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Number 2 for 2023: The Amazing Linda Reynolds…

We continue the countdown to our Top 5 most viewed articles in 2023. Number 2 goes to Rossleigh for this piece from February:

The Amazing Linda Reynolds…

Linda Reynolds has amazed me!

Remember when she was due to appear at the Press Club and she was instead sent to hospital owing to a pre-existing medical condition. I have the statement here:

“The Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC, will take a period of medical leave.

“This follows advice from her cardiologist relating to a pre-existing medical condition.

“As a precautionary measure, Minister Reynolds has this morning been admitted to a Canberra Hospital.”

Some uncharitable souls suggested that her hospital visit was the result of the pressure she was under to explain exactly what had allegedly happened after an alleged incident which occurred just before the alleged 2019 election. I’m sure that you all know the alleged incident to which I’m referring, so I won’t drag any other names into it because I wish to set the record straight about Linda Reynolds because I’m sure that some of you closed-minded, woke people will have refused to read the exclusive on the front page of “The Australian” just because that particular newspaper takes a very firm view on the way the world should be run which is the opposite of “woke”. They think all this awareness of things is nonsense and that people are far better sleepwalking through their lives.

Anyway, the amazing Senator Reynolds has said that she was the victim of a “hit job” by her political opponents because of what she did or didn’t do with regard to the alleged incident. She also told us something that I found strange which was:

“I haven’t been able to speak for the last two years…”

I found this peculiar because I’m sure that I’ve heard her say something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t realise that my partner wasn’t allowed to go to a criminal trial and take notes.” Still, as Senator Reynolds herself points out later in the interview, people’s recollections can be different. By that she means, I presume that different people’s recollections can be different and not that people’s recollections can be different from the version they give the media because that would tend to undercut her whole interview.

For example, Reynolds tells us that the late Kimberley Kitching warned her about so-called “hit job” before the story broke, but this was disputed by Kitching. And while Senator Reynolds said that on the morning of the Press Club non-appearance that she wandered down to the hospital, suffering from her chest pains, but she couldn’t get in, when the media statement on the day stated that she couldn’t appear at the Press Club because she’d been admitted to a Canberra hospital.

But this is what’s amazing about Senator Reynolds. It’s her capacity to be able to do an incredible impersonation of Schrödinger’s Cat. In the famous thought experiment, Schrödinger talks about a cat in a box with a vial of poison which may or may not have broken open, killing the cat. Until such time as the box is opened, the cat can be considered both alive and dead.

Similarly, Senator Reynolds was both unaware that an assault was alleged to have taken place but also able to offer support to the alleged victim in spite of not knowing that it was alleged to have happened. As such, the senator was – similar to the cat – both aware and unaware.

Of course, when the story broke, it was a terrible time for the senator because those mean girls kept asking her questions about what she did and didn’t do and it was hard to remember because how can one keep track of everything one did or said. She was being “asked questions” during Question Time which she explains in her recent interview:

“This was clearly, clearly, a very well-orchestrated political hit to take down the minister of the defence of the day, and also the government. Brittany’s story was perfect for the MeToo movement and for those of my colleagues in the Senate who were trying to bring down the government.”

Yes, it certainly did fit with a certain narrative that Labor was trying to peddle about the previous government being misogynistic bullies just because they had a few of their members referring to themselves as the “Big Swinging Dicks”. Just because they’re a few enormous dicks in the previous government, that’s no reason to think that they’d cover up an alleged incident before an election. Still, when Senator Reynolds talks about colleagues in the Senate trying to bring down the government, I’m unsure as to whether she’s talking about Labor or Matt Canavan and friends.

Anyway, the political pressure led to her sobbing on the floor and having a generally terrible time of it, because she hasn’t been able to tell her story till now and she couldn’t tell it then because those other senators kept asking her questions about it. And then, just because she used the phrase “lying cow”, she was sued. She paid damages out of her own pocket because, as she said in the interview, “I was in no state to defend myself.”

Of course, given she was Defence Minister at the time, it does make one wonder if she was in a state to defend the country should we be attacked, but that’s hypothetical and surely Scott Morrison would have made himself Defence Minister if he thought there was any danger that she wasn’t up to the job!


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  1. Phil Pryor

    By unit of weight, the kilogram, there’s a huge load of lying lardiness in a skinful of Reynolds. Her attitude to the big shitty dickheads is a curious one, such as distanced admiration mixed with genuine fake repulsion. Defence? Delusion. Hmmnn.

  2. Harry Lime

    Reynolds? Oh dear.Just another unwanted reminder of how bad the Liar’s rabble were.An endless parade of incompetent,juvenile and insulting misfits that typify the alarming pile of ordure that the LNP has become.The galling thing is,some of them are still hanging around…like dags on an unshorn sheep’s arse,no better example than # No 1 Arsehat,Boofhead Dutton.

  3. wam

    She exhibits to all politicians that truth is next to cyanide and avoidance makes the heart stronger.
    Michael, I don’t like hawthorn and totally dislike their coach for his deliberate attempt to maim wingard a few years ago. So his news was not met with the sympathy you received.
    looking forward to n1

  4. Terence Mills

    Rossleigh raises many interesting points not the least of which is why Morrison didn’t appoint himself Defence Minister.

    He had already appointed himself surreptitiously to five ministries each of which already had a minister. They were the Departments of: Health (14 March 2020); Finance (30 March 2020); Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (15 April 2021); and (together) Home Affairs and Treasury (6 May 2021).

    All were signed off and sealed with the Great Seal of Australia, by Governor-General David Hurley without the knowledge of the Australian people, so much for democracy.

    Hurley, now there’s a name you don’t hear much these days : does he still live in Australia ?

  5. GL

    Princess Precious of the Hard Done By Reynolds.

  6. New England Cocky

    Another whimsical gem from Rossleigh gets the recognition that his work truly deserves.
    Lardy Reynolds, who had her office cleaned immediately after the event of what was allegedly a criminal act.

    A worthless inept female in the COALition Boys Club of Misogynists where her ”high skill level” merely demonstrated that even when women work twice as hard as men, twice zero remains zero.
    But Scummo’s role in this affair requires further investigation ….. when Scummo appointed himself to the Secret Seven Ministries in as the democratically elected Australian dictator, was he eligible for, or was he paid, any Ministerial allowances for the doubling up of MInisters? I speculate, based on current knowledge that it appears likely that the option as available …..
    When in doubt, follow the money …..

  7. Roswell

    Indeed, NEC, Rossleigh deserved a couple of spots in the Top 5.

    I’ve had a peek at Number 1, but my lips are sealed.

  8. paul walter


    Is the level to which the Australian mindset has sunk?

  9. GL

    Terence, Scummo was still working his way towards taking over Defence and the rest of the ministeries to add to his personal portfolio of dictatorship before the nasty voters removed him and the rest of his gang of shithouse rats.

  10. Clakka

    Superb, Rossleigh.

    Love the headline photo.

    The Lying Lardiness twins. Schroedinger might have a field-day. They’re both in but hiding and yet they’re on the outer. Who holds the poison chalice? Who’ll let the cat out of the bag, Hopeless or Hubris?

  11. GL


    They broke the chalice from the palace…

  12. frances

    No two ways about it, Rossleigh brilliantly nails the good Senator right down to Schrodinger’s Cat.

    God, what a mess, from go to whoa.

    Looking fwd to Justice Lee’s judgment. There must surely be some justice beyond the networks slugging it out.

    Here’s tears for a naive young woman who got abused and exploited every which way by the Dream Team and then some.


  13. David Tyler

    Brigadier Reynolds CC (Conspicuous Conduct) is pretending that she can freeze Brittany Higgins’ assets on account of a civil action for defamation that has yet to take place – based on two tweets. No-one’s come out and said that’s a tad absurd. BTW the office was cleaned twice. The cleaner was told to look for condoms. You know “party stuff”. He found no condoms. The steam clean is mythic invention. The Morrison government lie was that it was just a routine clean.

  14. GL

    A swag of councils have decided to abandon Australia Day citizenship ceremonies so, “It’s the end of civilisation…scream…wail…!” The cries from the RRWNJ’s and Poider Potato will rail about it. Peddling Credulity and Anasty Blot, and other assorted wankers will no doubt blame it all on Labor. Will they decant Howard the Rat from his jar of formaldahyde and get the Mad Monk to rage about it?

    Then have a quick look at the following page of the usual meedja scumbags almost going out of their minds, Ruperlachlan leading the charge of course:


    With the Herald Sun running (paywalled of course) with Tehan almost foaming at the mouth with rage, “Libs pledge new citizenship ceremony rules for Australia Day. Opposition immigration spokesman Dan Tehan has pledged a future Coalition government will force councils to hold citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day after more than a quarter of Victorian councils scrapped them.”

    Good old Scummo while not, absolutely NOT, playing politics: “Rules introduced in 2019 under then-prime minister Scott Morrison forced local governments to hold citizenship ceremonies on 26 January or be stripped of their right to conduct them. Mr Morrison at the time said compelling local councils to do so would stop them from “playing politics with Australia Day”. From SBS News.

  15. Kathryn

    If there was an Olympic Games for unconscionable, traitorous liars, the treacherous Linda Reynolds would win the Bronze medal in every event just behind the Mother and Father of ALL lying political psychopaths and nauseating bible-thumping hypocrites: Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison! The diabolical LNP is like a cesspool of medieval alpha male deviants, pathological liars, borderline morons, cowardly bullies and plotting, scheming intrigants!

    Ever since that revolting little war criminal, John Howard, popped up like some predatory, psychopathic little Jack-in-the-Box to misrepresent, mismanage and mislead the Australian electorate, the LNP has deteriorated to the point whereby it has become a criminal gang of thoroughly entitled, prosperity-obsessed, conniving, self-promoting sociopaths and misogynistic predators who have not one iota of moral fibre nor give a rat’s behind about anyone or anything except themselves, maintaining their twisted, sick and undemocratic alliance with their hideous Propaganda Minister, the internationally-condemned American citizen: Rupert Murdoch, and kowtowing to their multi-millionaire, non-taxpaying parasitic supporters in the Top 1%.

    When anyone has the stomach to look back over the previous 10 long, arduous years of horrendous chaos, the condescending elitism and ingrained entitlement, the LNP’s entrenched level of diabolical corruption and misogyny, their “normalisation” of lies, the widespread right-wing tolerance of political deceit and the whopping $1 TRILLION in debt left behind by the worst, most corrupt, callously inhumane gang of malicious political sociopaths in living memory, it is NO SURPRISE that such a depraved band of unconscionable, misogynistic and misanthropic thugs have banded together to support, protect and defend a disreputable, thoroughly entitled and recidivist predator like Bruce Lehrmann (read Liarman) who has a long history of predation against vulnerable women and has left a Congo line of hapless victims in his wake! Tragically, the LNP are OVERFLOWING with such vile, thoroughly entitled alpha-male predators such as Lehrmann, Christian Porter, Alan Tudge (and the list goes on and on), all of whom have the temerity and swaggering bravado to refer to themselves as “swinging dicks” when, in fact, they are nothing more than a pack of indefensible, arrogant, cocksure “swinging dickheads” who see women as nothing more than “fair game”.

    The LNP’s now notorious, low regard for women has been clearly evident – even promoted – by the type of appalling medieval misogynists they elevate within their male-dominated party: phony Tony Abbott deserving his Crown as the worst of a very bad bunch, however, the rot set in long before Abbott! The smug contempt for women has been entrenched within the LNP for decades and, astonishingly, it just seems to be getting worse with traitorous women (such as Linda Reynolds) siding with hideous predators (like Lehrmann) against female victims, even those within their OWN party!

    The fact is that it is almost impossible to think of a worse, more insidiously dangerous environment for any woman than working within the LNP ministry which has become a thoroughly toxic haven for swaggering, entitled misogynistic predators who now KNOW that they can do anything, prey upon any vulnerable woman, without consequence, KNOWING that they will be protected and supported by their alpha male colleagues and even by traitorous, submissive cowardly female “leaders”, like Reynolds, who have neither the courage, compassion nor integrity to stand up, defend and protect other women in their midst! Disgusting but not surprising given the dark history of appalling male dominance within the LNP that stretches back decades! No wonder the LNP are fast losing the “support” of so many women in this nation who feel thoroughly ignored, overlooked and betrayed by the LNP’s hideous acceptance of entrenched male entitlement, their inherent belief in masculine superiority and entrenched level of misogyny that continues to treat women with insufferable condescending contempt and/or callous indifference!

  16. GL


    I reckon the gold medal would have to be a three way: Caterpillar Eyebrows, Mad Monk and Scummo.

    The silver medal (no need for a bronze) for Unconscionable, Traitorous, and Corrupt Liars would be a group effort: The LNP for their exemplary work for the years 2013 – 2022.

    A special commendation and award, The Complete and Utter Vicious Low Intelligence Bastard and Cold-Hearted Callous Shit and Knuckle Dragging Thug, should be struck just for Der Reichspud.

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