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Peter Dutton is NOT the man we need in this crisis

Peter Dutton just can’t help himself. Appearing on 2GB this morning in his regular chum session with Ray Hadley, he has made the most outrageous claims.

Speaking about the docking of the Ruby Princess in Sydney, Dutton said he would not get into a political game or “hang anyone out to dry” whilst then going on to say that the person in NSW Health that made the decision to allow the passengers to disembark would “have to live with that mistake”.

This was in response to that fool Hadley suggesting that “someone died, because of a decision taken by a public servant, or by someone in government, and that person needs to be held accountable for that death.”

What an utterly ridiculous irresponsible thing to say. No public servant was responsible for people on that ship getting sick. Certainly, the decision to allow them to disembark unchecked was a mistake. To suggest they are responsible for the death of someone who contracted the virus onboard is wrong and pointless.

Dutton went on to contradict his own ABF Commissioner by saying that Australia was dealing with a “difficult situation” because of ‘lies’.

“Some cruise ships are lying about the state of passengers” said the man who chose to fly overseas in the midst of the crisis, not in any way enforce his own personal hygiene and social distancing, then go to a gym when he got home and spread the disease he had contracted.

When I rang the Minister’s office to express my concern, they hung up on me. Sure, they are busy, but Dutton seemed to find the time to pass on misinformation on 2GB.

We cannot afford idiots to be giving out the wrong information or for politicians to be wasting everyone’s time looking for someone to blame.

But that is all Dutton is capable of.

As queues of travellers arriving from overseas formed at Sydney airport this morning, Border Force operatives were asked why social distancing was not being enforced. The reply was “not our problem, that’s biosecurity.”

If I allowed people to cram in like that to my business, I would face hefty fines and possible jail time.

Dutton is incapable of dealing with this. Shut the fool up.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    A repulsive ignorant serial liar from Queensbabwe is telling us his contrived rubbish to suit career obligations. Truth and lies are all the same to an unethical, immoral, indecent turd, but the story must be contrived and face and appearance preserved. This is the criminal shit we face from leaders in office. You could form a superior man than Dutton out of the local park’s dog droppings, and more fragrant.

  2. nonsibicunctis

    Peter Dutton is not the man (is he one?) we need in any crisis. Indeed, Peter Dutton is not the man we need at any time, unless it is to exchange for a decent, ethical, selfless & honest individual who is otherwise detained by some obnoxiously behaved foreign power.

    We don’t need a massive portfolio such as Dutton has been allocated, either. It embraces far too wide a field and allocates far too much power to an individual, without sufficient checks and balances. (If you are a North American reading this, please note that I’m not talking specifically about finance here, though that is certainly part of to what the checks and balances should apply). When a portfolio is so wide-reaching and so potentially harmful to so many, either individually or collectively, it becomes a tool for autocratic, even dictatorial, decision-making that reflect personal ideology, personal gain, and personal character more than they do the representative & duty of care role that they should.

    Peter Dutton may be a beautiful soul in some areas of his life or in the opinion of his mother, relatives or friends. I don’t know and find it hard to imagine. What I do know is that regardless of what he is on the inside or when away from politics, his behaviour, his views, & his ideology as a politiian have been and are obnoxious and certainly not in the interests of the nation or its people.

  3. Dave G.

    Dutton & Hadley,Robert & Jones the combined wisdom & compassion of a blowfly.OH Australia what have you done to yourself.

  4. Aortic

    This bastard was only granted all this power in an attempt by Morrison and previous incumbents to try to curtail his unbounded ambition to score the top possie. His ambition knows no bounds, only a pity that his competence doesn’t come anywhere near that ambition.

  5. Geoff Andrews

    Ms Lee,
    What we need in these times of crisis, which is not of the Government’s doing, is a strong leader like Pete (as I like to call him) to be firm, resolute, strong, & decisive; a doer getting on with the job, unlike the “leader” of the other faction, of which there is only one in the Party.
    You were quite naughty to waste the valuable time of the Minister (don’t forget, every minute counts if we are, together, to save ourselves and the Government from this virus, which has really only made itself felt in the last couple of weeks).
    Instead, publish the phone number so that we AIMN subscribers can all call to congratulate the Minister on his splendid job in public relations.
    I’m sure a few hundred, nay thousands, of accolades would lift his and his loyal toilers’ spirits immeasurably.

  6. Win Jeavons

    Geoff: thereby causing said phone to crash . Nice one! Now there is a way to help silence the putrid spud.

  7. Kaye Lee

    For Home Affairs matters contact Peter at: Phone Number: (02) 6277 7860

    You could also express your concern to Scott Morrison (02) 6277 7700

    Credit where it is due, I also rang Greg Hunt’s office in my capacity as a health provider about the difficulties we are facing with suggestions about what needed to be done. They were receptive and responsive.

  8. Arthur Tarry

    I fear what will happen to me if I succumb to Covid19 if Dutton (Spud) is the gatekeeper at the ‘pearly gates’ Will I be consigned to the ‘Manus Is of heaven’, or elsewhere ? Who knows what this prick thinks, or if he thinks.

  9. Jack sprat

    Dutton is Rupert Murdock’s preferred prime minister .He is biding his time sharping his dagger behind the scene until the night of the long knives when he wil stage his second coup attempt to grab the crown.
    All with the blessing of the MSM.

  10. Terence Mills

    Dutton seems to have brushed up on how to avoid responsibility and transfer blame since his visit to the White House and his ‘intelligence’ briefing from Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

    We know that Dutton’s Department of Home Affairs has sole responsibility for the movement of people and goods through our seaports and airports [i.e. border security].

    We know that the passengers disembarking form the cruise ship Ruby Princess [as with any other ship or aircraft] were under the control and supervision of Australian Border Force which combines immigration and customs responsibilities.

    We know that the correct protocol would have been for ABF to prohibit anybody disembarking from the Ruby Princess without at the minimum having first carried out screening for this and other viruses in conjunction with the federal and state Departments of Health – this is a national emergency for heaven’s sake !

    Instead of immediately launching an enquiry into how this could have occurred, Dutton seeks to deflect blame and deny responsibility.

    We need an enquiry now and also an explanation as to why ABF are not enforcing social separation and screening at airports.

    Remember folks, this man was within a whisker of being our Prime Minister !

  11. Kaye Lee


    It’s a bit like Tony Abbott. They gave him the job and then said WTF have we done? For some reason, Dutton with his cohort of monkey podders seem to have them bluffed. Who on earth would consider Dutton capable of being given such power unless you were scared of his political clout?

    One thing this virus has done is expose the dead weight in our political system. Some have stepped up to the plate. Dutton is NOT one of them.

  12. Andy56

    As i said in another post, We are witnessing the “monster” in all his mortal glory. Without his “gun” he is a slithering coward. Seen that movie before.

  13. Jon Chesterson

    Heaven wouldn’t help Dutton, so why shouldn’t we – Not our problem.

    ‘As queues of travellers arriving from overseas formed at Sydney airport this morning, Border Force operatives were asked why social distancing was not being enforced. The reply was “not our problem, that’s biosecurity.”’

    ‘If I allowed people to cram in like that to my business, I would face hefty fines and possible jail time’.

    ‘Dutton is incapable of dealing with this. Shut the fool up’.

    Problem is, Dutton is our problem and he won’t shut up!

  14. Harry Lime

    Stand by to have martial law declared ,as this seems to be the logical conclusion to the Liar’s behaviour.This corona crisis has presented him with a golden opportunity to avoid all scrutiny,because ,as we’ve seen, scrutiny is daily showing him for the pretender that he is.They have emasculated and politicised the public service and the AFP,and flagrantly ignore the principles of justice.We’ve witnessed first hand the quality of most of the ministry,and to say they are woeful is a gross understatement.
    Dutton is an excellent exemplar of the whole travesty of this rotten government,but the thing posing as “leader” is the most dangerous individual that this country has ever had to endure.If this continues we will have a totalitarian state with all the attendant horrors.

  15. Geoff Andrews

    Your logic seems irrefutable: that’s their job; federal over-rides state etc.
    I haven’t seen or heard any rebuttal from anyone in the NSW government so they’re probably checking with head office if it’s OK to throw themselves under the bus.
    But if they do decide to fight central mosque, they could do no better than refer to your comment.
    Dutton apparently doesn’t go along with the eighth commandment

  16. Kerri

    Dutton is trying to blameshift as his department fails in its primary duty of protecting the Australian peoples.
    Is it just me or is he standing creepily close to Ivanka??

  17. Geoff Andrews

    ……….. and we can’t see EITHER of his hands.

  18. Ken

    Potato Head is probably the worst of a bad lot of pollies in the LNP coalition.

  19. New England Cocky

    Hummppphhhhh!!!!! I offered a Kiwi friend the entire Australian Parliament in exchange for their dedicated Jacinda Adern ….. and he laughed!! I even offered to delete Barnyard Joke but he still was not interested. Then I said I would omit the Labor MPs to assuage his conservative political leanings, but no thanks.

    What is it about the present COALition Liarbral Nazional$ fascist misgovernment that makes them so unattractive on the international market of used politicians?

  20. Anne Simmat

    The fiasco dutton is presiding over is no different from the situation my grandmother’ cousin faced in 1919 .he came home from the war ,got off the ship and walked home to find his wife and child dead in bed .they hadn’t been seen for a day or so

  21. Cool Pete

    Potato Head’s staffer hung up on you not because they were exceptionally busy but because you told them something they didn’t want to hear. Potato Head is a complete dickhead to make the statement he did on 2GB with Hadley. The passenger contracted the virus on board the ship, and should have been either medically evacuated and taken to hospital or gone into isolation! Rather than defaming refugees, maybe he should think, if he’s capable of doing so, that is, that rather than demonising refugees who came by boat, but cruise liners could be carrying COVID19, so they must self-isolate! We can safely say that Potato Head will never need to see a neurologist as he hasn’t got what a neurologist can treat, a brain.

  22. Kaye Lee


    That is so tragic. I cannot even let my mind go to dealing with something like that.

  23. Matters Not

    Where’s`the fear when you really need it? Political historians build explanatory narratives on that basis and they provide useful insights but it would seem that this crisis is very different. Perhaps because this ‘virus’ has no colour code? No race? No person to hate?

    The complacency is terrifying. We need lots more fear before it’s too late. But probably already too late. Soon to be – *if only … *

  24. calculus witherspoon.

    Dutton we did not need even in relatively good times.

    Could he not just have stayed in hospital and left the rest of us alone.

  25. iggy648

    But we have machine guns!

  26. Kronomex

    Heinrich Duttonuci just wants a little bit of martial law. Why won’t they give him just let him have a 250 gram jar to taste. He would promise that he would only have a teaspoonful and then the jar back.

  27. Bruce White

    Morrison needs to immediately sack Peter Dutton and Stuart Robert for gross incompetence as respectively, ministers for Home Affairs and Government Services. Dutton as minister responsible for Australian Border Force and the Ruby Princess debacle.Stuart Robert as the minister responsible for Centrelink in that debacle affecting 100 thousand workers earlier this week.Neither of them are a fit and proper person to continue to hold a ministerial authority.

  28. Kaye Lee

    The only reason Robert is there is because he was Morrison’s numbers man when they knifed Turnbull. When you give people jobs as a political thank you, it comes back to bite you when they actually have to do something but are exposed as being completely inadequate.

  29. Bruce White

    Something I neglected, things could be worse.Remember a few years ago Dutton was Health Minister? I think that was during the Idiot Abbotts rule. He didn’t stay long there before being reshuffled to Immigration Minister, where he excelled himself! I think he was voted, or a survey of hospital staff done, which indicated that he was AUSTRALIA’S WORST EVER HEALTH MINISTER. Imagine if he was still in that role!

  30. Kronomex

    Sack Stuart Robert? Get rid a pentecostalist maattee and fellow end-of-days looney? Ain’t gonna happen. Get rid Duttonolini? He’s not game enough. Who knows what dirt files the Reichsspud has hidden away.

  31. wam

    in day 3 quarantine!
    When we got off the plane we were sent to the customs area where the afp police were waiting (asking if we were married because we were too close)
    we were quizzed on our answers to the entry form by the nt police warned of our legal obligations and quarantined for 14 days.
    Good old labor government.
    What a sad tale, anne!
    Such shocking stories make me even sadder when I think of men like rowan baxter, and pell

  32. Mrs Wobbly

    Dutton the dangerous on 2GB radio’s his ideal place Ultra Right wing shock jock, no criticism, able to spool his propaganda, with Hadley on board the dumbing down of, sadly listeners without the ware with all to think for them self, or even to call out lies, with their scripted interviews to suit their Masters agenda. It’s time to make ALL Politicians accountable as they are fund by the tax payers, then make laws to screw those Australians who put in place, for their rich Masters and later own retirement funds for them self’s. Wasn’t parliament meant to be for the betterment of Australia and Australians citizens, not billionaires and politicians with their own self interest on the back of Australians taxes. We need a federal Independent body to stop this corruption within. Australia wake grow up and demand our government be accountable before you can’t . REVULSION need people

  33. Phil

    ‘ The Nuremberg trials finished far too early.’

  34. Matters Not

    Mrs Wobbly re:

    Politicians accountable as they are funded by the tax payers,

    That’s not why they should be accountable. Taxpayers include companies and corporations – indeed the biggest taxpayers in Australia are the 4 big banks closely followed by BHP. Do you really want politicians to be accountable to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, National Australia Bank, BHP and the like? Or do you want them to be accountable (solely) to Australian citizens? You know those who are entitled to vote – whether they pay tax or not? Just for the record, it’s possibly the case that a majority of Australian citizens are not net taxpayers. That is they get more from the government (me included) than they pay to the government in the form of taxation. It matters not. It’s the citizen that a politician must be accountable to.

    Taxpaying is not a right. Rather it’s a legal obligation. Tax charged even applies to the 5 year old who buys an ice cream. Should they be entitled to vote? What about international transit passengers at an airport? Tourists? Tax paid is not a donation. It is not freely given and does not entitle the taxpayer to anything after that obligation is fulfilled. Certainly doesn’t entitle an entity the right to vote.

    And we wonder why neo-liberalism is so hard to question. So deeply embedded – it is!

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