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Politicians create problems rather than solve them

Whilst we all bemoan the greed and power of corporations and the damage that the relentless pursuit of profit can cause, or the division that fanatical nationalism or religious adherence creates, or the insidious corruption that permeates society, or the environmental degradation caused by indiscriminate growth, politicians are ultimately the ones who make the rules. They could stop these things.

They set the rules for who can develop our resources and for who owns our essential utilities and infrastructure. They make the laws regarding taxation and the decisions about how money will be spent. They control media ownership laws. They decide how many public servants are required to provide adequate services. They make the rules about political donations, political advertising and election spending and access for lobbyists.

And they have Treasury, statutory bodies, the police, the judiciary, and if necessary, the defence forces, to enforce whatever rules they set. They can call on the combined knowledge of the best experts at any time. They are the people who could, if they chose to, protect us from the ravages of rampant inequality, protect our environment, and provide support for the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

But our world’s leaders are not doing their job.

Some politicians think their ethnic group is superior and persecute minorities. Some politicians think their religion is superior and persecute non-followers. Some politicians covet other nations’ territory, resources or knowledge and try to take them by might or stealth. Some politicians seize the opportunity to enrich themselves. Some politicians think they have a moral superiority to impose their world view on others. Some politicians think that taking action on climate change will damage their economies. Some politicians think it is ok for everyone to have guns.

These politicians are the people who create refugees. They are the people who are responsible for the deaths and displacement of countless people.

It doesn’t take “mettle” to use sick people as political pawns. It doesn’t take “ticker” to strip people of hope. It doesn’t take “courage” to destroy people’s lives.

The ridiculous notion that Scott Morrison is “protecting our borders” is exposed by the fact that far more asylum seekers have arrived by plane under his watch than ever came by boat under Labor.

ProMo likes to claim credit for smashing the business model of the people smugglers. The business model of ex-mercenaries and corrupt politicians profiting from offshore detention is, on the other hand, going great.

If politicians had the strength to do what is right, we could make this world a far better place. Instead, we are subjected to lying, mealy mouthed excuses. endless arguments about ridiculous trivialities, and empty egotistical posturing.

We are led by politicians who are more scared of losing an election than of wrongly sending us to war or of the consequences of ignoring climate change.

You aren’t a “strong leader”, Scott. You are an empty blowhard on the make who doesn’t have the ability or the courage to solve anything.

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  1. Peter F


  2. pierre wilkinson

    can we have an election soon…. please?
    I cringe whenever he shouts these days

  3. Baby Jewels

    We need to do what Iceland did, and jail our corrupt politicians and banksters. Remove them from any semblance of power so they can do no more harm. Because that’s exactly what they do: Harm.

  4. Cynthia

    I was stunned by the accuracy of the last paragraph.

  5. Shaun Newman

    Kaye, if I could express myself as you do, this is precisely what I would have said. Unregulated capitalism has only one type of enthusiastic supporter, and that’s the very wealthy, the rest just go along for the ride massaging their egos and buying the Audi’s and beamers thinking that that puts them in the same class, which is patently untrue.

  6. Keitha Granville

    As we are responsible for electing them, then we too are culpable.

    The problem is that some of them do represent the darker sides of many of us – those who respond to the scare tactics and the meanness. How do we turn those people around so that those they elect can never see the light of day again ? That is the challenge.

  7. Adrianne Haddow


    These products of private ( yet highly subsidised by the taxpayer) education seem to have no idea of the world that isn’t contained within their tiny minds.

    The excessive theatrics emanating from the LNP side of Parliament are sickening with their self serving rhetoric and toddler tantrum attitudes and blatant hypocrisy.
    When they lose on the legislation stakes, they fiddle secretly to make it more to their liking. As with the medivac legislation, where Scotty’s vassal state has formed legislation that prevents people leaving that island hell hole to seek medical advice elsewhere.

    The strong evidence of corruption that has filtered out over the last few days, indeed the last 5 years, and the fact that there will be no consequences or change seems not to be noticed or of concern to most people. I know I am a ‘political tragic’ but seriously. how stupid do you have to be to allow these oiks to continue unchecked.

    The thing that makes me seethe is that their bs works with many of the population, because of the sad state of media in this country.

    No trust in them or their ilk. Pitchforks and tumbrils will be needed to dig them out of their cosy positions and prevent them from enjoying the fruits of their corruption.

  8. helvityni

    Yes Keitha, “As we are responsible for electing them, then we too are culpable.”

    Effing sad.

  9. RomeoCharlie29

    You do have a way with words KL. I am looking forward to the next authentic poll to see whether the Ipsos was an outlier as I suspect. After all how could people ignore the hysterical reactions from Morrison, Dutton and Pyne? Or not see through the Christmas Island re-opening as just a shifting of the gulags? Now we have the Nauruans sticking their oar in to prevent the Asylum Seekers being evacuated. Clearly final closure of their facilities —- whenever that happens —- will take away a nice little earner for the local political elite.

  10. Frank Smith

    An excellent article, Kaye Lee – well said. This Nation needs both a Federal election AND a Federal ICAC now. The lies, corruption, and the politicization of the Public Service, law enforcement and the judiciary is destroying our democracy. The inhumanity, lies and devious tactics of this Coalition mob beggar belief.

  11. Peter F

    Kaye, I heard Bill Shorten say yesterday that he agreed with medivac to Christmas Island AS LONG AS THE REQUIRED SERVICES WERE AVAILABLE THERE.

    This has been misrepresented everywhere ( including the 7.30 report) as aggepting the government plan unconditionally.

    We are not being dealt with honestly by the MSM, nor, it would seem, by the ABC.

    One of your very best articles Kaye, I will post to facebook.

  12. Rhonda

    Oh how I would love to hear these words, exactly as you’ve written and expressed them, spoken aloud on the box – for all to hear, and simply reflect on. Terrifying times, I fear…with so much at stake

  13. New England Cocky

    “The ridiculous notion that Scott Morrison is “protecting our borders” is exposed by the fact that far more asylum seekers have arrived by plane under his watch than ever came by boat under Labor.”

    I wonder are the Liarbral Party unelected political hacks who control pre-selection getting any kickback for promoting the external emigration and re-settlement policy of the PRC? The NSW Liarbral misgovernment offered “North Asian” residential property investors government assistance in return for purchasing property to maintain the Sydney residential property bubble. Simply hold the property for at least four years and the Liarbrals would facilitate any citizenship application.

    “If politicians had the strength to do what is right, we could make this world a far better place. Instead, we are subjected to lying, mealy mouthed excuses. endless arguments about ridiculous trivialities, and empty egotistical posturing.”


    It’s time ….. again!!

  14. Kaye Lee


    I popped over to Michaelia’s facebook page when I heard that. She has a thread going urging us all to buy Pratt caps. My response…

    “I think I will invest in an AFP cap instead. At least they tell the truth. Your arrogant performance at Senate estimates is beyond belief. A member of your staff committed a crime, you refused to co-operate with the police investigation, we taxpayers have coughed up hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect you from scrutiny, and now you want an apology? Are you for real? What’s more. did you all pay for your own Pratt hats (how appropriate) or did we cough up for them too?”

  15. Frank Smith

    Is that Pratt hats or prats hats?

  16. Aortic

    Another insightful article Kaye, well done. I always recall a letter written to the MSM years ago which is having more and more relevance as the arrogance and hubris of this ” government” is revealed on a daily basis. This is not verbatim but the essence was that as he came to the end of a long and fruitful life he considered that those who thought they knew what was better for him then he knew himself should be quietly led away before they hurt someone. The last semblance of democracy we had was when Socrates used to hold forth in front of the ordinary people who had a chance to personally front him with either their approval or otherwise. The increasing disconnection from those who pay their inflated salaries has led to an ” entitlement” attitude as displayed by Cash and others much to the detriment of the common weal.

  17. James Cook

    Kaye, you are very brave to access Cash’s FB page. I won’t for fear of being forever tainted. My dad used to say: “Never touch shit, even with gloves on. The gloves get shittier, the shit doesn’t get glovier”!

  18. helvityni

    Peter F, not just on 7.30, but also lot was said about it on the Drum, I was ready to leave the ALP and take my support to the Greens…and also leave ABC and join the intellectuals on Channel 9 and start watching their Love and Marriage shows…

    NZ is starting to look more and more attractive by the day; it’s not too far from family and friends….

  19. helvityni

    PS. …also had my brekkie in front of TV watching the French News…learnt about people digging in Pompeii and finding beautiful artefacts, and other human and animal remains…soo much more uplifting and calming for one’s soul than following the ugly antics of Scomo, Dutton, Cormann, Michaelia et all…

  20. Peter F

    helvityni, I could only watch the Drum for a few minutes, I was so infuriated at the misrepresentation of what Bill Shorten had said.

  21. paul walter

    Very sad, some of the Drum tonight,

    Even the 730 Report couldn’t defend Michaelia Cash and her silly theatrics after today.

  22. helvityni

    …yes, totally sad and depressing, what are our moral values…and to think that we worry about Trump; we have plenty of our very own trumps…our lumps of coal…

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