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Scott Morrison has moved on, apparently

By Jim McIntosh

Of course, we always knew that Morrison is a liar. A congenital liar who even lies when it’s of no particular benefit to him. So not just a liar, but a stupid one as well.

But then, when a foreign head of state actually came right out and called Morrison a liar, at that point the cat was truly out of the bag. Morrison, clearly wounded by the words of the French President, over-reacted in a manner that thoroughly weaponised the allegation against him, and made our prime minister appear even more stupid that he usually does. When Scotty’s minders or whoever it is that have to clean up the never-ending puddles of his diplomatic and political ordure finally convinced him that he’d gone a bit too far, his next predictable reaction was to ‘move on’. By that, any mention of the matter was met by a shouty, angry-faced Morrison saying that ‘we’ (note the pronoun) have moved on, because he had already blathered something along those lines “in Dubai” (although why the geography of his defensive, over-reactive damage control efforts should be an issue, is still a mystery).

So now that the tamestream media in Australia have been told that ‘we’ have moved on, we (the real we, the we that gaze in astonishment at what passes for a prime minister these days) now see Scotty happily frolicking in front of cameras dressed in hi-vis and assuring Australians that Labor lied about his 2019 aversion to EVs, and that everything is back to normal – although it’s not – and trying desperately to relive his happy, happy days of the 2019 election campaign where he was on top of everything and set to win the election. At the same time, in Trumpian style he uses ambivalent dog-whistling on the one hand to condemn the recent street violence in Melbourne while calling out to his cohort of violent right-wing ratbags that the government isn’t in the business of telling them what to do and inferring, rather that the Labor state premiers are the ones doing just that, not him, no, no no.

But in the final analysis, things are different now. Scotty is damaged goods, and he’s becoming a liability to his own rag-tag party. The point being that if Morrison feels the need to call out and appeal to violent street thugs and extremists of the far right, then the damage is real. What about all his ‘quiet’ Australians, the ones he always claimed were behind him? So, even though I and many of us already knew the nature of the beast, what matters now is that if it’s good enough for the French President to come out and state the facts about this man, then it’s certainly good enough for me. And Morrison, meanwhile, becomes more and more an object of derision and clownishness.

Et tu, Rupert? We shall see.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    All true and much more could be said of our imitation P M, the Piggery Minder, for his squad of goony ministers and the increasingly ignorant raving backbench and assorted dropouts make it so unsavoury. We have to live here in a mentally and politically polluted place, getting worse. You could assemble a better leader out of a spray of incontinence. Chronic lying, dodging, self glorification, fixations on false faith and superstition, abrasive overconfidence, all indicate the worst of a personality type well known to such as Adler, Jung and Freud. We have been unsettled, shamed, embarrassed, disgraced, duds in policy, without legislative honesty, bare of policy, with little hope, getting robbed, shafted, deceived, infested with lice-like louts, lairs and total farcicalities like Barnaby Rootem-Drinkon. Such EVIL.

  2. Baby Jewels

    Spot on! Rag-tag party yes, but a rag-tag party of liars, deceivers, thieves, and traitors to their own country.

  3. Michael Taylor

    He sure has moved on. Moved on to another lie.

  4. leefe

    For a brief moment that headline gave me hope. If only he would. Preferably permanently and completely out of reach of Australia.

  5. Peter F

    My fear is that the coalition will recognise what he represents, and there will be a spill before the election. As dangerous as he might be, any possible replacement is likely to be worse.

  6. GL


    You mean someone like the bald bastard named Dutton? If he became leader before the election it would pretty much mean the LNP would get the chop. Can’t see them replacing the Scummo though. Yet.

  7. Florence

    Sadly for our honourable PM, covid hasn’t moved on.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    On reading the headline, I too like many others, had a brief moment of elation that the slime ball had moved on, permanently. Moved on into a different time and space. A place far far way in a distant universe, never to be seen or heard from, again, and finally to be rid of that overpowering whiff of drying excrement that has hung around our collective nostrils for an inordinate lenght of time.

    To quote; Pray Sir, do not stand upon the order of your going, but go at once.

  9. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Great article, & oh so TRUE! Sadly this lying, flat earth, happy clapping, failed at marketing, lying,sports rorts, car parking fiasco, robo-debt stupidity, lying fucking pile of shit MUST GO!! He has not suddenly become a “non liar”, he has now elevated talking to a new level, where he lies about telling lies! HE MUST GO NOW!!

  10. New England Cocky

    Jim, the reason you allow a scheming self-serving idiot to run a country is so that you & your mates may exploit the natural resources without fear of government interference. Alternatively, so the power broker can control national policies for personal benefit or personal ego. Notice concern for the Australian voters is completely absent.

    Scummo & the COALition Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment should be made absent from the Treasury benches.

    At every election:
    and we may still have an opportunity to recover our democratic Parliament.

  11. GL

    Of course Scummo moves on, and on and…he’s a lying coward and when caught out on his lies walks, figuratively and in some cases literally, away to only to return later and start the whole sickening charade over again. It’s almost always somebody else’s fault because we must always remember that,“I don’t believe I have, no. No.” when asked about lying. As pure as the driven snow is our Morristrump.

  12. Bruce White

    Isn’t there an old saying ‘If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again’?

  13. Roswell

    Bruce, it’s a bit like the real estate slogan: “Location, location location”.

    With Morrison it’s: “Distraction, distraction distraction”.

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