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One of these things is not like the others

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong.

bushbomberDM0208_228x412clinton_uss_jacket_lgobamaabbott jacket






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  1. babyjewels10

    Now now, the poor man was getting a real buzz out of it. Did you see how it made him walk? (Like a gorilla. The best laugh I had all week.)

  2. Kaye Lee

    Someone needs to tell Tony that, unlike the President of the United States, he is NOT the Commander in Chief of our defence forces. This dressing up is getting silly. He has even taken to singing the national anthem of other countries.

  3. roaminruin

    Is that ape-like amble of his an affectation or does he suffer from some sort of rash on his testicles?

    Natasha Fatale in the PMO needs to have a word to her boss about how ridiculous it makes him look.

    I’m sure he suffers from self-esteem issues and the budgie smuggling, bike-riding and double-handed handshakes are just covers for his insecurities. The bullying of women, punching of walls and the nasty pursuit of opponents through Royal Commissions are more sinister manifestations of behaviours caused from what must have been a dreadful childhood.

    Should we be feeling sorry for him?


  4. keerti

    I’ve had that belief for a long time Roaminruin. It’s interesting to note that the sports he played are individual ones. Not a team player. A butt against the rest.

  5. Kaye Lee

    He played rugby. He just wasn’t as good at it as he thought he was. He was never selected in the First XV at school – something his father complained bitterly about. When he went to Oxford on the Rhodes Scholarship the rugby team dropped him after one game suggesting that his ability had been exaggerated. At Sydney uni he was captain coach of the seconds. Hockey was in the thirds and sometimes filled in for the firsts but Abbott refused to pick him in the seconds which is why they had a fight at training.

  6. roaminruin

    Small Dick Syndrome. Explains a lot. Yet it’s the whole country that now suffers the consequences.

    “God help us”: PJK.

  7. mars08

    The ALP is hoping it can grab a slice of the Coalition’s bed-wetter, bogan and bigot vote. The ALP leader, Bog Shrunken, insists on playing along with the government’s national (in)security hysteria. In doing so, he hands the shameless oaf these photo ops on a platter. There is no way Blithe Serfdom will ever be the victor in an “action man” contest.

  8. mark delmege

    Let me guess … one is a sock puppet who will never get the chance to destroy whole countries apart from his own while the other three are all hardened war criminals?

  9. dwejevans

    I think something definitely happened in that seminary?

  10. David

    @dwejevans..if its what it looks like….there was obviously no lube available. Perhaps it was a rule of initiation

  11. mars08

    I love the way his jacket has “Prime minister of Australia” on his name tag. Just in case the American sailors did recognise the clueless clown…

  12. roaminruin

    Has anybody checked to see if the swaggering clown’s pictures from the USS Blue Ridge are posted prominently on his Facebook page? (I don’t have the stomach to look).

  13. vivienne29

    The ape like walk I believes stems from his youth when many took to a ‘manly’ walk to prove they were not gay. He never got out of the habit. No other explanation – he hasn’t been riding horses all his life or working a tractor for years on end.

  14. vivienne29

    Abbott has lousy teeth and all the others can smile properly.

  15. Penelope Gerbode

    As an American, I am deeply offended and shocked. This goes side by side with George W’s remarks of “mission accomplished “!

  16. crypt0

    Note the bemused expression on the faces of the two US sailors!
    I suppose they saw him “walk” his way along the deck …
    Other than that I can’t add much to this …roaminruin pretty much covered it.
    What a bloody clown !
    Not you, roamin, I mean the pillock in the prime ministerial leather jacket.

  17. Anthony Shorter

    What was Abbott thinking in channeling one of Dubya’s most embarrassing moments, jumping from a helicopter onto the deck of a warship in helmet, life jacket and quasi military garb, with naval insignia posted across his chest. It was totally cringeworthy.
    Questions; 1.;Was the leather jacket made for his personal use or did he borrow it for the occasion.
    ( I hope to God this isn’t the start of a dress up as a soldier trend)
    2.Did he drop off his film crew first and re-stage the landing for the photo op.
    3.And if he wanted to visit the ship why didn’t he walk up the gangway like everybody else after all it was docked at.Garden Island all weekend. ( he could probably could probably see it from Kirribilli House.)

    The whole stunt was ridiculous and made him look like some sort of serviceman groupie.

  18. Ned

    Phoney Tony. All dressed up but nowhere to go. Its hard to fly like an eagle when your Dodo.

    “Nothing Accomplished” Economy and Jobs destroyed, 150 Billion Budget blow-out. What a low flying turkey low life. The great thing is that Ape like walking gate of his will wreck his knees and hips as he rides Click in racing pedals. Love it. The guy is as stupid as he looks and walks. Good cyclists have bodies and the grace like ballet dancers not like Abbott the Ape. But Abbott would think to move gracefully means your a Poof homo. The Guy has a serious penis problem.

  19. Florence nee Fedup

    I believe that ship was at the wharf. He departed by the gang plank.

  20. David

    @Florence…indeed it was berthed…Biggles Abbott flew out to it, landed on the deck helipad and after doing his Idi Amin performance, looked around, wished he had brought the first woman Credlo with him so they could do a Titanic on the bow and finally settled for walking around the deck like a 2 yr old who has crapped in its nappy. The looks on the faces of the crew, going by the published pics, suggest he may well of.

  21. philgorman2014

    Behold the pathetic satrap ruler of a minor client state. He’s channelling George Dubya again.

    This delusional clown is a major embarrassment. Surely even Citizen Murdoch is embarrassed by this mendacious crawler.

  22. eli nes

    a picture is worth a thousand words. Little billy is organising a youtube kaleidoscope of a butt head of austraya should go viral. The replays are in the windows of ALP offices.

  23. Mark Needham

    You are correct, that is not a nice entourage.
    Mark Needham

  24. Terry2

    A piece of crass PR but I don’t think Peta will allow it to be used : she’s not into dressing up and managed to get him out of red Speedos and Lycra .

    It would normally make page one in the News tabloids but I anticipate that there may have been an intervention from the PMO.

  25. Peter F

    @dwejevans “I think something definitely happened in that seminary?” . . . . I believe your thoughts are well founded, but only a royal commission would discover the facts.

  26. O'Bleak

    Personally I think he looks much better in his fireman’s helmet. Who, in their right mind, could observe this twat and believe he’s the leader of an advanced nation. P.M. Walter Mitty. Election please before I die laughing or of embarrassment.

  27. marg1

    What a craven twat he is.

  28. David Bruce

    Out Of Place Artifact?

  29. roaminruin

    David B.

    Rather, he’s an out of place arsehat.

  30. Selena

    He has the fully bullet proof car, there was 1 flag, now he is up to 10, now we have the Leather Jacket, with his name on it!!! What will be next? Does he think he is President of Australia? Good heavens he has delusions of grandeur! What a goose!!

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