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Morrison reaped what he had sown

Writing this a couple of days after the most important election in Australian history, Australians did finally find their voices, and in no uncertain manner told the neo-liberal jackals who had come storming into public life that they were finished.

Why the most important election? Because Morrison was on a path to Trumpian glory. Surrounded by white evangelicals and emboldened by the sound of acquiescence from his front benchers, he was on a path to immortality. He had no reason to listen, he suffered no self-doubt.

His disdain for conventional behaviour, his seeming inability to act respectfully toward anyone he encountered, his feigned religious conviction all pointed to something deeply wrong about this man, and his government.

He was trashing our institutions daily. He had devalued the truth. He had signed an infernal bargain with his party-room members, whereby even the most hard headed had handed over their autonomy to him. They had sold their souls in the hope that he would lead them to the promised election victory.

I can find no sadness, no sympathy for this man, who has had the grandfather of hidings handed to him. He has been publicly humiliated, and there are no tears for his loss. Morrison is seen as being devoid of feeling, as being so devious and calculating that any instinct for sharing a moment of kindness with him is impossible.

But beyond the human failings, he was on the track to autocracy. He bullied those around him. Julia Banks described him as “menacing, controlling wallpaper”, and it is clear to see in his body language. Images of him leaning forward, fists clenched, jaw jutting conveyed something more than tension.

Cast your minds back to the election campaign. His jeering references to Anthony Albanese’s upbringing, his newly lost weight, his likeability, his new glasses, were all deemed fair game by Morrison.

His dismissal of Albanese as “weak, not up to the job, inexperienced” were classic signs of a bully, which would have had him sacked from any other workplace in Australia. There was an unmistakeable hint of Morrison projecting menace toward a smaller man, but not necessarily a weaker one.

Perhaps it is the missing piece of the puzzle as to why he has been moved on from so many positions in the past. His plan to take over our country was hatched back in 2000. As State Director of the Liberal Party from 2000 – 2004 Morrison put in place the building blocks for his eventual takeover of the Liberals, and he has in the process weakened the party until it is an empty, hollowed-out IPA shell.

Ask yourself why Rupert Murdoch is such a supporter. Ask why John Howard is the talisman of the modern party. Lastly, where would the Petro Georgios and the Ian MacPhees of yesteryear fit within this ruin?

Why Katherine Deves? Because he saw it as the wedge which would empower all the narrow-minded bigots he was trawling for, to speak out in support of his grubby tactic. The only problem was that apart from the crazy anti-everythings no-one was interested.

How did all the other captain’s picks perform? Made by Captain Morrison and his wild-eyed offsider Alex Hawke, they performed as expected – they lost. Morrison’s behaviour in the New South Wales pre-selections was a handy reminder of what we could expect if he won this election.

Morrison’s reputation as a master campaigner and strategist has been blown apart. The best thing is that we woke up in time. The worst is that the entire Liberal Party hierarchy was blind to the totality of the takeover.

The women of the party deserted, because enough of them recognise toxic masculinity when they see it. They read the body language, and they remembered the talking over of Liberal women, the refusal to engage with them, on any meaningful level. Possibly the pivotal moment was when he put on the ‘big baby performance’, when he wasn’t sure if rape was wrong, and he had to check with Jen first.

Women will not be ignored, nor made to feel powerless. His bellowing statement that “she can go” about Christine Holgate was a message that, no matter how successful a woman is, he remained in charge. It was a dog-whistle to every inadequate man in the country that, when the rubber hits the road, men are still in charge. Wrong.

The patriarch and his fellows have been thrown out of the temple. What irony that Tudge and Sukkar might be the last men standing in the suburban Melbourne landscape. Porter gone, Tudge disgraced, Dutton their last remaining hope.

The climate is descending into hell territory. We need a timely intervention, and along comes Albanese, who will be goaded along by a newly invigorated Greens party. Labor kept the seat of Hunter, because the coal industry has read the writing on the wall, and it says “renew now”.

Did no-one ever explain how governments work? How did Morrison spend four years in the highest office in the land, and not know that he and his party, as the government, had sole responsibility for introducing legislation to the parliament? Why did he persist in excusing his failure to deliver a National Integrity Commission as being Labor’s fault? Labor was not the government. Not for nine years.

Many of us felt that there was no escape from the megalomaniac in the Lodge. The opinion polls were sowing doubt, his teflon coating made every day a bright, new day. His promises of billions of dollars, daily, had sapped our ability to resist. His insane energy and imperviousness to shame, had us all bluffed.

People have been dying in record numbers from the pandemic, and yet all Morrison and his group of zombie ministers could talk about was the economy. Memo to the Liberal Party: Put people first.

He and Dutton promised all sorts of lethal weapons for war, while demanding Albanese justify paying aged care workers a living wage. He was also criticised for promising to feed the aged adequately, and asked by the feral media how Labor would pay for it. So it was as if we were living in a parallel universe, where white was black, and vice versa.

So it is with a huge sigh of relief that I laud the Australian sense of right, their internal ability to finally wake up to a charlatan, and hopefully a return to decent, caring government. I couldn’t be more proud of the Australian way, today.


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  1. RosemaryJ36

    2019 was not a miracle but an aberration.

  2. Phil Pryor

    The most unintelligent object posing as a person to inhabit the office of P M has crawled out backwards, or was it a plunge? The posthumous P M, (hooray) has gone, and the spray may soon conceal the lingering malodorous offensive memory. When one is a chronic liar, a selfdrenching superstitious fool, a believer in extreme fantasy, fiction and fraud, one should be in a cell and not in the lodge. Morrison equipped himself for a life of self deception, of embracing an act, ongoing, doomed to accelerate into a wall or void. The life we lead is not delightful.., we are bombarded with lying advertising, intrusive false messages, told to follow, to listen, to take this advice, message, endorsement, opinion. Loudmouths are the new conquerors, dictators, rulers, plantation bosses. To merely look at C Palmer, a huge bowel of beastliness, is to laugh at the absurdity of his existence, as one might with Dumbo, Goofy, Boofhead, Porky Pig, but, wait, we still have the Fat Frau of the West, Barnaby Drunkenroota, so many. This nation has so many victims who need a hose holder, a helper, some assistance. We do NOT need a huge sub or ten, in umpteen decades, nor crates that barely fly wasting zillions. We need friends for fair discussion and negotiation. Diplomacy, talent, skills, compromise, all this is needed to be fair to us and to partners in this dodgy world, made immeasurably worse by revolting political types from Trump, Putin, Morrison, Johnson and a large cast of suppurating turds. Meanwhile, let us rediscover humanity and civil behaviour, while shunning extremism and right wing ratbaggery rubbish, Did you hear that Peter Duckwit-Futton? This election gave us back some small “l” liberalism.

  3. Doug Ingle

    Wonderful accurate and entertaining writing. Psychomo will fade quickly from our memory but his destruction will cause problems for quite a while.

  4. Barry Thompson.

    Excellent article Mark.
    Let any men who seek to demean women take note.

  5. totaram

    Doug Ingle: Nail on the head!

    The repair job required is enormous. The fondness of this government for secrecy has hidden much of the harm they did. Watch closely as the horror unfolds!

  6. wam

    A marvellous read, mark, After solomon and Lingiari, I looked at hunter to see the effect of the dog white-anting fitzgibbon whinging and taking a tannerdive. A great win for labor’s climate action.
    What a sad start to the third millennium. Scummo, the copperman, the rabbott, the lemon and the lying rodent a slack list of PM failures, broken only by a women, whose skills, despite shameful mistreated, accomplished so much.
    Most of us, wont be around when history shows the extent to which these men have been inadequate at performing the tasks of their job. I just hope by then women are equal and gillard is not airbrushed out and the boy’s wrinkles are not removed.

  7. Pagnol

    Well said. Pretty much reflects how I and doubtlessly plenty of others feel about Morrison and his government. Sadly though I don’t think it will end there. If Morrison doesn’t kick on like Howard there are others to fill the role of Murdoch’s puppet. I’d love to be wrong.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Rumour has it that the new shadow treasurer will be either Angus Taylor or Stuart Robert. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. These two should both be hauled before a federal ICAC as first order of business.

  9. Pagnol

    Kaye Lee, if either of those two became treasurer, & fortune forbid that ever happening, then it’d be essential to check their pockets at end of day.

  10. Harry Lime

    General George Custer-Dutton finally gets his moment in the shade,leading what’s left of the rabble into eternal damnation.If the original Custer smiled like Dutton the Native Americans would have fled,screaming in terror.

  11. Terence Mills

    I wonder if either Albo or Penny Wong were able to drop a word in for Assange with Biden or his team in Tokio.

    Marise Payne was missing in action when it came to standing up for an Australian citizen.

    Last year in October when arguing for his extradition to the US, Lawyers for the United States said that any sentence imposed on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could be served in an Australian prison if he is extradited to the US to face charges.

    This was showing the willingness of the US government to compromise but we didn’t respond with an offer to repatriate him.

  12. Tan

    I caught 10 seconds of the exiting PMs speech before I muted the sound. It looked like a victory speech. He looked relaxed and happy, and who wouldn’t be, walking away from the shitefight that passes for democracy. That means the man is not a total fool. As far as karma goes, the West has a lot to learn about what it really is.

  13. New England Cocky

    @ Tan: Well Scummo got what he wanted a political pension and other benefits paid for by the Australian taxpayers while he sleezes about masquerading as a Pastor for the Hell$inger$ Choru$ of the buy Your Way to Heaven NOW Cult.. All donation$ over $40 MILLION will win a Pastorship and be eligible for the fringe benefits of wealth distribution from the obligatory tithing.

    Yes, perversely it was a victory ….. because now he will never have to ”work” again and so he cannot yet be sacked from retirement.

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