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Scott Morrison Giving People The Ships!

Our PM has been caught telling blatant lies this week!

All right, I know that many of you could consider that the lead contender for a headline in the perpetual newspaper, but this week has been particularly bad.

To be fair, there was the matter of clearing up an area where a lot of people suggested that the Liberals’ got it wrong. Many were arguing that the Coalition had been proven wrong when they said that the Royal Commission into the banks would be a waste of time and money. While banks had been breaking the law with their lending practices, the Liberals recently announced that they’d change the law so that the banks didn’t have to worry about all that red tape of ensuring that people were actually capable of paying back their loans. Problem solved! Who needed a Royal Commission, eh?

And anyway, most of the time, Scotty Sacked From Marketing, isn’t lying; he’s merely re-announcing his intention to make an announcement about what needs to be given funding at some unspecified future date.

But this week Morrison, who famously has a trophy in the shape of a ship with the caption, “I stopped these”, has become a contender for a second trophy with the inscription: “I made these disappear.”

Having announced that there were forty ships with urgent medical supplies held up at Sydney’s ports because of the MUA taking sanctioned industrial action, many people were surprised to discover that the said ships were even more mythical than the Liberals’ budget surplus. There was no sign of them to the naked eye and a quick check of available data revealed only three ships in the water waiting to dock in Sydney.

As for the urgent medical supplies… Well, they were a bit unspecific and nobody interviewed seemed to think there was an immediate problem.

But let’s give Scotty the benefit of the doubt on this one because there’s an even more blatant lie being peddled by our leader.

He said that he was surprised that ABC staff voted against freezing their pay rise when so many other people had agreed to take a pay cut.

Of course, this completely overlooks that many of the people he spoke about weren’t taking a cut at all; they were merely agreeing not to have an increase and – as we know from the PM”s position on the ABC funding reduction – reducing a future increase isn’t a cut, so he’s clearly lying when he suggests that others have agreed to a cut.

Now, I know some of you will be pointing out that Morrison and his band of merry men aren’t one of those who’ve agreed to a pay freeze/reduction, but remember they’re all struggling on upwards of $200,000 a year and Josh hasn’t even announced the tax cut for people like that yet…

Mm, if not receiving promised increases are cuts, should reducing the tax you pay in the future be considered a tax cut?

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  1. Baby Jewels

    Aside from the lie about the ships, nobody sends urgent medical supplies by ship. We must be idiots.

  2. RomeoCharlie29

    Is it just me or are Morrison’s lies becoming more blatant by the day? I presume he thinks we are all idiots with the memory spans of goldfish, um say what? But urging Sydneysiders to stand on the sands where “40 000 Horsemen”, was shot and look out to see boats that aren’t there is surely pushing even the little credibility he has left, too far? Or is it that he thinks his poll popularity means he is no longer constrained to tell any truth at all? I see talk of an early election is bubbling. I say bring it on because we have many reasons to give these clowns the heave-ho. And before I hear any of you say “But Albo…” I would say the worst Labor Government would be absolutely better than what we have now.

  3. Phil Pryor

    It gets clearer, even to the unprofessional but educated observer, that this Preposterous Moron, Piltdown Man, Perverted Manipulator, Pooey Mouth, Pathetic Misfit is actually mentally and psychologically SICK. Like the Agony Anus in the USA, Donald Dick-Polisher, a paralysing disease of a human impersonator, Morrison has drives based on utter fantasy, living in a world of contrived superstition and lies, one that never existed. He and his fellow idiots, claim blessing, salvation, charging up, forgiveness, righteousness by the shitload, exclusivity, precious qualities. They are universal xenophobes, hating everyone and everything else they cannot comprehend, understand, observe, because they are INCAPABLE. Inferior pumped up personality perverts are a sickening relic of old days, mediaeval savages, hunlike, murderous, vengeful, FILTH. Like the Manly Masturbator, Abbott, this P M has never done any real work, never succeeded, never adjusted to reality, but has nagged, shouted, bullshitted, bluffed, lied his way FORWARD, and the lyingly named “liberal” party is just such a vehicle for misfits, like germs thriving in a sewage pond. Mates and colleagues get protection, shelter, wealth, promotion, favour. But, this shitload of conservatives has sworn to “serve” all of us as representatives in government. What a gross LIE. Lazy, unsuccessful, ignorant, useless, non-achieving, incompetent, deficient, uncivilised GARBAGE.

  4. Judithw

    The base pay for politicians rose by 145% between 1996 and 2013 (yes that’s the increase).
    Imagine if welfare payments were indexed to politicians’ pay.

  5. ajogrady

    The lies that are coming out abojt the waterfront dispute by Morrison is a total distraction for the main problem haunting the Morrison government, the private aged care sector and the lack of protection during the Covid-19 virus pandemic. There was enough evidence from overseas that priority should have been given to this sector. An absolute failure. Add the deaths from the aged care sector to those of Robodebt and NDIS. The Morrison government has failed again and again to protect vulnerable Australians.

  6. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh, I am surprised that you all political sceptics would even vaguely consider accepting at face value anything uttered by Scummo Sacked from Marketing as having any relationship what so ever with the real truth of any matter.

    Or, in colloquial terms, Scummo could not lie straight in bed …..

  7. Kronomex

    Saint Scotty of the Marketing seems to have copped a particularly bad second round dose of Trumpitis this week. Scotty must be suffering horribly with his $550,000 per annum pay packet. He deserves a nice big tax cut to make him feel better. I’ll gladly not take a pension increase to help the poor man out.

  8. Rossleigh

    Trump has tested positive to COVID-19. This is not the time to be petty; this is a time for thoughts and prayers…

    Of course, what you pray for is up to you.

  9. Mark

    So now – Lock him up! – takes on a new meaning.


    Rossleigh,,,,,,, i wouldn’t waste a moment’s thought on that idiot.

  11. New England Cocky

    Naughty Rossleigh ….. you have an uncharitable mind ….. who would not wish Trumpery all the joys of a long term COVID-19 infection after his railings about the fake news of the severity of a COVID-19 infection during the past six months …..

    Not quite perfect timing for the 03 November 2020 Presidential elections but damn close.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Rossleigh, Twitter is on fire over the news, with half the Twitter world hoping it’s true, and the other half thinking it’s a con.

    Time will tell.

  13. totaram

    Henry Rodrigues: I am with Rossleigh. Many thoughts and prayers. What they are, I can’t say….

  14. Jack Cade

    Rossleigh, Michael Taylor

    I’d make a good American, because i am spiteful and vindictive. So If it’s true, then good old Corvid 19 say I.
    But it’s not true – it’s a pathetic attempt to gain sympathy by a man whose unsuitability to
    lead anyone – even Americans – was on full display in the debate.
    He will come out after two weeks fake quarantine, shrieking ‘I beat the Chinese virus’ to tumultuous applause by white supremacist sister-shaggers.
    ‘This I beloive’ to quote the great Norman Gunston.

  15. wam

    Howard’s battlers, over $100k up to the pollies $200ka (Albo is unable to divulge how many pollie pay rises this year because of the whistle blower legislation) have had a tax cut and scummo won so another coming.

    Any idiot, like me, would increase the tax free threshold to give the 80% of earners money to spend rather than ive cash to the almost rich who will save it.

    As for trump someone told him he didn’t win the debate so in a perfect avoidance ploy he, to this old cynic, fakes his catching the virus only to be cured by hydroxychloroquine on nov 2
    Biden has to remind everyone that the mask and social distancing is to PROTECT others and the extrapolate how many at golf etc trump has infected.

  16. Rossleigh

    Totoram, if you tell your thoughts and prayers they don’t come true!

    Speaking of which:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg (at the Pearly Gates): And to think that man refused my dying wish calling it a Democrat hoax.
    St Peter: Well, you’ve led a good life. What if I give you a second one?

  17. Roswell

    You could be right, Jack. It’s fake news in my opinion.

    Trump’s created a diversion away from his tax returns, his poor performance in the debate, his support of white supremacy, his SCOTUS nomination and a host of other woes.


  18. Jack Cade

    He will emerge after 14 days as if from the tomb in the rock and proclaim ‘I am the chosen ones and Scummo will kneel at his feet.

  19. Michael Taylor

    The White House physician has said that Trump will still be able to perform his duties. Huh? Sounds like it’s all a fake.

  20. Mark

    It’s not fake! Why would it be? Trump’s supposed strength is campaigning and he needs to play to his strength, given he’s behind in the polls. If Pence is also forced into isolation (and can’t take the reins), then Pelosi becomes the acting President. She would like that – with Supreme Court nomination still in play etc …

    Election can only be delayed with the consent of the Congress and that’s not likely. Just ask Pelosi.

    Yes there might be a God after all and she might be looking for revenge.

  21. New England Cocky

    @Jack Cade & MIchael Taylor: Uhm … you may be onto something …..

    @Mark: Your comment reminds me of a post I did after Cyclone Katrina on another site. It could appear to the true believers that D*G has smote the unbeliever at his self-professed hour of triumph ….. just to demonstrate to all who will observe just Who is the Boss …..

  22. Jack Cade

    I believe it’s fake, He performed appallingly in the debate, so much so that his party was concerned. Because his base (base – what an appropriate word for them) is rock solid, so he needs to get the sympathy of the uncommitted. Playing the martyr might persuade a few, and a few might be enough, because Biden is uninspiring.
    In short, it’s shite.

  23. Max Gross

    There are no more surprises. We all know by now that when Sideshow Scott speaks, he lies. Just. Like. He. Breathes. As Hunter S, Thompson once said on Nixon.

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