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Real life on the Indue card

By The Say No Seven

#A_Reality_Check Real life on the Indue card: The lived experiences of forced trial participants under forced third party income management have informed us of the following:

No PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, Kogan, Dshop, Redbubble, money orders, gift cards, digital currencies, Facebook market sales, BS&S – buy swap and sell, garage sales, school canteen, Woolies and Coles online*, farmers markets and no expecting your caravan park, motel or campsite can take it either.

Forget the comfort of knowing rental payments and direct debits will be paid on time as well, and these are just to name a few of what Alan Tudge called “minor inconveniences”.

If you require any ‘extraneous purchases’ of non-prohibited items you will need to send a signed affidavit and a photograph of what you want to buy to your Indue Shop Front as proof you’re not a drug smuggler.

The same applies if your card declines and you still want to make the purchase or if you wish to make a bulk purchase, and then you need to wait until they approve or deny your transfer! To date 86% of the 890,000 Indue card declines across all current card zones include purchases as devastatingly radical as: council rates, mortgages, direct debits, rent, groceries, utilities, school fees, school and sporting uniforms, tank water, lawn mowing, wood, work canteen, business products, children’s books, children’s beds, bras and intimate apparel, water at sporting clubs for kid’s sports, graduation photographs, RTA renewals payments, vehicles, spare parts for vehicles, fuel, non-Medicare covered medical bills, bedroom furniture, motel stays near the hospital, christening gowns, funeral costs, colostomy bags and even airline tickets and out of town accommodation if you need surgery. (It also includes sex toys!)

Six years and over 890 thousand Indue card declines? “Teething problems” didn’t you know? Having to financially divorce to pay your bills? Not. Their. Problem. To ensure your further enjoyment of the new socioeconomic apartheid state, you will also pay a surcharge on almost every transaction for using Visa; be subject to in-store grafting of up to $10 a pop for using an Indue card; have to wade through 49 pages of legally binding Indue Ltd corporate terms and conditions that includes accepting without affront, a $10 inbound fee deducted from your personal account without your consent by your own banker for any one of a million reasons you might need an emergency payment transfer.

Transfers, btw, which are a very simple banking process, will for some mysterious reason take from 24hrs to twenty-eight days depending on how white, calm and pretty you sound to the unqualified prepubescent Indue Ltd (cough…Serco hires) employee taking your call. Don’t forget you will also need to ensure on a regular basis that someone (including Serco hires) hasn’t rung up Indue and simply transferred money out of your account without your consent will you as you won’t be getting that back in a hurry and consumer laws meant to protect you no longer apply to you.

As an added bonus, and in the event of their failure to prove someone else’s fraud is your fault, you get to pay them $30.00 to tell you so! If you do manage to get through all that, are still standing and still have the mind to be congenial, there is also the dubious pleasure of facing the ‘payment categories transfer’ roundabout.

Don’t know about what that is about? Oops! Better read up!

Rest assured we’re told you can contact Indue Ltd any time by phone or app – that is, if you have a phone and credit to ring out, the lines aren’t busy, the power isn’t out, the app hasn’t failed, the NPP system isn’t hacked and the internet isn’t down.

(Pst: In the event of a natural disaster, no power = no access to Indue, phone chargers plan for that too! “Cool and normal”, right?)

All of the above is just a taste of life on the “making it easier to budget and making your life better and simpler” Indue Ltd Cashless Card.

This is what you have to look forward to if you let uninformed political representatives dictate to you, your nan and pop’s and your children’s futures and choose instead to sit there saying and doing nothing to stop the card rollouts!

For further information about your new second class citizen tier, reduced legal protections, and suddenly non-existent consumer, banking, human and civil rights, please see our very important post to the wider community aptly entitled Why YOU should care about Indue Cards: So what’s this “Cashless Debit Card” thing all about then?

No, CDC is not just ‘welfare in another form’, welcome to forced third party income management and real-life on the Indue cashless debit card, where the rules they tell you don’t apply to them and may change at any time. Where the government can change any aspect of the banned item list, store owners can legally ban your custom by joining the banned venues list, and Indue has been empowered to block any purchases their operators personally deem too expensive for you to buy. Yes…that has already happened.

But remember folks: “It’s just like any other visa debit card!” “Human Rights are Horseshit” (thanks, Twiggy) and “It only stops you buying alcohol drugs and gambling.”

How good is Australia 2022?

This act of “compassionate love” is bought to you by the LNP and their friendly corporate partners Indue Ltd and the Anthony Family trust.” Too much? Don’t bitch at us…call them?

(*except in Hinkler and Kalgoorlie where Coles online shopping is approved but not Woolies)


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  1. Keitha Granville

    this must be stopped. Make no mistake, ALL Centrelink recipients will be on this before long if the LNP is reelected.


  2. Chen

    ffs, did someone put the Communist Party in charge of policy. If we had a half decent media or opposition party this social credit experiment would be stopped in its tracks. Thanks for nothing libtards.

  3. pierre wilkinson

    at over $10,000 to administer each card annually, think of the money saved if they get rid of these despicable intrusions on a person’s individual rights and preferences
    anecdotally they do not work as designed, have manifest flaws, create societal bias against the users, all despite government claims that they are performing wonderfully
    and Indue meanwhile rakes in the cash and donates what % to their masters in the Liberal party
    vote these evil bastards out

  4. Michael Taylor

    Is the Morrison government that stupid that they can’t see the adverse affect this card will have on small business? It is lunacy as well as a cruel and disturbing policy.

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    Just think of the money saved when this card is abandoned.

  6. Terence Mills

    Just looking at the website for the cashless debit card :

    The trial currently underway in Queensland, in the Bundaberg are says this :

    In the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region, the program applies to people aged 35 and under who receive JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance (Job seeker), Parenting Payment (Partnered) and Parenting Payment (Single). People over 35 years of age or receiving the Age Pension may volunteer to participate.

    This is likely to be extended nationally if the coalition are re-elected.

    Beware !

  7. New England Cocky

    @ Michael Taylor: A policy to rip-off Australian taxpayers for the benefit (again) of Nazional$ supporters.

    I think you may be confused here Michael. The consequences were well planned to insure that members of the Nazional$ Party benefited greatly at the enormous expense of the underprivileged, aged, infirm and all others.

    Time to put all politicians, especially Liarbral and Nazional$ politicians, on the Indue card for travel expenses and every other financial perk that accompanies being (an alleged) representative of Australian voters.

  8. RichardU

    The new ICAC’s first case.

  9. Ai Khan Singh


    There are dozens of deserving ‘first cases’.
    I was amused to see the AFP being supportive of a federal ICAC. If I was in charge I’d make an investigation into the traduction of the AFP my first priority. It is utterly without credibility.

  10. Vote UAP, GAP, One Nation, Lib Dem's

    People blindly thinking Labor won’t support this initiative… all the major parties are in bed with each other.

    Stop voting for the major parties.

    Vote minor parties like UAP, GAP, One Nation, Lib Dem’s, if you actually want to see change in this country.

  11. Michael Taylor

    So, Labor has said they’ll scrap the card… and you don’t believe them.

    Pauline Hanson wants to keep the card… and you don’t believe her. If you do want the see the card scrapped, then voting for PHON is not the way to go.

  12. Kerry Allen

    So which government are we blaming for this apparent situation which may or may not be real?

  13. ThesayNOseven

    Terrence, that is only one site of now 6 and the ONLY region to have an age cap and payment cap.
    If LNP get back into power that region will suffer the same fate as the rest as it will be bought into line.

    Right now in 5 other regions, all payments excepting Age Pension and all ages 16-67yrs are on the card and in cape York QLD, it is all ages all payments 16-100+yrs including age pensioners and service pensioners.

    State LNP have already voted internally to continue the national rollout by adding more regions in QLD next and National party have voted internally to roll it out nation wide starting with all under 35’s.



  14. ThesayNOseven

    @ Kerry Allen – these are facts, and sadly, very real. Worse? People have ended their lives as a result of this program something LNP have known since 2017 senate inquiries. Just recently 8 youths 12-19yrs ended their lives in Keith Pitts electorate of Hinkler as well – the entire Hinkler region has just been declared ‘Australia’s most disadvantaged electorate’ – 3 years after CDC roll outs. They are now #1 for homelessness and youth suicide in QLD shamefully as well. Recent news from Kununurra in press was that their town is “unlivable” and Ceduna is a near ghost town. We suggest you stay more informed if you doubt the facts.

  15. Margaret Weise

    Please don’t bring out this card. It’s communist in its ethos. It will bring the country to its knees. You politicians live in cloud cuckoo land & have no idea how difficult it is to pay your way in the real world where we all live except you people.

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