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An open letter to Malcolm Turnbull

Dear Mr Turnbull,

You may believe that you have won, in some fashion, to keep being the government of the day. You may believe that you will be able to restrict the people with your extremely harsh agenda against the quickly growing disadvantaged.

You don’t appear to understand history very well. Since it has always been one of my favourite topics, and I read far outside the realm of history classes at school, I will explain something to you.

Revolutions occur because of austerity. Plain and simple.

The French, British, Chinese, Russian, Irish, Italian, German, Danish, Indian (and therefore Pakistan), Mexican, Spanish, South African, Polish, Egyptian, Chilean and Argentinian revolutions are just several of many.

When people on a mass scale start seeing injustice, they can no longer take it and they do finally start using their energy to overpower the perpetrators. The fact that you aren’t listening, nor are you looking to history, means that you are repeating history, over and over again.

I have seen extreme levels of absolute waste on pointless, pathetic projects that your government undertakes. I have also seen funds being allocated to support big business at the expense of the working class and the poor. I see you selling off parts of the country that were always for the benefit of community. I see your government stripping away Australia’s assets for the benefit of overseas conglomerates. And all the meanwhile you prefer to hold millions in offshore banks saving yourself a few precious dollars in Australian tax.

Others have started seeing it, too.

The thing is, you may be able to smother us for a short while, but the timing will be temporary. People have already noted how sick to death they are of you, as well as where the funds should be going. They are seeing how wide the gap between disadvantaged and advantaged is. In silent witness they have seen your government give more to privileged in our country and less to the disadvantaged. They are silent no more.

People in the community have started caring for each other. You are left behind in this. Unless you stop the austerity on us, and put austerity onto the organisations that pay little to no tax, then according to history you won’t be in your job for much longer.

People will get sick of seeing your government introduce oppressive laws. They will get sick of the rich getting richer. They will get sick of you thinking you have control over everyone, the way a perpetrator of domestic violence thinks they have control over their victim.

And, eventually, they will do something about it. And nothing you do or say will be able to stop them.

This is your warning. Stop changing the laws and budget for the benefit of the chosen few, or suffer the consequences that history has shown us can easily happen. Start changing the laws and budget for the benefit of Australia, so the rewards reaped can be immense, or we will be doomed as a nation. And you will be doomed with it.

Tracie Aylmer


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  1. Keitha Granville

    Right on Tracey – but I seriously doubt MT will listen

  2. Matters Not

    Great article Tracie Aylmer. Unlikely Turnbull will read but someone down the chain will and tick a box or two that will eventually be collated and passed along.

    But you might get lucky. Let’s hope so.

  3. stephentardrew

    Thank you great letter. it does not matter who is listening we must keep speaking regardless.

  4. Klaus

    Absolutely love it. That revolution can’t come soon enough.

    Why do we need to spend money on 12 Submarines which will be outdated by the time they arrive? 90% of that money flows to French workers and big business. 2000 jobs may be had in South Australia.

    He ordered Frigates in Spain.

    The new and outdated Airforce fighters, which nobody wants, are still to be purchased.

    They have increased the war budget to almost 3% (USA size)

    He cuts social/educational/health budgets because we must live within our means.

    The LNP and Malcolm are dangerous for Australia and need to be removed. Together with the MSM, particularly the Murdoch mob.

    Perhaps only revolution will do because the many, pathetic and dumbed down LNP voters keep them breathing.

  5. Möbius Ecko

    Have to shake my head in disbelief that even Liberal pollies such as Abetz who are stridently criticising Turnbull and the Liberals for their dismal performance in this election, won’t address Labor’s success, a nearly +4% swing and a gain of a significant number of seats.

    Not for them can there be a Labor success at any level so the Abetzs are saying the Liberals lost to other conservatives. All they and the right wing media can go on about is Labor’s second lowest primary vote ever, whilst totally ignoring the Liberal’s lowest ever primary vote, much lower than Labor’s.

    And there you have the problem with the Liberals and many of their blinkered supporters such as NoS. Everything that is a failure with their party, politics, policy and programs is sheeted to Labor as a blame or obfuscation but never to address their own considerable shortcomings.

  6. Florence nee Fedup

    He has won nothing more than the right to form government. He only has that right as long as he can garner majority votes MPs on floor lower house.

    He will remain PM as long as his caucus gives him support. They can remove him at any time.

    That doesn’t mean winner takes all. Doesn’t mean his campaign promises or policies are rubber stamped.

    He still has to garner enough votes to get them passed on floor of both houses.

  7. babyjewels10

    Well said. Would someone please post this on Malcolm Turnbull’s Fb page. I’ve been banned.

  8. Lj

    Tracy, Well stated is all I can say.

  9. Klaus

    Well said Moebius. And 100% correct. How can anyone vote for such an incompetent mob is beyond me? It tears Australia apart from the inside. It is stunning how little time the Libs required in Government to completely destroy Australia’s reputation overseas, how the managed to damage Australian’s social structures and still, they keep going. Supported by the Media to boot. Who is on Australia’s side? Not the MSM nor the LNP.

  10. David

    MT will not listen, but his “nervous nellie” backbench WILL. Just keep up the pressure. What is happening with the Defence Budget is obscene in our current staged environment, ISIS and false flag events included! I wonder what would would happen if tradies refused to work on any home projects for Government Ministers? Good Governance does not seem to be well understood by the current crop of politicians!

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks Tracie,

    for saying what a lot of us are thinking.

  12. Susan

    Well said Tracie thank you.

  13. Matters Not

    So Turnbull donates $1 000 000.00 to finance his election. Who says government in Australia can’t be bought?

  14. Möbius Ecko

    That news surprised me Matters Not, given that if you look the L-NP greatly out funded Labor in this campaign, and nearly all past campaigns, yet Turnbull still needed to donate $1m of his own money to top that record funding up?

    Methinks, switching to conspiratorial, that this was one million of his own money to buy support from his own Coalition during the election. Note that his presidential type roundel that featured in his ads originally did not have “Coalition” on them. That was changed about halfway through.

    Then there are the huge swaths of direct pork barrelling Turnbull engaged in. Wherever he visited in rural Australia he dropped tens and hundreds of millions on things that have little to nothing to do with Federal government. I think the final tally was somewhere around $1.4 billion in pork barrels that mostly benefited what can be loosely described as National Party demographics.

    Add to that the almost full support of the MSM, especially the ABC, and you get an idea of just how much the Liberals are on the nose.

  15. Matthew Oborne

    After World war one there was a string of riots, uprising and revolution, having learnt from their mistakes many countries of the world introduced public welfare programs.

    A returning soldier population if it faced the type of rubbish we see today with neo conservative ideology would have meant the world would again have gone through upheavals, revolutions and uprising. They do it today because they feel they are in a safe position to do it.

    the UK has their unemployment program costing lives each week and yet nothing much is happening with the population, will Australia have to wait until countless people die before realising it is time to mobilise against those who put policies in place that would severly damage or Kill our most vulnerable?

    One in five newstart recipients sleeps on a friends lounge, that is now, that is without them getting tougher, if one in five are sleeping on a friends lounge what are the conditions of the 4 out of 5, are they as we have seen responding to craigslist ads for a roof over their heads that requires favours? are they eating enough, how many now live in their cars or tents?

    How does a person without a home or a shower or a place to wash their clothes find a job?

    This continued attack on the poor is one of the most insidious things a government can do to its people.

    They Blame them for not getting a job when there are not enough jobs.

    We have the money to correct this without going into debt if we just got the revenue companies are avoiding and the subsidies they dont need.

    At some point it will give, it may not start here it might start somewhere else and as it spreads governments will scramble to stop it but yes sure enough it will happen,

  16. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Matthew,

    and thanks for explaining how dire the dangerously low level of Newstart is in its impact on vulnerable people’s lives.

  17. terry charlton

    This was an election Labor should have won. This feeling of victory is ludicrous. This government is sooooo bad there is no way they should have won. I can’t believe we didn’t campaign on the zombie policies. Why didn’t Labor strongly promote the fact that a Coalition would introduce the Medicare co payment, the uni fees, newstart changes etc etc….it was mentioned but barely a whisper, this was the Abbott factor that went almost ignored.
    Anyway, Shorten should let all that legislation through, rubber stamp the whole bloody mess, and let all those bloody thick, unintellegent beings who voted for this Coalition suffer the consequences. It would ensure they would never be returned.

  18. Gangey1959

    Well said Tracie.
    The prime minister/lnp didn’t win the election.
    The alp/greens/independents LOST it, through a combination of not being able to agree on their differences, to the greens deciding (being paid to?) that the alp were the enemy, having to fight voldemurdochc’s bullshit rags, and finally as a collective NOT fighting the lnp on the things that were(are still) vitally important, namely :
    1 Detail on ”jobs and growth” EVERY TIME it came up.
    2. What the f*ck was ”Parakeelia” at EVERY opportunity.
    3. Equal Education.
    4. Marriage Equality vote ASAP instead of this amorphous plebiscite.
    5. Do a deal to keep the car industry, at whatever cost. If it was going to take 5 years of support, blame abbot personally so that he gets voted out. Normal Aussies don’t want to watch v8 volvos, because they are volvos. We want a Holden. Made here.
    6. Housing affordability for home owners so that we don’t have to rent for ever.
    7.Do something logical with the defence industry to revitalise Whyalla, Williamstown, Newcastle, and wherever else Australians build big things. Piss off the foreign sub contractors, but work with some of our local global partners. Imagine being one of the major supply and construction bases for a huge fleet of fast longrange coastal patrol ships built between Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Throw a cat amongst the pigeons and include NORTH Vietnam, and watch the septics and chinks shit bricks.
    8. Foreign Ownership and workers.
    9. Privatisation.
    10. Tax laws and equality including superannuation.
    The whole alp/ greens/ind campaign was soft and inoffensive, and as a result Australia lost.
    Now we have another 3 years of rudderless, mindless bullshit government that will be aimed at nothing more than the lnp morons getting back in. They have no plan, no ideas and not a f*cking clue of what it is Australians want and need.
    Line them up against the wall, (take a photo), and bring on the revolution. It will happen in 3 years anyway, but there won’t be enough blood.

  19. MissConstrue

    Tracie Aylmer thank you for sharing your considered and well crafted letter.

    MT has done nothing to advance Australia ~ in fact at a considerable cost to this nation – he has made “his job” somewhat more difficult and addressed any critiscism of taking money from the arts – he has just redirected it – as parliament may well be the best source of comedy in the coming 3 years. If it wasn’t so outrageous that comment could be funny.

    If that is not enough, threats of the plebiscite remain (a colossal wasted of money imho …. we are hardly voting on a proposal that is some sort of “treat” for a minority group of tax paying citizens, merely bestowing a human right!), that at the end of the day, the outcome can be over-ruled by the government. The amendment to the law to include ‘man and wife’ was done without citizens casting a vote, nor the expense that the LNP feel justified in proceeding with.

    If the LNP are that troubled by ensuring the citizens of this country, whom contribute daily via taxes, service in the armed forces, active participants in volunteer work, medical research, arts, etc etc then perhaps they all need to resign (on the basis of commiting a fraudulent act by misleading the citizens of this country). I had assumed that an MP would be somewhat educated, or at the vary least, able to be objective and balanced in forming their judgements, always with the best interests of the citizens within the communities they supposedly represent.

    To learn that the AEC had issues with the rollout of the actual election, and that some polling booths did not have sufficient ballot papers to lodge their vote, and that divisions of the armed forces not able to access mobile data to cast their vote (not able to access the NBN heh Malcom?) suggests to me that this election was as another colossal waste of hard earned tax payers $$ (not to mention the shadiness of lack of information in the mainstream media being shambolic).

    It appears to me that the only real winner on both events is Mr Murdoch receiving increased revenue on his advertising sales!

    I continue to look ahead at securing a job whereby, rather than take ownership of what is happening in today, I can blame on the previous incumbent and expect my stakeholders to be satisfied with that response…

    Hear hear to Matthew too, I have recently have had the most unpleasant and unfortunate experience which has given me the most unpleasant insights into homelessness, hopelessness, and a social security system that is so broken, it is beyond scary. It is a daily battle to not be cynical; I have learnt that modern democracy really is (it is a numbers game but not the numbers I assumed) and that Australian IR Laws are, pretty much, farcical…

  20. Steve Laing -

    Nicely put Tracie. The question will be how can we exert our people power? They ignore the messages they send at elections, they ignore petitions, they move to silence and indeed make protest illegal. So how do we get our point across?

    One thing that should be of huge interest over the last few years is how quickly a concept like Pokemon Go can go from nothing, to something huge, largely through the power of communication via the internet, and thence the MSM. But it was the people that made the phenomenon, not the media. Could we do something similar?

    I’ve suggested on my site that one way to build this “community” of like-minded individuals would be to have an easy visual means to identify such people (e.g. a lapel badge), so that when going about your business, you can say hello, and even start a conversation – thus breaking down barriers and re-creating the community that are so often lost in big cities. To my mind, nothing lifts the spirit more easily than someone wishing you good morning out of the blue – the world seems instantly a happier and friendlier place. (And if you are feeling unsocial that day, just don’t wear the badge). Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a “club”?

    Additionally, I wonder if rather than organising boycotts per se (which I believe may have been made illegal), that it would be possible to suggest not purchasing from particular big retailers on particular days (i.e. don’t shop at Coles on Monday, don’t buy BP petrol on a Wednesday, don’t bank with the Commonwealth on a Friday). The ability to show that consumers can flex their muscles might be a useful way of reminding politicians that they work for us, not the other way around.

  21. Möbius Ecko

    Not just the software company Parakeelia money laundering racket but also Careers Australia Group, a donor to the Liberals around Australia. The Liberal government contract CAG and leftover money is donated back to the Liberals. Just another company the Liberals use to recycle taxpayer money to the party.

    I really hope that one day there’s a full enquiry into this practice and that of using functions to hide donations as Hockey did.

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I like your thinking, Steve.

    People power in progress by blackbanning big retailers on specific days and the Pokemon Go badge concept. It helps activists, advocates and aware people to recognise each other in the crowd.

  23. Jack Russell

    Your post encapsulates “The workers united can never be defeated” Steve . . . it’s where I come from . . . and so should many, many more of us.

    The people, united, can NEVER be defeated!

  24. Steve Laing -

    Correct Jack – its why they spend so much time trying to divide us. The problem is that as a society we’ve got both lazy AND busy. People don’t go on demo’s anymore, but are happy to go to the footy.

    Somehow we have to make showing our strength a fun thing to do. Back in the late seventies/early eighties, music was very much part of the protest movement (just as it was back in the late sixties). I wonder if that is part of the way back to mainstream? Beyonce is certainly pushing the “Black Lives Matter”, but are our muso’s part of (or scared to protest against) the establishment? We have to make being progressive cool again (rather than being worthy or anti-social).

  25. Mim

    Thank you! You have just stated what so many of us are feeling at the moment. We want the services for which we have paid taxes. Stop selling off our assets. No more privatisation as it doesn’t work for the people. We see you robbing us blind. We see our living conditions worsening. Talk to the people and start listening. Your Global economy is all about elitism and we, do not accept it. Australians value and deserve a fair go for all. We deserve fair wages for honest work. We deserve clean air and clean water. We want action for climate change. No airport in a closed Sydney basin to add to air pollution and put essential infrastructure for water, gas and electricity for all of Sydney at risk.

    The murmurings have begun and they will swell and become an avalanche if your headlong predatory rush does not cease.

  26. TuffGuy

    Another good article. With regard to the subs it was not the quantity which was concerning (to me), it was the choice. Both the other bidders (in particular the Germans) could have provided better subs at half the price and without massive premiums for building them in Australia. I think serious questions need to be asked of the process that chose the French subs.
    If we are scared now then what happens if Abbott get his wish to be Defence Minister???

  27. Jamess

    Yes Steve watch them squirm when we refuse to to spend our $$$$$$ with them.

  28. abbienoiraude

    @Möbius Ecko:
    ‘Careers (sic….Carers??) Australia Group, a donor to the Liberals around Australia. The Liberal government contract CAG and leftover money is donated back to the Liberals. Just another company the Liberals use to recycle taxpayer money to the party.’

    Was it Careers or Carers?
    Every time Abbott ‘rides’ his bike with the Carers logo on his top I cringe and want to scream.
    How dare he?
    Riding his bike for ‘charity’ whilst he claims $thousands for the ‘pleasure’ whilst we carers are drowning in the rising electricity/cost of living/etc costs.
    Hearing of those who are trying to claim for Carer’s Pension being sloughed off, diverted, deflected by Centrelink whilst they look after and care for parents, children, friends and family makes me sick.

    There is so much to complain about with the return of the LNP, the least not being the fact that Turnbull did NOT stand in front of a LNP banner/poster..but his ‘own brand’!!!
    Didn’t that scream to anyone?
    Why did not the MSM make a noise, question, fuss about THAT?

    The letter by Tracie was honourable and truthful, but it would not touch the sides of the neoliberal bastardry that is the LNP. They do not care. They will never care. They have no ’emotional intelligence’ or compassion, kindness, generosity or empathy. They do not understand or believe in these qualities.
    They are bereft.

    Meanwhile 31,000 Australians on DSP have been chucked off their pension and onto Newstart. How on earth are they to live, exist, pay medical bills ( esp with the co payment, stopping of medicare on gaps) on this paltry amount?

    They predict another 90,000 will be turfed off DSP soon and expected to ‘look for jobs’ under Newstart ( that are not in existence for the able bodied let alone those with disabilties).
    So where are these people to land?

    Yup right in your face..on the streets on the pavement outside your house, your job, your bus/train/tram stop.
    And you will turn your head and say; What losers!
    Because that is who we have become…haven’t we?
    Starting with HoWARd and his war, and his damning of the poor, and his neoliberalism.

    Look it up; Study…NEO LIBERALISM. You will be shocked surprised but it will all seem ‘familiar’ to you..because….
    That is the idealism of our present Govt.

    Turnbull won’t read, understand, care or respond to Tracie because his whole reason for being has been money!!!!

    We, the People, believe in ourselves and those without a voice. We need a Revolution…a Revolution of ANY kind….

    Thank you for trying Tracie…for I believe in you…our Govt, our “Leader” and his minions do not.

  29. townsvilleblog

    All contributors have been great, a great response to a great letter, Nothing left for me to say other than I agree wholeheartedly with comments, and let the revolution begin.

  30. Dan Rowden

    You may believe that you have won, in some fashion, to keep being the government of the day.

    I sincerely hope he believes that because it’s exactly what happened, sadly. I do hope we keep in mind that this Government is as legitimate as Gillard’s. Actually, slightly more so.

    You don’t appear to understand history very well.

    Here’s some, perhaps, more pertinent recent history for you: we just had a Coalition Government that not only got itself elected on the basis of hot, thin air, but mostly governed on that basis also, and, now, has been returned on – guess what – the same hot, this air basis. I would respectably suggest that those who need to take account of history is the freakin’ electorate of this country.

    If the population of this nation was sufficiently concerned about the various social ills you cite, you have to then ask how it could be that they returned this Government and handed us a Senate full of of unknown quantities, at best, and frightening knob-heads at worst.

    This reality is what, for me, our post-election analysis must address. We must address what happened to the breathless desperation we expressed when Abbott was PM; a desperation that would have had us just about sacrificing our first-borns to be rid of this scumpond.

  31. chelay2014

    They may have seen this coming way back. Hence relieving us of our firearms. Well I guess we can always throw trucks at them.(??!)

  32. Shogan

    Möbius Ecko – “Note that his presidential type roundel that featured in his ads originally did not have “Coalition” on them. That was changed about halfway through.”

    And Möbius Ecko, have you seen “The Turnbull Coalition Team” logo since election night??

    Me either, that’s why I put it up for sale on Gumtree…:)

  33. Kaye Lee

    Perhaps you could explain what that article has to do with this thread Will.

  34. Will Janoschka

    Kaye Lee July 17, 2016 at 8:54 am

    “Perhaps you could explain what that article has to do with this thread Will.”

    Why would anyone attempt to do that! If you do not get it, you simply do not get it!

  35. The AIM Network

    If you do not get it, you simply do not get it!

    We’re afraid that you’re the one who doesn’t get it.

    Get this: we regularly delete comments that are posted with the clear intention of diverting the topic. Yours will be deleted if this continues.

  36. Kaye Lee

    Oh I think I get it alright Will. You are an American who has absolutely no idea about Australian politics. Or do you think Australia is a British dependency and that Brexit has something to do with our domestic policies? Perhaps you can give us your views on how the 2014 budget was inequitable and the zombie measures that remain in the budget. Though somehow I doubt you would even know what I, or the author of this article, are even talking about.

    What do you know about Australian unions? I would suggest nothing. And you certainly show you know nothing at all about this site.

  37. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Perhaps Will might like to explain to us how neoliberalism has destroyed America’s socio-economic security?

  38. Michael Taylor

    Oh dear. Here we go again. Now it’s the unions who sponsor us. What a sad, deluded little man you are, Will.

  39. Kaye Lee

    Was that an embarrassed giggle because you didn’t realise this is an Australian site?

  40. Michael Taylor


    By far the only intelligent thing you’ve said on this site. It describes in one word what we think of you.

  41. Kaye Lee

    Is there such a thing as over-educated? The only people who fear education are those who wish to deceive. And is 58 considered young? I ask again, what do you think of the measures contained in the 2014 budget?

  42. Kaye Lee

    On average across OECD countries, graduates of tertiary education earn 55% more than upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary graduates. The earnings premium for tertiary education is substantial in most countries, and exceeds 50% in 17 out of 32 countries. At the other end of the education scale, people who have not completed upper secondary education earn 23% less than those with an upper secondary or post-secondary non-tertiary education.

    The public rate of return from tertiary education in Australia is twice the rate of return to the individual. For every public dollar put towards the cost of higher education, a man repays $6 through higher taxes and reduced unemployment benefits. By contrast, the man himself – who benefits personally from higher earnings and higher chances of employment – gets back only $3.20 for every dollar he pays for the cost of his education.

    Sadly there is still a gender disparity. A woman in Australia repays $4.40 for every public dollar spent on her education while her private return is $2.50 per dollar.

    People who don’t know how to research just say stuff like “giggle” and “grow up”. They are susceptible to those who seek to misinform for their own reasons. Education doesn’t have to be formal. It is a lifetime pursuit for those who truly want to learn.

  43. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Kaye.

    Education is never wasted in social or economic or political terms.

  44. Kaye Lee

    Certainly there are some private colleges here who are ripping off both the government and students – they are being investigated and exposed – but our public education system does not. I doubt you understand much about our country. We have vastly superior public health and education systems to the US as well as much better welfare safety nets and workplace entitlements like a minimum wage and superannuation guarantee. We most definitely do not want to follow the path of America. For a wealthy country, you guys have really stuffed up.

  45. Michael Taylor

    But Kaye, at least they have faster internet. 🙂

  46. Kaye Lee

    There is that Michael. So do Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Poland. Actually there are many great things about the US. Social equity and justice isn’t one of them.

  47. Florence nee Fedup

    Michael do they have faster universal broadband. Suspect not much better than ours.

    Seems we are going to see PM do many surprising back flips during the next few days. Many of his coming actions will prove how correct Shorten got most their policies.

    Like that picture of the photographers little girl showing him up in his office. She seems to be telling the world, yes she met Abbott as PM, but Turnbull is wearing no clothes.

    Seem the PM has listened. Not sure who to, suspect Joyce.

    Yes, they super cap will be removed from those who are divorced, from farmers and estates bequeathed in a will. Retrospectivity will be addressed. Yes Nationals, as old Country Party still believe in capitalising profits, socialising losses. Nothing changed there.

    Seen minister for health in Melbourne at US Vice President do. Such a long face. Could be true she will be the sacrificial lamb for the Medicare farce.

    What Turnbull should do tomorrow, is tell party room there will be a completely new front bench and cabinet. Budget will be put on hold, to be reassessed. He needs to take command of the party, put it all on the line.

    He hasn’t much time, as most PM’s with narrow win margin usually goes back to the people quickly, even as Menzies did, with only lower house facing the voters.

    Why did PM go to Darwin today. Public seemed to be ignoring him.

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