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No AUKUS Coalition Victoria: Media Release

The drums of another US-led war are beating louder every day. This time in our region. A series of baseless and hysterical articles in the Melbourne’s Age and Sydney Morning Herald are designed to condition the public to accept the necessity of Australia’s support and involvement in a US-led war, potentially a nuclear war.

The whipped-up hysteria is being strategically promoted on the eve of Prime Minister Albanese travelling to the US where an announcement on Australia purchasing AUKUS nuclear submarines will be made early next week. The warmongering articles are also designed to hose down and silence the growing public questioning of Australia’s involvement in a US-led war with China, and on the eve of mass rally for peace in Melbourne on Saturday 18th March A Call for Peace, Truth Not War – State Library, Swanston Street, Melbourne 1 pm. (Details below.)

The rabid warmongering is also designed to condition the public to accept the necessity of Australian government spending hundreds of billions of people’s taxes on another US imperialist war with profiteering by multinational weapons corporations from death and suffering by millions.

The 5 so-called “experts” cobbled together for the propaganda articles provide no facts or evidence. The 5 “experts” are either members or actively involved with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), funded by the Department of Defence and major US and British arms manufacturers – Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon – and also receives funding from the US government. Some are also members of US “think tanks”.

China does not pose a military threat to Australia. However, we have much to fear and lose from our involvement in a US-led war with China. As a US base and launching pad for its war, will automatically make Australia China’s military target. We are dependent on China sustaining our national economy. More than 90% of our fuel is imported through the trade routes vulnerable to disruptions during a war.

However, the fact that these 5 Red Alert “experts” are using fear to prepare the public for Australian involvement in US-led war with China is a measure of some success by the work of the peace movement over a number of years.

18th March Peace rally:

A Call for Peace, Truth Not War

On 20th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq

1.00 pm

State Library of Victoria


Dr Margie Beavis – Medical Association for Prevention of War

Prof. Richard Tanter – Nautilus Institute

Dave Sweeney – Australian Conservation Council/ICAN

Alexia Fuentes – Bayan Australia

John Lander – former Deputy Ambassador to China and Ambassador to Iran

Shirley Winton – No AUKUS Coalition Victoria/Independent and Peaceful Australia Network

David McBride – War Crimes Whistle Blower

More speakers at Treasury Gardens after the march through the city.


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  1. Keitha Granville

    Paul Keating spoke at the Press Club today railing at the stupidity of the Aukus deal. He reckoned that we’d be better off with a whole fleet of new Collins Class subs than a few nuclear ones. Or even go back to the French who have offered their nuclear subs at a cheaper price. We are making ourselves beholden to the USA and tying ourselves back to the UK who ignored us for all the years they were in the EU. Madness. If China DID decided to launch an invasion of Australia we’d be sunk, literally.

  2. Sandi Keane

    Don’t miss twice Oscar-nominated David Bradbury’s latest film ROAD TO WAR Wednesday 6.45pm 22 March premiering at the Carlton NOVA in Melbourne.

    Refer AIMN article and booking details here:

    “Road to War”

  3. leefe

    AUKUS is an alliance that will dissolve the moment Australiia is invaded/attacked. There is no way the US or UK will help us in that event.

  4. New England Cocky

    The only beneficiaries of a US v PRC China ”imperialist” war will be the American NE Military Industrial Complex of war materiels manufacturers that have enormous influence in Congress and now in the Canberra Bubble.

    Five or six submarines of any propulsion technology are simply five or six targets for sub marine seeking drones presently under development is various countries. So much for defending Australia from ”the Yellow Hordes”. Remember the English Navy was going to protect Australia in the event of a second world war. However, the Japanese Air Force sank both the HMS Repulse and Prince of wales as they races south with their tails between their legs after the English Army surrendered rather than defend Singapore.

    Any serious political analyst would be very foolish to think that either England or the USA (United States of Apartheid) would do anything to defend any part of Australia in the event that PRC China won any hot war.

    Rather, as predicted by Gary Allen in 1971, the US and England would simply move the battle to land forces where to wide open spaces would suit tank warfare as the easily seen tanks became easy targets creating a bottomless pit of defence spending.

    Haven’t Australian pollies learned from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan that the US military loses wars to generate markets for the US arms manufacturers?

  5. Canguro

    John Pilger’s 2016 documentary, The Coming War on China

  6. Phil Pryor

    I feel sad and angry today, and appear to be not alone, for ALP supporters and members must be divided internally, Greens must be rewondering plenty, A suppurating gabbling idiot in Peter Duckwit -Futton has some battery recharging, free, and our media is exposed as quite stupid, undereducated, uninformed, prone to prostration before profiteering peanut pompous positioners. The whole right wing garbage position can be exposed and unravelled easily, with clear devotion to filthy depraved cynical deviation by our disgusting media gang. Can a sub, fuelled by nuclear heating to produce STEAM for turbines, and said to come to us non nuclear weapon armed, shoot down cruise missiles and ICBM’s?? Our Collins sardine cans could not defend Manly (if we could start them, crew them, position them). WE could be atomised, pulverised, obliterated, well before Merde Dog the Great Dropping can spend some of the networked loot. Destruction on a huge steady scale means MONEY to Misfit Manufacturers Of Murder Machinery…

  7. Britton

    Aus is already in a de-facto war with Russia, so why not get in the face of their ally, China? Makes sense. It’s called a ‘theatre of war’ for a reason. The purchase of subs for the upcoming ‘theatre of war’, that’s a bit of predictive programming. Behind all the posturing, the US & UK get to relieve Aus Treasury of $368B for the promise of hardware that is likely already obsolete. My trust in politicians is close to zero.

  8. Anthony Judge

    In following the various commentaries on the role and value of nuclear submarines — of AUKUS or otherwise — I am amazed that those with expertise in the psychological sciences seem to have little to say on the matter. With Freud indicating the “submarine” nature of the ID, Lacanians noting the implications of the many submarine films, and Jung associating the ocean with the unconscious, there would seem to be a neglected dimension in such commentary. Many have recognized rockets, missiles and submarines as phallic symbols. Where is the discussion of penis envy and erectile dysfunction in relation to AUKUS? Time to recognize collective unconscious sexual connotations of nuclear submarines? (https://bit.ly/3yFVSvS)

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