The perfidious plan to flay Holgate in public was detonated by the Primed Minister.

The Magna Cartier ‘scandal’ provided him with cover for political thuggery. Or so he thought.

Parliamentary privilege – the politician’s condom and ScoMo’s soiled French letter to Ms Holgate.

There is nothing that I can find to compare with the circumstances and sly subtext of Morrison’s deplorable abuse of privilege – and personal attack on Holgate.

It was malevolent character assassination writ large. She was a soft target. She wasn’t there to defend herself. It was a political mugging and seemingly entertained much of the hypocritical rabble in the well named Lower House. It was below the bikini line for sure and symptomatic of the toxic boy’s club that is our Parliament.

Wearing the politician’s protective condom of parliamentary privilege, Morrison had Holgate by the short and curlies. But it was a soiled French letter that again contained more forensic evidence of his appalling attitude towards women – and the CEO of Australia Post in particular.

Look at his body language in Parliament as he goes in for the Holgate kill. He’s enjoying it big time. He’s getting off on it. No question.



Prime Minister Scott Morrison – and his government – is guilty of exercising coercive control not only over Australian women, but also those women and children seeking asylum, and refugees seeking a new life in Australia.

The popularity and proliferation of coercive control runs rampant across all societal strata: such is the level of physical and mental sexual violence towards women and girls in Australia, that it may as well be declared a national sport.

It is dangerously close to being described as a bonding mechanism for some males, given vituperative social media posts. For some males it is not a badge of dishonour but rather a campaign medal.

A war on a particular woman so often evolves into a war on all women.

If the sport was granted Olympic status, given our prolific expertise in domestic violence, we would probably win gold, silver, bronze and be runners up as well. This is the ugly reality for so many women in Australia. I know it to be true for my sisters everywhere.

Don’t just take my word for it. Let’s have a shufti at last year’s Parliamentary Inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence and check out what it recorded about coercive control.

What is coercive control?

4.7: The concept of coercive control was developed by Professor Evan Stark, a sociologist and forensic social worker, who defined it as a ‘pattern of domination that includes tactics to isolate, degrade, exploit and control’ a person, ‘as well as to frighten them or hurt them physically’. Professor Stark describes coercive control as a ‘liberty crime’, and it has also been described as ‘intimate terrorism’.

4.8: Submitters to the inquiry characterised coercive control in various terms, but a common theme in evidence was that coercive control is not incident based, but instead involves a pattern of behaviour.

I rest my case. And for the time being, I rest my heart.

Please Note: If you need any support, please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14. You are not alone.

Continued tomorrow …

© Tess Lawrence

Tess Lawrence is Contributing editor-at-large for Independent Australia and her most recent article is The night Porter and allegation of rape.




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  1. Roswell

    Wow, Tess. That was brilliant.

  2. tess lawrence

    Dear Roswell, how lovely of you !!! Means such a lot. Really does. I thank Michael Taylor and AIMN for their courage in publishing
    this excerpt and hope you will stay with us and read the other episodes. I have never written for the Editor – always the Reader.
    Your words are so encouraging. Makes all the endless cups of tea and endless hours so very worth it. tess xxx

  3. Henry Johnston

    What do Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Julia Gillatrd, Dr Michelle Telfer, Gillian Triggs and other women, have in common with the LNP? Answer. News Corp.

  4. Michael Taylor

    Henry, I worked for Julia Gillard. The daily attacks and lies from the Murdoch media disgusted and saddened me.

    I wonder if it has deterred some outstanding women from running for office.

  5. Phil Pryor

    The great poxes reducing Australia to fear, fraud, frantic actions, filth, fornicatory fabrications and outright ignorant social and political dissent based on deep ignorance and fascist fantasing is all rooted (hah) in the head pox, the source, the core, the black hole of conservative ignorant regressive, primitive Liberal and Country Party deep entrenched idiocy, dogma, creed, filthy brotherhood (yes) and incrowd alliegance to a primitive stupidity based on ultimate supremacist GREED, ambition, posing, posturing, egofixation, vanity, stupidity, savagery, aggression, distortions, stubborn facing and bluffing and LYING. Merde Dog’s manipulations and misinformations and imperious ignorant pushy projections are a serious part of this plague, pox, pestilence. If the old mongrel expired now (cheers) it would be a wonderful thing…

  6. Michael Taylor

    Tess, always my pleasure.

  7. Mr.Russell Drysdale

    Dear Tess, what a brilliant piece, as always. You have left no pun, unpunned .

    When thinking of how outwardly brutish, ‘bully- man’ Morrison is,
    it is interesting to note how overtly needy he is when publicly rejected.

    Two cases that are front of mind for me are, the vision of him grovelling on bended knee, trying to steal a handshake
    from the young woman at the bush fires, who thrice denied him a simple metaphorical head pat on live TV.

    The most recent display of his neediness for ceremonial ‘head pat’, was his edge of chair, panting and ball licking of
    Joe Biden yesterday, after having been so publicly emasculated, by Joe forgetting Pals’ actual name, or even nick name.
    Who could ever forget good ‘ole what’s ‘is name, you know, the guy from down under.

    When it comes to the 51% of our population that dress to the middle, Prime Minister Pal, (The tin-eared Turd from down under), has an artless gift when it comes to lighting exploding cigars, whilst kicking himself in the balls simultaneously.

    Not to be outdone by his attempted cruel & very public castigation of Christine Holgate, for being an actual highly effective MD,
    despite being sans willy, the Primed Minister reloaded his incendiary Cigar, and went seeking another opportunity
    for public self flagellation.

    The recidivist, ‘premature adjudicator’ & bad judge of womens standing , didn’t have to wait long & he loaded & cocked his half Corona , with less luck than Wyle E. Coyote against the Roadrunner.
    This time he aimed his Acme explosive at Laura Tingle and tried to humiliate her, in front of her own National audience, at the very institution where she happens to be the boss. Bad move.

    We all know how well that worked for him. Laura has been doing him slowly, ever since.

    I look forward to the next chapter Tess.

    Thanks for the great read dear friend.

  8. Bill Plant

    Thank you Tess for putting all the bits together into a chilling summary of the treatment of women in this country. The prime ministers toxic masculinity so loudly paraded is rarely challenged and this sets the tone for gender imbalance. It is articles like yours that will drive the long overdue change.
    And your prose is beaut.

  9. BB

    Excellent article Tess.

    Christian Sharia
    This is the first time I have seen this term. I will in future express my contempt for how women are treated with these words.
    These two words are expressing exactly the terrible madness, control and violence committed against women in Australia.
    Some people are worried that Muslims might try and bring in Sharia to Australia, well wake, Christian Sharia is already here.

    “The press conference began with a mea culpa but then turned into an aggressive response to a reasonable question from a journalist.” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-23/scott-morrison-changed-the-script-women-sexism-political/100023188

    “What would happen if men don’t have a wife and children? Would they reach the same compassionate conclusion?”

    Really, PM? You need to cite your wife and kids to know rape is wrong?

    Then there is the appalling waste of money with Morrison spending $200,000.00 on Empathy Lessons… Unbelievable!

    If empathy training was the answer, all men in Morrison’s government would need it

    “It’s arguable however, that the title for callousness and an empathy vacuum, should be extended to our Prime Minister who, not only continues to back these other questionable members of his Cabinet and their conduct, but who’s a repeat offender on his own accord.”

    The fact that Morrison has publicly stated that Brian Huston is his “Mentor” should be a wake up call of how unfit a PM he is!

    Morrison’s unfit to be PM of Australia, a bully, thug, he has zero respect for women, his ego comes 1st. He’s a vain hypocrite.
    Morrison is a constant disgrace and brings International shame to Australia, now telling the French to go “F” themselves.

    Thanks Tess, for highlighting the truth of institutional abuse against women, I will definitely be reading your next episodes.

  10. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Phil, lovely to read your name here ! And when I read your comments, I think damn ! Crikey. He beat me to it! Then again, I think yaaaaay! Phil’s put it so well. This all has to be said ! And shared. And debated. And argued. For and against. Most of all, discussed. Out there. Thanks Phil !!!

  11. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Bill- and thank you so much for your kind words and your comment. It is a vexed subject for sure. And we can see for ourselves how easily it slips away from the headlines – if we let it . It is important to tell it how it is. How it is perceived, at least. I have to cast a wide net, for sure. But even then, I have not cast it wide enough This awful thing is all-pervasive. It’s everywhere. In some places, I am mindful, I would be beheaded for even airing my views. And so would Michael Taylor for publishing them. We in the ‘ west ‘ need to show more courage in our journalism. The truth is, even other websites in Australia would not publish Scott Morrison’s Coercive Control of Women.

  12. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear BB, thank you for your kind words, your comment – and the other links and info that you have included.

    Re the phrase ” Christian Sharia ” well, I have long thought that fundamentalists of all religions and ideological dogma are cut from the same cloth. i often make up terms when I’m struggling to encapsulate how I’m thinking. I haven’t checked to see if anyone else has used it. And I’ve certainly used it before in my writings and broadcasting – and talks. In the ‘ west ‘ and in our version of democracy in Oz – our laws and even the Westminster system were created by men. These scripts need to be re-written. Just as they now need to be rewritten with input and endorsement of indigenous communities – not just in Oz – but everywhere. These legacy habits, like legacy political parties, are outdated. Thanks for reading the article and please share with the world in the interest of public discussion and debate.

  13. Kate Ahearne

    Hi Tess. Great to see your work here. Passion, energy, outrage and wit! For me, the saddest thing is that there are women everywhere, particularly in high places, who enable men to behave in the ways you have described.

  14. Florence Howarth

    At least under Christine, the parcels were delivered. Package posted at Narellan Monday 13/9 arrived at Chullora Sunday 19/9. According to AP tracking. It was still sitting there—NO idea when it would appear at Lake Munmorah, Central Coast. Today was the last date given for delivery. No more than 2 hours driving distance.

  15. DrakeN

    Nice work, Tess

    But, as Kate Ahearne points out, evil is not exclusive to one gender.

    I was raised in a rural Celtic society where the “Mamgu” – the senior grandmother – ruled the community ‘de facto’ and where the men made the decisions in public fora but heaven help them if those decisions were not made in accordance with ‘kitchen table’ discussions.
    “Hell hath no fury like…” a strong Celtic woman who has been disobeyed.
    In that society, the game of ‘strong versus the vulnerable’ was played evenly across genders and within them equally; men bullying men and women, as well as women dominating both genders with equinamity.

    The Bronze age Abrahamic religions which exercise control over our society several millenia later have been remarkably successful in maintaining the power and wealth for which they were intitially concieved.
    All religions emanate from those principles, but violence, coercion and lies of the Abrahamic cults have been the hallmarks of their means to subjugation of whole populations throughout their existence.
    Misogyny for the sake of power is but one part of it.

    Thank you Tess for pulling some of those threads together.

  16. DrakeN

    The problems of the Post Office, Florence, are but one emanation of the right-wing policies of funding successful commercial enterprises from the public coffers whilst simultaneously impoverishing publicly owned businesses, community services, and the population in general.

  17. Arnd

    The popularity and proliferation of coercive control runs rampant across all societal strata: such is the level of physical and mental sexual violence towards women and girls in Australia, that it may as well be declared a national sport.

    I subscribe to an anarchist perspective on political philosophy, which develops from the single basic concept that coercion in all its form is unacceptable. My perception of the practice of coercion at virtually every level of human interaction has sharpened immensely since I arrived at my conclusions thirty years ago. With that in mind, I have to say that Tess’ article, perceptive as it is, doesn’t cover the half of it. Actually, it probably doesn’t even cover one tenth of it.

    [Coercive control] is dangerously close to being described as a bonding mechanism for some males, given vituperative social media posts. For some males it is not a badge of dishonour but rather a campaign medal.

    Having worked in predominantly male industries – construction, road transport, military – I can vouch for the truth of that statement from personal experience. Of course, not all men – even amongst those who wash up in male-dominated industries, are misogynists. But within hierarchical organisational structures, the few bullies that are invariably have an above-even chance of setting the overall tone – and I clearly remember, from my pre-anarchist days – how confusing and fraught any attempts to tell “good” from “bad” coercion necessarily are, and how easy it is to unwittingly slide from the former into the latter. I found the categorical rejection of all coercion enormously helpful.

    Alas, I can’t say that I have as yet met anyone with whom my categorical rejection of coercion resonates at quite the fundamental level that seems required to take decisive action.

  18. susan

    Your passion for the truth is just amazing! An essential role model for women.

  19. tess lawrence

    G’day Dearest Russell, wonderful friend and supporter !!! Thank you !!! First up, your kind words lift me up. Second up, the way you put things makes me realise that I need to lift my game !!! Love the way you combine humour in your writing Mr Russell. I am more than taking note of what you say and thrilled you will check in for AIMN’s next excerpt – and of course,as always, hanging out to see what you have to say! And how you say it.

    For the life of me Russell, I just don’t get what you won’t write articles in truth, your comments are mini articles.

    However, why don’t you write articles ?

    tess xxx with muchly love, cobber

  20. Vikingduk

    Thankyou, Tess, a lovely bit of knowledge shared that will assist my learning. The plight of women, or the underdog, if you prefer, saddens me, your writing, I find, deepens my knowledge of disrespect, to treat fellow humans as us males seem to do, is, of course so wrong, so wrong.
    One thing, though, the liar from the shire does not, never has and never will, be the bearer of healing hands. This delusional fucking psychopath is a rotten black hole.

  21. tess lawrence

    Dearest Kate, thanks so much for your kind words and lovely to read you here on AIMN. Of course I agree with you – and it is painful as well as annoying to see how compliant female cabinet ministers – and women generally in Parliament have done little or nothing to improve the lot of other women – and people in general actually. That goes for all sides of the Houses !
    xxx tess

  22. tess lawrence

    G’day Florence, how right you are. Holgate was a popular chief – far more popular than Fahour.
    She was popular with the workers – and franchisees. She was given a raw deal for sure.

  23. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Drake and thank you for your comment – learned so much from it and was imagining the picture you painted with
    your words. It’s all so entrenched, isn’t it – all through the ages – through all cultures – part of society’s DNA.

  24. tess lawrence

    G’day Arnd, it’s really good to get your thoughts on this and thanks for contributing to the discussion here.

  25. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Viking, thank you so much for reading the article – and for leaving a comment and contributing to the discussion here on AIMN. Actually, I learn so much from your comments and there are many times when they inspire me to have a closer look at this or that aspect.

    Please share the article with the world – and again my thanks to Michael and Team AIMN for publishing the article(s). It takes courage. So lovely to have that editorial back up.

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