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Abbott’s disaster relief payment cuts are a disaster


cyclone-marcia-2The town I live in and surrounding areas have just endured a cyclone. The damage is heartbreaking. The stories from people and the hardship they are enduring are even more heartbreaking. Through this experience, I no longer believe we live in a lucky country.

The state of the economy and the focus on debt now over-rides the importance of providing people with a hand-up in times of need.

During cyclone Yasi three years ago, the people of Townsville qualified for Federal Government disaster assistance under the Labor Party. This is $1000 per adult and $400 for each child. During the fires in the Blue Mountains last year; Abbott in all his humanitarian wisdom changed the criteria, so only those who have had suffered significant damage to their homes or had injury or death as a result were eligible. So many in desperate need after this cyclone are not eligible for assistance through the Federal Government.

I know this may sound reasonable to those who support the Liberal’s ideology. Especially the ones who are being harsh and judgemental to those who are disadvantaged across social media. The ones who have the privilege of being able to scoot off to another town to live in air conditioned motel accommodation, afford a generator, had no difficulty paying for takeaway food every night and have no problem restocking their fridge; or who have never really experienced first hand a disaster, but can type their elitist annoyance and judgements via a keyboard; or the number of people who vote against their own interests, for reasons too psychologically complex for me to attempt to understand.

The loss of electricity for a week or more for some people has resulted in so many low income families unable to restore sufficient food to their homes to feed themselves and/or their children. In addition, families have lost important medication that required refrigeration and for some, this means paying for a visit to a doctor for script renewal as well as the cost of medication. We have had an army based field hospital here as the local public hospital and doctors cannot cope with the amount of infections and food poisoning that is occurring.

The newly elected state MP for Keppel Brittany Lauga, has tackled this head on and is personally advocating for people who are having difficulty meeting the criteria for the state based grant, which will assist people with immediate need for food. Ms. Lauga is doing this by making a list of urgent assessments and she has progressed these matters to the Premier and relevant Ministers. There have been glitches identified in the system, and subsequent changes and it is now being reported that people who were classified as ineligible on their first attempt have now been paid. People are still reporting issues, but Ms. Lauga is continuing to take up this fight on behalf of each individual. The community is praising Ms. Lauga’s efforts as outstanding all over local social media and deservedly so.

The LNP member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry has taken the opportunity to play politics during this disaster. I will use a very often used Liberal Party term for this behaviour – unconscionable. While the new state MP, Brittany Lauga has been visiting areas and offering first hand personal assistance to so many in need; the LNP member for Capricornia, decided to blame Labor and Ms. Lauga for ineligibility to disaster funding.

landry blaming Labor landscape

Ms. Lauga, Labor State MP, has immediately recognised inequity in the system set by the former Newman LNP Government and has stated her anger on this issue and progressed issues for disaster relief immediately to the Premier, and positive changes have followed. However, the LNP member for Capricornia has not once publicly announced she is appalled at the strict criteria imposed and the changes made by her Government for assistance.

Landry and the LNP’s position to leave it all up to the State Governments and placing full blame on the State Labor Government, who have only been in for a matter of weeks; is the mindset of a small, hands off approach Liberal Government. However, small, hands off approach Governments are never good for communities. This mindset simply oozes “I don’t want to help, I don’t care, I had to do it myself and everyone is equal anyway.” A Liberal Government so focused on debt does not care one iota for quality of life. That is why the costs involved in rebuilding a normal life, such as all the food lost and destroyed, just as one example, simply does not register for them.

Some areas of Rockhampton have a socio economic score of 899.7 (Berserker), 849.3 Rockhampton City & Depot Hill and 797.6 for Mt. Morgan, compared to Brisbane’s 1047.7 rating (SEIFA, 2011).

This punitive approach for the disadvantaged simply has to stop.

Ms. Landry always falls back on the “It’s Labor’s fault” mantra. So let’s have a look at if it is really Labor’s fault.

On October 18, the day after the bush-fires tore through the Blue Mountains, our Prime Minister (who was posing as a hard working volunteer fire fighter, full of compassion and community unity), changed the eligibility criteria. (I’m sure Mr. Abbott is the best friend that disaster victims have ever had, if we ask him).

NSW bushfire victims denied compensation under new rules (SMH 26/10/2013)

“The day after bushfires tore through the area, the federal government tightened the rules for disaster payments leaving hundreds of residents who were forced to evacuate without any financial help.

Eligibility for payments, available in disasters such as the January Tasmanian fires, were changed on October 18, so residents who did not lose their homes but had to relocate for days at a time would not receive assistance.” (Excerpt)

”Mr Keenan (pictured with Michelle Landry, MP above) has heartlessly removed assistance for people who have been cut off from their homes for more than 24 hours, or been without water or electricity for 48 hours,” Mr Dreyfus said. (SMH 21/10/2013)

Bill Shorten and Senator Doug Cameron just some of the very vocal members of Labor constantly pressuring Abbott to change this criteria. As we can see from Cyclone Marcia, to no avail.

Then when the bush-fires tore through South Australia, Tony Abbott clammed up and refused to comment (The Australian 7 January, 2015)

Then, because blaming Labor simply would not work, Tony Abbott resorted to denying the truth (Bill Shorten, MP November, 13, 2013)

In addition, the Abbott Govt has employed the productivity commission to recommend changes to disaster relief system, which includes a recommendation of a drop of Commonwealth funding to help rebuild from the current 75% to 25%.

Doug Cameron summed it up with, “I think the underlying position here is how do you do more cost-cutting? How can you penny-pinch more against people that are in trouble?” he said.

The Liberal National Government contests that this is not about budget cuts, but about encouraging mitigation. Until mitigation is fully implemented in communities, the cuts and changes do nothing but continue to inflict hardship to those in need who have survived a disaster. This is yet another punitive ideological view in its current form. “If you don’t do this, we will not help you.” Unfortunately, the Blue Mountains and the Rockhampton Region have not had time to implement mitigation strategies as required by the Abbott Government prior to their disasters.

Here is a very clear explanation of the changes by the Abbott Government and the timeline:

The Liberal National Federal Government removed the last three criteria which applied under aFederal Labor Government. This should clarify why people who suffered under Cyclone Yasi received the $1000 payment and $400 for each child received the payments. However, many who have suffered through the Bush-fires in the Blue Mountains and Cyclone Marcia in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and surrounds cannot access these payments.

changes disaster funding

Under the old criteria under Labor, which Michelle Landry, Michael Keenan and Tony Abbott and the rest of the LNP do not support and changed; everyone who had no electricity for 48 hours or more and lost all of their food, would have been eligible for $1000 plus $400 for each child post cyclone Marcia.

disaster cuts landscape

My understanding is that the state based criteria was developed by the previous Newman LNP Government and I understand the Labor party have only been in a matter of weeks, but the entire system for the state based disaster relief system also needs an urgent review.

As for the Federal changes, all parties and communities across Australia, need to stand up and fight against these cuts to disaster relief, and have them reversed as passionately as they are fighting against other harsh cuts imposed by the Liberal Government. No community should ever have to go through this again. I am, you are, we are Australian.

Should Michelle Landry, Michael Keenan and Tony Abbott hang their heads in shame? Yes, they should. How many people now across fires and cyclones have now suffered under cuts to disaster relief by the Liberal National Government?

I know a lot of people truly believe that it does not matter who you vote for, but as I always say, your vote counts. Always, always, put Liberal and Nationals Last for a progressive and compassionate Australia.



Originally published on Polyfeministix


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  1. Keitha Granville

    I am shocked and appalled. My husband and I were fortunate that our house survived the Tasmanian Bushfire 2013. But we were isolated in our house without electricty for just over 12 days. Our electricity company worked 24 / 7 to get the supply restored. Meanwhile hundreds of people began a mercy mission to bring supplies to our district. The significantly important feature was the assistance from the government which enabled us to manage – we weren’t able to go to work and we had animals on our property that had to be fed and cared for so relocation was out of the question. Our state government provided every possible kind of assistance and the generous donations by so many thousands of people made the disaster possible to bear . (I can’t imagine how much worse it was for those who lost everything they owned, I felt lucky)
    The electricity company not only replaced more than 600 power poles, they restored our supply inside 2 weeks which was ASTOUNDING. And they gave us a refund for the days we hadn’t had supply.
    It’s times like these when you learn what kind of government you have – and this federal government falls so very far short on all counts.

  2. John Fraser


    No one should be shocked by this …….. standard fare for Abbott.

    And no one should be shocked that they didn't know about it ……. it appeared for about 1 second in MSM and then completely disappeared to be replaced by the warm, friendly, decent Abbott talking to big burly Queenslander having breakdown.

    Find that bloke and get his story about how much help businesses have received since Abbott spoke to him.

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  4. winstonclose

    Excellent article Trish Corry. Congratulations.

  5. Trish Corry

    Thx Winston

  6. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    More reasons for this government to rethink where they are going and how they are hurting Australians.

  7. Helen in NQld

    It wasn’t just Townsville people that received the $1,000 but everyone who qualified within the massive region hit by Yasi. We were without power for 9 days so had to buy gas for BBQ cooking, ice and drinking water (or boil it all) as well as replacing all our fridge/freezer supplies and pay for help with the clear-up of fallen trees. As our electricity company is basically run by the Newman state govt there was no help from the State or Ergon! The timing of the change by the then new LNP govt in late 2013 was just evil. They rushed it through the day after the Blue Mountain fires.

  8. lawrencewinder

    Is there an echo of a thought bubble emanating here from the bloody IPA …..?

  9. Helene Teece

    As I wrote yesterday the LNP is going to suffer the worst defeat at the ballot box in Australian political history. They will be in the wilderness for 20 years or more if Labor can keep its act together and perform like adults demonstrating they can rise above their petty egos, squabbles and factional differences to govern with fairness and justice for all never losing site of the common good. Labor needs to take a close look at its preselection process for candidates to run for seats and actually choose the best person for the job and not someone a union secretary wants preselected. Let’s hope the people of NSW desert the NLP in droves as the Queensland people did a few weeks ago and show these insensitive bigots that we Australians will not stand for neo conservativeThatcher type stand over tactics in our governments.

  10. stephentardrew

    Got kicked Michale maybe spam but don’t think so.

    Oh well just another bunch of words.

  11. Trish Corry

    What do you mean Stephen?

  12. Michael Taylor

    Trish, I think Stephen might be saying that his comment got caught in the spam filter.

    Stephen, just had a look. Nothing of yours in there.

  13. Trish Corry

    Oh ok. Not in my blogs spam filter either.

  14. stephentardrew

    Trish sorry about the mix up. In a bit of a rush. Had written a bit of a rant however sometimes words just cannot express the disgust I feel.

    Thanks for the great article.

    We are now in full blown class warfare.

    They show clearly how they despise low income earners, the impoverished and anyone who needs a help up for any reason except their corporate and rural mates.

    Its like going back to the sixties and the damn hard work to get some sort of fairness in the work place.

    It is staggering that we have gone so far backwards so quickly.

  15. Trish Corry

    I hear everything you are saying and that is so spot on. We simply cannot afford to have them in power again.

  16. cowper133

    Daughter was without power for 6 days so misses the “7 day without” criteria, never mind she lost all her food and with four children in the house forced to live on takeaways!Buying ice for eskies not cheap over that period either! Why any voter thinks LNP worth a vote when they care so little for the people is beyond me!!

  17. Trish Corry

    The 7 days criteria is State Govt Cowper, she may still be eligible for other immediate assistance. Please see Brittany Lauga’s FB page for more info. I would still apply if it was six days.

  18. Franny Priest (@Franny_Priest)

    I’m so sorry for all of you who are in this terrible position. WHY are Australians screaming so loudly and no one is listening. There are many other Australians suffering too because of this Liberal National Party government. I have been unemployed and homeless since Abbott got in, one of the hundreds of thousands who lost their job because of this government. And yet Mathias Cormann is on tv again this morning telling australians what a wonderful job they are doing and how they have been creating jobs irrespective of the truth such as in this article:

    That they are hurting Australians CONSTANTLY and literally destroying their lives whilst calling them bludgers, whingers and leaners and then to tell us what a wonderful job they are doing. The rage in all of us against this b a s t a r d government is indescribable. And don’t think it’s going to be different with a different prime minister; they have all stood behind abbott as these horrendous crimes have been perpetrated against us.

  19. Trinity

    People need to stop being so damn picky! I remember with Yasi, people REALLY affected would accept any assistance they could get from the community, didn’t matter if it was clothes, water, milk, bread etc. Now people are just demanding money from the community (not government). Sorry but people don’t have spare money, the government has stuffed that!

  20. Kyran

    The whole notion of ‘imagery’ over ‘substance’ is sickening. The scam of the 24 hour news cycle allows for ‘photo opportunities’ to become news items, to the detriment of the real story, as you have evidenced so well, Ms Corry.
    I couldn’t help but recall that the prime miniature went to Queensland for his photo op and sent a departmental delegate to view the devastation in the NT effected areas. Ironically, these were largely indigenous communities in remote areas. Naturally, of no interest to the minister for the First People!
    That there can be variations in the relief being offered based on the state or territory you live in is simply ridiculous.
    That successive governments ignore the warnings that these events are going to become more frequent and more severe, therefore requiring serious long term proposals, is galling.
    In addition to the need for a reasonable and equitable disaster relief process on a national basis, there is also a need for proactive policy on a national basis for planning and building codes. The dollar spent in prevention often saves ten dollars on the clean up.
    This mornings news reported the prime miniature hosted a get together last night with his colleagues to ‘shore up’ his alleged leadership. Naturally, whining and dining colleagues is far more important than any of the issues you have raised, in his demented opinion.
    Thanks for the article. Take care

  21. townsvilleblog

    Trish, So typical of LNP indifference to ordinary Australians, they have to be voted out next year. I hope you are coping, cyclones aren’t conducive to health, psychical or mental.

  22. Trish Corry

    Sorry are you saying people in Rockhampton and surrounds are ungrateful whingers? I’m not following,

  23. Aortic

    You hear it from all of them, “what a wonderful job they are doing”. If this is the case why are we in such a shambolic mess?

  24. DanDark

    Trinity said ” People need to stop being so damn picky! I remember with Yasi, people REALLY affected would accept any assistance they could get from the community, didn’t matter if it was clothes, water, milk, bread etc. Now people are just demanding money from the community (not government). Sorry but people don’t have spare money, the government has stuffed that!”

    Well I remember back when Yasi hit, they were needing cash donations and were calling for them, I live in Victoria and am a single mum, but I still donated 20 bucks to the victims of Yasi through the CommBank from memory, I don’t have spare money, but I could see a need that cash was what people needed and should be given to help our fellow man/woman in a time of great distress and need…..

  25. DanDark

    Trish Corry I havnt seen any appeals for money this time around, is there an official place/ bank where one can go and donate money like when Yasi hit? if so could you pass on the information on AIMN if that’s okay so I and others if they wish can donate money to people who have become the victims of this cyclone…

  26. Trish Corry

    Redcross is all u know Dan

  27. DanDark

    Trish Corry I rang the Melbourne office of RedCross, they have not and have not up to date organised a seperate fund for the victims of the cyclone, she said “I could donate to the blah blah”
    I said, “do the victims of the cyclone at least get some of the money” she said ” no it goes to the running of the RedCross blah blah”
    I replied “so there is no specific fund like last time when Yasi hit”
    she said ” no give it more time and something might be organised so just ordinary people can donate through a bank etc”
    I said ” that’s one thing these people havnt got is time, so thanks for your time and I will look for another avenue to directly donate money to these people who are suffering because the federal gov has cut them off at the knees and they need it now”.

  28. Trish Corry

    Ok. I will contact the local Facebook Groups set up for the cyclone. They may know something.

  29. DanDark

    Thanks for that info I was finding the info difficult to find.
    I will visit my local Westpac branch tomorrow with applicable BSB and account number
    Hold out hope that help will come…hope breeds hope 🙂

  30. Trish Corry

    Thanks Heaps Dan. We also need people to advocate the Federal Govt to get those 3 criteria returned that they removed. I heard today that there could be a cyclone forming off Townsville, but too early to tell yet.

  31. Mark Needham

    How dare you.! your leading paragraphs.
    “”scoot off to another town to live in air conditioned motel accommodation, afford a generator, had no difficulty paying for takeaway food every night and have no problem restocking their fridge; or who have never really experienced first hand a disaster, but can type their elitist annoyance and judgements via a keyboard; or the number of people who vote against their own interests, for reasons too psychologically complex for me to attempt to understand.”””
    What an absolute fantasy, myth, fabrication, invention and absolute crap.
    How dare you.!
    As an ex serviceman, as a bloody Australian, your Bubbling, emotional tirade at people who support liberals, is an atypical left wing load of vitriolic, misleading, acerbic and antagonistic rubbish.
    No, we suffered as much as any, less or more, as the case may be compared. But for you to say that just because ‘I’m a Blue Whale” therefore, I should have no cause for complaint, is just absolute ‘Bullshit”
    Trish Cory, you owe myself, my wife and others an apology, for your assumptions, that are not correct, misleading and downright “unpatriotic”
    Note, that I do not hide behind a Pseudonym or short name, anon or other, as you also, do not hide.
    You really are, Trish Corry, un Australian in your strident writings.

  32. Trish Corry

    I did not say this was all Liberals. I drew out a section of Liberals that you see and hear all over Facebook and where there judgements come from.

    You have not said whether you have any compassion for anyone during the disaster or whether as a Liberal voter you pass judgement on those that ‘were not ready for the cyclone” or “who do not work hard enough to make it in life” or those who couldn’t be bothered but waited with their hand out” or are you a rare exception?

    I note you find it extremely upsetting to be pigeonholed for your vote. Maybe you could work hard with your Liberal community to cease your fellow voters and party members to refrain from calling those who vote Labor, Thugs, uneducated, welfare bludgers etc., and those who vote for the Greens, Vapid, morons and hippies.

    Thank you for your service.

  33. trishcorry

    I also want to add Mark, that you missed the point. This is not saying that liberal voters who suffered the cyclone had no cause for complaint, but it was those who pass judgement on others for their suffering, as they were ‘prepared’ unlike those who could not afford to ‘be prepared’. The people who defend cuts to disaster payments, which I oppose. I hope that clarifies things for you.

  34. Mark Needham

    I must live in a different community to you., all to-gether.
    My community is made up of Labour Supporters, Liberals, Religious, Atheists, Black and white and all sorts of people. But it does not matter to me, who, or what they are. I have chipped in and helped, anyone that I can.
    You see, I don’t care for “Your Labour Community”.
    I care for “My Australian Community”, do what I can, where, and when I can. I work for all my Community, not just a select few.

    Yes, I am eligible for State and Federal Grants, and NO, I have not applied for them. Being entitled to something does not mean that you have to access it.

    All relief payments have tightened up, because of the “Scamming and Scheming” that goes on. Please do not tell me it doesn’t happen, people in all walks of life, have a chop at it.

    I believe, that those who need help, should be given help, those who don’t, help ’em anyway, but in proportion. Make it open slather and rorting, will naturally happen.
    Yes, give people a go, but don’t do it “without some rules”, please.

    Compassion, Reality and a fair Dinkum attitude, will go a long way to help those, who need it. Not vitriolic unsubstantiated waffle.

    You have “helped” no-one, with your article.

  35. trishcorry

    Mark, I really do not understand where you have drawn from my blog post that I have attacked our community and the fine people in it. My blog post is aimed at the Abbott Govt and the only derisive thing I have had to say towards members of the community; is those who have reduced people in need to “people just looking for a hand out” “people who can’t be bothered to be prepared” etc. etc., as I have stated earlier. This does not mean every single person in the community, even not every single one that votes for Liberals, but the comments I witnessed first hand were from known liberal supporters or through their comments were very anti-Labor. The difference in ideology (as shown in your most recent comment) is where the challenge lies with ‘what should the Government provide.” I do not believe from your most recent comments, we will ever agree on this issue. Many will agree with you and many will agree with me.

    I certainly do live in the same community as you and I have lived here since 1975. I love our town with a passion.

    I think through attacking me as a person, you are trying very hard to detract from the main point that this post raises and that is the changes to the disaster funding criteria by the Abbott Government. I was appalled at Michelle Landry’s play of politics and blaming Labor, when she knew full well about these cuts. I was appalled with the flippant way that the Prime Minister attended to our disaster. That is my personal opinion, and it is a very strong opinion. But I have no demands for anyone else to share that view, as that view is my own.

    True to form, your mindset is aligned with the Liberal ideology of punitive measurements based on ‘previous scamming.’ I am opposed to this, as this type of punitive measure (cutting the disaster criteria set by Labor) has seen so many needy and desperate people go without. Timing of funding is absolutely crucial in a disaster. You also mention giving people help but only those that need help. This is another point on where we differ. The Liberal party ideology is to reduce these to few and far between. Now it is only those who have had significant damage to their homes and the criteria detailed in this post that could have helped so many more immediately, has been abolished.

    If you note in my post, the reason the Abbott Govt has given for abolishing these payments, is not in line with people rorting the system, but the reason give was due to encouraging mitigation by communities. I agree mitigation is a good idea, but it is not right to punish towns that have not met the mitigation requirements, nor had time to. Mr. Abbott reduced this criteria the day after the fires tore through that community. Nothing you can say about me personally, nor my stance on this issue, can justify the lack of compassion shown by the Abbott Govt during this time and indeed for our own disaster.

    I am sorry you feel that the ten hours of research I put into this article is vitriolic unsubstantiated waffle. I have merely gathered the evidence from a wide range of sources and put this together. As with all my blog posts (if you click on my avatar) it will clearly state I write with a left wing, progressive slant. You disagreeing with my ‘slant’ is like Andrew Bolt’s writing being very unappealing to me. So I do understand where you are coming from, however, I am confident that I can produce all the evidence for the facts used in this post with regards to the disaster funding cuts.

    I am also saddened to hear that you believe this post has not helped anyone. I feel by bringing awareness to these cuts to disaster funding, communities can advocate for change and hopefully no-one will ever have to go through the lack of efficient assistance from the Federal Govt post-disaster again. To me, the opportunity to create awareness about the cuts that were made, assists with advocacy for improvements to disaster funding. If the advocacy is successful, there will be disaster funding available next time or for the next community. I feel personally, that would assist people in every single community in Australia.

  36. Mark Needham

    Trish, the problem I have, is your “assumption”

    “I know this may sound reasonable to those who support the Liberals. The ones who have the privilege of being able to scoot off to another town to live in air conditioned motel accommodation, afford a generator, had no difficulty paying for takeaway food every night and have no problem restocking their fridge; or who have never really experienced first hand a disaster, but can type their elitist annoyance and judgements via a keyboard; or the number of people who vote against their own interests, for reasons too psychologically complex for me to attempt to understand.”

    It’s a “throwaway generalisation” that does you no Good, as being a discerning writer.

    Whereas in politics, I am not a fan of the Right or Left, but at times agree and disagree with both, All and Any.

    That I may, at a certain time be seen to be one or the other, is not because one is better, but the other is less objectionable.

    Back to my original reply, “How dare You”, was exactly that, how dare you, make an unsupported assumption as you did, ”motel accommodation, takeaway food, restocking their fridge, elitist, vote against their own interests, experienced first hand a disaster.” You say, that I find that reasonable.?

    Thank you, for your reasonable replies, most heartening, that we are not calling each other………………… know where that goes.
    Peace to you.

  37. Trish Corry

    Mark, I will take your thoughts onboard. However, as a blogger, I do not have an editorial team that I submit to that says “Oh this is a bit harsh” or “You may get a bit of reaction out of that” I have to own and wear everything I write.

    I will reiterate yet again, this in no way is meant to read that ‘everyone who votes Liberal” but to those that share the same ideology of the current Liberal Govt. People who support the ideology behind the policies and actions of the current Liberal Govt.

    I guess with blogging (and I can speak for myself, not others) that sometimes the raw emotion of reading the repetitive comments from those who I feel have no compassion, does come through in my writing and a lot of times, reading a lot of unfair comments or narrative on social media, or a narrative in the main stream media, does trigger a new blog post. I am unsure IF I should apologise for this, as a country with no compassion and those that do not show no compassion does anger me and upsets me.

    These were not totally unsupported assumptions, but what I read into the comments. People who had money to go away, but were in the same breath knocking those unprepared. Once again, I was reacting to Individual comments and not generalising as a whole. I certainly did not mean to offend any of the bloody brilliant community members who have worked their guts out to assist others.

    I did take three days to write this blog and believe me there is a lot of anger and emotion edited out of it. (Like you, I had just been through a cyclone and we all react differently). I am a lot about writing about disadvantage and a lot of my blog posts do focus on narrative / commentary on social media and the narrative from the Liberal party. I believe that narrative shapes society. That is basically how I feel I contribute in the blogosphere and fully understand not everyone will agree with my views.

  38. stephentardrew


    Well you see one dares as one dares because the last time I looked I thought I lived in a democracy. Your superior self- righteousness is just egocentric blathering. Trish is entitled to her opinion and, as posters go, she is well reasoned and precise with her criticisms. Give it a miss if you can’t join in the conversation without denigrating others. I have disagreed with Trish before however she is always polite and well reasoned. You should give it a try some time.

  39. Trish Corry

    Thank you Stephen. That is a nice thing to say considering we do not agree on all issues. Thank you.

  40. Trish Corry

    Mark. I have edited the paragraph you find offensive. I have not deleted it, as it is important to me to express my distaste with the comments that I have read. I hope this sits better with you. But if it doesn’t I’m sorry, that is the best I can do. I hope it does make what I am trying to say more clear though; whether you agree with it or not.

  41. Mark Needham

    Stephen, I also live in a Democracy, the rights you allude to, are also my rights. It is a great country, hey!

    Trish, if my comments have been offensive, I am sorry. I did not mean to be offensive. I don’t think I was offensive, but I mean what I have written.

    I did mean to say, that I do not agree with your comment, that a person who votes Liberal, has the attributes that you allude to. That is the bit, that I found offensive, to me. You don’t know me, or half the people who may vote Liberal, but at this point in time, I have supported the Liberal government, so therefore, I am……………… you described.

    Again, “how dare you make that assumption”! and then, tag me with those attributes.

  42. Trish Corry

    I simply cannot make it any clearer than what I have in my previous comment to indicate this is a section of liberals. The one’s who support whole heartedly punitive measures. Ann O’connor mentioned a similar thing in the letters to the editor today.

  43. Michael Taylor

    Behind you all the way, Trish.

  44. Trish Corry

    Thank you Michael

  45. DanDark

    Trish don’t let them brow beat you, stand your ground girl 🙂

  46. Trish Corry

    Awesome! Thanks Dan.

  47. Mark Needham

    Agree to not agree.
    Ah well.

  48. Ros Svensen

    Trish Corry l think l have had a couple run ins with you at times but l am with you all the way here. It is appalling that we have been treated like second rate people. I know how much money the cyclone cost us and we were pretty lucky. As an LNP voter l am very disappointed to say the least in Tony Abbott. Many businesses will close in the next couple months because his government is taking too long to offer any assistance to them. Already there are some who are not opening their doors. Times have been tough with the downturn in the mining industry and the drought. This is the last straw for them. That $1000 that was given to other victims of natural disasters meant that people spent money through out the area. The voucher being given out now can only be spent at the multi nationals so this has meant that locals are even quieter. It has been an absolute chamozzle. Excellent article.

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