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Is the Prime Minister suffering a form of electile dysfunction?


On Thursday they lost a vote in the House of Representatives.

Something that the Gillard government never had the misfortune of happening to them, despite being in a minority situation for three years.

Why is this happening to them? Of course it will all be Labor’s fault or the Unions’ fault.

Maybe it is the fact they are so out of touch with what the people want?

The polls show that the majority of Australians support Royal Commission into the banking and financial services sector.

As well, that the majority of us support marriage equality without a plebiscite.

Any government that resists the will of the people on important social issues eventually loses.

And how Turnbull is going to get anything through the Senate goodness only knows.

Wasn’t this Double Dissolution election to restore functional government?

Surely our flaccid prime minister must now view the whole exercise as a serious case of electile dysfunction?

Originally published as LTE in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin 03/09/2016


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  1. Michael Taylor

    I think Malcolm will be using the weekend to reflect on how he has completely buggered things up. Though I’m sure he’s been doing plenty of that since the election, this now brings home the reality of his cock up.

  2. passum2013p

    Michael Turnbull may be able to buy his Job but cannot control his Party’s representatives he should wake up and do the right thing for Australia .Hand over to Labor as his lot is incompetent.

  3. Trish Corry

    They can all go on holidays and put the keystone cops in charge. We won’t know the difference.

  4. Michael Taylor

    I’d be able to tell the difference. The Keystone Cops would be demonstrably more competent.

  5. Jaquix

    I love that photo of Malcolm. Looks furious – totally pissed off. Outmanoeuvred. By Bill Shorten. Cant believe it. Maybe plotting some revenge? Looking a lot older these days.

  6. Trish Corry

    Hahah Michael. Good one.

  7. paulwalter

    They continue to pay for their insularity, their intellectual and ethical laziness. As long asTurnbull and co continue to try to walk through doors without opening them first, the current state of affairs will continue. Climate denialism appears to be a tendency that can spread through out the entire range of ideological and policy responses, with these people.

    Don’t Even Know I am Lying.. in the end, spells.denial.

  8. keerti

    Malcolm sufferring from electile disfunction? You have to have one before it can get elect!

  9. paulwalter

    Just read Katharine Murphy and Lenore Taylor at the Guardian and their growing impatience, in separate articles, the same sort as on display here, is palpable. Won’t link, people can give them a read or not according to their humour

  10. Robert Forsythe

    Tony is in the shadows, whispering in corners with a lupine grin…..

  11. Florence nee Fedup

    Outmanoeuvred By whom? Shorten or Abbott? #auspol

  12. Peter F

    Trish, by your own argument, how can you be certain that this has not already happened?

  13. paulwalter

    It is a double whammy. Labor has to hope people haven’t forgotten Abbott. Are they playing out time, hoping Shorten tuns out of puff?

  14. wam

    plebiscite and royal commission? A search suggests 50% yes to the latter no to the former?
    ‘a thumping 69 per cent majority of voters backed the idea of having their say on the issue, rather than a parliamentary vote’ smh

  15. Jack

    And Turnball has to put up with unpredictable crazy Army explosives expert Tony Abbott AKA (Colonel Fitts American Beauty). He’ll be setting off bombs and booby traps and stunts all over the place.Until he wrecks and destroys Turnball.

  16. Klaus Petrat

    Hi Michael,

    I don’t believe Malcolm is capable of reflecting on his on short comings or mistakes. His ego gets in the way. He may publicly and reluctantly utter the words “the bug stops with me” but these words are void of any genuine feeling. He will blame it on his incapable team and the Labor party.

    This man, as well as the entire LNP are learning resistant.

    And for trying to govern for the people, they are only interested in the buddies they look after (big end of town, wealthy individuals, rich donors foreign and domestic).

    That’s all there is to their shallow existence.

  17. Möbius Ecko

    He may publicly and reluctantly utter the words “the bug stops with me” but these words are void of any genuine feeling.

    Klaus Petrat this seems to be standard with Liberal leaders and senior L-NP pollies. Howard was notorious for it, often saying he took full responsibility for stuff ups but never taking any, instead blaming everyone or anything else, even his staffers who were then promoted or moved onto cushy jobs.

    Of course with the Liberals the biggest blame always goes to Labor for just about everything.

  18. Möbius Ecko

    wam at 5:47 am

    Largest poll on the matter from SMH

    A ReachTEL poll of 10,271 voters, commissioned by the progressive Australia Institute and conducted on Tuesday evening, has found 59.7 per cent of voters support same-sex marriage and 40.3 per cent opposed it.

    But asked whether legalisation of same-sex marriage should be decided by a national plebiscite, or a parliamentary vote, a bare majority of voters – just 51.7 per cent – backed the plebiscite and 48.3 per cent preferred a politicians’ vote.

    The poll’s finding of strong support for same-sex marriage is consistent with the most recent Fairfax-Ipsos poll, but support for a plebiscite appears to have cooled amid furious political debate and deepening divisions along party political lines over the potential $160 million cost and the potential for hate speech to be unleashed.

  19. Rodney Lever

    Why do we say “same sex marriage” all the time? Marriage is marriage. Why link sex to marriage? It is a relationship of two people, some of whom might wish to raise a family and some prefer a relationship of friends, with or without children involved. We all make too much of a fuss about matters that is not of our business. If we have dirty minds, then we should try to grow up.

  20. townsvilleblog

    They can all go on holidays and put the keystone cops in charge. We won’t know the Trish, you’re right on the money, as usual.

  21. Douglas Pye

    To my mind’s eye the pic tells the proverbial 1,000 words!. Shrunk down in his seat … arms crossed …staring,stony face … and Mr. Mutton closely looking at him !! …. take another close look !

    Stuff like this never happened when he was the boss Merchant Banker!! ….. looks like he’s between blustering and crying ! ,,,, such a choice, with the photographer standing at the ready!!

    Regardless of whom he tries to blame the stark fact is …. He brought it on himself … D D ! … ( dysfunction ? ) …

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Well said, Douglas. Malcolm Muck is no longer Mr Smooth.

    I also love the look of confusion and uncertainty on Duddon’s face.

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Great title, by the way.

  24. jim

    And the banks in oz rake in more profit than any other country on earth.

  25. Kronomex

    The look on Duncehead’s face says, “Your days are numbered. Make the most of it ’cause we’re gonna get rid of you and maybe I’ll be leader.”

  26. diannaart

    Labor – keep up the good work. The LNP is vulnerable – mandate? Pig’s arse!

    Shorten needs to watch for every good opportunity to keep the worst of Turnbull’s toxic turds from becoming policy.

    Note: I said “every GOOD opportunity” unlike the open slather approach of the Abbott opposition.

  27. Wayne Johnson

    bjll you are doing exactly the right things keep up thegood work

  28. Terry2

    Turnbull squandered the Prime Ministers Ace by playing the double dissolution card way too early in his term of government , realistically he can’t play it again without it becoming apparent that it is not the parliament that is intransigent or the Australian people but the executive and their lack of policy direction and unity.

    The numbers are already building and it’s a question of whether it’s Morrison or the Abbott rump who pull the rug from under Turnbull.

    The question is, can he last beyond Christmas ?

  29. diannaart


    If I have to choose…. I pick Morrison. The more LNP pollies seen in the harsh spotlight of leadership and found completely incompetent, the better chance we have of, at the very least, breaking the power of the far-right in the LNP. That said, I do not wish the far-right faction of the Labor party to take over – had a gutful of neo-liberal economics, therefore more small parties, more independents to keep the bastards honest.

    There is hope, but we still have a rough voyage ahead.

  30. diannaart

    A trip through the past, to remind us nothing has really changed (and nothing will)

  31. Jaquix

    Cory Bernardi fancies himself as Prime Minister.

  32. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Doesn’t Bernardi need to get himself into the House of Reps first?

  33. Robert

    Someone said it’s because he takes too much Liagra! Gold. it’s father day – the best day for dad jokes and puns!

  34. TuffGuy

    Really, how does one obtain direct communications with any of these wankers to tell them they were elected to serve Australia and not themselves and their rich mates. If the people have a majority will, then they are supposed to see about getting it done. I shudder to think just how this country would look in 3 years time had Turdball’s little DD plan actually worked. And just who do they think they are with their cutting taxes for big business and cutting allowances for the poor and their abject climate change denial and all the other crap they roll out. None of it is popular opinion in this country, quite the opposite. Which leads us again to the biggest question – just who on earth voted this mob back in???????????

  35. redcuchulain

    Can’t wait till he is prematurely ejaculated from office !

  36. oldfart

    Mr smooth is looking a tad bedraggled. He is even missing a button from his right sleeve, that’s button not Dutton.
    I wonder who Rupert has lined up for us as the next PM

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