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Scott Morrison – These People Need Kindness More than YOU

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has truly united the country. Every single person with a beating heart and a working brain in Australia is united in their absolute anger towards him. United. Undivided. Shoulder to Shoulder. In anger. Australians have felt Morrison’s true contempt for us and have returned it with unwavering precision.

Kindness. That is Morrison’s answer. His response to abandoning the country as Leader during one of the biggest crises we have ever faced is, that “It is time for the discussion about his holiday to be over and that we should be kinder to each other.”

Kinder!!!! He wants US to be KINDER?? The arrogance just falls right out of his mouth every single time he speaks.

Here are five groups of people who need Morrison to be kind to them, RIGHT NOW. Then we might be kinder to him. (I said, Might! OK!)

Our Children

Morrison needs to be kind to our children. Our kids are absolutely terrified. They are terrified of having no future. Our children discuss with seriousness about whether to have children or not when they grow up. They are terrified of having no clean drinking water and the planet existing in a constant cycle of death and destruction.

Dad’s don’t just promise holidays. They also promise to stand by their kids, protect them always and fight for their future.

Instead of being an actual Dad, Morrison doubled down on his absolute boneheaded, mind-numbing drivel that we cannot act on climate without harming jobs. Labor has a plan to act on climate change AND protect jobs. Morrison needs to listen to that plan. NOW.

Be Kinder to our Children, Scott!

To show kindness to our Children – Morrison MUST commit to serious action on Climate Change TODAY.

He could also be kinder by holding a fully televised Youth Summit with two representatives from every single Primary and High School in the country.

Emergency Response Workers and Volunteers

Every single person in the country is emotionally exhausted watching helplessly. We watch as firefighters die, are injured, don’t have proper breathing equipment. We feel helpless as they are pushed beyond all human limits, as they try to save us.

Meanwhile, Morrison was doing bloody tequila shots at a bar in Hawaii. His clown posse back home were literally telling us exploding horse shit is the reason the country is on fire. I know where the horseshit is exploding from and it’s certainly not from the horses!

These incredible, incredible emergency workers have worked tirelessly and some without any compensation whatsoever. Workers and volunteers work in extremely dangerous conditions. Instead of showing true humility, contrition and leadership; Morrison used his arrival as a series of poor taste photo ops. These photos featured his smug face, with hard-working emergency responders as the insignificant background. Once again. The arrogance!

Be Kinder to Emergency Workers, Scott!

Morrison needs to be kinder to Emergency Response Workers and Volunteers. He needs to treat the impact the climate is having on our country, as serious as he treats security and defence. He needs to fund the absolute hell out of Emergency Planning and Prevention. Mother Nature is at WAR with us. He needs to compensate volunteers for time, expertise and lost wages.

People and Communities Devastated by Fire and Other Disasters

The worst bush fires in our history have the country in mourning. People have died, homes have been lost, businesses destroyed. Children no longer have fathers, husbands and wives no longer have the love of their life and parents grieve the loss of their children.

Amongst all this, is the tight-fisted surplus chasing driven excuse the Government calls “Disaster Relief funding.”

Be Kinder to People and Communities, Scott!

The people do not need Morrison’s faux kindness; nor his thoughts and prayers. He can be much kinder by reinstating Labor’s criteria for disaster relief funding, not punishing communities who have not had the funding for mitigation; admit that the current take on mitigation will not stop events such as massive bushfires or other disasters; but a serious commitment and action on climate change will.

As the Government has been so unkind to ENABLE disasters to occur, he should make a commitment to be kind right now. Anyone who loses their life should have a Government funded funeral and massive compensation to families. We cannot get these people back. He should commit to this immediately.

Workers, Jobless and the Poor

The jobless and underemployed are living in POVERTY, in a first-world country. The callousness and punitive set up of the social security system has and is driving people to suicide. People who are loved very much by their families are experiencing self-loathing, hunger, homelessness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and helplessness. This is NOT Kind.

The Morrison Government has shirked all responsibility for job creation. They use joblessness in regions as a sickening plaything to not act on Climate Change. They push back against climate activists who want to shut down jobs without thinking or blinking; by fueling that and insisting there is no other way. It’s Jobs or Climate Action.

Morrison, a known show pony and lazy thinker, finds it absolutely impossible to develop a solution to reinvent communities that are now reliant on coal jobs. He finds it an absurd notion, that as leader of the country he can create new industry and job competition in regions, so coal is not the major employer and stops affecting absolutely everything.

Climate Change Impacts on the Poor

In addition, climate change affects the poorest communities unfairly. Policy direction from all parties is directed at more able and wealthier homeowners able to reduce their energy costs, rather than a national plan for ALL homes. We have treated the roll-out of our internet connection with more dedication than reducing energy costs for the poor in this country.

Also, the communities impacted the most by fires, drought, floods and cyclones are the regional, rural and remote communities, that are already so often ignored across ALL policy areas, including climate change.

Be Kinder to Workers, the Jobless and the Poor, Scott!

If Morrison wanted to be truly kind he would create a consortium immediately consisting of State Leaders, Regional Mayors, Unions and Industry affected by the necessary industrial change to forge ahead with climate action. This consortium should not be directed by the energy sector, but a genuine commitment, working with various experts to reinvent and invest in regional communities to truly diversify local economies and create true job competition in regions across energy and non-energy sectors.

Scott Morrison should be so kind as to tell Matt Canavan to stop sitting on NAIF funding and actually spend it.

It would be so unkind to leave these communities behind as global markets decline in demand for thermal coal. It would be so unkind as to agree to environmentalists demands to cease the coal industry NOW and just simply push everyone into poverty with nothing in its place. It would be unkind to refuse to sit down with Anthony Albanese and not work with Labor on Labor’s plan of action.

Indigenous Communities

Climate change is not just a human rights issue for all of us, but it is a significant human rights issue for Indigenous People. Not just in Australia, but all over the world.

Indigenous people have a deeply inherent and emotional connection to country. It is something, non-indigenous people will never feel. We must accept it is not a part of us and give full respect to those who have this wonderful gift to feel that connection.

Enabling destruction of their country through the politics of division, is arrogant and ignorant. Ignoring the expertise of Indigenous people to care for and respect the land and wildlife, is just plain stupid and endangers all of us.

In addition, climate change impacts on poorer communities which often have a high Indigenous Population. Climate Action policy also has an impact on Indigenous communities. We simply cannot just believe that solutions that do not include Indigenous input, regardless of how well-intentioned, are the best solutions for all.

Be Kinder to Indigenous Communities, Scott!

If Scott Morrison believes we need to be kinder to each other, he can also be much kinder and much more respectful to Indigenous Communities and place a specific focus on climate change and climate action policy and how this affects Indigenous Communities. But most of all, actually listen and implement solutions via their concerns and expertise.

If Being Kind is Too Hard, Scott – Call an Election Now

So, Scott Morrison says that it is time for us to be kinder to one another. It is fairly obvious from the above, that there are huge cohorts of people that he does not bestow the same kindness upon. Yet he calls for us to be kind, when he is facing personal criticism for choosing to go on holiday in Hawaii and abandoning the country, in a time of serious crisis.

The main criticisms of Scott Morrison at this time of national crisis, is his lack of leadership. Scott Morrison wants US to be kind to one another. However, he has shown an absolute void of Authentic Leadership. Authentic Leadership requires self-awareness, a genuine self, fairness and equality and significant to this time, a moral perspective.

If this challenge of being kind to just five groups of people is too hard for Scott Morrison, he needs to be kind enough to step down.

If he does not have the inherent qualities to be an Authentic Leader, he should be so kind as to go directly to the Governor-General. Morrison should advise the Governor-General that the task of Prime Minister is too difficult for him, request that Parliament is dissolved and call another election, immediately.

Yes, we can be kinder to each other. Let’s start with the level of kindness we need from Scott Morrison, right now.

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  1. New Engand Cocky

    Ok, but don’t get mad, get organised for a 2 1/2 year campaign to convince the bogans that they will do better with a competent Labor government than with the Lazy Nasty People. Getup! showed what could be achieved and should the Greens wake up to the fact that there are too few of the Greens in every electorate for the party to have any more seats in the House of Reps, then they might just wake up to the idea that removing the LNP misgovernment is required before any of their thoughtful policies will have half a chance of being discussed in Parliament.

  2. Michael Taylor

    We will be running a bit of a campaign shortly. Any donations received by The AIMN on Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be donated to the firefighting cause. We’ve not yet decided who exactly it will go to – there are so many to chose from. More details tomorrow.

  3. Peter F

    Thank you Michael: I look forward to being able to respond.

  4. Olivia Manor

    What about refugees? Soon they won’t be just people fleeing wars, but people fleeing their submerged islands or lands. And they will be boat people. How else do you flee inundation? Christmas Island , Manus and Nauru won’t be options. They may cease to exist altogether. “Go back where you come from”, won’t work any more. Morrison needs to be kinder to these people too, and work on mitigating rising sea levels along with other nations, instead of demonising Muslim refugees and laughing at our Pacific neighbours.

  5. Lawrence S. Roberts

    “A competent Labor government” – That still supports coal. New Engand Cocky

    I agree we start the campaign now at a grassroots level but we either have to change the party or do it ourselves.

    The Greens seem as far up themselves as the Canberra ALP

  6. RomeoCharlie29

    While I agree with everything you say Trish, I reluctantly have to question your assertion that Morrison has united the country, even if you restrict it to those with a beating heart and working brain. I saw someone called Chris saying he was a great leader while three bogans who shared a few bevvies with him in Hawaii also thought he was ok. Clearly they don’t have working brains.

    My hope is that his tin ear and the efforts of his office to lie about his whereabouts are enough to persuade the fence-sitters that he is truly as dumb, uncompassionate, arrogant and ignorant as most of the readers of this site know him to be.

    We know his crap mob can’t be chucked out until he calls an election but it behoves us all to do whatever we can to make sure it happens when that election comes.

  7. corvus boreus

    ‘Mother nature is at WAR with us.’

    Alternate view;

    Blood gorged, poisons spewed,
    parasitic, venomous.
    Host begins scratching.

  8. Kathryn

    Brilliantly said, Trish Corry! Alas, the unspeakably smug, stratospherically arrogant MorriScum wouldn’t know KINDNESS, HUMILITY or COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP if they rose up and punched him in his sneering, contemptuous face! Basically, Morrison is a born-to-rule, sanctimonious, bible-thumping hypocrite without one iota of insight! He ticks every box as a stone-cold sociopath who hasn’t got a drop of empathy for ANYONE outside his insular world of capitalistic profit-obsessed corporate predators. EVERYTHING the ShowPony Morrison does is based on his self-serving training as a snake oil salesman and to satiate the unquenchable greed of his mates in the Top 1% – the rest of us can go to hell! ShowMo is all about pretention, all about presenting totally fake personas, all about pretending to be a thumbs-up “one of the football crowd on the Insular Peninsular” when, in reality, he is one of the worst, most pugnacious and callously inhumane elitists in the country!

    When you ask the question: “Who could possibly be WORSE than MorriScum or Dutton?” = the resounding answer is “Nobody south of Bamaga!” (with exception given to the screaming RWNJs in the Hanson Party and other lunatic independents). Remember, the phony, internationally despised ShowMo has NOT YET BEEN ELECTED TO BE OUR PRIME MINISTER – let’s make sure it STAYS THAT WAY! Vote for Labor or the Greens!

  9. Harry Lime

    The country is being held hostage by a bloke that believes in the rapture and the “end times” of which the fires and the NZ volcano are sure signs,which is why he does NOTHING.Poor fellow my country.

  10. John OCallaghan

    If you look up the meaning of the word psychopath in the dictionary you will see with absolute clarity it applies to Morrison and most of his band of psychos for christ…..

  11. paul walter

    Throwbacks to the brownshirt era.

  12. Harry Lime

    N.E.C. Stop making sense,it’s frowned upon by the Liars.

  13. totaram

    NEC: “should the Greens wake up to the fact ..”

    Dear me! Don’t even mention that dreaded name, or Trish Corry will be onto you! Don’t you know the GREENS are the real enemy? Forget the coalition, the PHON, the Nationals, the Katters, etc, etc. We can’t let the Greens wake up to anything. They caused all the problems that Labor has ever had, and everything would have been fine if it wasn’t for the Greens. I won’t go on. Everyone knows the script.

    So sorry to read this garbage again and again, with no evidence and no substantiation. Just opinion. Enjoy!

  14. Phil Pryor

    We here (it seems) are drowning in a corrupt, corporate, contrived, consumer world, run by ignorant biggies who assert supremacy through an evil coalition of greed, coercion, control, money, financial filthy crookedness and an assortment of co-operative hangers on who want careers and prosperity at any cost to others. There, how do we readjust all that? A new political party? Social rebellion?

  15. Clare De Mayo

    Was a good read until I stumbled upon the subtext…LNP bad…Greens appalling. And lets not mention being kind to the refugees, cause Labor is pretty comfortable treating them just as badly as the LNP. And as for only indigenous people being able to connect to country…the trope of the spiritual savage… the real problem is that we don’t listen to them and get in touch with spirit and country ourselves… we make token gestures of seeming respect for their culture without being willing to learn and change because of its wisdom. Trish, Examine Labor’s hypocrisy and deal with that too

  16. Trish Corry

    The subtext is all in your head Clare. I haven’t even mentioned the Greens.

    I did mention environmentalists who DO want coal shut down tomorrow, with nothing in its place, which are becoming more and more vocal, saying we “no longer have time to transition” Which would totally collapse local economies and have a huge impact on the economy. The impact would be huge. Plus gives the LNP their main campaign that “The Left” hates workers.

    I have very vocally disagreed with this stance for years. Anyone who cares about poverty and joblessness would.

    Also with regards to refugees, I could have included Refugees, people with a disability, LGBTIQ, women, people in aged care, the homeless, grandparents who have care of their grandchildren, the addicted, the unjustly incarcerated, etc etc etc. unfortunately, I could not simply go on forever. I chose five.

    The hatred for Labor by some commenters on this site is such a stark contrast to all other comments elsewhere. It’s clouding you’re judgement, not mine. Your party doesn’t have to worry about actually gaining power to try to improve lives and have to stand up to people apparently on your own side, picking incessantly and spreading lies, as well as fighting the Liberals. So you either want to get rid of Libs or you want to keep Labor out. It’s time to decide.

    The Greens killed the lefts chances completely this election.Especially in QLD. NEC makes valid points.

    But Hey. Let’s talk about how shit I am or how awful Labor is or how much better people think Greens are then Labor, while the country is on fire and people are dying and losing homes a week before Xmas and the PM literally abandoned ship to holiday in Hawaii and then swans back as if it’s no big deal in and tells US to be kind!

    Thank you to others who commented on the article.

  17. Matters Not

    Trish Corry re:

    haven’t even mentioned the Greens.

    Exactly! But you no longer have to. It’s now inextricably associated with your brand. Defined as – the image(s) evoked when a name is mentioned.

    Might be something to think about?

  18. Clare De Mayo

    Trish, I am not a member of the Greens. They are not ‘my party’.
    But your response shows the truth of my comment. ‘The Greens destroyed the left’s chances completely in this election’ Really?. It was all the Green’s fault? (I thought there was more blame to lay at the feet of Murdoch and Palmer, but I guess I’m just stupid and uninformed).
    And you can roll off a list of a whole number of groups to try to cover your omission of refugees, but you can’t cover the glaring reality of Labor’s betrayal of these particular innocent people. That is the reason I can never throw my support completely behind the Labor party, In truth, policies like Labor’s refugee policy are why many have abandoned them. It’s not other people’s comments that have turned my head, it’s the reality of SIX YEARS INDEFINITE DETENTION WITHOUT CHARGE AND WITH NO END IN SIGHT. Yep, I’m shouting, because it’s the truth, and that’s what’s ‘turned my head’. Until Labor stops seeing the Greens are their enemy, and vica versa, they have no chance of forming a government.

    I gather I’m not being thanked for my comments. Why is that? I guess you only want a cheer squad.

    And of course, I hate Morriscum, and the LNP, and I care for those who have lost their homes. What the actual f…!

  19. Jason Peach

    If you think swing voters voted in the liberals because the ALP wasn’t “left or progressive” enough on refugee policies then I don’t think you really understand the Australian electorate. The reason why the ALP can’t be as pure as the greens on their policy platform is that they have to appeal to a wide range of individuals who have diverse opinions on policy whether it is right or not. Unfortunately, Australians are conservative at heart (especially swing voters) and are easily swayed by fear mongering. As you can see with Bill Shortens economic reform policies involving negative gearing and franking credits which would’ve lead to economic redistribution, the LNP and their Newscorp cheer-squad media as usual painted it as “death taxes” or whatever rubbish they pulled out of their behinds. If progressive policies like that get destroyed by the swing voting electorate, there is no hope the ALP could ever form government by being upfront with a progressive platform. In my opinion the ALP needs to go back to the Kevin 07 days, where they essentially keep it a small target campaign in order to reduce their vulnerability and once they are in power just implement as much progressive policies as they can because no matter what happens the LNP stooges in the media will do everything to tear down an ALP government. If the greens actually cared about the progressive movement they would do everything to try get an ALP government even if they don’t agree on every policy. Until then keep expecting the LNP to get elected because their “divide and conquer” strategy (and plus the electorate being generally uninformed) works because people from the left are spend most of their time fighting amongst themselves instead of trying to take on the LNP and right wing movements. Frankly, anytime the ALP enters minority government with the greens they get absolutely annihilated in the next election and as you can see from this years election being upfront about progressive policies (particular economic ones) isn’t palatable to the politically illiterate electorate.

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