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Scott Morrison: Who’s he trying to impress?

By Kathryn

There are a lot of totally gormless, Murdoch-manipulated, ill-informed intellectual midgets out there who keep voting for the worst, most callously inhumane, ineffective and corrupt regime – the LNP – over and over again! Tragically, it is these unspeakably stupid fools who believe everything they inhale from the twisted, totally biased, lying Murdoch press who keep propping up cruel, totally inept, misogynistic, self-serving, smug and elitist politicians – like Abbott and the current totally inept, smirking dullard, Morrison, who has a long, notorious history of taking credit for the hard work, blood, sweat, toil and good ideas and achievements of other people! Sadly, it is likely to happen again until gormless LNP voters attempt to learn more and research the backgrounds of the notorious types of ruthless psychopaths they put into power. In my experience there are three sorts of people who vote for the LNP:

1) The Top 1% – totally corrupt, self-serving billionaires like the obscene Gina Rinehart, Gerry Harvey, Twiggy Forrest, Clive Palmer and other truly vile billionaires who don’t appear to give a shit about anyone or anything except themselves and the bottom line! Wealthy, selfish, slave-driving employers (like the despicably cruel Gerry Harvey) fit into this category!

2) Sad little people who (falsely) think they are upper-middle-class (eg tradesmen, working-class conservatives) who believe they are better than other people and who (tragically) believe the LNP cater to their needs when, in fact, the LNP only cater to the top 1%. These people are often misogynistic, racist and callously inhumane who target migrants, asylum seekers, women, anyone on welfare or anyone whom, they believe, is a “drain” on taxpayer funds when, in fact, the biggest parasites in the country are the corrupt, self-serving politicians that line the cabinet of the LNP!

3) Totally gormless, uneducated, Murdoch-manipulated fools who know nothing about politics! These serial-conservatives believe everything they foolishly inhale from the biased, right-wing-extremist pages of the Z-rated Murdoch rags! They know nothing about the type of sociopaths they put into power, could barely name more than one or two people in the cabinet of the LNP nor be able to name a single thing or any historical fact, act of corruption or increasing level of environmental vandalism perpetrated by the smug, sneering grubs they keep vote for! Worse than that, is that these morons do not even care how corrupt, how deceptive, how callously inhumane or how destructive the lying, conniving parasites in the LNP are anyway – they would still vote for them because it is what their gormless parents did, what their spouse does or what Murdoch tells them to do!

Tragically, I have met quite a few of the rusted-on slaves to cruel, elitist right-wing ideology – they are out there ready to poison our nation over and over again. Already, Australia has sunk back into oblivion with this government internationally condemned and recognises as one of the worst, most regressive, coal-loving climate-change-denying and corrupt governments in history!

When the Rudd/Gillard government were in power, Australia was held in international esteem as one of the few countries who managed to escape the ravages of the GFC. Now? Now we have sunk lower and lower into disgrace with the strutting, inarticulate misogynist, Abbott, embarrassing our nation on the world stage and, now, Morrison being widely and internationally criticised for his mind-numbing adherence to the filthy, polluting coal industry, the way Morrison goes AWOL at the first sign of a disaster (eg the devastating fires), his totally inept mismanagement of the vaccine roll-out, his unspeakably callous inhumanity (with the very likely chance that he may have blood on his hands if this poor little refugee, from Biloela, ends up dying an excruciatingly painful death from saeptecemia which, if this useless, totally depraved federal government did the right thing weeks ago, would have been absolutely preventable! There is no such thing as an illegal asylum seeker and the despicable, unspeakably inhumane LNP have gone out of their way to cruelly lock up this family (who were living in the Queensland town of Biloela) in terrible conditions in what amounts to an off-shore concentration camp, for more than three years! This is a callous act Morrison regime and can never ever be tolerated by any humane society!

Instead, we have Morrison once again, desperately seeking publicity and totally ignoring the plight of this little girl whose family should have been returned to the town of Biloela where they were welcomed and much-loved!

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  1. Ray

    Kathryn….. this is brilliant !

  2. pierre wilkinson

    well articulated
    scotty is certainly well out of his depth in all aspects of his job
    and Australia is suffering from the combined condemnation of overseas nations due to our adherence to old king coal and our pathetic human rights record concerning refugees
    especially the Biloela children
    I mean, armed guards in the hospital ferrchrisakes
    6 million wasted on incarcerating a totally innocent family
    shame on us, shame on our government and shame on those who vote for them

  3. Keith

    If parents treated their children in the same way as Tharunicaa and Kopika are being treated Child Protection would take them away from their parents. Karen Andrews says she has empathy; but, sure does not display any. The LNP have shown themselves to be brutal, lack humanity, and downright cruel; also, displayed with Robodebt. Young people’s interests hold no value for the LNP as shown by the young people just winning a case over the Environment Minister. The government tried to defend their case on the argument they had no responsibility for young people or future generations.

    Applying that argument means that the LNP take no responsibility for the future of their own children or young relatives.

    From Crikey:

    “The applicants claim that the duty is owed to them, and all children born before the date this proceeding was filed who reside in Australia or anywhere else. Recognition of that duty would expose the minister to a potential liability of vast scope. Further, there is no logical reason to confine the duty for which the applicants contend to children already born at the time of commencement of this proceeding. If the duty was recognised, it would be a duty owed to all living persons (perhaps excluding the elderly) and perhaps also to children yet to be born. A duty owed to a class of such breadth is not one which the common law could sensibly recognise.”

    It amounts to bugger the future.

    Government admits coal = catastrophic climate change, but no legal duty to stop mines

  4. GL

    I can picture Scummo being a horrible little child running to the teacher and dobbing in other kids for just about any infraction, real or imagined, just to try and make himself look good and ingratiate himself with his betters from the time he was in primary school and beyond. He gets beaten up for being a prick and he runs to the teachers and dobs them in. Eventually he’s left alone, completely and utterly alone.

    Useless at sport, so he’s the one that nobody wants on their team. The classic weirdo wallflower at any parties he gets invited to (either by accident or invites himself). All-round a thoroughly nasty and unpleasant person who feels no compunction in backstabbing and stamping on others to get his way.

  5. Kerri

    Well said Kathryn!

  6. Andrew J. Smith

    It’s not just Australia but we have observed similar or influenced by the US, and the UK which is in the midst of a long term Brexit car crash; one of the common elements is Murdoch or NewsCorp as a political actor.

    It’s about preying upon the ageing and burgeoning older voter demographics who can become more crankily conservative, if not already, they will become cranky conservatives through media conditioning.

    Good documentary explaining the power of media, Fox in particular (and comparable to other tabloid media) ‘The Brainwashing of my Dad’:

    ‘As filmmaker, Jen Senko, tries to understand the transformation of her father from a non political, life-long Democrat to an angry, right-wing fanatic, she uncovers the forces behind the media that changed him completely: a plan by Roger Ailes under Nixon for a media takeover by the GOP, The Powell Memo urging business leaders to influence institutions of public opinion -especially the universities, the media and the courts, and under Reagan, the dismantling of the Fairness Doctrine, and The Telecommunications ‘Reform’ Act signed by Bill Clinton.

    As her journey continues, we discover that her father is part of a much broader demographic, and that the story is one that affects us all.’

  7. Crude Fury

    I can only repeat: brilliant!

    Perhaps one category of substantial voters was left out: the religious (generally poor) of one or other christian denomination. They traditionally happily vote against their own genuine human interest, by voting far right (not a surprise, given their retarded, twisted values) as long as their bigotry is satisfied.

    On the other hand, if a big chunk of the Australian (beautiful) population wouldn’t be racist, wouldn’t hate refugees, the LNP would change policy, even the lying rodent honest john would’ve avoided Tampa& children overboard, etc. But now the LNP has to motivate its racist (and of course, racist while gravely religious) supporters and to deflect attention from their core, always regressive policies. Those views have to be countered, but by ineffective-gentlemen, modest Albo?

    The question remains: how to get rid of this government of nasty, malicious halfwits? At election time what will stop them to establish more fake, deceptive, dividing balmerparties, more rorts, more lying corruption, more undemocratic institutions?

    A new, up to date opposition will have to figure out how to counteract the effect of the poisonous merdeOch propaganda machine on quite Australians’ shallow mind.
    They will have to heavily and relentlessly attack LNP on all front.
    Mild comments are not going to suffice this time.

    If Albo is unable or not willing, let’s change leadership to Plibersec/Wong. Perhaps even Swan could be called upon in some capacity.

    I also believe, to win the next election, Labor and The Greens will have to work out a manageable co-operation – coalition in government, with some ministries going to the Greens.

    Than, together they could introduce new progressive policies, change back a decade of regressive policies, including the one that was enacted during the watch of the Patron Saint of Single Mothers, Julia.
    What they can/should do is endless. Some examples:

    Take care of and bring back Julian Assange; before introducing unconditional universal basic income, increase all social payments to an acceptable level; scrap “mutual obligation” bullcraft altogether, abolish job agencies (they are worthless acts of corporate welfare and very harmful); cancel fully robodebt and compensate victims; stop the cashless humiliation; settle refugees in Australia (if there is anyone who – after this treatment – still wants to settle in the Lucky Country), or let them depart where they are welcome.

    We could go on and on: taxation, new voting law, education, health reform and not “deform” as happened under the current ATM governments. (open at the top, stomping at bottom!)

    Persecute the current mob for all their lies/corruption, RortSeeker (Geezer) programs and preferably put them in jail. Than we will not have to go to the theater to see The Death of a Salesman.

  8. kellie

    Very well said Kathryn and comments.

  9. GL

    When Scummo is in a nursing home in 20 or 30 years the staff will give him lots of saltpetre in his meals in the week leading up to his monthly viewing of his PM photo albums to keep him from becoming overly excited, particularly when he gets to the images of his meetings with Trump.

  10. Phil Pryor

    The P M, a Persistent Mendacious fountain, is overseas on a knobpolishing expedition divorced from reality, as he is an outsider, unwanted, useless, an embarrassment to us, vigorously agitating the glans ego for media exaggeration and propaganda. He cannot and does not read, surely, otherwise he might have absorbed articles available over the last year or more on the covid virus, its likely origins, scientific work of quality by many, Incluiding work by Prof. J Dwyer. The Ignorant lead, bleat, lie, and other ignorant passively follow…Why are we cursed with such lazy, ignorant, deceptive types??

  11. Mark Shields

    Gormless, rusted on, sneering grubs… Perfectly described.

  12. Harry Lime

    Phil…Murdoch,herd mentality,inability to think independently,self centeredness,Jack attitude,gullibility,unwillingness to admit error,hate criticism,Im not a racist…but..,easily manipulated,devoid of imagination…these are the attributes of his core supporters,the very image of the lamentable Liar himself .
    As for the obscenely rich ,fat and ugly,they get what they pay for, the rest of us pay for what they get.

  13. GL

    Scummo: a guppy with delusions of grandeur in a pool full of sharks.

  14. GL

    ““I find it deeply offensive that there would be any suggestion that I would have any involvement or support for such a dangerous organisation,” Mr Morrison said.” But doesn’t he lead the Liberals which can now be arguably construed as probably the most “dangerous organisation” in the country? Murdoch’s sleaze empire is in second place.

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