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‘Profit before people’: the Government ideology

By nonsibicunctis

The current Australian government is incrementally increasing insular policies and legislation that will curb any criticism, protest, access to information, or rationally and evidence-based strategies.

In the current climate emergency it can demonstrate no significant and clearly delineated plan to deal with such future catastrophes or to mitigate the effects of climate change, which is an obvious contributor to what has become an increasing trend towards weather extremes. Indeed, one of its ministers even write-off this idea as just a tactic of the Greens to muddy the waters and push their own agenda.

There has been considerable discussion about this government’s win over the ALP. Lots of blame has been aimed at Bill Shorten and his ambitious policies. At the same time, praise has been heaped on Morrison for the LNP win.

In fact, with the exception of the Greens, the ALP was the only political party to offer a comprehensive policy agenda. The LNP had none at all, unless you can so call its normal practice of favouring the wealthy and large corporations at the expense of the bulk of the community, particularly those who are disadvantaged.

The ALP policy platform was wide-ranging, rational, equitable and progressive. Had it been put into place then Australia would have a chance of regaining its status as a nation of caring and welcoming; of an equitable rule of law; of adherence to the principle of open discussion and civil liberties; of collaboration and partnership with other nations for the improvement of human relations and well-being – not, if at all, simply for profit.

Morrison has extended the demeaning of the financially and skills disadvantaged with his comment about “give it a go and get a go”. None of the denials of this put down of the disadvantaged can be sustained under logical examination. Amanda Vanstone’s squirming and cowardly attempt to defend Morrison’s view as applying to something else was one of the most cowardly and obvious instance of right wing false bifurcation used as means to dig themselves out of a hole.

That this government will ignore the plight of millions of Australians living at or below the poverty line whilst investing billions in military hardware that is generally obsolescent before it can even enter service, and very often needs massively costly upgrades before it can achieve that for which it was purchased, is a sad indictment on right-wing ideology.

That this government places more stock on the profits of an unscrupulous Indian company, known for wrong-doing, and provides backing for it to mine for coal, regardless of the known and undeniable impact on native species and the environment, is yet another example of the ‘profit before people’ tenet that lies at the core of this government’s ideology.

All of these factors are reasons why this government has no mandate and does not deserve to exercise the control that it does. It and its predecessor governments over the last half dozen years have tripled Australia’s debt, yet have the gall to proclaim a surplus. Smoke and mirrors is its tactic.

Sadly, the growth of populism and the simplistic acceptance of selfish and discriminatory policies appeals to far too many Australians – and so this government was elected. Helped, of course, by smear campaigns against ALP candidates, lies about ALP intentions, and false advertising to capture the Chinese vote and that of others.

The worst aspect of this government and the majority of its members is their continual lying. The direct lies are enough to deserve censure of these dishonourable members but when the sleight of hand deceit, the attacks on the media, the abuse of the FOI Act and redaction of documents to the point of worthlessness, the manipulation of statistics and other figures such that they obscure or even reverse actual facts, and their failure to ever answer a straight-forward question with a straight-forward and honest answer – it is clear that the members of this government are neither honourable, rational, service-orientated, caring of those without, or possessed of any creative solutions and vision for the future.

It was a sad day when neo-liberalism arrived on our shores and it is even sadder today that so many people are fooled by it and have voted against their own interests by voting in this despicable, myopic, dishonest, self-serving and incompetent government.

This article was originally published as a comment in ‘Stick to the photos, boys – it’s yer best thing.’

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Scraps of shitheadedness from elsewhere and Murdoch’s maggotty mischief made a government of misfits return, for the Libs, Nats, Q’land LNP all combined got a mere 41.5 %n of first prefence votes. Fat Clive the Great Thief and the Horrible Hag helped them.

  2. Terence

    The ALP policy platform was wide-ranging, rational, equitable and progressive. Had it been put into place then Australia would have a chance of regaining its status as a nation of caring and welcoming; of an equitable rule of law; of adherence to the principle of open discussion and civil liberties; of collaboration and partnership with other nations for the improvement of human relations and well-being – not, if at all, simply for profit.

    LMAO – You are kidding yourself if you think the ALP were going to ride in on their trusty stead, slay the evil barbarians and we all live happily ever after. Yes they had some decent policies that would have fixed a couple of inequalities and yes what they had to offer was a far sight better than the bunch of Wealth Confiscators that currently occupy the Govt benches. But let’s not forget that the ALP have waved through every piece of 1984 legislation in the name of so called National Security without some much as a wimper or thanks for the rogering. And despite what those pathetic excuses of journalists, navel gazing about wedge politics and tough on boarders, the reality is that the ALP love just as much as the LNP the fact that they have up their sleeve, the power to destroy any whistleblower or recalcitrant member of the public who has the hide to publicly flaunt their ethics at their expense.

    Do you remember the recent discussion around a Federal ICAC??? Didn’t think so – either did I.

    The whole system is corrupt and the ALP will only ever tinker around the edges. Far be it from them to stops the gravy train express. “ALL ABOARD.”

    Donations, junkets and future career opportunities have ensured that no party politician rocks the boat. Do as your told, play the game and we will look after you.

    Honestly despite the fact that it was made 40 years ago, Yes Minister does a far better job at giving us insight into the world of politics than any of those oxygen thieves who call themselves “Insiders” or those journalists who have the skill of turning paper into sh*t with the touch of a keyboard. That’s talent right there folks.

    How good is it be to part of the Great Stupid????

  3. Paul Sullivan

    There is nothing I hate more than a right wing person telling me what another right wing person meant to say. Vanstone did this on The Drum.
    Talking about ABC’s The Drum, what a biased towards the Liberal Party show that is. It competes with Sky. Practically every night we have a member of The Liberal Party, often paired with a right wing think tank person and some Business organisation representative. Very rarely, extremely rarely, do they have a Labor Person on for counter balance and never a non university degree worker or trade unionist.
    The Liberal merely sprouts the Party line and is often of very dubious intelligence, i.e. Jacky Kelly. This is particularly annoying when the topic is about The Labor Party or issues that affect workers. To discuss the Labor post election investigation report, they had Kathryn Greiner on to share her wisdom.
    Countless Liberal Party want to be politicians have been given a platform on the Drum, prior to launching a political bid, not one Labor person has been given the same chance,
    I know this is off topic, but reading your comment about Vanstone’s interpretation of Morrison’s “Go” got my blood boiling, all over again.
    I have sent complaints with lists of guests to The Drum, and have never received an acknowledgement or reply. Quite the little North Shore and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney sub-branch of the Liberal Party it is,


    Australians are beholden to a confirmation thinking, “If it hasn’t been done before, don’t trust it”. Australian Writers and Readers are cowered behind the Big Names, longing to be invited to sit at the ‘Right Tables’. Talent is extinguishable but who you know becomes who you are. So in respecting the AUS credibility gap requirement I offer up a writer who is more important than me, and with this wonder why I never see this subject reported any where in AUSTRALIA, or is it that AUS is so pure and so remote and so irrelevant that when this highly probable situation might be equivalent in AUS, we will keep or heads in the sand, and remain beholden too ”All the news thats Fit To Print.” Please drag and read here:

  5. New England Cocky

    In my studies of corporations mediocrity rules OK!! The reason is simple. Mediocre individuals will follow orders and do what they are told in an effort to climb up the greasy pole to”success” (as they define it for themselves).

    Formal ‘leaders’ want to maintain their positions d accompanying prestige so they appoint individuals who they perceive as malleable to their own ambitions, yet less capable than themselves. There are notable corporate exceptions to this assertion, but it applies too often in government departments.

    So when a senior apparachnick in a political organisation has the power to offer almost unlimited access to the public purse, there will be many candidates willing to sell their soul for earthly benefits. See many national$ politicians, and the well known LIarbral MPs having interests on water, coal and property development.

    Once the deal with the devil is done, the future becomes murky as personal integrity is abandoned of necessity. The will of the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection for the benefit of corporate financial donors becomes paramount because it is those corporate funds that keep the unelected political hacks in the manner to which they wish to remain accustomed. Well, you have got to look after your rates, haven’t you?

    The swarming effect comes into play in the House. Birds of a feather flock together and pool their paltry abilities for the pecuniary benefit of each other without regard for the best interests of Australian voters.

    Yet time and again, for too many unfortunate reasons, Australian voters get the politicians they vote for, causing a massive self inflicted wound.

  6. totaram

    NEC: “Yet time and again, for too many unfortunate reasons, Australian voters get the politicians they vote for, causing a massive self inflicted wound.”

    With the aid of the mass-media (owned by the usual oligarchs) the wound is anaesthetised and if any pain is felt, it is the fault of the “others”, who constantly caused problems. Everyone knows that the bush-fire problems are caused by “Greenies”, who don’t allow hazard reduction burning. Never mind that the “Greenies” have never had the power to disallow anything. Don’t you worry about that. In fact if you vote Green, you may actually die in a bush-fire! Ask Barnaby Joyce, but don’t ask him because that is not what he meant!

  7. Kathryn

    Well said, Nonsibicunctis! No wonder this gormless, coal-obsessed, elitist and undemocratic Morrison regime love EVERYONE to be quiet, complacent and apathetic! Reason? Because – at EVERY level – the lying, devious and totally incompetent fascists in the worst, most inept government in Australia’s political history, FAIL EVERY SNIFF TEST as a progressive, effective government.

    In other words, the LNP have shown PERSISTENT FAILURE, an ESCALATING CALLOUS DISREGARD and, increasingly, WORRYING INCOMPETENCE in the following essential areas of basic good governance:

    transparent government which allows full access by their employers, ie the TAXPAYERS OF AUSTRALIA, to all paperwork, documents and reasons for any decisions impacting on their lives and/or their democratic rights. Such UNLIMITED ACCESS has ALREADY been enshrined in the “Freedom of Information Act” but time and time again, the Abbott/Morrison/Dutton fascist regime have withheld, lied or denied such access. This CANNOT be allowed to continue;
    democratic governance that MUST permit Australian citizens their basic Constitutional Right to protest, whether it be in marches that may or may not impact or inconvenience others. The LNP are continuing with their model of autocratic dictatorship by arresting protest marchers, muzzling free speech, prosecuting and jailing whistle blowers and infiltrating, manipulating and controlling the content of what does (or does not) get heard and seen on OUR national taxpayer-owned media station, the ABC. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!!! It is fascism in its purest form!
    effective economical management whereby the LNP have been so inept and wasteful, they have QUADRUPLED our national deficit to the never-before level of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and rising!
    the safekeeping of a healthy environment. The catastrophic vandalism of our longest river system – the Murray/Darling River – is just one example of the breathtaking, wilful disregard the LNP have for our environment. Barnaby Joyce’s insane decision to allow the thirsty, greedy cotton growing industry FREE AND UNLIMITED ACCESS to the rare, fresh waters in the Murray/Darling River has proven to be an act of such short-sighted lunacy, it will take DECADES to repair the damage done! Needless to say, the rapacious (foreign-owned) cotton industry took just about ALL the water, dried up a vast area of the Murray/Darling basin leaving NOTHING for farmers down river and seriously and negatively impacting the water supply to Adelaide who desperately rely on the Murray for its water supply! In addition, you have the mindless, coal-loving grubs in the LNP going against 90% of the population in their regressive, steadfast and stubborn denial of CLIMATE CHANGE which has been PROVEN by countless thousands of scientists and environmental experts right around the world! This refusal by the neanderthals in the LNP to be in-step with logic reality, refusing to acknowledge or even discuss such a vital, important issue that is having devastating affect on our nation, our farmers, our water supply and our changing weather patterns RIGHT NOW, shows a CRIMINAL DISREGARD for Australia, Australians and the future of our children!
    the fair and egalitarian treatment of all Australian citizens. Egalitarianism has NEVER been a strong point with the elitists in the LNP. Their FIRST priority is, of course, to themselves where they granted THEMSELVES at least three obscene salary increases in less than two years whilst ordinary Australians are starving on Newstart or eeking out a miserable existence on a pension or some other defunded “government” assistance (which, in reality, is taxpayer-funded assistance). This priority is closely followed by the LNP’s obsequious kowtowing to their OBSCENELY wealthy donors in the IPA, the coal- and iron-ore mining industries, the property development industries as well as the LNP’s sick, undemocratic Alliance with their Chief Propaganda Minister, Rupert Murdoch! The toxic relationship the LNP shares with the unelected swill in the IPA and the non-taxpaying billionaires, Rinehart, Forest and the non-Australian Murdoch dynasty, has been so detrimental to our environment and to the fair and egalitarian use of hard-earned taxpayer dollars, it stretches beyond the criminal nepotism into the realms of self-serving depravity!
    the inhumane treatment of LEGAL asylum seekers looking for refuge from a war that the despicable war criminal, John Howard, helped to create. The callously inhumane, indefinite incarceration of asylum seekers (and their vulnerable little children) in what amounts to off-shore concentration camps costing Australian taxpayers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER ANNUM, goes against EVERY international law protecting the fair and just treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.
    preventing ongoing nepotism and ongoing blatant corruption within government. The LNP’s resident attack dog, Peter Dutton, is an unspeakably cruel, megalomaniacal psychopath who doesn’t even have the most rudimentary level of human compassion or empathy for anyone but himself. The fact that Dutton moved taxpayer-funds around to benefit HIMSELF and his wife (in their child-care industry) is a SERIOUS AND CRIMINAL ACT OF BLATANT CONFLICTION OF INTERESTS INCREASING HIS PERSONAL WEALTH AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE! When you combine this appalling act with Abbott’s blatant acts of nepotism by rewarding all three of his daughters with highly-paid, totally undeserved political jobs (that none of them were qualified to undertake), it beggars belief. The LNP are corrupt from the top down and rotten from the inside out. Australians MUST demand a FULL ROYAL COMMISSION into the escalating abuse and waste of taxpayer funds – going back to 2013 when the unspeakably corrupt, pathological liar, Abbott rose to power on a platform of remorseless lies and broken promises;
    must honour ALL promises made before they are elected. This is in addition to the above point! If politicians are elected on the BASIS of promises made BEFORE an election, they MUST be forced to make good those promises! If politicians are PROVEN LIARS (as are Abbott, Morrison and just about everyone in the LNP cabinet), there MUST BE CONSEQUENCES!

  8. Lambchop Simnel

    This a People in their Dreamtime.

    What desolation will they wake up to some day, like the unfortunate people of two hundred years ago?

  9. Andrew Smith

    A comment from some years ago, in addition to MPs, Oz journalists, now more reporters, stenographers and presenters see their role as ‘insularising Australians from the outside world’, making comparison and contrast difficult.

  10. Michael Taylor

    Hi Kathryn, your comment was caught up in the system, hence the delay in it being published. This happens occasionally. I apologise for the inconvenience though.

  11. wam

    right on ‘stand up’ enough people were frightened by boobby and his screamers to dump labor in qld in longman just as they dumped sullivan for roy the boy 8% in one day.the scummo’s know when to put in a good bit of bullshit like mills against hale solomon 2010

  12. Andy56

    just look at their strategy for the economy, tax cuts. The last round did nothing. Now in the normal course of the day, you would say it didnt work. So whats their solution? MORE OF THE SAME. Whats the definition of insanity again? Without constraints on household debt, any action will only put petrol on the fire. How good is that? Blind f.cking freddy can see that.

  13. johno

    Kathryn, re broken promises, The Hodgman government wants to fulfil it’s promise with new anti-protest laws. Age old trees are coming down, you would think this is the crime.

    Tasmanian Greens leader Cassy O’Connor said the legislation was “draconian”.

    “We are dealing with a government that’s marching us toward a police state, that wants to take away from Tasmanians their democratic right to peaceful protest,” she said.

    Keep up the good work Bobby.

  14. wam

    how true johnno tasmania and the rest of us are grateful for the efforts of bob brown and the greens.
    His foundation’s court case against the tassie government was a great action that should be acknowledged by labor.

    My objection is the purpose and timing of the caravan which I consider a deliberate and cynical strategy devised by narrow nose and his boys aimed at his city base..

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