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Scott Morrison is giving me climate anxiety

As the government tries to convince children that they are unnecessarily anxious about climate change, and Pacific leaders that we are ‘stepping up’ by being really cross about plastic in the ocean, and the world that we ‘have met’ our emissions reduction targets and that we will meet our paltry Paris commitment ‘in a canter’, the evidence to the contrary keeps piling up.

The IPCC released its Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere (or frozen areas) in a Changing Climate sounding a dire warning about ocean warming and acidification, coral bleaching and the loss of kelp beds and mangroves, a decline in fish and shellfish, melting ice sheets and glaciers, sea-level rise and coastal flooding.

And it’s not just the climate scientists that are alarmed.

Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell gave a speech warning of climate change stretching the resources of the ADF with more disaster relief efforts, as well as more peace-keeping missions, given climate change has “the potential to exacerbate conflict”.

At the height of our involvement in Afghanistan, we deployed 1,500 troops but it took 3,000 troops to help clean up after the North Queensland floods.

The RBA, APRA and ASIC have all also delivered speeches recently warning about the economic disasters awaiting us if we ignore the need to act now to reduce emissions.

When Greta Thunberg delivered her impassioned plea to the UN, Pauline Hanson dismissed her saying:

“I think that she’s basically a teenager who has had no life experiences. She was actually voicing what other people have put into her head. I blame the adults around her for allowing this to happen.”

This from the woman whose head has always been filled with the most ridiculous stuff by the men she chooses to surround herself with.

Then we have George Christensen’s contribution.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned about needless anxiety being fuelled amongst Australian children. This follows extreme green groups and unions encouraging students to wag school to go on strike and the United Nations getting a 16-year-old without life experience to lecture world leaders on so-called climate change.”

So George, tell us about your life experience – a brief flirtation with the priesthood, followed by politics?

Craig Kelly put in his bit for the moron award.

“Shocking to watch. Criminal.

Her childhood has been stolen by Alarmists that have brainwashed her, filling her head with apocalyptic fairytales of starving & drowning polar bears, and the world burning in a fiery hell – all so they can exploit her as their puppet to peddle their socialist vision of ‘’system change not climate change’’.

This is child abuse in the extreme.”

Miranda Devine was her usual vitriolic self.

“Someone should be arrested for child abuse. It is grotesque that a child, already emotionally vulnerable due to her condition, has been so indoctrinated by adults.”

I can’t even be bothered looking up what Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt might have had to say.

When parliament and the media are peopled by these sort of cretins, we are in serious trouble.

WTF has to happen before they will start getting anxious too?

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  1. Josephus

    My billionaires gold miner relative has several houses by the coast. must have
    trashy finance advisor.
    Cretins always use ad hominem non arguments eg re Assange. .how to respond to idiots who deny science, and think prayer is the answer? Voltaire wrote his furious poem on the absent god after the Lisbon earthquake killed 30 000 ile they were at mass.
    What are the schools doing to open minds? Too much flooding of minds with advertising? Science fiction has warned us. We will have massive refugee exoduses but no islands to dump the survivors.
    To all scientists socialists is stupid, . I do feel that we elect more morons here than in the UK, having followed brexit in the commons.
    Fools are killing the future. Earth will survive.about this mixed feelings.

  2. New England Cocky

    “I can’t even be bothered looking up what Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt might have had to say.” But does anybody really care who they say? We looking forward to Jones being thrown off-air from his radio microphone, and Sky only attracts about 3% of the unthinking trash television audience; sadly many of those seem to be MSM journalists looking for tomorrow’s headline without doing the leg work.

    @Josephus: “What are the schools doing to open minds?” It is called education ….. that process of teaching which includes critical thinking skills, analytical thinking and even the skills of counting and interpreting scientific data. Maybe that is what is missing in the third rate institutions which provide a fourth rate child minding service masquerading as education to which the Liarbral Nat$ misgovernment pays so much government funding.

  3. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks Kaye, as usual.
    In the wonderful story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, the person who cried out to the crowd that the Emperor was naked, was a child ‘without life experience’.

  4. Ken Fabian

    Much easier to call on the public to ignore what a teenager says than calling on them to ignore what decades of consistent top level advice says.

    Morrison was not easing “needless” anxieties in those who do take that expert advice seriously, he just pushed it higher. Past 11. I cannot even get myself to believe that Morrison was unaware of just how provocative – not anxiety relieving, but red rag to a bull level provocative – his condescending words were.

    Nothing PM Morrison says about the climate issue is unthinking or off the cuff, not one word… so is he hoping to push a well informed and legitimately concerned teenager over into frothing fury in the hope she says or does something regrettable? Or perhaps provoke the climate “movement” at large – or at least those elements seen as extremist – to unwise words and actions that turn media and public attention away from those sitting in the very offices, making the actual decisions? Decisions, like promoting and advancing the very activities that will make things worse, made on the basis that worrying about global warming is “needless anxiety”?

    I don’t know – maybe Greta Thunberg has better self control than me, because Scott Morrison’s failure to take persistent and consistent warnings of the gravest and greatest of threats to Australia’s prosperity and security and remnant ecosystems seriously is pushing me to frothing fury.

    Making me painfully aware, through his own soothing words, that we have a Prime Minister that feels no anxiety at all is the most anxiety causing thing he could have done… or maybe not; perhaps he can still top that with words and decisions. The choices that will lead to our nation topping itself.

  5. ChristopherJ

    Thank you, Kaye. What a bunch of crooks we have in poor man Australia these days. We used to have MPs that would keep the other side honest. Now, they are all so corrupted none of them can say ‘look over there’ and we no longer have a media worth reading.

    My era has watched it all unfold and it’s time to start protesting that enough is enough. Time is almost up for us while they talk about where we might be in 2050 ffs.

    Is there a nation wide day happening soon?

  6. Keitha Granville

    The best form of defence is attack. Because those morons have no valid arguments they simply attempt to discredit and assassinate the character of the speaker. It is patronising in the extreme to suggest that Greta doesn’t know her own mind, that she is a puppet for radicals. In her words, how dare you. I give praise for all the students trying to force change, trying to show the so called grown ups that they need to do something NOW. They know more now than we ever will.

    More power to them.

  7. Andrew Smith

    Till sometime in the ’80s issues of environment were part of ‘General Studies’ a subject that became part of the then Victorian HSC curriculum to replace religion, based on science and measures to improve e.g. ozone layer, house design etc.; was disappeared in the transition to VCE.

    We have had years now of blaming ‘immigration’ led population growth for environmental degradation, traffic congestion etc.

    Now starting with Attenborough patron for Population Matters UK (along with Paul ‘population bomb’ Ehrlich*) since last year plastics have become the talking point for politicians, business people etc. but a symptom of a deeper problem, deflecting from fossil fuel use, need for broad environmental protections and maintenance of income streams…..

    *Population Matters and Ehrlich are joined at the hip with immigration restriction group Migration Watch UK (lobbied May intensely when Home Secretary, and of course pro Brexit), then in turn linked back to Ehrlich’s old and recently deceased mucker from fossil fuel supported ZPG, John Tanton ‘the racist architect of the modern anti-immigration movement’, recently deceased.

    What’s more interesting are Tanton’s papers archived at the University of Michigan, those accessible expose the eugenics basis of Tanton’s ‘environmentalism’, immigration restrictions and white nationalist networks now informing the White House. Presently and separately both lawyers and students are trying to access the files not available for decades.

    The suggestion is that he divulges the PR architecture and funding of his networks from past 50 years that would no doubt be embarrassing for many donors, politicians and corporates; ‘wheels within wheels’ that have been spinning madly in the US, UK and Australia to keep the white patriarchal political, corporate and social, i.e. power status quo.

  8. Kaye Lee

    “Australia’s internal and global critics on climate change willingly overlook or ignore our achievements, as the facts simply don’t fit the narrative they wish to project about our contribution.”

    FauxMo suggested that negative media coverage fuelled criticism that was “completely false and completely misleading”. People expressed “prejudiced” views about Australia’s climate policy, he said – “Now where do they get their information from? Who knows, maybe they read it.”

    Well yeah Scott, some of us DO read the reports put out by your own department.

    “Australia’s emissions for the year to March 2019 were 0.5 per cent above emissions in 2000.”

    Our commitment was to reduce emissions by 5% on 2000 levels ie emissions would need to be 524 million tonnes in 2020.

    “Emissions for the year to March 2019 are estimated to be 538.9 Mt CO2-e, up 0.6 per cent or 3.1 Mt CO2-e, on the previous year.”

    Emissions have risen every year since the government abolished the carbon price.

    You, sir, are the one spreading the fake news!

  9. Peter F

    Morrison merely confirms what Greta has said.

  10. Kaye Lee

    Australia Coal Production 1981 – 2018 | Yearly


  11. Mr Shevill Mathers

    Reaction, rather than positive action, is Morrison all over, a master of spin as a former salesman, would try and have the world believe we are doing our bit. The LNP killed off the only action to mitigate climate change-putting a price on carbon introduced by a Labor government. Morrison would rather denigrate young voices and shoot the messenger, than admit his government has done nothing to curb increased global warning. His performance with a lump of coal in Parliament speaks volumes about the way he and the LNP think about climate change. It is this image I would like to see going ‘viral’ to show Morrison up for what he is-a total sham. There are leaders and Leaders-he is not one of the latter. I would prefer to believe the science and be proven wrong, rather than wake up to water lapping around my head in the sand.

  12. Kaye Lee

    We’re doing our bit alright. To increase fossil fuel use that is.

    Australia’s Natural Gas Production: OPEC: Marketed Production from 1960 to 2018


  13. Aortic

    I can tell you what is wrong with failed priests like Christensen and Abbott. They couldn’t help reverting to their natural state of wankdom.

  14. king1394

    Why would Scott Morrison feel anxiety? He believes that the hand of God will reach down for him through a crack in the sky, and lift him bodily into heaven. Although this is a rather irrational view, he will hold it against any advice on the state of the environment, or oceans, or climate change.

  15. johno

    Daggy dad tells a few porkies at the UN. Sad.

  16. Robin Alexander

    Thank you Kay Lee wonderful summation? How can.our nation survive this wanton lier of PM and his merry men? He is surrounded with minister in highest positions,all of same beliefs of this crazy money hungry Sect? Calling themselves Christians?how dare they say such a thing! Their beliefs long way from Christian beliefs incaring always for less fortunate “suffer littlechildren to come to me” in.practise they are opposite with deep pleasure of inflicting pain to less fortune?they glorify the wealthy swaying! arms up! singing praying loudly for them? Dangerous! Are already increasing pain and plans to inflict more? The smirky liers are leading Australia into dark place is my belief? All completly incapable cunning coniving people?

  17. Aortic

    If I didn’t have to learn a new language, I would emigrate to Nu Ziland.

  18. Kaye Lee

    I’m already practising whenever they play netball or rugby

    e ihowa atua,
    o nga iwi matou ra
    ata whakarangona
    me aroha noa
    kia hua ko te pai
    kia tau to atawhai
    manaakitia mai
    God of nations! At thy feet
    in the bonds of love we meet,
    hear our voices, we entreat,
    god defend our free land.
    Guard pacific’s triple star,
    from the shafts of strife and war,
    make her praises heard afar,
    god defend New Zealand.

    Followed by a rousing haka

    Ka Mate! Ka Mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
    Ka Mate! Ka Mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
    Tenei te tangata puhuru huru
    Nana nei I tiki mai
    Whakawhiti te ra
    A upa … ne! ka upa …ne!
    A upane kaupane whiti te ra!

  19. Max Gross

    How extraordinary that a child speaking and behaving like a responsible, informed, articulate and inspirational adult triggers such fear and loathing from adults speaking and acting like spoiled infants

  20. Stephengb

    Thank you Kaye Lee, it is always worth reading your articles.

    We have another 3 1/2 years of this, with no real opposition, Labor has turned inwards, so it could be another 5 1/2 years or more.

    I have turned to reading the Australian RepresentUs (not a typo) and I am impressed with both the idea of The Green New Deal (Australia) and a new Party called the Australian Workers Party (AWP).

    I have not made up my mind about the ALP but I am disgusted with I see as their overt and constant licking of wounds.

    I am of course accutely aware that to vote for independents and minor parties will likely bring the LNP back in 2022 but I consider the ALP Neoliberal lite, and that our democracy is seriously broke, we are for all intent of purpose merely an named Corporatocracy.

    I am not articulate enough to make sense of all that transpires so you might like to comment.

  21. wam

    The tactic scummo learnt from trump is to blame the fake media.
    Continually feeding critics everywhere, such inconvenient lies.
    Ironic isn’t it? When we have no media outlet that is fair, much less anti the LNP government and these government arseholes uses it to peddle the fake news needed to keep its core idiots ‘informed’.
    My rabbottians were shocked by the sight of greta goebballs(sic) and the antifa association ensured she would have no effect on deniers. Indeed going further down the re-elect trump trail.
    Is this the prevailing view from your rabbottians???
    – Who would listen to an hormonal angry 16 year old ? You can’t discipline any longer. Her parents let her skip school and now’s she’s the world expert ? Are you kidding me.
    Very staged, wonder how many hours she practiced with George Soros.

    I don’t know what I expected from the representative of the billion white christians who got rich on fossil fuels, whose wars were fought over the oil that supports our society. But what I saw was awful. A snarling girl screaming threats and intent on preventing the 6 billion non-whites from becoming rich.

    Cocky look up the most listened to radio in America to assess the source of fake news over there?? Could be a dozen jones????

    ps thanks bobby for 10 years of no action and for scummo.

  22. David Bruce

    The IPCC released its Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere (or frozen areas) in a Changing Climate sounding a dire warning about ocean warming and acidification, coral bleaching and the loss of kelp beds and mangroves, a decline in fish and shellfish, melting ice sheets and glaciers, sea-level rise and coastal flooding.

    I was very surprised to see some photos of the damage caused by the Changing Climate, particularly the melting sea ice! Now I can see why they are calling it anthropomorphic climate change! I wonder if this was assisted by severe space weather events we have experienced since 2001?


  23. David M Golding

    Thank you Kaye Lee – another great article (I am a big fan even though this is my first comment!). I did watch Jacinda Ardern so thanks for the link and I agree – what a contrast with FauxMo (whoever coined this one – thanks, I’m borrowing it!)!!
    How did the Kiwis end up with a such a leader, wise and caring; while we ended up with a choice between FauxMo and Blinky Bill (and now the seemingly sold out Albo)?? Do we get the leaders we deserve? I went to NZ earlier this year for the first time (I know, long overdue!) and judging from my experiences of the place and the lovely and smart people I met there, I’m starting to think we do…
    It’s too easy to get despondent with the lack of leadership in this country but on a positive note, as one of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who joined the youngsters on their strike last week, I was so impressed with the calibre of the young people and their enthusiasm and commitment that I couldn’t help but be a little optimistic that the world they inherit will be better handled (if we haven’t completely fcked it up for them that is).

  24. johno

    Thanks Kaye, I listened to Jacinda Ardern’s speech. A breath of fresh air after Scomo’s convoluted tirade.

  25. Frank Smith

    Yet another “look over there” from Scummo at the UN as our spin doctor PM contends that plastic is a much greater threat to our oceans and fisheries than climate change. That claim was thoroughly debunked on RN this morning by Prof Abram, a coordinatiing author on the IPCC report released in Geneva overnight. The audio is here:


    A very interesting article on Greta Thunberg’s speech – regrettably too many Australian leaders (and citizens) are in the “you” column:


  26. David M Golding

    Yes, I would like to echo Frank and urge readers to follow his link and look at Richard Flanagan’s excellent column on the Guardian today. It really puts the Australian response into perspective!

  27. guest

    Here are two commenters together whom I find difficult to understand: wam and David Bruce.

    Wam says:”But what I saw was awful. A snarling girl screaming threats and intent on preventing the 6 billion non-whites from becoming rich.”

    For the life of me I cannot tell whether wam is serious or just being ironical. Is he really saying what he thinks or is he parodying deniers?

    Then we have David Bruce who usually submits strange denier anti-science, but today tells us; “now I can see why they call it anthropomorphic climate change.”

    As if the penny has finally dropped.

    But later he writes about “severe space weather events’. “Weather events” in space “since 2001”?

    What is he writing about?

  28. TuffGuy

    George Christensen’s life experience consists of massive overindulgence in food and/or drink and banging Philipino whores.

  29. Henry Rodrigues

    Has anyone noticed ??? Murdoch’s minions and the rest of the corrupt media haven’t had the integrity or the balls to even scold this bastard PM, The TV channels have given very scant coverage and even then have portrayed Scummo as standing up for australian business etc etc blightly ignoring the disastrous consequences about to befall the world if we do not acknowledge and change our ways. Rising sea levels, species extinction climate migrants, are not as important as exporting as much coal to fill the coffers of the miners and the revenues of the government. Over at the footy show, Eddie arsehole Maguire and Sam dickhead Newman disparaging that brave girl Greta Thunberg who has more intelligence than both them put together. Sickening bastards every one of them.

  30. wam

    Sorry, guest, I have a mob of friends who shot the messenger and got me worked up with their absolute immutable belief that the thousands of scientist are just lying left wing subversives.
    The deniers are now set in religious concrete and this post knows how serious greenhouse gas emissions are for global warming.
    I’m better after I change Facebook pages But it is so sad to see the grip of god on good average and intelligent men and women

  31. wam

    They are now share video of her mother

    They see nothing wrong with trump trying to stitch up Biden

  32. Miriam English

    Thanks for the info Kaye, and the link to Jacinda Adern’s speech. Now that’s a true leader.

    I can’t say I’m surprised that Morrison has graduated to openly, straight-facedly lying. No longer the small lies of distortion; he’s going for the big time now. He says blatant untruths that are polar opposite to reality and expects (or hopes) that people will swallow them. And with the support of Murdoch’s “news” media he may get his wish… to some degree at least, though certainly not as much as he wants.

    Actually, Australians have rendered our government almost entirely irrelevant. We are pursuing renewables at a surprising rate. In spite of our backward looking, recalcitrant, corrupt government we are heading toward a mostly renewable future in Australia, led by people and companies in (strange to say) Queensland!! I’m putting together a short article on the topic to be posted tomorrow, hopefully.

  33. Miriam English

    I was thinking more about Morrison’s speech at the UN and it hit me that in saying all the right things and pretending that he and his goverment are moving in the right direction, he is exposing himself as wilfully evil. If he’d said the wrong things (as he did when disparaging school-kid climate activists) then we could just shake our heads and pity his stupidity, but in giving many examples of what he should be doing, yet actually striving for the reverse then he must be truly wicked. He is saying that he knows he is doing wrong. That is a real worry.

  34. Paul Davis

    Yes Miriam, i absolutely agree. UnHolyMo is either truly insane, suffering from some severe form of mental illness, or, he is indeed evil incarnate, and i now sincerely believe the latter. What sort of person would stand in front of the whole world, at the UN general assembly, and deliver with enthusiasm such a carefully prepared speech of absolute and obvious lies. But he can’t be mentally ill, his handlers and speech writers would not have let him deliver some rambling delusional manifesto. No, this man is truly dangerous and so is the tight group of fellow corrupt shysters he runs with. Straya is now officially in the eyes of the world a pariah nation led by vile mendacious gangsters.

  35. johno

    Scomo is taking the word subterfuge to a new level. Disgraceful is too polite.

  36. Andrew Smith

    Every utterance from the PM et al. is PR inspired messaging intended to cater to our ageing and/or cynical electorate whom are satisfied with glib or humourous one liners (to preclude any substance) and would crawl across cut glass to receive the financial benefit of a cup of coffee per week.

    As Henry R cited, even C9’s Melbourne based football show felt compelled into making tasteless jokes about Greta via McGuire and former Lib candidate Newman (whose hilarious comedy has included mocking up a sex doll with the face of female journalist, and also blacking up to smear indigenous footballer Winmar).

    Matches the seemingly demographic led (hopefully inevitable) decline of traditional media, AFL, Footy Show, white Australia and less educated (cf younger generations)?

    Australia, don’t you love it? Keeping up stereotypes of outsiders as being white, conservative, racist and shallow; thankfully mostly ignored when those whom inspire our elites, the US and UK have gone absolutely Looney Tunes.

  37. Kaye Lee

    September 26

    Environment Minister Sussan Ley said she “totally accepted” climate change was a huge pressure on oceans and the Great Barrier Reef.

    But she said Australia was playing a major global role.

    “I will stand in any forum and say it is probably the best managed reef in the world,” she told Sky News on Thursday.

    “People are coming to us to understand how best to manage their tropical reefs.”

    She said the government was addressing the challenges through sustainable use of marine parks, tackling plastics and ground-breaking oceans science.


    Less than one month earlier….

    For the first time, the long-term outlook for the Great Barrier Reef has been downgraded to “very poor” by the Federal Government, with the impacts of climate change deteriorating its overall health.

    The five-yearly report said “The current rate of global warming will not allow the maintenance of a healthy reef for future generations.”

    “Specifically, early and effective global and national action on climate change, coupled with local actions to … facilitate recovery, are imperative over the next 10 years if the region is to have a positive long-term outlook.

    According to the report, without additional action, “the overall outlook for the Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem will remain very poor, with continuing consequences for its heritage values also”.

    Mr Poiner said the decline was despite “recent management initiatives to reduce threats and improve reef resilience”.

    Experts said the decline will continue unless there is urgent and coordinated action to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

    The report found there is a “multi-tiered governance and management regime” to protect the reef, but “it is not designed to directly address the effects of a changing climate.”


    Can any of these people read?????

  38. totaram

    Kaye Lee: Yes they can read. They have more or less ensured that most of the public will NOT get to read the second document that you have quoted. Problem solved.

  39. guest

    At about the time Peter Ridd was grappling with the James Cook University and saying that the Great Barrier Reef was in fine condition, anothe JCU scientist was visiting Hawaii.

    The purpose of that visit was to find out about corals which can survive higher water temperatures. It has been shown that many corals die in higher water temperatures.

    Meanwhile, as published in the Murdoch press, Ridd had been attacking the presentation of a science student at JCU. His attack centered on a poster showing a number of the same kind of fish discussed in the student’s thesis.

    Ridd accused the student of using a few photographs of the fish manipulated to suggest she had studied a larger number of fish than she really had. So he questioned the validity of the student’s research.

    This is the kind of subterfuge employed by deniers in order to cast doubt on the science of others.

    Besides being a scientist at JCU, he was also funded by dredgers operating on coastlines adjacent to the GBR.

    No conflict of interest there.

  40. Kaye Lee

    Ley pointed to the various interventions being undertaken into water quality, sustainable fishing, and controlling the crown-of-thorns starfish while commending Indigenous land managers and farmers who are working to prevent sediment run-off into the reef.

    Meanwhile, in December 2018 the Queensland government reported….

    More than 700,000 hectares of forest and bushland were destroyed in Queensland in the past two years and 40% of it occurred in Great Barrier Reef catchments.

    In November 2018…

    Draft approvals to bulldoze almost 2,000 hectares of Queensland native forest have been tossed out by the federal court, which ruled the federal government acted unlawfully by applying only minimal scrutiny. The decision leaves plans to clear Kingvale station, in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, in limbo.

    A day after the federal court decision, the Australian Conservation Foundation released documents obtained under freedom of information that showed federal Queensland MPs lobbied departmental officials about the clearing proposal during the botched assessment process.

    Ian Macdonald, Barry O’Sullivan, Matt Canavan and Warren Entsch met with the then environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, and a senior environment department official to discuss Kingvale.

    “While the department advised that the proposed clearing would likely have a significant impact on nine threatened species and reduce water quality running off onto the Great Barrier Reef, the federal government ultimately applied the least rigorous form of assessment then issued a draft approval for the land-clearing.”


    Warren Entsch is now Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef

  41. Kaye Lee

    Conflict of interest you say?

    The GBRMPA gave two NFPs $20 million to kill crown of thorn starfish, both of which then subcontracted a third for-profit company — called Gempearl — to do the actual culling.

    Ms McKenzie, who sits on the board of the authority, and her husband Col McKenzie, own 100 per cent of Gempearl. The two companies in the middle that pass the funding on to Gempearl in payment for culling services are both led by Mr McKenzie.


  42. johno

    The word corruption rings a bell.

  43. Stephengb

    I have it on the good authority of none other than Anthony Albanese when he assured us all that there was no evidence of corruption in the Federal Parliament.

    Maybe the evidence is hard to obtain – but the stench is so obvious.

  44. totaram

    Stephengb: You can collect all the evidence you like. It will be found that everything done was completely legal. The laws are fixed that way. Anthony Albanese knew what he was talking about.

  45. Peter F

    @Miriam English: “Actually, Australians have rendered our government almost entirely irrelevant. We are pursuing renewables at a surprising rate”……..
    Miriam, I saw a report this last week which showed that massive use of rooftop solar was reducing the wholesale price of electricity around midday in Australia.
    THERE lies the true concern of the government about renewables. The DEMAND is being reduced by rooftop solar, and this energy is NOT being supplied to the grid as much as the power companies would wish.

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