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Paying the price

By Khaled-Oula Elomar

The COVID-19 virus and its effects are as real as you are.

Now many people, or more like conspirators, say that:

1 It has started with bat consumption. WTF? Bats have been eaten for thousands of years. Why the sudden problem?

2 It is manufactured in a lab by man. Anthrax, bombs, bullets and explosives are created by man, too. In fact, we are so disoriented that the Nobel Peace Prize is named after Alfred Nobel: The guy who discovered TNT.

3 It has started as a result of cell mutation from the 5G RF. If that were the case, then why is it only targeting lung cells? Why not all other cells within the human body?

Fuck all these conspiracies. Wake the fuck pp and realise that humans have fucked with nature for so long, now it is nature taking a stance against us and saying:

“… Oh, humans, settle the fuck down. You’ve screwed me over for decades now. It’s time for me to take control once again and put you back in your place. You are not the supreme species. If anything, how you’ve damaged me and other species including your own self by your choices and methods, you are fairly Evil. I call the shots here, humans.

You’re living your life but are susceptible to more harm because of your fragile state and health which resulted from your processed foods and the different pollutants that you release thus exposing yourselves and my other living creatures to.

You’ve killed each for millennia. Not that killing one another is acceptable but give me one fucking reason why you do kill one another? I’ve warned you many times to stop your ways, but you never got the hint. Hints like tornadoes, cyclones, fires, higher temperatures, floods etc, but all fell on death ears.

You think you own me, but I will show who is boss. I will take you back 150 years from now where everything was cherished, and nothing taken for granted. The environment was clean. There were no processed foods thus grossly affected your immune system. Food had more value than money.

Families stuck by one another and enjoyed each other’s company. Husbands and wives loved one another for who they are and not what they were or how much money they have.

A time where people ate little meat and more vegetables. A time where sugar wasn’t in everything that you eat.

An era where if you shook hands with someone, then you honoured that and deceit, though existent, but hardly practised. A time where kids enjoyed the outdoor activities, got dirty, skinned their knees and felt alive rather than being zombies stuck behind the evil screen.

Yes, granted that you still found wicked reasons to fight and kill one another but the scale of damaged and number of deaths is far less than the current days if you made a comparison in a specific duration of time. I’ve had with you and your demonic methods and practices. I’ll show you who I am and how I will break your fucking ego. You are nothing. Created from nothing and will return to nothing.

Once I am done with this virus, I will come at you in a different way if you haven’t learnt your lesson. I will always be watching you and what you do. Change yourself before I force you to change yet again. Abandon your desires and I will grant you ultimate Nirvana. Fucking twits …”

Nature works in mysterious ways. COVID-19 is its way now. It could be COVID-## in the future as it was H1N1 and H5N1 in the past. Enough with your conspiracies, please. We are doomed now because of our own actions and current deficient immune system.

Changing our ways, our own thoughts, our practices and looking after our health and each other is the way we can ensure that Nature Stands With Us and Not Against Us.


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  1. Jano from the Gong

    Strike me Rome !

  2. Keitha Granville

    Yep, until we learn to live WITH our planet we will be wiped out by it.

  3. Josephus

    Why was this badly written rant published? The vocabulary is limited and of low level. Others have pointed out with more grace that humanity is too numerous and too greedy. Trump is now dreaming of mining space; the Romans mined lead. The greed has no doubt worsened in so called advanced societies thanks to technology allowing humans to harness energy and to improve killing methods , but human nature is the same . There were for example many debauched and sadistic rulers who dispatched their relatives over the centuries, any opponents in fact, and they still do so today.

    The text invents a past utopia entirely lacking in evidence. Industrial foods began in the 1800s, but the deliberate adulteration of food for gain is old. One minor but time honoured practice in Europe was mixing paprika with brick dust. Babies were given opium and gin to drink , demented people tortured to release their devils.

    Families were not loving in the past. Novels, before them plays of long ago depict spite, infanticide, greed, any vice one can think of. The hanging of petty criminals. Widows declared witches and burnt. Rulers ordered imaginative forms of torture such as crucifixion, burning people alive, sending people out in leaky boats to drown, stabbing them en masse , to name a few methods. Slaves were beaten or worse. Whole communities were wiped out.

    Consensus changes , slavery was natural, women incapable, black people primitive, white people ghosts, etc.
    Consensus does not truth make. It was once normal to believe in witches, that the world was flat. Some others today think that rice wafers turn into a deity’s substance given certain rituals . This writer thinks the past was Nirvana or Paradise.

    Furthermore, there have been plenty of epidemics in pre industrial times: bubonic plague, cholera, typhus, typhoid, diphtheria, tuberculosis. Syphilis spread across the world. Today another plague.

    This entire text is a rant, lacking research, devoid of knowledge. Shame on this network for uploading it. An explanation and an apology are both due. Where were the moderators ?

    On second thoughts, this text must be a strange joke, the authorial name made up, an experiment in whether readers will accept any rubbish, as long as it is angry.

    I don’t find this satire funny. Does anyone?

  4. Michael Taylor

    Josephus, it was written by a former refugee whose first language is not English. How does that make you feel?

  5. Josephus

    My first language was not English either. Poor English is not the text’s main problem. Learners do not have to swear so monotonously, nor totally avoid evidence, research, or knowledge of history . Spelling or grammar are never a concern in posts, though a few readers do comment on such things sometimes. I don’t.

    Lack of reasoning is an issue. Ignorance is an issue. Invective for its own sake is an issue. Can’t you see the difference?

    Most readers’ comments do imply the centrality of ‘standards’, meaning that they expect contributors to provide evidence, cite expert or respected sources, are themselves thoughtful, have perhaps read widely in their areas of interest.

    If you think there need be no minimum acceptable levels for contributors, whether of register, argument or evidence, then this site is becoming a waste of time. Might as well read the childish, non- truthian bragging of a Trump.

  6. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. what is so different about this post compared to many of the posts on AIMN that I regularly read and enjoy?

    The unfortunate language? OK, maybe there is a reason that the editor exercised their discretion and let the article through without amendment; that is called “editorial discretion ….. we all get slapped by it regularly.

    @Josephus: Your generalised comments are historically accurate but I cannot understand your disappointment with the editors. However, both you and the author have an advantage over myself; I struggle to articulate arguments with a single language.

  7. Khaled

    Firstly allow me to express my sincere apologies for not complying with your standards.
    Secondly, from one human to another, I urge you to be more modest and learn to have dialogues instead of monologues.
    Lastly, I wish you the best and pray you AND your loved ones remain safe during this pandemic.
    Once again, I extend my apologies.

  8. Khaled


    I am certain I speak on behalf of the many here and say we appreciate your work.
    Keep it up my dear brother.

    Lots of love and thank you for your continued support.


  9. Michael Taylor

    Well, Khaled, our standards are too low for some.

    What a waste. After the seven years the site has been in existence I just have to accept we failed.

  10. wam

    I am a user and wish some loonie would smack me down with their reason for the timing of booby’s caravan or with the rationale and reward behind milne lifting of debt limits then I could get the monkey of my back.
    Takes all kinds to make us human animals and millions of Australians who swear for emphasis in practically every sentence and there are billions of people below average.
    Do you journey without them? Governments and religions seem not to see them.
    I have left an envelope and contents in the sun and will post it to albury

  11. Jack Cade

    Everyone has a point of view, and is entitled to express it, I think. Language is communication, and so long as ideas and feelings are communicated, it shouldn’t matter if the syntax is wrong. A French friend of mine once said to
    me ‘You’re just pulling my Mickey out! ‘ instead of the more mundane ‘taking the piss!’ I preferred his version…
    If someone expresses an idea that you disagree with, it should be enough to say why you disagree – preferably with facts or alternative plausibilities (excluding, of course, religious ideas – Christians in particular are the most rockheaded people imaginable, immune to reason and rationalism. Try watching the YouTube atheist clips where Christians ring the hosts claiming that the bible PROVES there is a god. Their certainty is both hilarious and sad).
    I thought Khaled’s item was a stream of consciousness. Swear words are used to add emphasis but their effect is lessened these days. If the words ‘fuck’ and ‘like’ were eliminated, most teenagers would be struck dumb.
    Most conspiracy theories arise because the official versions of what has happened are suspect – we do not trust governments to tell the truth. Saying ‘the truth will out’ may be right, but the truth comes out too late and after people no longer care. Which is why the Ruby Princess commission, which should take a few days, will take 6 months.
    I must stop getting up early…

  12. Barry Thompson.

    Well said Jack.

  13. Joseph Carli

    I must say that I sympathise with Khaled’s position…it doesn’t take much tese days to get offside to what I describe as “reader expectation”…There is this expectation on many blogs, hard-copy media and even Twitter where if one does post an opinion, it has to meet some pretty demanding criteria to not have all the Gods of christiandom come down on one….there is the God of Grammer..always there with their gimlet eye looking for double negatives etc, alongside “it” is the God of political correctness holding hands with the God of permissable expletives…etc..etc..
    I myself have experienced on multiple occasions the pointed tongue of scorn and derision…I recall a humble yarn I placed on these pages some time back..”The Last Lingering Kiss” I believe it was, where about the first comment was from a Oxford Grad’ reject out here in the colonies for a ten-quid jaunt, armed and qualified to complain that I had in some way tried to trick him with a “puff-piece of fantasy” (such are stories) that was an insult to his mother language…he could claim a qualified knowledge and skill of usage of “English” as THAT is what described his place of birth on his passport…of course, I forthwith gave him “directional instruction” that brought the wrath of mother hen and her nestlings down upon me…
    Yes, Khaled…it is difficult and one can only grin (cheekly) and bear it!

  14. Khaled

    You have my respect Jack Cade

  15. Joseph Carli

    To extrapolate on my post above, I see a problem with the “reading public” of these times in that it just does not really “read” anymore…it skims…I was saying as much to another blog owner the other day that I believe we are come to what I have written on as “The end of stories”, as the reading public has this expectation that having gone to the effort of visiting a blog, there is now an expectation that they will be entertained or informed with little or perhaps no effort on their own part to internally disseminate the story-line or info’ provided…but rather loudly complain in a most public is perceived as their right..and vent their unconsummated anger at what they themselves are incapable of transmitting in any imaginative order onto a page….a bit like those lyrics in Nirvana’s “Smells like teen spirit”…where he says ..;

    “With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us”
    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido ”

    I would suggest that there is an onus upon the public who come with inquisitive eyes to any blog seeking FREE entertainment to carry a wide-eyed imagination into the ‘room’ and to leave their cynicism at the door, restraining the abuse and recriminations until they first examine their own sometimes failing capabilities.

    Of course, as a person of Italian descent, I am well aware that much linguistic criticism comes from the Anglo-Saxon side of the house…but as I AM Italian, I am also well aware that it is common knowledge that English writers are renown for their capabilities in the genre of Essay and Treatise, but have little skill at storytelling…unless they pinch such from the Italians…like Shakespeare did!..but there..that’s the way it goes.

    So all I can say, Khaled, is to remember that YOU are the writer, THEY are the consumers…and believe me when I say it is a chaotic smorgasboard served up to a party of gluttons forever looking for that free meal ; the world of blogging….good luck!

  16. Kaye Lee

    Getting back to the topic….

    It does feel like nature is trying to get our attention.

    Will it make us re-examine how we live? I don’t think so.

    The idea that we are all in this together will quickly fade away when there is wealth to be made from the recovery.

    I do think tracing the source is important and current genomic studies indicate origin in bats and transferred via an intermediary animal, possibly the pangolin.

    Peter Dutton is certainly not helping the discussion with his Trump-like rhetoric. I cannot think of one constructive thing this man has ever done. He could save the country millions by releasing the Biloela family.

  17. Matters Not

    The phone app that allows the Government to track ‘contacts’ re COVID-19 has real value BUT will have a very poor uptake if Dutton is anywhere near the data. Dutton is still trapped in the communist plot meme even though those scientists with expertise say it’s ‘natural’.

    (BTW, how was Josephus to know the background of the person who wrote the piece?)

    As for ‘FREE entertainment’ …

  18. Roger

    Khaled, #2 “It is manufactured in a lab by man”, Trumpinators demands on China to come clean sounds as if the US has enough details now on the origin of the virus to ask that question of Chinese President. #3 “It has started as a result of cell mutation from the 5G RF. If that were the case, then why is it only targeting lung cells? Why not all other cells within the human body?” Answer, different frequencies effect different systems in the body. I don’t see any conspiracy with #3 it is simple science, and #2 is a theory, not a conspiracy. For #2 if true, the next question is – was it released accidentally or deliberately. If deliberately then the antidote already exists, you just need to wait for it to be released and be able to afford it.. If you want conspiracy a la Rockefeller Foundation then ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’ 2010 –

  19. wam

    16 April at 13:21 · ‘I believe God is giving the world the biggest altar call in history
    Now, is the time to get our hearts right, and closer to Him.’
    is god doing the killing?
    story has it that its man made
    That is from an Aborigine who believes god does everything, the world is 4000 years old and her ancestors will not be in heaven when she gets there.
    She believes god is good and man is not climate is god not man.
    I wonder who is responsible for the tsunami deaths? Insurers say it is there fault for being there.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Oh gawd, not Roger again.

  21. Matters Not


    sounds as if the US has enough details now on the origin of the virus to ask that question of Chinese President

    Really? When has Trump ever proceeded on the basis of evidence? Guess, there has to be a first for anything but the notion that China would severely damage its own economy when it was entirely unnecessary is just fanciful.

    Bit like the CIA operative who fell of a stool (while pissed) in Wuhan and accidently released this virus which was meant for Iran. And no doubt someone has the vaccine and is just awaiting the highest bidder. (Want to buy a bridge that crosses a harbour? Going cheap.)

  22. Michael Taylor

    MN, I don’t give a rat’s arse if Josephus did or did not know anything about Khaled. Josephus also attacked this site and the moderator (me) and it got my back up.

    Here’s a tip, MN: don’t push me on this one. Drop it.

  23. Kronomex


    You sir, are an idiot.

    Having this as part of nommeraadio doesn’t worry (not that I expect you did any digging) you in the least?

    How about –

    Still doesn’t bother you?

    I know it would bother almost eveyone who comments here and it casts you in a very unpleasant light.

  24. Michael Taylor

    Conspiracy theorists drive me nuts, too.

  25. Kaye Lee

    We have had a few conspiracy theorists join us of late. Do you think they do it on purpose? The dead cat strategy or the scattergun/Gish Gallop approach? They surely can’t believe this crap? If they genuinely do (which I find extremely difficult to believe), then maybe this is not the site for them. They provide no real evidence and do not respond to the evidence posted by others. They just throw a whole heap of shit at the fan and then we waste our time deflecting the splatter.

    Credibility of your sources needs a lot of work Roger.

  26. Roger

    Kronimex, so the penny dropped, Rockefeller Foundation is in the same snake pit as Hitler and the other dud you mentioned. You and I are now on the same page, unless you are a fan of Hitler and other dud.

  27. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, a lot has happened this year to tantalise the conspiracy theorists. First it was the fires – that were all lit by arsonists – and now it’s the coronavirus which is caused by, among other things, the 5G network.

    And sadly, each new conspiracy rekindles older ones. It won’t be long and they’ll be rolling out the old favourites: 9/11, the Port Arthur massacre, and that The Queen is a reptilian.

    Just for laughs I occasionally listen to a conspiracy podcast out of Canada. Their latest one is a hoot: the Nazis deliberately lost the war so they could cover up their collaboration with alien reptilians. The reptilians are now living in large cities underground where they have built a fast-rail network.

    Oh, and this one: Trump only said there were 15 coronavirus cases in the US to fool the journalists.

    Laughably, the idiot who comes up with this rubbish was the creator of a website called ‘No More Fake News’ (which he started up about 20 years ago).

  28. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Vikingduk. Truly appreciated.

  29. Khaled

    Thanks for the laugh.
    Stay safe.

  30. Michael Taylor

    Speaking of ducks, about a year ago I put up a post about the hilarious spam comments that flood this site, in particular how the spammer’s translations into English really miss the mark.

    Lately we’re getting dozens of spam comments offering advice on how to make your duck big. It might just be me, but I really don’t think they mean ‘duck’. 😂

  31. Michael Taylor

    Yo, Brother, good to see you.

  32. Kaye Lee

    I have a theory….

    I think Roger et al may be Malcolm Roberts keeping himself occupied.

    In a 135-page document titled “Why? Motives Driving Climate Fraud”, Roberts states that international bankers (the Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefellers and the Warburg family) are surreptitiously trying to gain global control through environmentalism. Roberts’ document cites the work of Eustace Mullins, an American anti-Semite and Holocaust denier who claimed that international banks and the US Federal Reserve were part of a Jewish conspiracy to introduce global socialism.

    Roberts believes that the United Nations is a threat to the Australian way of life: “Australian values and way of life are also at risk from insidious institutions such as the unelected swill that is the United Nations. Australia must leave the UN. We need an OzExit.” He states that the UN is “destroying Australia’s sovereignty through deals such as Agenda 21”.

    There are five characteristics of science denial. These common traits are seen when people reject climate science, the benefits of vaccination, or the research linking smoking to cancer.

    The techniques of denial are: fake experts; logical fallacies; impossible expectations; cherrypicking; and conspiracy theories. This is summarised in the acronym FLICC.

    Climate science denial and conspiratorial thinking are often found together. A well-known example is that of Donald Trump, who has dismissed climate change by blaming it on a Chinese conspiracy.

    conspiratorial thinking is self-sealing. When conspiracy theorists are presented evidence that there is no conspiracy, they often respond by broadening the conspiracy to include that evidence. In other words, they interpret evidence against a conspiracy as evidence for the conspiracy.

  33. Kronomex

    “Kronimex, so the penny dropped, Rockefeller Foundation is in the same snake pit as Hitler and the other dud you mentioned. You and I are now on the same page, unless you are a fan of Hitler and other dud.”

    What in the name of Donald Trump’s hairdo are you talking about? How did you get the idea that we are “on the same page”?

  34. Jack Cade

    My 3 year old granddaughter was playing shops with her mother an hour ago.
    ‘The Crona virus (sic) says you can have 2 pears and 2 carrot…’

  35. Michael Taylor

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m uncomfortable having conspiracy theorists post comments sprouting their rubbish on this site. That’s not why this site exists.

    But I want to get everyone’s opinion before I decide what action to take.

    There’s only one rule: I don’t want to hear claims that I’d be denying their rights to free speech.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Jack, that’s so cute. 😀

  37. Michael Taylor

    Kronomex, you swear too much. 😜

  38. Khaled

    Too cute and too honest Jack lol

  39. Vikingduk

    Michael, don’t knock the underground reptilian fast rail, in my role as a nomadic couscous herder, me and the gang have often ridden it to perdition, a small hamlet near wherethefeckami, but, jeez, ya gotta watch them lizards, real snakes in the grass, take you on a serpentine route if you’re not careful. And also, not many people know this . . . but . . . The people recovered from the virus are in the process of mutating into zombies, I have it on good authority (one of the couscous was talking to a semolina wrangler) who assured us that this was incredibly true because he heard it from a stray boccocino, and as we all know they are a trusted sauce of information. Trust me, real news really true, take it to the bank, that one run by the gecko brothers, a slippery pair but totally trustworthy, much like an lnp promise.

  40. Vikingduk

    MT — suits me if you bugger off the bullshit conspiracy theories.

  41. wam

    good one kronomex shows you cannot rely on names I thought rosenberg would be in th death camps not establishing them. the closet of the septic soldiers is wounded knee, bud dajo
    “Harwood has by no means exhausted the list. Individual acts of the most
    appalling sadism and cruelty were committed by Allied soldiers against both
    Germans and Japanese who had already surrendered. Incidents of rape and
    looting were a feature of all the Allied occupation forces in the early days, but
    the wholesale and unchecked rape of the women, girls and boys in Berlin, the
    looting and sacking of that city by the armies of Marshals Zhukov and Koniev,
    and the instant killing of any German civilian who tried to shield his
    plus korea, vietnam and the collateral damage of modern wars
    The danger is not the atrocities of the past but in not acknowledging them and deliberately ignoring their existence and claiming purity.
    Similarly knowing the mindset of aust soldiers is it fair to assume we are not free fro,m atrocities in war and peace??

  42. Jack Cade


    No nation is innocent of atrocities. I have a French friend who was a conscript in the French war in Algeria, circa 1960. Both sides committed unspeakable acts.
    But if you were a soldier, knowing that every one of the civilians you saw in a country where you were engaged in combat was likely to throw an IED at you, and you had lost friends in similar circumstances, your sense of fair play would be quickly atrophied. Civilisation is a veneer anyway – a meniscus that is easily breached.
    It is my belief that professional soldiers want to kill, anyway. I doubt that anybody wants to be a soldier to bring peace and prosperity. I remember a UK interview with an SAS soldier he couldn’t wait to get to Afghanistan to ‘stick it up ‘em.’ Was almost orgasmic at the thought of it.
    But I’ve never been there, so I can’t say that I am incapable of an atrocity. I just like to think I am not.

  43. wam

    yes total agree, jack, mob behaviour is taught in the war and a spin off is unavoidable. The tragedy is the debriefing of the training is poorly handled. I have played golf with a pair of soldiers who were desperate to get back to afghanistan for the cash to increase their investment properties(3 so far)
    But my point was to the conspiracyphobes that denying our atrocities by cover ups and avoidance (assange)of any responsibilities whilst remembering others is behind many repetitions and such practice snarls into the way politicians treat their society. Open discussions through theories is the way science works and learning happens???

    ps jack
    we had our grandchildren over whilst their mum cleared our her late father’s house and we played games for 5 hours with scones and cream for lunch

  44. Jack Cade


    I have 4 grandchildren, aged 6 down to 2. I adore them all and miss them terribly because of social distancing etc. My kids think they are putting me in danger because their young kids are incubators, but I see them separately and am overwhelmed when they show joy at seeing me. It is more fun than having your own kids!

  45. LambsFry Simplex.

    That was a GOOD article.

    This guy Khaled can think, but I have reservations about certain others who visit this site.

  46. Harry Lime

    Khaled, enjoyed your article immensely,restating the blindingly obvious,had the same conversation with plenty of my friends for fifty years.We only marvel that has taken this long to unravel,and yet some still think it’s only a hiccup,and the utter bullshit will continue.Including our half witted government, currently led by a cultist liar.
    It appears that the pressure of isolation is having a deleterious affect on the mental stability of some of our insecure citizens.
    Josephus,are you part of the Sanhedrin,or are you the Greek historian in the time of Jesus?

  47. Kaye Lee

    I am reminded of the days when women couldn’t go into the public bar or snooker room for fear of someone swearing. Like they didn’t swear outside those exclusively male bastions?

    I was, for a period, a “barmaid” in the public bar once they allowed we women to enter. It is amazing how men can show manners when you have the power of the taps, and even greater in this pub, the power of the TAB.

    I find gratuitous swearing boring rather than offensive. I would talk to the boys in the bar about variety in their adjectives. They indulged me because I pulled a good beer and could run two TAB machines at the same time when they all raced up with their bets just as they were about to jump. Of course, it was up to me who I served.

    I must say, I found Khaled’s language unusual for him. He is usually very respectful. Perhaps it was a measure of his frustration – something we all need to vent at times. But the problem is the discussion becomes about the style of the article rather than the substance.

    The thing I love about the AIMN is the discussion. Articles are conversation starters. We don’t all have to agree.

    One thing I may be wrong about….

    You rarely seem to respond to female commenters Khaled?

  48. LambsFry Simplex.

    Kaye Lee, you are in exquisite form at the moment.

  49. wam

    A good question for a theory, kate? He could be a religious man for whom women are not equal?

  50. Geoff Andrews

    Speaking maketh a ready man
    Writing maketh an exact man
    Reading maketh a full man
    Sir Francis Bacon (1569 – 1626)

    If Khaled’s contribution was a transcript of a speech he gave at an earlier time, Josephus’ objection would have had less merit because the spoken word may only lag behind the intention by a fraction of a second.
    Every writer, even those replying on this site, has had the opportunity to review and edit before publication. This precaution should apply especially to writers who have English as a second language. It’s regrettable then, that Khaled did not take this precaution, for had he done so, he would have had second thoughts about the early passage:

    ” #### all these conspiracies. Wake the #### pp and realise that humans have ####ed with nature for so long, now it is nature taking a stance against us and saying: “… Oh, humans, settle the #### down……..”

    On my first reading of his article, I chucked it in when I got to the above passage. When I finally got around to reading the full article, I counted only a further three “####”, none of which were out of place and were effective if only because of their infrequency.
    One unfortunate consequence of any written profanity is that the reader cannot avoid “saying” the word, albeit silently and thus being offended or even necessitating a visit to the confessional.
    So I hope, dear reader, that you appreciate that my substitution of “####” for “f#ck” was to protect your sensitivities?
    (God, it’s taken me an hour to review and edit just to make sure all the “t”s are dotted and the “i”s crossed)

  51. Khaled

    Hello Kaye Lee

    It is rather out of character for me to use profanity. I sincerely for apologise about that.
    It is a vent. I promise that this will happen again.

    Stay safe

  52. Kaye Lee

    No need to apologise Khaled. I too am guilty of using profanity. When I see greed destroying the planet and inept politicians encouraging and facilitating the destruction it makes me furious. What will it take to make them wake up?

  53. Jack Cade

    Khaled’s initial post has made us all think about what we say and how we say it. Thank you Khaled!

  54. Joseph Carli

    ” You rarely seem to respond to female commenters Khaled?”…..

    Well, I put up two relevent / good advice comments early in the piece and I was not even acknowledged…and I see THAT as the astuteness of Khaled to so quickly ascertain the cred’ standing of individual commentators on these pages…ie; those of the “in” and those of the “out” and act accordingly. Such swift calculation is essential if oneself is to gain a kind of posting “cred” in blogging, be it here or other places on social media…particularly on Twitter, where one can see surges in certain posters who “have the cred” either through outrageous notoriety or “existing social status authority” (eg; celeb’ journo etc.) gain extrordinary followings just by offering what could be called “everyday warm-fuzzies” and whose every comment is awaited by their “fan-bois” like a breath on the glass…or the trepidatious anxiety of the courting lover awaiting their paramour’s permission to next meet…to be immediately followed once a comment is made by a Sybil (Fawlty Towers) style approval of ; “Oh, I knowww….I knowwww!”…

    So I wouldn’t chastise Khaled for what seems a lack of gender-specific application. but rather put it down to a cautious “feeling his way” forward over new territory…and good luck to him…it is hard work, but it has to be done..

  55. LOVO

    And speaking of f#ck’n conspiracy theories, I heard that the lizards down at the Port Adelaide Football Club were on top of the ladder and were likely going to stay there for all of 2020…..and I thought ‘now that’s gotta be a load of BS’.
    but..alas….sigh 😫
    F#CK 😲;/m/01r4b4;10;;st;fp;1;;

  56. Joseph Carli

    LOVO…”Link 2″……..That’s easy for you to say.!…

  57. DrakeN

    My 2c. worth.
    I try to moderate my language since I feel that profanities tend to weaken discourse.
    On the other hand, as with Khaled’s post, there are times when well crafted grammar and precise lexiconography are simply insufficient.
    Such are these times.
    Rationality has evaporated; what little there ever was.

    Michael, Carol and all the contributors are doing me a great service, helping me to collate my own thoughts with the ceaseless flow of information and opinion: The mental stimulation is invaluable.
    Thank you.

    “Variety is the Spice of Life” and even if the language does get a little ‘piquante’ at times for my tastes, it adds shades of ‘colour’ to what might otherwise be rather bland and repetitive fare. 😉

  58. Andy56

    Well look, i agree the conspiracy theories are nuts. But i also consider the” mother natures” people bonkers too, lol. Thats not to say that in a phylosophical way they are wrong.

  59. Michael Taylor

    LOVO, not only do we frown upon conspiracy theorists, but also people commenting when they’re too effing drunk to be coherent. 😜

    You come under the latter. 😁

    Or should I say “ladder”? 😀

  60. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Drake. Kind words that Carol and I truly appreciate.

  61. calculus witherspoon.

    Yes, Drake is right.

    I personally prefer to keep swearing in reserve for emergencies, but let fly some times if something has got my goat a bit too much.

    I am old fashioned enough to agree there can be less of it around women, as a token of respect.

  62. Jack Cade

    Swearing is part of everyday language for all walks of life. The only forbidden word is the C word (although it is used freely in Ireland, if the Irish media can be believed.) I am talking, of cause, about British-influenced societies.
    The worst word you can use in the USA is ‘liberal’. That gets their hammers cocked.
    ‘Fuck’ was first used on UK TV by a joker called Kenneth Tynan, apparently uttered in the wee small pre-dawn hours. But it was front page news the following day. Now it is used frequently on panel games.
    We need new pejoratives. The current crop don’t have enough venom left in them to describe our politicians adequately.

  63. Michael Taylor

    In first year of law we studied a case where some coppers had arrested a young Aboriginal lass for swearing in public. I can’t remember the complete sentence, but it had the word “fuck” (or “fucking”) in it, being the reason for her arrest.

    The judge threw the case out, arguing that the word “fuck” is now so common in our language that it can no longer be considered a profanity.

    Having said that, the Google rating for this site is G, and it is important that we comply with the terms of our agreement otherwise we run the risk of losing Google ads, without which, this site would fold.

    Once a week one of our moderators goes through all the old comments and changes “fuck” to something like “f*ck” or “f#ck”, and “fucking” to “effing” and so on.

    So while we are tolerant with profanities … it does make a lot of work for our moderators or admins down the track.

    And as for the C word, our system is set up so that any comments that contain it go straight into the rubbish bin.

  64. LOVO

    I’ll have you know, Migs, ol’ boy,… that I was sober as a proverbial whence I made them’s comments.
    Unlike now, but….ay..😉
    Ya far#gin port k#vunt…
    #hash #tag #effing #dat #cobba 😛 grins

  65. Puking Wetkecks

    Lovo’s last post (we should be so lucky!) proved the point Michael made about intemperance.
    And ‘whence’ does not mean what he seems to think it means.

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