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The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


Scott Explains Why Women Must Understand How Ambitious He Is For Them!

There are times when I think that the intelligent people have actually taken over and have a brilliant plan to get rid of the stupid. Then, I think to myself, that sounds elitist and like I think that I’m special. But then I think what makes me think I’m one of the intelligent and not just one of the bugs to be squashed.

Just to illustrate my thinking here: Let’s reduce any problems caused by having too many people for the available resources by convincing people to do something dangerous that will potentially kill them thus getting rid of all those silly enough to believe either of these two things: a) Covid doesn’t exist and b) that taking a horse worming tablet would cure it. Of course, some people seem to believe both things simultaneously which gives them a double shot of being someone who will be part of Gladys Berijiklian’s: “Death is pretty bad but keep it in perspective, poor Portia hasn’t ridden her pony in over a month…”

I guess that’s the thing though: All human progress has depended on the stupid. It was the person who said, “Hey, let’s get out of the cave and take our chances!” that led to everyone else saying, “Grug hasn’t come back. I wonder if there’s really something more out there…”

Mind you, Grug had been eaten by the first predator he found and the next six people out of the cave all died too, but the one who hung back and made notes about how they all died managed to go back into the cave and say, “People, I’ve discovered a thing called science and if we just observe and make notes then we can learn a lot about what it needs to survive and improve our lot…”

Of course, being cave men – which is only slightly above the National Party on the evolutionary scale, they threw rocks at her, forcing her to pretend to be a man so that they’d listen to her and science could eventually be taught in schools…

Which, of course, brings me to the current federal government…

You’d think that someone who’s Prime Minister would have a better understanding of how the wrong word or phrase can completely ruin what would otherwise simply be your average stuff-up. I mean, it’s one thing for Scott – as Grace referred to him… You know, Grace Tame, Australian of the Year. She called him Scott which is just fine because they’re on first name terms… He always refers to her and Brittany by their first names because, well, he’s pals with those girls and if you can’t call your pal by their first name…

Anyway, it does show how much he hates some his colleagues because he always refers to them as “Mr.” or “Minister”…

Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s one thing for Scotty baby to decide that he’ll set the agenda by using the keynote speech at The Women’s Safety Summit to explain to all those women how hard they have it and how terrible it all is. He read letters from women who’d been the victims of male violence out aloud and while it would be a lot to expect that he’d sought their permission, one hopes that they were at least aware that their personal experience was going to end up in a keynote address, so that they weren’t suddenly going, “Hey, that’s my letter he’s quoting!”

Yes, he didn’t have time to read the letter about the Vehement Denier, insisting it had to be handed straight to the police, but he had time to pick out bits to read for his keynote. He needed an inquiry to discover if he, or anyone in his office, knew anything at all about the incident that wasn’t covered up before the 2019 election but in a sudden spirit of openness, he shared the assaults on women from the countless letters and emails he’d received “from women sharing some of the most anguished and personal experiences of their lives”.

One letter, he told us, was from Queensland and “it came in a small envelope, and it was written on lined A4 paper, in cursive script, running writing”… Why go into such detail? I guess to prove that it was real and you’d actually read it and it wasn’t something that had been inserted by some speechwriter. It’s detail that makes things sound authentic, even empathy.

You know, the sort of detail that made it look like he wasn’t with his wife and kids because he was tweeting a Father’s Day message from months before. Although maybe he always planned to be found out so he could tell us again how he’d promised his kids a trip to somewhere else and because he couldn’t take them even though he’d promised, he felt it incumbent on himself to move heaven and earth and a VIP jet to be there with them on the day because just seeing him should be enough and who, but the most hard-hearted would begrudge the poor little blighters time with their Dad…

But you’d think that Scott – or his speechwriter – would have some memory of his arm around Malcolm Turnbull and the words, “I’m ambitious for this guy,” just before his orchestrated double cross of Turnbull AND Dutton.

You know it really doesn’t suggest a bright future for the next National Plan when he said, “And it is one we seek to emulate in an even more ambitious way as we develop the next National Plan to end violence against women and children.” Mm, was there something wrong with the old one, apart from not implementing it or starving it of funds?

And, “We come to this Summit with an open mind, an ambitious spirit, encapsulated by the target to end – not reduce, but end – violence against women and children,” suggests that his mind is as open as his spirit is ambitious for a target to end violence against women and children.

Yep, Mr Morrison is so ambitious for women that he’s implementing a whole 6 of the 55 recommendations from Kate Jenkins’ Respect@Work Report.

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  1. Steve Flora

    You got it all in one … “our” Scomo encapsulated … always ready to express sympathy before scurrying off where he shouldn’t be; ducking and weaving to avoid blame or responsibility for anything going sour, as he looks over his shoulder to catch any credit for anything that halfway looks like being successful. The definition of a national leader is not to be found in the current government, least of all in Scotty.

  2. RosemaryJ36

    IMHO, Scott Morrison is an evil bully and is driven by the cult which kids him he was born to be PM.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Morrison is a condom, thin skinned, empty (at the start), possibly useless, runs on faith, cheap, discardable, disposable, unattractive…

  4. Lawrence Roberts

    How good is Australia that we can have a totally incompetent prime minister who is oblivious to his short comings and is therefore incapable of apologising or even incapable of being made aware of his indiscretions and insults.

    Isn’t it superb, that we have a man who forgets to order the vaccine and then takes credit for creeping around and scrufing up all the stuff near to it’s use by date.

    It’s absolutely fabulous that we have a system which allows such incompetence to prevail. So many checks and balances which balance each other out and thereby check all the boxes.

  5. leefe

    That’s (slightly) more than ten percent of those recommendations. Wow! Such an ally.

  6. New England Cocky

    Aw geez Rossleigh, you are being far too kind to Scummo. I mean, Scummo belongs to the Hell$inger$ Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection so he is by definition and personal preference, a raging misogynist, likely to socially incompetent and embarrassed by women & girls who are not family and so imprinted with his 19th century view of women just after settlement in 1788. Indeed, it is likely that Scummo rues the day in 1757 when women were legally made persons rather than merely chattels and the 1901 Australian Constitution that gave the Commonwealth responsibility for Quarantine and women the right to vote.

    But I digress ….. I would have expected our Nazional$ to have offered support for this important skirt waving Conference by speaking on Nazional$ Family Values & How to Ignore Them with a possible later speech of Licentiousness & Adultery are so Expensive that I Required an Unmerited Pay Rise.

    That could have been followed by Alleged rapist Porter explaining How to Win Judicial Support for Covering Up Incriminating Evidence of Rape.

    Linda Reynolds could have given a woman’s viewpoint with How to Organise an Intense Office clean Before COVID while Stuart Tudge may have contributed Screwing Your Staff is no longer Against Turnbull’s Rules for Incompetent Minions.

  7. Harry Lime

    Just when you thought this human impostor couldn’t possibly get any worse,he smacks us over the head with a new low.Some uncouth people might refer to him as an unreconsructed arsehole,but personally, I think he more accurately represents something that you would expect to have extruded from an anal sphincter.Remarkable likeness.Justice can’t be too far away.

  8. BB

    Nothing changes with Morrison, his duplicitous disingenuous glossolalia slides off his double edged forked tongue with ease…

  9. GL


    Scotty has the cleanest and most pristine unused arsehole in Australia, all the shit comes out of his mouth.

  10. Ill fares the land

    I might have listened to Promo Hairbuff-McSmirky read his speech, but then, I am quite pompous in my views about him. Based on several years of watching his insufferable “smirk” and listening to his utterly and transparently phony attempts at trying to show us that he can “connect” with all Australians, I know that whenever he opens his mouth, I am nauseated that a person that is the epitome of mediocrity is in his position. His speech, to the extent I am aware of its content (I know enough to know the general tenor) would, to someone like Grace Tame, have been as execrable as his “I asked Jen ….”. He proclaims that attitudes are not changing and his is the most visible example of an attitude that is more interested in phony announcements, spin, denial and secrecy than genuinely taking meaningful action. He simply DOES NOT GET IT. It is utterly beyond him to genuinely put himself in the “shoes of others”, understand how they feel and to respond to that. This mediocre PM is capable only of seeing everything in terms of how it affects him. He has no capacity at all to moderate his behaviours. Sure, he does this garbage because he thinks he can manage the political fallout, but something that goes to his neurotic core makes it impossible for him not to do this crap.


    Every time this thug opens his mouth and spills his thoughts about anything that concerns women or some other burning issue of the day, it is clear that he is just mouthing words that he hopes will sound solicitous and sympathetic, enough to just take the heat and focus off him, then makes a quick exit using his wife and kids as an escape hatch. He has no morals or convictions, after all he’s just a ‘marketing’ person, trying to sell something, anything but doesn’t really believe in at all. His only ambition is get re-elected and keep stashing away those $ 550,000 he is not worthy of.

    Shallow craven bastard.

  12. Roswell

    I wonder if he’d make a better Minister for Women than Tony Abbott did?

  13. paul walter

    Amazed he should front a gathering like it and mouth his platitudes after his behaviours during the Porter and Higgins, incidents and revealed attitudes expressed toward women involving various female LNP ministers and MP’s.

  14. margcal

    Lawrence Roberts:
    How good is Australia ……..
    Isn’t it superb, ………….
    It’s absolutely fabulous ……….

    And how astonishingly clever is Australia that enough voters keep voting for this …………. moral and intellectual amoeba.

  15. Harry Lime

    BB and GL,beats my pair of jacks…I’m always looking for new descriptors to lay on the biggest public hypocrite and fraud I’ve ever seen in 75 years of wide experience,and I’ve seen a few.His imminent downfall will be extremely rewarding.When the omens are overpowering,he will cut and run like the coward he is.No concession speeches for him.

  16. ajogrady

    Again Australians liberty and freedom is being threatened or at best curtailed. Again those reflective times in our lives are stolen from us or diminished. Again businesses are suffering inordinate amounts of anguish and torment. The pain and suffering of the Australian people in general can be laid squarely at the feet of an incompetent Morrison government. Pragmatic leadership is needed not leadership buried in layers and layers of obfuscation and scotosis. There is no challenge too small for Morrison to fail to rise to. Blind Freddy could see that a competent government would realise that the understanding of Covid-19 has evolved and that hotel quarantine is not adequate or fit for purpose. Fit for purpose quarantine facilities were always what was needed. The knee jerk reaction, by Morrison, to getting all Australians home by Christmas, another failure, is why the Morrison government has so stridently and doggedly stuck to hotel quarantine or are international hotel chains big donors to the L/NP. Howard Springs is the Morrison governments “go to” for how they have held up their end of quarantine. Howard Springs mining camp come Morrisons fit for purpose quarantine facility still has many questions of its suitability and does it even meet the Morrison governments own criteria that it set for the States to attain before they would even look at their proposals. Howard Springs is like the Morrison governments debacle of vaccine rollout, way behind and slow on implementation and high on Morrisons list of lies and distortions. Morrison promised Australians would be at the head of the queue. The reality is under the expert guidance of the Morrison government we are now at the back of the queue. Expectation should be met with a degree of capability not failure at every hurdle. The Morrison government has one job to do that is expected of them and that is to protect Australians. So far they have spent hundreds of billions of dollars of our money on obsolete submarines, planes that dont fly and a military defence spending that is laughingly called a budget and yet very little in comparison has been spent on the most important thing to keep us safe, purpose built quarantine facilities.

    If competence or integrity were gunpowder the Morrison government would be a wet Tom Thumb.

    What hope do the women of Australia think that the Morrison L/NP government can offer or create the changes needed for them after so many monumetal failures.

  17. wam

    Sadly, your first sentence sets the scene.

    Intelligence is no protection against being stupid. Indeed intelligent people may be not only easily tricked but able to rationalise their decision?
    one of many:

    Scummo and several of his cabinet have an extra christian handicaps.

    Not simple, like the rabbott, whose god deliberately let adam be the source of women and gave women a 25% flaw so they, with exceptions, can never be equal, But complex in their god deciding all women must defer to all men.(in some of the weird cults god decided boys become men on their 12th birthday).

    The upbringing and culture of the men and women of this government cannot help but blame the victim. This is pretty obvious in the decisions of robodebt, twiggy cards and family violence. Indeed, until recently, the judiciary expected men to dispense some coercion in getting sex.

    ps: qualified science teachers are few and far between in grades 7-9. and the two middle schools that I have been a casual observer has neither a science nor maths degree amongst them. Indeed my grade 9 level 1 science teacher is a creationist and doesn’t believe in evolution. I said to her ask when god created covid 19 delta strain?

    pps: All teacher trainees should be given the NAPLAN year 9 tests at the start of each year and allocated remediation courses accordingly.

  18. Kathryn

    Morrison is – and always will be – a vile, totally corrupt, self-serving, bible-thumping hypocrite and deluded member of the paedophile-protecting Hillsong Cult who rose to power through his treacherous betrayal of Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull! Morrison is a megalomaniacal narcissist who has ONE Agenda and that is to enrich and empower HIMSELF at any cost – even the cowardly, back-stabbing betrayal of his own colleagues! The ONLY thing larger than the failed marketeer’s ego and stratospheric arrogance is Morrison’s stone cold callousness, ruthless ambition to become this nation’s worst, most determined autocratic dictator and his condescending contempt for anyone and everyone whom he sees as subordinate and inferior to himself which is just about 99.99% of every living thing with a pulse!

    The day this depraved, smirking, insufferably smug and corrupt elitist crawled out from under his rock and into the most powerful job in the country (by way of his despicable betrayal of Towke and Turnbull) has proven dangerous to everything Australians cherish, ie
    – our now tenuous democracy which is now under constant attack by the LNP’s rising level of autocracy and self-entitlement;
    – our economy (thanks to Morrison’ and the LNP’s rising level of corruption and unspeakable waste of countless billions of dollars, pouring millions into the coffers of Hillsong, Murdoch and other “favoured” cronies);
    – our international reputation which is now in tatters because of the LNP’s contemptuous mistreatment and total disregard towards our neighbours in the Pacific and
    – our environment (thanks to Morrison and his party’s regressive adherence to the filthy polluting coal and gas fracking industries) and their draconian, steadfast REFUSAL to recognise the scientific evidence of climate change!

    Morrison is a non-achieving, pompous sociopath who has ZERO foresight, not one iota of insight and a tragic, disreputable history of taking credit for OTHER people’s hard work and good ideas. Quite frankly, Morrison – in so many ways – is (unbelievably) even worse than the swaggering, incoherent, mumbling misogynist, Tony Abbott who rose to power on the backs of a lying, Murdoch-manipulated campaign that had its disreputable base in appalling misogynistic attacks against Julia Gillard. The level of ingrained misogyny that is inherent within the LNP is clearly evident in the fact that Morrison only has seven women in his front cabinet which consists of appalling sexual predators like Christian Porter, Barnaby Joyce, Alan Tudge and others!

    When one looks at the cabinet selected by Morrison, you realise that this country is now being mismanaged into oblivion by a pack of skirt-lifting misogynistic predators, unconscionable pathological liars, bible-thumping hypocrites, Hillsong cultists, regressive coal-loving environmental vandals and totally corrupt, self-serving megalomaniacs who are up to their necks in a level of smug self-entitlement that is BEYOND depraved! Wake up Australia! Morrison and the LNP will NEVER be able to lead this country because they are a shallow, self-serving regime who pander, like salivating obsequious lapdogs, to their billionaire donors in the Top 1% (like Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, Twiggy Forrest, Brian Houston et al) at the expense of ordinary Australians!

  19. Brozza

    Having scummo mansplain to all the little ladies the keynote speech at The Women’s Safety Summit, is akin to a-butt(head) appointing itself minister for women.

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