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Sometimes the title says it all!

However, I don’t wish to suggest that Justice Heydon is anything apart from independent. I mean, he’s no Gillian Triggs who released a report critical of the abuse of children when Tony Abbott was PM. And given Mr Abbott’s character reference for struck-off priest, John Gerard Nestor, any fair-minded person would have to wonder why Gillian Triggs was so against the abuse of children, when she should be balanced. The Human Rights Commissioner needs to demonstrate her balance by never criticising the government of the day. Unless it’s a Labor one, in which case it would have been fine to release the report. But releasing it under a Liberal government, shows a certain bias.

Unlike Justice Heydon. His emails make it clear that he’s not prepared to address a Liberal Party fundraiser until at least a week or two after he’s finished running the Royal Commission into finding out why so many members of the Labor Party have relied on unions for their funds. In the case of Bill Shorten, he discovered that Bill Shorten had a union background and therefore, not only could he be considered an “unreliable witness”, but he needed to clearly explain why it was that he hadn’t declared that he was receiving help to be elected.

Dyson, however, doesn’t need to explain anything because he was appointed, not elected, and, like Caesar’s wife, is above suspicion. Or should that be anointed. Anyway, speaking of Caesar, according to Abbott, Justice Heydon, like Brutus, is an “honourable man”.

“So are they all, all honorable men—
Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral.
He was my friend, faithful and just to me.
But Brutus says he was ambitious,
And Brutus is an honorable man.”
Julius Caesar,
William Shakespeare.

Ah, the classics … Although, technically, studying the Classics doesn’t include Shakespeare, but since when do we let facts get in the way of our point of view?

Now the left wing media is trying to make something of the fact that Justice Heydon was on the committee that gave Abbott his Rhodes Scholarship. Imagine digging up something like that from all those years ago. Clearly an attempt to distract from Justice Heydon’s investigation into Julia Gillard’s renovations which were at least ten years after the Rhodes Scholarship.

But, hey, it wasn’t even a fundraiser. I mean, when you’re only charging $80 a head, that barely covers the cost of the meal, let only the helicopter flight to get there.

At the risk of being politically incorrect that does rather sound like someone trying to beat an indecent exposure charge on the grounds that his penis is too small.

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  1. eli nes

    Now we know why the rabbutt eats onions because he thinks literally and feels he is crunching unions.

  2. Trish Corry

    Great article. I love the quote at the beginning and the last line especially.

  3. Jexpat

    Considering recent events, one might be forgiven for the thought that someone of Heydon’s experience would have stepped down, as quietly and gracefully as possible, citing principle (or something). Instead, he fixed himself on a pole in a paddock, flapping in the wind, like a tattered old popinjay.

  4. Blinkyewok

    That was funny and entertaining.

  5. roaminruin

    The perfect wrap up. Chortle.

  6. diannaart

    Heydon, an honourable man who likes to hang with his cronies, big “L” liberals.

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