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Prime Minister Frydenberg

By Ad astra

Does anyone doubt that Josh Frydenberg covets the role of Prime Ministership of Australia?

If he succeeds, would he be the first Jewish PM in this country?

Search though I have, I cannot discover whether there has ever been an Australian PM of the Jewish faith. Perhaps one of you may know. If anyone is interested in this question, you may find this article in Eureka Street a helpful resource.

Wondering if Billy Hughes might have been Jewish, I researched his life, but discovering that he was married to Mary Hughes in Christ Church, South Yarra in 1911, that query was put to rest.

It looks then that Josh might be a first, if he succeeds.

Reflect on his demeanour during press conferences. He exudes confidence and pleasure, especially when presenting figures on the economy, which by his account is doing superbly well. Because the data support his contention, and of course his superior management of it, he literally swells with pride as he makes his announcements!

Frydenberg’s half-smile portrays not only his pleasure, but a degree of self-confidence that PM Morrison should beware of. Morrison’s demeanour is looking increasingly uncertain, sometimes fragile, as he grapples with problem after problem, announcement after announcement, and a plethora of undisciplined utterances that have landed him in hot water, the most recent and memorable being his condemnatory outburst against Christine Holgate. No amount of bluster, no number of announcements, no amount of stilted bravado, can disguise Morrison’s discomfiture. And the Holgate affair is not fading: Holgate-gate keeps opening doors and letting in a suffocating stench of Hypocrisy. Being PM is not the fun Morrison might have imagined when he chatted amiably in anticipation with his ‘ethics adviser’, Jen.

Of course Frydenberg is content to watch Morrison hang himself, all the better to witness that from a respectable distance. He has no need for strokes of appreciation from his boss when his portfolio provides them in abundance.

So we are now witnessing an intriguing dynamic: a floundering PM, who scarcely knows what next will assail him, and uncertain how to deal with it when it does, alongside an increasingly confident Treasurer who rejoices in unveiling encouraging economic data that he believes bespeaks his superb economic management.

What will Morrison do to counter the Frydenberg threat? Indeed, does he see it at all? Or will he wallow in the dangerous belief that as Prime Minister he must be safe from internal challenge? If so, more fool he; after all, Prime ministers are never toppled, are they?

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  1. Jude

    John Warhurst’sc recent article about the religion of all our PMs mentions none of Jewish faith. All were either Christian or agnostic.

  2. DrakeN

    On the other hand we have had Jewish Governors General, I believe.
    Not that I’m picky – I just abhor religions equally.

  3. Henry Rodrigues

    We’ve had a jug eared Catholic idiot, presently, a happy clapping bonehead , so the next step in our rapid descent into religious bullshit has to be a gap toothed upwardly mobile pretentious disciple of the Jewish diaspora. After that, a saffron clothed chanting priest with a flowing white beard ?

    Is this another of Murdoch’s plans to control Australia and its natural resources ???

  4. Harry Lime

    Give me a Harry Krishma anyday.

  5. Henry Rodrigues

    Harry Krishma Harry Krishma, Harry Harry……….. George Harryson lives on. Yeah I’ll take that.

  6. Harry Lime

    Given the antics of the idiot Morrison,the rest of the galahs that make up his aviary must think they’re in with a shot at the title.Tonight Fiddler Frydenberg gets his hour in the sun to strut his hubristic bullshit.Alpine assumptions will be proffered,galactic numbers will ricochet around the room,lies will be skyscraper tall.In the wash up it will be just the time honoured continuation of the government honking failure as success.High farce delivered by clowns in business suits.Time to dust off the Marx Brothers movies and laugh at some real comedy.

  7. Vikingduk

    I’ll take a little duck soup with that, thanks Harry.

  8. Don Morris

    Couldn’t be worse than a pharisaic fundamentalist Pentecostal.

  9. wam

    whilst there is no stopping liars, cheats and hypocrites becoming PM.
    The lnp line stops at women and jews.

  10. Max Gross

    Merde Orc has been grooming gormless Joshua for the interim PM role for some time now… But then there is Obergruppenfuhrer Kartoffelpuffer…

  11. Ad Astra

    Thanks Jude. Do you have a link to John Warhust’s article?

  12. Kathryn

    What difference does it make WHAT religion someone is? I detect an element of anti-semitism in this article which is a bit offensive in a nation as religiously diverse and multicultural as Australia. The point is that I find Josh Frydenburg’s callously inhumane, right-wing, elitist and ultra conservative POLITICAL VIEWS far more offensive than his adherence to Judaism. Also, the fact that Morrison is, in fact, a pentecostal cultist whose bible-waving hypocrisy, callous inhumanity, inherent corruption, elitism and self-serving sense of entitlement belies ANY form of Christian teachings about benevolence, generosity and the compassionate treatment of the poorest, most vulnerable members of our society, is a HUGE red flag!

  13. Henry Rodrigues

    Kathryn with respect, I doubt if any one here is anti Jewish, or anti Christian or anti any religion or beliefs. What we are vehemently anti- is posing as fervent religious creeps to gain the support of stupid vulnerable voters. Jug ears, the present bonehead and Josh are all guilty of this banal trait.

  14. wam

    Wow Henry,
    I doubt if any rational human is not anti- to some of the beliefs and practices of those on your list. (Be nice if we could use FOI to research)
    I am certainly pro-Palestinian and for Jews that has connotations and again I cannot see a rational human being not being anti-the treatment of Palestinians and sympathetic to the need of protection for Israel from religious fanaticism in surrounding countries.

  15. Bensy

    NONE of the LNP should be our PM’s, they’ve only got their vested interests at heart and not the public’s

    It’s all about money and staying in power at OUR EXPENSE …

  16. Henry Rodrigues

    Wam…. Of course we have personal likes, dislikes, fears, based on our values and experiences, but so-called national figures should not use their personal religious inclinations and public platforms that their positions afford them, to overtly or covertly push or give preference to, one brand or another. They are political figures not religious, and anytime they exploit or misuse religion, they should be called out. Jug ears, bonehead and now Josh the pretender, are all guilty of the above.

  17. Josephus@lobengula92

    Josh F has never alluded to his private beliefs- where is your evidence?

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