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Please help this man

Warning of Dangerous Deterioration Following Assange’s Reported Stroke, Doctors Implore Australian Deputy Prime Minister to Intervene

Over 300 doctors from around the world have today written to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce, imploring him to seek Julian Assange’s immediate release from prison in the UK on medical grounds.

The letter begins by commending Joyce for his recent statements calling for the US extradition request against Julian Assange to be dropped. It continues:

“We are concerned that Mr. Assange’s apparent mini stroke [reported in the Daily Mail on 11 December] may be the tip of a medical iceberg. Indeed his symptoms suggest as much. It is therefore imperative that Mr. Assange be released from prison, where his health will otherwise continue to deteriorate and where his complex medical needs cannot be met.” Continued incarceration, the doctors warn, will place Julian Assange’s life at risk.

In appendices to the letter, the doctors have released all former correspondence with the Australian Government – including previously unpublished material – in which they warned of cardiovascular pathology, such as that reported in the Daily Mail.

They write, “perhaps our concerns were previously dismissed by your colleagues as hyperbolic. They are not. On the issue of cardiovascular pathology, we have been proven right. We do not wish to be proven right on the issue of Mr. Assange’s survival.”

The authors note that they had previously cautioned the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Payne, “should Mr Assange die in a British prison, people will want to know what you, Minister, did to prevent his death.”

In their letter the doctors reject US assurances, accepted by the High Court, that prison conditions in the US would be humane. They note that the US “retains the power to impose Special Administrative Measures on Mr. Assange, and to assign him to ADX Florence, two of the harshest, most brutal prison conditions in the US. Both facilities violate the Convention Against Torture, to which Australia is a party.”

They conclude, “we implore you, as Deputy Prime Minister, to intervene with the UK Government to seek Mr Assange’s immediate release on urgent medical grounds. We reiterate that he is an Australian citizen innocent in the eyes of the law, and guilty of and charged with nothing in the UK.”


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  1. Gus

    It is difficult to expect your herd Politician to show any courage when their leader shows none.
    Morrison has done absolutely nothing on this important issue and if Julian is left to the deep state reptilians then the future will judge Morrison for his cowardice.

  2. Ken

    ScuMo wont do anything for Julian Assange because the USA wont let him.

  3. Jon Chesterson


    ‘Warning of Dangerous Deterioration Following Assange’s Reported Stroke – Over 300 doctors from around the world have today written to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce, imploring him to seek Julian Assange’s immediate release from prison in the UK [just] on medical grounds’.

    For once in your life Morrison do something to protect Australian citizens from torture and injustice perpetrated against us, from those who consider themselves to be our closest allies, when clearly they behave with such total disregard for truth, justice and respect for fellow Australians.

    Julian Assange has never pilfered any US secret files; has not breached any Australian laws and was not even in the US when the event for which he has been falsely alleged to have committed by the US government in a court in London, took place. The court in London and US have no just cause or jurisdiction, they are bogan kangaroo courts protecting secret US and British crimes against humanity conducted by both States, for which both governments should be on trial, not the postman, not our Australian citizen and fellow human being.

    For once Morrison do something before you make him a martyr and all Australia the shameful country that in the eyes of the world abandoned justice and reason, and which refused to defend its own.

    Merry Christmas Morrison
    Do nothing, hear no evil, fossil rear end
    Prime Minister of Australia

  4. Phil Pryor

    The Big Pigs do not have names and addresses of victims, before or after their elimination for egotistical career advancement by the Top Turd. Adolf, Josef and all the other Top Turds have issued orders, made policy, established followings who obeyed. In a sensible world, a huge wall would have the executed bodies of multitudinous mangy murderous misfit morons, while the Assange types went free. “They” killed Jesus, Joan, Spartacus, chased and pissed off Mohammed, Gautama, Moses. The imperious “they” need organised elimination, first. Never been done, of course, mistakes galore, of course, differences abound, of course. So, Trump was a “saviour”, no miracles needed there…just ask the unwiped anus and wait for confirmation…a little truth is a very dangerous thing.., but seek it.

  5. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo will not endanger his ‘special relationship’ with anyone, for any principles he might lay claim to. Scummo is just not the kind of person who will stick his head out for truth or justice.

    But an alleged rapist ? Now that a different set of principles !!!

  6. Terence Mills

    To those doctors, I dips me lid !

  7. Florence Howarth

    Scomo won’t do anything because he doesn’t want to. Little to do with US.

  8. Terence Mills

    The first Magistrate listened to the experts and the medical evidence and ordered that :

    410. I order the discharge of Julian Paul Assange, pursuant to section 91(3) of the Extradition Act 2003

    Section 91 of the Extradition Act between the USA and the UK reads :

    S.91 Physical or mental condition

    (1)This section applies if at any time in the extradition hearing it appears to the judge that the condition in subsection (2) is satisfied.

    (2)The condition is that the physical or mental condition of the person is such that it would be unjust or oppressive to extradite him.

    (3)The judge must—

    (a) order the person’s discharge, or

    (b) adjourn the extradition hearing until it appears to him that the condition in subsection (2) is no longer satisfied.]

    The judge ordered his discharge under 3 (a)

    Somehow in the appeal to the Supreme Court this informed decision was reversed without seeing or hearing from any medical experts : the Extradiction Act is still the dominant law governing this situation.

    If expert medical and psychiatric evidence is taken again, it is more than likely that the result will be the same so what is going on ?

  9. Michael Taylor

    That’s interesting, Terry, as well as crazy. ☹️

  10. Phil Pryor

    Gross egotistical deluded male sluts like this Morrison the Pustular Moron will do anything for career, money, future posing, delusions, insanities yet to be assessed and punished.., a huge pot of political perverted shit. And his subturd S. Robber has offended sense today.

  11. Roswell

    I’m surprised the jerk isn’t wearing a baggy green cap.

  12. Michael Taylor

    The only cricketer he reminds me of is Douglas Jardine: the most hated cricketer ever.

  13. Henry Rodrigues

    The creep will try anything, no matter repulsive he looks. Its sure to impress the braindead who spend hour after hour and many resources watching the most boring game in the world.

    Alright alright, its boring to me !!!!!!.

  14. Jon Chesterson

    GL – I read that Sydney Morning Herald crap Christmas message from Morrison you just linked us too, I did indeed vomit through and through. Nothing is sacred and nothing is true with that demon plague and plagiariser, what treacherous cliche, WTF…. !

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