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Scott Morrison lies here

Porky pies – St Gladys leaves the field to Scotty Two Thumbs

That clanging sound you heard was St Gladys d’Berejiklian’s halo dropping round her ankles like a cheap pair of drawers. Please know that Our Glad has completed the porcine trifecta – telling ‘porky-pies’ is now written in under the ‘skills and experience’ dot points on her CV with pork barrelling and porking Dirty Dazza. In so doing she’s gazumped the liar and rorter exceptional, Two Thumbs himself, given that as far as we know, TwoT has limited his own mountings to heavy machinery photo-ops and handsy interference with oblivious bystanders. Turns out that in addition to the rortin’ and the rootin’ Glad had been flogging whoppers at her COVID pressers.

When Gladys said that locking down only Labor-oriented LGAs was on public health advice she was lying. The advice was the exact opposite.

“Gladys Berejiklian repeatedly said during the outbreak that all decisions were based on health advice”. Rather, Gold Standard Glady’s priorities were wedging Victoria, punching down on Labor LGAs and coddling her fan base of ladies-who-lunch from the leafy ‘burbs. Gladys’s delight at the prospect of Delta leaking to Melbourne had the chutzpah of a small boy peeing through someone’s letter box, then ringing the doorbell to ask how far it went (Maureen Lipman).

ICAC’s determination of Gladys’s fitness for office is a ways off yet and moot given she’s fleeing the field for, no doubt, some well remunerated sinecures in the banking industry where dodgy practice is a credential not a crime. Two Thumbs’ title as the most prolific liar in Oz politics can remain unchallenged.

Morrison finds himself the chameleon on a tartan rug; he and his image wranglers will be confused about where to turn. The carefully crafted personas that are on scheduled rotation now all come with a clear warning label – this man is a duplicitous liar and a fraud. It took Emmanuel Macron to bell the cat – “I don’t think, I know“. Our own sycophantic media, too cowed, compliant or complicit to bother with their KPI of holding power to account could not ignore the president of France calling out our Liar-In-Chief. Joe Biden sunk the slipper with his less than subtle dig at the deceit of his orange predecessor’s number 1 fanboy. The Riefenstahlists of the Kunkel/Finkelstein/Gaetjens lumpy carpet collective would’ve white-boarded dead cat scenarios through the wee small hours as their planned narrative of Brave Sir Scotty fighting for our freedoms is lost to the reality of a shouty Crusader Rabid – our own Trumpy Try-hard.

Being anointed by god makes him impervious to self-reflection or to accept that he is accountable to anyone real. Shouty, petulant man-baby is the real Scott Morrison. Under pressure he floats to the top of the borscht of his confected characters whose purpose it is to hide the real Scott Morrison from public scrutiny. Now the accumulated mistrust of a serial liar has permeated his own troops. Whenever he announces his latest position on an issue they all know he says whatever is convenient at the time regardless of the facts.

His lies are going fractal – each lie covered by another lie. Morrison’s liar tag will become a tattoo, his defining characteristic. The smarm will be replaced by the jutted jaw, shouted accusations, panicked, flatulant gibberings, and desperate sloganeering as the drain hole of a prospective Labor-initiated federal integrity commission draws nearer. “Who can you trust?” is an interesting election pitch from a bloke now widely tagged as a consummate deceiver, a nasty bully with a pathological fear of scrutiny.

The slow yet satisfying unravelling of the most loathsome toad to ever infect our politics is coming. Enjoy!



This article was originally published on Grumpy Geezer.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Whale Oil Beef Hooked!! (said the mythical Irishman) the Preposterous Misfit was in Whore Wyee instead of on duty when fire ravaged the nation, Glad Legge-Zaparte was telling fabricated fibs in rubbishy announcements, Peter Duckwit-Futton can fight anyone with his bare hands, all he has, and the government benches are full of lying lice and louts, desperate to continue dreaming of creaming off the proceeds of corruption, so, what is new in the conservative media and political sty of stinking shit today?? These un -Australian thieves and liars STINK!!!

  2. Kaye Lee

    The real problem with Glad is she seems to really believe she has done nothing wrong.

    We are only just learning how devious she was and some of the mud is splattering onto the new premier.

    The NSW Auditor-General refused to sign off on her audit of this year’s state accounts because of Glad and Dom”s dodgy dealings which artificially inflated the budget by billions.


  3. wam

    Wow, grump,
    You giveth hope that the scummo rubbish will become landfill.
    Any read of ‘gladys’ material, shows why no politician wants a federal ICAC because they all walk the corrupt line at one time or another.
    A false step or a complaint risks the exposure of the times they bent the line or crossed it.
    Ergo ICAC risks electoral suicide.
    Why did she jump?
    “She has a lot more to contribute, I know that … Right now she’s going to deal with the issues before her. I know she has a lot more to contribute, there are many ways I’m sure she can do that.
    So sayeth the liar.
    I don’t think glad would glean much comfort from that?

  4. LambsFry Simplex.

    I think it is a perceptive comment, that Berejiklian is actually clueless.

    The missing ingredient is conscious malevolence and that applies almost exclusively to Hanson.

    Forget Cash and Morrison, who are just nutters- and the other drunks and cranks.

    But a rival for Hanson could well be Simon Birmingham, a dark creature that lurks if shadows with malice aforethought, also barefaced individuals like Frydenberg. and Canavan.

  5. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Grumpy.

    Let’s hope those five little words of Macron’s: ‘I don’t think. I know’ will turn out to be more powerful than any of the three-word slogans these ‘people; can dream up.

  6. Bert

    Kate, Labor are really starting to hammer the Liar from the Shires lies and the way the media are reporting this (for once) it’s starting to bite.

  7. Harry Lime

    Amen to all that.”Chameleon on a tartan rug?” Fucking outstanding.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Gladys and the liar. Seems appropriate that they will forever be linked as an outstanding pair of coalition politicians, telling lies and covering it up with more lies.

    Dazza must miffed that he won’t be mentioned as much as his playmate. But then he was into her, mostly for the money.

  9. leefe

    Way to ruin borscht for me forever.

  10. RomeoCharlie29

    “Her halo around her ankles like a pair of cheap drawers”. What an outstanding image, loaded with suggestiveness. I am with Bert and others, I reckon Scummo’s lies and prevarications are so mainstream now they must be penetrating even the thickest of LNP skulls. Morrison must be on the horns of a dilemma regarding calling an election hoping that things will improve while having the evidence that almost every time he opens his mouth now, a lie comes out. Come election time, and the sooner the better, don’t forget to put the LNP candidate last.

  11. GL

    I see that Benito Spuddolini basically lied to Leigh Sales last night about Scummo never telling lies. If lying could be said to be genetic then the LNP gene sequence would look something like FIBLIELIEFIBBIGLIEBIGFIB…with added pond scum sequences added.

  12. New England Cocky

    Liarbral Nazional$ COALition self-serving corrupt politicians could NOT lie straight in bed!

    At every election:

    and we Australian voters will have a chance of recovering our country

  13. LambsFry Simplex.

    A danger with religious schools when so much money is involved.

  14. Fred

    Idiot or Evil? Behavioral expert analysis is required. How does one categorise a liar that innocently believes they have never lied, because they cannot remember anything they have said more than 2 minutes ago or one that does remember but puts the onus on the audience to question their memory of what was said, or worse still a liar that constructs a “tactical” lie? While the jury is out on whether a pathological liar knows what truth is or that they are lying, denial of lying when the evidence is irrefutable is a dead giveaway that you are dealing with one. (Given the evidence, Dutton on 7:30 23/11/21 rather than deflecting, said the PM had NOT publicly lied thereby proving that he is either an idiot, misinformed, naive and/or also a liar – any of which should preclude him of being a minister.)

    Maybe the religious Liar from the Shire self justifies not complying with “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” by defining “neighbor” as those “living in adjoining properties to his and his church cohort” so the rest of Australia and the world is fair game to be lied at and about. Not the usual interpretation of the word. Clearly he is a “practicing Christian” – practicing to become one once he gets a grasp of the basics, i.e. “not lying”.

    Now he wants to enshrine discrimination in the name of religion. That religious people should have any right to discriminate on any grounds not available to the non-religious is wrong and must be resisted.

    Anyway that you look at it, he is not a great advert for a PM or Christianity.

  15. Vikingduk

    What an absolutely disgusting race we have become. That these things, these repulsive examples of a life form, these absolute fucking scum, are not only considered human, they also represent our elected government. For absolute fuck sake, for a start, how do these things, this detritus of what is often known as civilisation, live with themselves, how do their partners deal with such revolting examples of humanity, and they are voted in, still supported, but, yes, the smirking jerk is now to face the consequences of its way of being, scotty, you fucking ****, the hens come home to roost, you called the tune, now it’s time to pay the piper, in your delusions, your deceit, your lust for power, your bullying nature, you failed to realise there is always a price to be paid, and paid it will be, yes, sit back, watch this tragedy meet its end, perhaps, whilst sitting back, contemplate what a horrible, destructive race of complete arseholes we are, slowly, or not so slowly, we destroy the home we have been given, and there is the real tragedy, look at your children, your grandchildren, explain to them what happened, tell them whatever the excuse, justification, the reason we sat back, why we accept these monstrous creatures as our leaders.
    We are facing extinction, that is the reality that I see, changing our ways would be of great benefit, knowing shit from custard would be even more helpful, and is this, this commenting, a total waste of time, certainly beneficial to heap invective on these corrupt thieving *****, but, ultimately, as much impact as a fart in a hurricane

  16. B Sullivan

    Kaye Lee “The real problem with Glad is she seems to really believe she has done nothing wrong.”

    Perhaps, like Scott Morrison, she believes in Jesus and the power of faith. According to Christian doctrine if you believe in something then it will be so. If, as it turns out, it isn’t so, then it is because of a lack of faith (one mustard seed’s worth of which is capable of moving an entire mountain). The Christian assertion is that faith, not facts, determine reality. For people like Gladys and Scott this is far more preferable to facing up to the cold hard truth.

    Perhaps something will be in the Religious Discrimination Bill to give people bound and restricted by their religious beliefs this freedom to indulge in the illusion that they do no wrong, and oblige everyone else to respect their indulgence. A bill that would legislate that Morrison isn’t a habitual liar and that Gladys has always behaved with the highest of integrity.

  17. Harry Lime

    “Lies,,damned lies,and Scott Morrison”

  18. Kaye Lee

    B Sullivan,

    I don’t think Glad is all that religious. I know she went to a state school. With her, I think it is pure arrogance.

    I also sometimes wonder how much of Scotty’s faith is purely for political purposes.

  19. Consume Less

    In 2019, Israel Folau was sacked by Rugby Australia for a series of anti-homosexual social media posts the final of which claimed hell awaited homosexuals along with drunks, adulterers, thieves, LIARS, fornicators, atheists and idolaters.

    So according to Israel, Scotty is off to hell.

  20. Max Gross

    His lies are going fractal…” Oh Mr Geezer, you’ve done it again!

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