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Pauline Hanson is now the P in LNP – Libertarian, Nationalist, Pauline

By Andrew Chambers

This is a party that governs by decree, not with popular, ongoing public support. That is evident with 60 straight poll losses yet they’re still pushing hard for deeply aggressive cuts to environmental protection, welfare, civil rights of freedom of expression, freedom of association and personal privacy. (This is by no means a definitive list of the attacks against a civic society).

At the same time this government continues to persecute refugees as an act of deterrence while spending billions more imposing a naval blockade to our north and actively bombing in the Middle East.

They are militarising politics and the economy, building large and unwarranted standing armies of both private and state security, not against any direct threat but against any threat to executive power.

All of this while orchestrating trade deals that empower corporations with sovereign rights far in excess of any other individual who share the same rights of sovereignty.

Tax laws that are written to be punitive for all but those for whom it was intended, thanks to the artful fiction of the legislation written and promoted by their own accountancy/consultancy firms.

Finally, the cherry on the cake, to say one great big moving thanks for all the millions that went into electing the LNP – tax cuts for the already fabulously wealthy few, paid out with directorships and ambassadorial postings.

That came close to happening thanks to Pauline and her trade in the flesh of a few lucky apprentices, what, one 3 year-round?

By all means check out my story of the ongoing plunder of Australia, well everyone, but the tiny minority of very sick people who will never be happy until they’ve won the internal battle raging in their angry little world.

That’ll never happen and we’ll all keep paying the price as they suck up as much wealth as they can, avoid all taxes and pervert our government – the libertarian agenda.

That’s a cold, dead world.

This opinion piece was written by Andrew Chambers who believes we don’t live in a democracy, but we can, by a simple choice. You can read more from Andrew on his site, Democracy Earth.


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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I agree with everything you’ve written but I refuse to accept your tone of despair.

    We fight on and make sure the parasites don’t ruin our society and can’t permanently damage every institution made in the best interests of the Public.

    Go The ALLiance of Greens/LeftLabor/Progressives!

    Bring on Fed Election 2018 for the time of the overthrow of this poisonous LNP regime!

  2. jamesss

    As I have said before, your govt/corporation is at War with you. Awareness is a powerful tool.

  3. Patrick Willoughby

    The LNP have this unwavering faith in the American way,every man for himself,success measured in the accumulation of wealth and that being the only criteria taken into account.By this measure Ruphert is possibly the nearest incarnation of Christ that has occurred in my lifetime when in fact I will sadly toast the demise of this husk of humanity that personifies everything evil in this world,sadly because life is precious,but toasting because this piece of scum knows no depth to which he will go to control the world.
    These LNP cretins have this belief that it is every individual for his or herself and each and every one of these individuals can achieve success as measured by the LNP which is to accumulate wealth,dog eat dog,survival of the fittest,have a go you weak bastards,stop leaning,lift.This is great in theory except most dogs don’t start in privelidged kennels,most dogs are pushing shit up hill and most dogs are working their arses off to keep a few spoilt pampered dogs living in luxury.
    Every time something is proposed to bring some fairness to our country they roll out class warfare and they are right,the wealthy have been waging war against the poor forever and they are still winning,spoilt brats making laws that benefit spoilt brats how can that end badly?

  4. Cool Pete

    The Liberal Party is not libertarian, it is fascist. Dutton is a dog-whistler, just like Pauline.

  5. diannaart

    I’m with Jennifer, I agree with the author. but guard against despair.

    This is a party that governs by decree, not with popular, ongoing public support. That is evident with 60 straight poll losses yet they’re still pushing hard for deeply aggressive cuts to environmental protection, welfare, civil rights of freedom of expression, freedom of association and personal privacy.

    More people are becoming aware of the reality displacement by Australia’s and many other world leaders. The more these leaders complain they are not being understood, while the reality of their policies are only too well understood, the better chance our leaders’ Great Lies will be become apparent – that the LNP believe it can keep on repeating the same experiement and expect a different result, says much about their IQ.

    While there is an element of truth in Goebbels’ refrain of repeating a lie often enough, a time arrives when people realise the trickle down effect is that of micturation and not the precipitation as our uber-lords would have us believe. As in “you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time” – we need to remember lies and politics have always been with us, we simply need to accept and learn to work around dishonesty.

  6. etnorb

    After seeing Pauline Hatsfull & Tony Abcess cuddling up & kissing, it is painfully obvious that her brand of stupidity etc is washing off to these stupid, lying, right wing capitalists, which describes Abcess to a “T”! Wouldn’t they make a “great couple”, NOT!! Scary for all the rest of us “normal voters” is that it appears she is not going away any time soon.God help us all! Great article Andrew!

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