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Ok. I’m convinced. Terrorism is THE BIGGEST threat to Australia right now.

I have to confess that it’s taken me a while to get here.

A few months back, when Tony Abbott said:

“Daesh is coming, if it can, for every person and every government … “

I scoffed.

Then Julie Bishop said that terrorists pose the biggest threat to civilisation since World War II.

But still I was skeptical.

Even when sixty nine percent of Aussies said they believed terrorism is the single greatest threat to our country – from within our borders – I still remained unconvinced.

Then the latest Essential poll came out this week, showing that 61% of Aussies believe that the biggest or second biggest threat to the world right now is terrorism.

At first I jeered. But then I stopped and thought about it. And finally the penny dropped – I realised that they are right.

The trojan horse

I realised that terrorism is the biggest threat to Australia today. It is the trojan horse that is being used to distract us, so that the real enemy can creep up on us without anyone paying too much attention. The real enemy – who is poisoning the air we breathe and will soon be invading our land mass by eating away at our shore lines – climate change, is sneaking up on us while Abbott and his ministers talk to us in serious tones about the terrorists coming to get us.

While the vast majority of Aussies listen in horror to Abbott’s latest terror story, they ignore the fact that our government has introduced policies which are:

The situation regarding climate change is so critical, that some have called game over. There is no doubt that in terms of it’s ability to kill, to seriously impact quality of life and to leave more and more people homeless globally, that the threat posed by climate change is unrivaled. Panicking right now about this is not only advisable, it would be downright stupid not to do so.

Safety first

Tony Abbott has said words like this many times:

“The most important duty of government is to preserve the safety of our country and its citizens. That is the first duty of government, and I say to every Australian: this Government will never let you down. I say to every one of my fellow Australians: I will not rest until I am confident that you are as safe as any government can possibly make you.” (December, 2014)

You have failed, Mr Abbott. The safety and security of our nation is under serious threat from climate change. Your policies around climate change are arguably far more likely to contribute to more Australian deaths in the future than any terrorist group half way across the world.

We should be outraged. We should be demanding that a government that so flagrantly jeopardises the safety and security of it’s people for its own political purposes resign.

But instead of doing this, instead of demanding that the government cease and desist with their current policies and do something that might go towards fixing the problem rather than making it worse, the majority of Australians are focusing on terrorism. And they are doing that because this is what our government is talking about. Constantly.

The silence is deafening

When was the last time you heard one of Abbott’s ministers talk seriously about the huge threat that climate change poses to our nation? (And mentioning cutting the carbon tax, talking about coal being good for humanity and appointing wind commissioners don’t count.)

When have you ever heard anyone currently in government say, as President Obama did this week:

The answer is – just in case there was any doubt – that you haven’t heard anything like this from our current government. The silence about real action on climate change has been deafening. This is because we have a prime minister who seems to believe in bogey men but not in scientifically proven climate change.

And that’s why I now believe that terrorism is THE biggest threat to the world right now. This is not because I believe Abbott’s rhetoric suggesting that terrorists are about to invade our shores, but because terrorism is successfully being used to distract us from what we should really be panicking about – the very real threat to our ability to live on this planet.

This article was first published on Progressive Conversation.

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  1. Harquebus

    Yes Kate M.
    Climate change, resource depletion, environmental destruction, water scarcity and over population. All can be remedied with the same solution.

    Have you seen or read anything lately that helped draw you to your correct conclusion?

  2. Kaye Lee


    This excellent article was written by Kate M and if you have a viable achievable solution I would like to hear it.

    Your continued implication that I am not concerned about climate change is REALLY pissing me off.

  3. Susan

    Thank you Kate for writing what many of us are thinking.

  4. Jollyjumbuck

    One solution – Stop all boats and Muslims for ever entering this country. Stop selling the guts out of our country though I think it’s far to late for that too. Chine will own the world very soon. Charge Bush Blair and Howard for crimes against humanity because it’s these three leaders who lied to the world for their own gains. FUEL. It’s too late, far to late to stop what they started. The world is screwed because we have no leader anywhere in the free world who has any guts to stop what’s happening and too many people who believe their good intentions for all people is the right thing. No one can win now, No one!

  5. diannaart

    Most excellent article – shame about the nutjobs.


    How does “stopping the boats” mitigate a polluted and damaged environment?

  6. guest

    It is interesting that the Government has failed to take into account what is described as a “technicality” in its bid to assist the coal miners in the Galilee Basin. That “technicality” has to do with the conservation of endangered species. Governments before have treated the idea of endangered species stopping a project with scorn and derision.

    This Galilee project has been touted as the biggest coal mine in Australia, worth billions of dollars, setting up infrastructure to allow other mining projects to follow. There has been talk of large numbers of jobs being provided, which is questionable when we consider what it is they are doing.

    They will be digging a great big hole in the ground, extracting millions of tonnes of coal per year for decades to be sold at a diminished price which makes the project unsustainable. How the landscape at the end will be rehabilitated needs to be looked at carefully; it might not happen.

    The coal will be dragged across country to a port adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, to be sold overseas and to be burnt, thus pouring large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Who will be responsible for these emissions: Australia the seller, or the overseas buyer? How will the buyer deal with these emissions? Will China be willing to have more pollution of the air, given its concerns over their present problems with health. Will India be prepared to inflict health problems on its population when there are other ways of generating power than burning coal?

    Coal miners must be concerned at this time that those huge resources of ‘cheap’ coal are in danger of becoming “stranded assets” – if they are not already. How liable for litigation will the Government be if the project does not go ahead? How liable if it does?

    Science tells us that we need to stop burning coal. Why is it that some think that seeking short term gain is acceptable when the consequence are great?

    This present government has a huge credibility problem. It is certainly failing us – badly!

  7. Bilal

    Many of us have understood from the beginning of the scare campaign that it was intended to shore up support for the Dear Leader in the right wing back bench as well as to divert attention from the major issues this government has been unable or unwilling to deal with. “The other” pseudo-bolshevik or “shariah” terrorists who are coming to get us from the “yellow” lands to the north has been used for years by the right wing to divert attention from the real situation. Menzies loved it as did the DLP. Unfortunately for the right wing loons it does not seem to be working as well as expected. Those who can read and write are not terrified enough to support the Tea Party.

  8. Möbius Ecko

    “The most important duty of government is to preserve the safety of our country and its citizens. That is the first duty of government, and I say to every Australian: this Government will never let you down. I say to every one of my fellow Australians: I will not rest until I am confident that you are as safe as any government can possibly make you.” (December, 2014)

    The Dutch government was successfully sued by its citizens for exactly that reason, not safeguarding the Dutch people against climate change when their policies would only achieve a 17% reduction instead of the 25 to 40% needed.

    Out legal and constitution system won’t allow this in Australia but Abbott’s statement is true only he was using it as a faux bogey man to scare the citizens rather than actually doing anything to protect them from the greatest dangers they face.

  9. mars08

    The Coalition driven FEAR of terrorism is the biggest threat to Australia right now!

  10. Kaye Lee

    David Leyonjhelm was part of the Senate inquiry into wind farms.

    “Thousands of people are claiming to be adversely affected by wind farms [and] contrary to what we’ve been told by some people, these complaints are not confined to English-speaking countries,” he said. “Responsible politicians take these sorts of things seriously.”

    He is also part of a Senate inquiry into the “nanny state” where he wants to stop restrictions on tobacco, outdoor alcohol consumption and compulsory bike helmets.

    The senator “wants rigorous, costly regulation of a non-disease that has never killed anyone, while wanting to loosen regulation of tobacco, which kills 6 million a year, and is predicted to kill a billion this century,” said Professor Chapman from the University of Sydney’s medical school.

    Go figure.

  11. mars08

    @Kaye Lee… two terms which make my head spin every time I hear them… “nanny state” and “political correctness”. As soon as I hear them… I stop listening.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Never talk to a Young Liberal then. It’s all they say.

  13. Bronte ALLAN

    No need to worry over this climate change “thingy”! Just ask our “beloved” Tony Abscess, after all, he is our Minister for Science (WTF??), so he MUST know what it is all about, NOT!! SACK TONY ABSCESS!! And ALL his stupid, conservative, flat earth, tea party, right wing, lying, inept, travel claim rorting excuses for politicians!

  14. S.W .Mathers

    The biggest threat to Australia is the current LNP government of non scientific ideologues -tea party – flat earthers, who believe that coal is good for us. It makes sick to listen to the garbage they spout, when we are living in a scientific age.

  15. jim

    Hi,great article alas all too true , Big Business ,the media, and the mining sector has never been so directly influential with a government until now. We are also getting a privatised justice system to favour these people it is impossible for a democracy with these conditions . Democracy is not a “set and forget” system. Democracy requires the vigilance of the people. After all politicians are only Activists themselves, Activists for their big donors. Democracy is about giving the people the opportunities to control who we choose to be “activists for us”. Australia badly needs real jurno’s, we need jurno’s that teaches the young to be agents of the people. not agents of big business.

  16. eli nes

    Dear Kate, I agree that terrorists are the vital worry because the rabbott’s god will look after us in climate change it is written that only he can destroy the world. But is our god the succession when the jew’s god gave us jesus did our god give the world muhamad for arabs? There may be three god’s competing to destroy the world?
    The rabbott’s slowly realising the youngest god seems to be leading in the possible destruction states because of its peripheral potential. Pakistan holds the atomic key(india has too many gods for a consensus) but surely iran is the muslim user??
    I have tranced to my childhood with the godly teaching via the ruler, strap and cane and conclude he has been given the word that the wind(mark and luke) is a prime weapon of jesus. Wind farms will steal the power from the wind severely curtailing its effectiveness as his god’s destroyer.

  17. Kate M

    Jim – completely agree with your comment re Democracy:

    “Democracy is not a “set and forget” system. Democracy requires the vigilance of the people. After all politicians are only Activists themselves, Activists for their big donors. Democracy is about giving the people the opportunities to control who we choose to be “activists for us”. ”

    I think this is particularly an issue with corporates being allowed to donate to political parties and lobby. Companies can’t vote – they have no right to influence the outcome of our elections.

  18. Harquebus

    My apologies Kate M. Habit got me.
    My apologies Kaye Lee. No implication was intended. I have been misinterpreted.

    Terrorism is the catch all distraction.

    Please feel free to correct my error. It will be appreciated.

  19. mark delmege

    It’s like the AFL match review ….a fraud

  20. mark delmege

    eli nes I’m ready for the rapture…bring it on before another night of ABC British TV on the weekend.

  21. Kyran

    Democracy requires the vigilance of the people.
    “Terrorism; the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” (Search it yourselves. Even the FBI have their own definition!)
    Shenhua & Adani appear to be failed ventures. It seems social, political and financial interests keep getting bothered by those bloody voters.
    Thank you, Kate M, for the reminder. Take care

  22. Ricardo29

    An excellent piece Kate. As one comment writer says, how are all of the huge holes going to be rehabilitated when their economic lives end? Will we be left with a bunch if very deep holes in the ground or will mountains be moved to fill them in so they can be brought up to the level of surrounding land? I don’t think so, and aren’t Adani having problems finding someone, other than the stupid Queensland Governmemt, to fund the venture? Despair.

  23. Kate M

    Thanks all for your comment – only just rejoining the conversation now.

    Harquebus – I changed your post to say Kate M! No probs.

    Ricardo29 – let’s just hope that Adani give up and go home now. There seems to be signs that they might. Probably the best thing to happen for the environment in the last little while was the $1 price tag on the sale of that Isaac Plains mile. It seems Abbott’s “Coal is good for humanity” philosophy isn’t as widespread as he had hoped!

  24. Pingback: Abbott’s trojan horse is terrorism | olddogthoughts

  25. Jollyjumbuck

    The only people who are to be held responsible for terrorism will be these pathetic politicians we have in office and lets face it, there isn’t one who has any balls to make tough decisions to protect this country and its people. They are totally blind to the dangers that surround our country today. They are not in office to protect us, they are in office to destroy everything good we had/have in this country. For a quick buck. Usually lining their own pockets. If they were really serious about terrorism they wouldn’t be allowing half the scum we bring here to live (will rephrase that) to use our country until it suits them to use their citizenships for their own purposes and as soon as someone steps up to take a hard line stand, the bloody do gooders strut their stuff. What hope has any country got today. NONE!

  26. mars08

    “…wouldn’t be allowing half the scum we bring here to live (will rephrase that) to use our country until it suits them…”

    Yes indeed. That’s EXACTLY what those scum like Mathias Cormann, Eric Abetz and Tony Abbott are doing!

  27. Kaye Lee

    Last November I wrote an article about the non-viability of the Adani and GVK enterprises in the Galilee Basin. Instead of looking at what they and the government were saying about the value of the mines, I went to investment advice for the share market to see what they said. It amazes me that the MSM took so long to question this.

    Standing up for coal – Abbott and Newman give investment advice

  28. Pingback: Ok. I’m convinced. Terrorism is THE BIGGEST threat to Australia right now. | Progressive Conversation

  29. Jollyjumbuck

    I think it’s a very sad reality that most people won’t except or admit the truth about who and what is causing terrorism around the world. The highest terrorist activity comes from the middle eastern countries and I for one refuse to believe that most coming from these countries truly want to become part of our country and accept our way of life. Politicians have a lot to answer for as they are elected by the people supposedly to keep us safe, but they only work to save their political backsides. There is no going back from here now and you can thank Howard, Blair and Bush for this. The Australian people were lied to then and their lies continue today.

  30. Möbius Ecko

    “I for one refuse to believe that most coming from these countries truly want to become part of our country and accept our way of life.”

    Interesting Jollyjumbuck. What makes you believe MOST coming from these countries don’t want to be part of Australia and our way of life when by far MOST have become part of Australia and are part of way our way of life?

    Growing up I heard the same argument against the European immigrants, specifically Italians and Greeks but also Dutch, Germans and Eastern Europeans as well. Then the same argument was again raised against the Asian wave of immigration, an argument that Howard in opposition discreetly encouraged.

  31. Jollyjumbuck

    Well I guess Mobius Ecko, time will tell.

  32. crypt0

    Mobius Ecko … check this out.
    I don’t think it has to be most, just a small number fully indoctrinated on Wahhabi ideology, the fruits of which have been seen around the world for years.
    What do you think?
    Obviously it would help if the US and their simple minded allies would stop bombing throughout the world in general and the Middle East in particular.
    Sadly that cannot be reversed at this late stage.
    So yes, JJB … time will tell.

  33. Jollyjumbuck

    Of course it can’t be reversed. All thanks to GW Bush and his lies to the world. The USA should butt out of every countries business. They seem to destroy everything they touch then try to convince the world they are the peacemakers. And of course Howard and Blair had to follow suite and we now see the mess we are left in today! What a bloody joke.

  34. guest


    your kind of pessimism is exactly what Abbott is trying to promulgate. We have had more shark attacks this year than we have had terrorist attacks for decades.

    Just going back to Blair, Bush and Howard for an historical perspective on the Middle East is not enough. Go back to post-WW2 for the carve up of the Middle East and the way Palestine came to be called Israel. Look at the Balfour Declaration of 1917 which promoted the idea of a Zionist homeland in Palestine. Go back to the Crusades and the blood shed in the name of religion.

    We have had Muslims in Australia for a long time. They have not set about making jihad against this country.

    We have enough homegrown criminals and ‘terrorists’ to keep us busy. The number of Muslim people in Australia is small. The suggestion that terrorists are coming by boat is ludicrous. That jihadists might come by plane is a possibility, but refugees have been coming for many years and not many have emerged as terrorists, They know when they are well off – and our laws are strong deterrents.

    As long as we persecute Muslims by our poor understanding of their culture and circumstances the more they will feel alienated and frustrated. It would be all too easy to then blame them.

    In fact, we have not been left in a ‘mess’ today at all. But other people have been. It seems what we have to do is not to bomb people into submission, but to seek ways to reduce the inequality across the world. What these people are seeing is how the West, by and large, is prospering and large swathes of the world are not, so they are saying, Can we share a bit of what you have?

  35. Kaye Lee

    Well said guest. I agree wholeheartedly. We face similar division about Indigenous Australians. The “mess” is of our own making and the “solutions” offered by this government are to retry the things that got us into the “mess” in the first place.

    Respect is a word too little used by this government.

  36. donniedarko13

    Totally our fault , not the government. Its called principles. The are mass murderers and Australians vote for them…..they have the government they deserve.

    Freedom democracy whatever wont be found in a constitution or the law, worthless bits of paper.

    “All men are created equal, all life is precious” In this country life is worthless and equality don’t even talk about. Australians made a Faustian deal with the devil….the lucky country, she’ll be right, heads buried in the sand….roosters are flocking in droves.

    Stand up like men..Muslims that have been massacred hand over fist while we did nothing, I cannot think of anything more shameful and cowardly. This country along with the other target civilians, hospitals schools and infrastructure….that is what shock and awe is,….terrify the populace ….

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