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Scott “had a go”

Pretending he is leading a united team, Scott Morrison handed out flag badges to remind his colleagues whose side they are on.

It didn’t work.

Inevitably, the recriminations continue as speculation grows that Scott had been planning on “having a go” for some time.

Despite not having anonymous sources to brief me or drop leaks in my inbox, it seems pretty damn obvious.

Exhibit A – When Turnbull appeared in the courtyard flanked by Cormann and Morrison, Scott, unlike everyone else, was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Peter Dutton’s tortuous attempt at smiling didn’t come close to Scott’s beaming visage as he told us how ambitious he was for “this guy” and hugged the man he was about to stab in the back.

Exhibit B – The lies about numbers and support. Forty-eight people voted for Malcolm first go around. Whilst some argue that he caught people off-guard by calling a spill, they cannot possibly say that they didn’t know it was in the wind. Cormann, Cash and Fifield lied about the majority favouring a spill. That was not the case until they jumped ship.

Exhibit C – The confusion. Fierravanti-Wells claims “well-known powerbrokers here in the Liberal Party in NSW” have been plotting Scott’s ascension for some time. Bishop blames the “Queensland influence.” Others point to the treachery of the WA vote abandoning Julie who seemed the most popular and experienced successor.

Exhibit D – The dust had barely settled but Morrison had a cabinet all picked out and ready to announce immediately. With only a few months to an election, Scott threw the cards in the air, sacrificing any hope of continuity. Amongst the bruised and battered countenances of his colleagues, Josh Frydenberg’s shit-eating grin was completely incongruous.

Exhibit E – He dropped the company tax cut for big business in his first announcement, something he and Matthias would not allow Malcolm to do before the Longman by-election.

Exhibit F – The paying off of troublemakers and the elevation of people who were demoted for wrongdoing. The Special Envoy sinecures tossed to Abbott and Joyce are embarrassing in their hamfisted obviousness. The promotion of Ley back into the Cabinet is perhaps explainable but the promotion of Stuart Robert is nothing but blatant payback to a man who has so many clouds hanging over him he makes Sam Dastyari look like a saint.

Exhibit G – The recent roles of the two men who are now in charge mean they know the facts about how to reduce energy prices yet they publicly back coal. The AEMO’s report, based on extensive modelling of different scenarios, concluded that “The lowest cost replacement for this retiring capacity and energy will be a portfolio of resources, including solar (28 gigawatts), wind (10.5 GW) and storage (17 GW and 90 GWh), complemented by 500 megawatts of flexible gas plant and transmission investment.” New coal power didn’t rate a mention. These two happily sacrificed the NEG rather than prosecute the policy they developed and industry wanted.

Exhibit H – With flag badges in hand, Scott assured us he is “on our side” which kind of implies they haven’t been up till now? He even had his new slogan ready – “if you have a go, you’ll get a go.” It sure worked for him anyway.




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  1. Harry

    I just wish that Turnbull had the guts to call on the GG and ask for an early election. It could have been an act, not only of revenge but also “tough love” for a party that is now controlled by the hard right. The resulting landslide could have sent a clear message by voters that they will not tolerate the hard right’s domination. The Illiberal party needs and deserves a long period in opposition.

    Labor MUST roll back and enact a much more progressive agenda than it has in the recent past. And the Greens should work with Labor. Di Natale seemed to have learned from past intransigence which ultimately scuppered effective climate change action.

  2. New England Cocky

    A neat analysis of available fine detail, Kaye, but you must look to “Who is the major beneficiary of political chaos in Australia”?

    There is another vision based on long term analysis that suggests CIA involvement through the Hillsong Church (“salvation by credit card”) a suspected base for CIA insurgency in Australian affairs.

    This excellent article clearly demonstrates that the LNP have betrayed Turdball and the Australia voters in favour of personal pecuniary interests and so must retire form politics immediately and all be indicted for treason.

  3. Barry Thompson.

    Question Time with Morrison and Frydenberg in full shout is going to be an unsafe workplace unless frontbencher’s are issued with hearing protection.
    Morrison has been an incompetent Treasurer and I predict will prove to be an incompetent PM.
    His disloyalty in the removal of Turnbull shows him to be only a Sunday Christian and a man not to be trusted by the Australian people.

  4. helvityni

    …first there was only one happy clapper, then there were two; Josh has never been happier…his jaws must be hurting by now.

  5. johno

    It’s like a game of cludo, slowmo in the library with the candlestick.

  6. Kaye Lee

    I think they took the secret passage way from the kitchen to the cabinet

  7. Pilgrim

    The lapel pins, the hug and declaration of loyalty before knifing Turnbull, the inane “have a go” slogan are all indicators of utter contempt for the intelligence of the electorate.

  8. corvus boreus

    So does the appointment of Josh Freydenberg to 2IC and Treasurer mean that, Josh no longer being the minister for Energy + Environment, he is no longer responsible for answering questions about his role in the GBRF $1/2 billion grant fiasco?
    The sudden relief from such serious scrutiny would help explain Freydenberg’s coprophagous expression.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Michaelia Cash and Michael Keenan have also been moved on. Will they no longer have to answer questions about the AWU raid?

  10. helvityni

    Well, Mal and Julie, me and you and many more are hurting; it’s good to see Josh and Scomo beaming….

    ( Just trying to be positive, not doing it very well I know, I’m starting to think that happiness is vastly over-rated…I’m losing my Pollyanna positivity. Better to give the interest in politics away… aversion therapy needed….maybe try a spot of indoor bowling)

  11. MöbiusEcko

    I see that Morrison has threatened to deregister the CFMEU because one, they fund Labor and two, they are thugs.


  12. Kaye Lee


    I pert near choked when I heard Morrison say “When you see children being used in these sorts of protests … this stuff just makes your skin crawl.”

    In order to get his draconian asylum seeker laws passed, Morrison very much used the children on Christmas Island as hostages to sway Ricky Muir’s vote for temporary visas.

    “Tonight we saw children on Christmas Island being handed the phone number of Senator Muir, and they were asked to call that number and beg that senator to let them out. If that is not treating children as hostages, what is it?”

    I think Setka often does silly things but I don’t see him harming anyone like our politicians are. I don’t see him denying sick children medical treatment. I don’t see him torturing children until they give up all hope. I don’t see him indefinitely locking up innocent people who came to us asking for help.

    Get off your high horse Scott. You are deliberately destroying children’s lives for your own political gain.


  13. Florence Howarth

    Setka is NOT head CFMEU. One still needs evidence to deregister. Something TURC did not give them.

  14. SteveFitz

    I vaguely remember somewhere, in the distant recesses of my mind, that Turnbull blurted out: “We don’t need America.” Or maybe the Russians were involved, in his demise, to improve their chances of selling black market beluga caviar to the filthy rich? Either way, the whole thing strikes me as being a little bit tribal.

    The noble savage has turned away, and authority doesn’t care, as the Australian population are neutered, and their life essence extracted. “000” “Hey chief, Helvityni’s had her happiness stolen and she wants it back. She’s getting the life sucked out of her head and you can see her ribs. What should I do? Tell her this… BANG! Chief? chief… BANG!… CHIEF!!! Stop shooting yourself in the head.”

    Maybe we should get “the pursuit of happiness” written into the Australian Constitution. Then politicians can point the finger and say, “it’s your fault.” As they paint happy, smiley images on homeless shelters like they did on the trains to Auschwitz.

    Have a teaspoon of honey – That always makes me feel better.

  15. Florence Howarth

    Has one ever seen a new PM deliver a front bench & cabinet so quickly?

  16. Kaye Lee


    I’ve been thinking that policies should have the “what about the children” test applied. If we used that metric, the children would be off Nauru immediately, the Uluru statement from the heart would be listened to and acted on, Newstart would be increased, action on climate change would be paramount, we would get a real NBN, we would protect the reef and other environmental treasures that are under our temporary custodianship, we would make education a prioirity and affordable housing a human right, we would stop bombing other countries and help rebuild them instead, we wouldn’t make sexuality something to be argued about, we wouldn’t vilify minorities and make young girls a target for what they wear, we wouldn’t make health dependent on wealth……

    What about the kids Scott?

  17. helvityni

    SteveFitz, no honey please, the bloody stuff mixed with lemon juice did not even get rid of my cold…

    Florence, maybe the leadership change plan was a longer time in planning than we think…?

  18. Kaye Lee

    Alan Jones is already leading Scott by the nose. He made him say he would consider deregistering the CFMEU and also holding a royal commission into the power sector. Aside from that being yet another very expensive talkfest when we already know what must be done, Scott should be very wary because, unless he really made the terms of reference ridiculously narrow (which could be easily changed by a new government), it would surely have to expose the nefarious dealings of the coal lobby.

  19. Peter F

    This on the day that we learn that the RC into Banks and Superannuation has seen a massive e fund shift away from the Banks’ Super. Reminds me of the ‘bottom of the harbour’ schemes.’

  20. Oscar

    The LNP is almost totally run by Psychopath Jones and Murdoch.

  21. Kaye Lee

    Jones also spoke to Morrison about the safe schools program. He had the hide to say “I don’t want the values of others being imposed on my children in my school and I don’t think that should be happening in a public school or a private schools.”

    This is the government who insisted that public schools must have religious school chaplains. Seriously, the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance is astonishing.

  22. Oscar

    Kaye he is The Master Gaslighter you’ve written about. And he is the greatest “piss in your pocket” going around also.

  23. Kerri

    Karen Middleton’s article in The Saturday Paper, was highly supportive of the points you make Kaye Lee.
    Also, is it just me or has anyone else noticed how Mr Potato head doesn’t look at the journalist whose question he is “answering”? And in todays presser he remained potato coloured until questions got a bit close to the truth when he started to go a bit beetroot!!!

    Harry. The most assertive thing this GG has done is tellFrydenberg not to sit.

  24. Kronomex

    The giant skid mark that is Dutton is going to be a huge sticky turd (can’t resist the faecal allusions at the moment) on the underpants of Scummo’s cabinet and joke of a party. Should this plop be removed? A resounding “Yes!” would be the answer. Will Mr. Speaking in Tongues remove him? Nope, he’s frightened of the damage that Duttonuci, and other RWNJ’s, could bring about.


    Morrison: a thoroughly detestable, horrible, religious nutter, and equally vile person –


    And him and his Carnival of Gangsters, at least until the next election, are in charge of this country being ably helped by the Mudrake Sleaze Media. I feel violently ill.

  25. Rhonda

    It’s all an ugly rubbish of shit!

  26. Patagonian

    Yes Pilgrim, right up there with the Lying Rodent’s fridge magnet.

  27. Glenn Barry

    Morrison is an abomination – we have an abundance of evidence for that, watch the polls punish him in coming months

    I’m observing both Morrison and Dutton head towards very public melt downs

  28. Patagonian

    Dutton’s line of defence seems to be “I have a dirt file on Labor MPs who have made quirky requests”. That’s not the point – anybody can request ministerial intervention in their case, whether it be mad, bad or self-serving. What matters is what Dutton’s response to those requests has been, and his obfustication, distraction and dissembling around the issue just highlights this. It may satisfy the ‘base’ but most people are a bit more switched on than those refugees from the 18th century.

  29. SteveFitz

    It took a bit to wipe the smug look off Turnbull’s face, now all we need to do is get the “Morrison Cheshire Cat grin” to disappear with the rest of him.

    Yes Patagonian – As an aging population I think we are becoming “a bit more switched on” and more concerned about the world and what happens at home. More concerned about the future for our children and, that’s what drives many of us, to engage in the political spectrum.

    And, all too true Kaye Lee… If, “is this best for our kids” was woven into the political consciousness and decision-making process we could all relax a bit and spend more time on art, culture and philosophy, as you would expect, in a progressive and civilised society.

    There was a concerted push in the 90’s to normalise greed and the “all for me and nothing for you” Liberal Party mentality. Basically, I don’t think that’s us… If humans were “dog eat dog” we would have gone the same way as Megalodons or other species that ate themselves into extinction. We need to fight to retain our humanity, against those who would take it from us.

  30. Stephengb

    Tbvdhymj houtvcd njnj fbuw. Pmmm gjiyrcvnjhsd,

    Oops there I go again speaking in tongues, must be pm material.

  31. diannaart

    Spare a thought for Turnbull … knifed in the back (and possibly the front, he should’ve seen it coming) … what’s a former and now unemployed PM to do? …

    Get going to New York, rest up in the family apartment, do a spot of shopping …

    pulling himself up by his bootstraps is Turnbull

  32. Rossleigh

    Love your compassion, diannaart, but I’d rather think of all that’s positive.

    We have removed a narcissist and narrowly avoided replacing him with a psychopath by electing Scottie…

    Gee, at this point I can no longer think of anything positive save the fact that Scottie may be the shortest serving PM…

    Aw shit, that breaks Abbutt’s record…

    So much for being positive…

    Oh wait, we’re still here. We’re not going away. And eventually…



    things get better.

  33. Diannaart


    I have just finished watching Tom Ballard’s Tonightly penultimate show. Catch it on Iview, watch the final ten minutes when Tom lets fly on the effwits we pay to run our country.

    He tells it true.

    And is weirdly cathartic.

  34. Kaye Lee

    Cathartic indeed diannaart. Thanks for the pointer. F*ck the lot of em!

  35. diannaart

    Thanks for posting link, Zathras.

    Must-see (and definitely must hear) viewing.

    Tom Ballard at his most raw and completely honest – could be used as remedial tutelage for politicians on what genuine actually looks like.

    To borrow from First Nation people, a statement from the heart.

  36. divergent

    Exhibit G – Forgot about taking tilt of the earth into account.

    “As everybody knows the amount of sunlight varies seasonally, both in intensity and duration. Summer brings long days and at any given time of day, the sun is higher in the sky and hence more powerful than in winter. The maximum sunlight intensity on a bright summer day may be around 1400 W/m2 whereas it may be less than half that amount in winter.”

    What does this mean? You need more than double the number of solar panels in winter than you do in summer. So the cost needs to be based on the weakest performing season.

  37. SteveFitz

    divergent – Way too much common sense in your post – The main reason for political brain cramp and the ensuing inaction. I think we need to get some value out of our politicians – Instead of blowing smoke up their own back-sides, we could redivert all that hot air, to turn turbines and, generate enough electricity to light up half of Queanbeyan.

  38. DrakeN

    On the other hand, divergent, in the winter there tends to be more consistent supply of wind to drive those big fan-like things round and round as well as there being many other non polluting energy sources in the pipeline.
    The eggs are not all in one basket.

  39. diannaart

    My condolences, Kaye Lee.

    Look after yourself.

    Looking forward to your return.


  40. divergent

    DrakeN – “The eggs are not all in one basket” That’s not the impression you get from the aemo report. See figure 6 “Figure 6 Renewable generation development outlook” and Figure 9 “Figure 9 Forecast NEM generation capacity in the Neutral case” Biomass and hydro only contribute a tiny amount with hydro unchanged from today.
    https://www.aemo.com.au/-/media/Files/Electricity/NEM/Planning_and_Forecasting/ISP/2018/Integrated-System-Plan-2018_final.pdf. Wind power output is constrained by Betz’s law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betz%27s_law. Essentially, wind power output is proportional to half the cube of the velocity. This explains why the power output of the wind varies so much more greatly than the wind velocity source. I’d like to see a more thorough analysis of these physical constraints before putting any more eggs into the basket. I have grid connected solar myself and I love it but I have observed the constraints of nature applying to my system. Were I to go off grid I have calculated I would need six times the number of panels I have now and I simply haven’t got the roof space or the roof space facing the right way to do this.

  41. divergent

    DrakeN – A great correlation between theoretical and observed can be found here. http://pv-map.apvi.org.au/analyses
    The last graph, Monthly PV Output by state (MWh), across the country shows less than half the output for winter over summer, on average. The summer total capacity and capacity factor also correlate well with the theoretical. For January 2018 this is about 12.5%. There’s also a nice correlation between latitude and summer winter performance. Queensland the best, as expected, and Tasmania the worst, as expected.

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