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Michaelia should read her own reports

In October last year, Minister for Employment Michaelia Cash issued a media release about the China Free Trade Agreement.

“The landmark China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will unlock immense benefits for Australians for many years to come,” Minister Cash said.

“As well as adding billions to the economy and drive higher living standards for all Australians, this deal will ensure thousands of jobs are created across all States and Territories.”

“It greatly enhances our competitive position in key areas such as agriculture, resources and energy, manufacturing exports, services and investment – these are industries that already generate many jobs but importantly they are sectors where we will see extraordinary opportunities for future jobs growth.”

Sounds good, until you read a report issued by the Minister’s Department of Employment last month titled the Employment Outlook to November 2020 which states that, for the five years to November 2020, employment in manufacturing is projected to decline by 45,700 (or 5.3 per cent), mining by 31,900 (or 14.1 per cent), and agriculture by 9,400 (or 3.1 per cent).

The largest fall across all sectors is projected for Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Part Manufacturing (down by 27,500 or 58.3 per cent), following the announced plant closures by major car manufacturers. A number of other sectors in Manufacturing are also projected to decline such as Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing (5,600 or 34.6 per cent), Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing (4,900 or 7.7 per cent) and Furniture Manufacturing (4,100 or 11.6 per cent).

The report also shows that, despite advertising campaigns by billionaires and compliant politicians suggesting otherwise, mining contributed only 11,300 to employment growth over the last five years and the future is not rosy.

Employment is projected to decline for a number of mining-related sectors. The largest decline is projected for Coal Mining (8,800 or 20.5 per cent), reflecting weak global demand. Employment is also projected to decline in Metal Ore Mining (7,900 or 11.9 per cent), Exploration (6,700 or 18.0 per cent), Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (4,800 or 6.5 per cent) and Other Mining Support Services (3,000 or 15.4 per cent).

As Barnaby Joyce talks about how well he has done with record prices, Sheep, Beef Cattle and Grain Farming is projected to record one of the largest falls over the period (14,000 or 16.3 per cent).

Over the past few decades the Australian economy has continued to shift away from lower skilled jobs towards a higher skilled, service based economy and this trend is projected to continue over the five years to November 2020, with the strongest employment growth, in percentage terms, projected for those with Diploma or higher qualifications.

The employment level of Labourers is projected to fall by 14,600 (or 1.3 per cent) in the five years to November 2020. Overall, the majority of the occupations projected to decline fall within the lowest skill levels, where seven of the bottom 10 occupations have a skill level commensurate with a Certificate III or lower (for example Product Assemblers and Bookkeepers). The remaining three of the 10 bottom occupations have a skill level commensurate with Certificate IV or Certificate III with at least two years on-the-job training (Secretaries, Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers and Metal Fitters and Machinists).

What is the government’s plan for jobs for these people?

Australia’s largest employing industry sector – Cafés, Restaurants and Takeaway Food Services, also supported by domestic tourism and further increases in international arrivals, is projected to make the largest contribution to growth over the five years to November 2020 (up by 84,300 or 14.9 per cent).

The largest projected occupation increase is for Sales Assistants (General) (up by 65,800 or 11.9 per cent), the bulk of whom are employed in Retail Trade. Healthcare workers and carers are strongly represented with employment projected to increase by 51,400 (or 20.0 per cent) for Registered Nurses, 43,000 (or 30.6 per cent) for Aged and Disabled Carers, and 39,000 (or 26.1 per cent) for Child Carers.

It should be noted that this government wants to cut penalty rates, have already blocked wage increases for aged and child care workers, and have slashed hospital funding, all of which will impact on our biggest projected growth occupations.

Structural changes in the labour market favour service industries which tend to be concentrated in eastern capitals. Employment in metropolitan areas is projected to increase by 9.5 per cent over the next five years, compared with 5.8 per cent projected for regional Australia.

At the more detailed regional (SA4) level, employment growth is projected to be strongest (in percentage terms) in Sydney – North Sydney and Hornsby (up by 35,200 or 15.1 per cent) and Sydney – Eastern Suburbs (23,600 or 14.4 per cent), while the largest projected increases in employment (in thousands) are for Melbourne – Inner (48,400 or 13.9 per cent) and Gold Coast (35,700 or 11.4 per cent). By contrast, employment is projected to fall by 300 (or 0.7 per cent) in South Australia – Outback and very weak growth is projected for Queensland – Outback (100 or 0.2 per cent) and Western Australia – Wheat Belt (600 or 0.9 per cent).

The free trade agreements were supposed to create jobs. Lord knows, they tell us that often enough, but the facts show otherwise. It is apparent that the FTAs will exacerbate low-skilled and regional unemployment, hitting those who are least resilient and most likely to sink into poverty. It’s all very well to talk about breaking the cycle of welfare dependency but this government is actively destroying jobs and industries as they entrench the interests of major corporations at the expense of ordinary citizens.

And Malcolm’s coup has done nothing to turn things around despite his “jobs, jobs, jobs” rhetoric.

Over the first six months of 2016, the pace of employment growth has slowed considerably, with the level of employment rising by just 0.4 per cent. The decade average growth is 1.8% per annum (this period includes the GFC).

In monthly terms, the latest ABS Labour Force Survey showed a trend employment increase between July and August 2016 of 0.08 per cent, which remains below the monthly average over the past 20 years of 0.15 per cent. The rate of growth in employment has remained below this average for the past eight months. The trend underemployment rate increased to a series high of 8.6 per cent in August 2016.

Ian Verrender sounds a warning on the Drum pointing to the Productivity Commission’s findings that free trade agreements – especially bilateral deals – do very little in improving trade. In fact, they can be downright damaging. The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, signed a decade ago, now costs about $US53 billion in lost trade per annum.

As Turnbull and Bishop lecture the Americans about the TPP, it should be understood that it has very little to do with free trade creating jobs – moreso extending monopoly powers of American corporations, while maintaining tariffs and quotas for US farmers, and entrenching power and governance among the wealthy.


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  1. Sir ScotchMistery

    I’m looking forward to Michaelia needing hospitalisation for dementia only to find that all the staff are Filipinos looking for a new start on 457 visas.

    We did this to ourselves. We deserve what is happening.

  2. Fedup

    With you on that one. Biggest mistake this country ever made and we will be paying the price for our stupidity for many years to come! The only people it benefits it created was for the Chinese. FTA never favour the country making them. Never have and never will. Are all politicians that bloody clueless or just plain stupid and dumb!

  3. Möbius Ecko

    Also notwithstanding that Australia under the L-NP government has reneged on a couple of items in existing bilateral agreements that have really pissed of the trade partners, South Korea being one.

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I think the only hope we have of blocking the implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the fact that the American people don’t want the TPP either.

  5. helvityni

    Yes Sir SM, my hardworking Dutch immigrant in-laws went back to Holland when witnessing how badly their mentally ill son was treated here; they all blossomed and had better lives over there..

  6. brickbob

    I dont agree with Donald Trump on anything at all except his opposition to the TPP,and Clinton does not support it either,and i know Obama is pushing for it but he will be gone next year and hopefully Clinton will be President and with the help of Congress who is also against this stupid TPP will bury the thing once and for all.””

  7. John Ward

    Misleading and deceptive representations, leading right up to election day 2nd July 2016,

    There is now clear evidence of fraud, misleading and deceptive conduct by members of Cabinet. This crookedness needs to be exposed. The sectional interests of our Government Ministers’ Corporate donors are taking precedence over the national interest, and the sustainability of financing for the Renewable Energy Industry.

    In 2015,Treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann directed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to exclude investments in household and small-scale solar from the $10 billion fund in the future. The draft investment mandate called for “mature and established clean energy technologies … including wind technology and household small-scale solar” to be excluded from the Corporation’s activities.

    Interestingly, the authority to make such changes can only come from the Parliament, not the Executive.

    The Executive cannot change an Act of Parliament. The Parliament also authorises the Executive Government to spend public money (not the other way around).

    Any change such as the revocation of a part and/or a new investment mandate to the CEFC Act 2012 may only be modified by amendments made, requested or agreed to by the Senate. Stephen Keim QC has provided advice to environmental groups about the Government’s ability to direct the CEFC. He said the Government had the power to put in place an investment mandate but it had to “tread a fairly thin line”.

    During 1998, American Petroleum Institute (API), the USA’s largest oil trade association (member companies include BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Exxon-Mobil and Shell) planned a “roadmap” for a climate of deception, including a plan to have “average citizens” believe that the realities of climate science were vague and uncertain.

    Australians have been subject to fraudulent and misleading representations, regarding climate change over the past ten years by the people we elected.

    The direct effect of the CEFC ‘Responsible Ministers’ acting as de facto or shadow directors of the CEFC has been to create the perception that Australian policy support for clean energy is uncertain or diminished.

    These are the same negative outcomes envisaged by the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 1998 campaign.

    A third entity involved in this deception is the pressure group, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). The IPA was founded by a conglomerate of like-minded groups at the same time as the Liberal Party formed in 1943-44 after the break-up of the United Australia Party. The policy agenda of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) has been linked directly to LNP policy ever since.

    To put these linkages in context: The law frowns on the abuse of authority by any elected official i.e. to act with the intention to dishonestly gain a benefit for another person and/or cause detriment to another. This behaviour is defined in law as ‘Misfeasance’ In most cases, the essentials to bring an action of misfeasance in public office are; that the office-holder acted illegally, knew he/she was doing so, and knew or should reasonably have known that third parties would suffer loss as a result.

    The last Parliament (2013-2016) twice declined to allow the Executive’s Bill to Abolish the CEFC to become law. Subsequently, the Executive arm of Government had tried for two years to change the CEFC
    investment mandate.

    Recently, while in caretaker mode, the LNP created a different investment mandate directive (in order to appear to the electors to have authority) to modify the intent of the CEFC Act, without returning to the Parliament (which BTW no longer existed). So apparently they were preparing to seek such an alteration to the CEFC Act in (the next) the 45th Parliament.

    During the election campaign Prime Minister Turnbull purported to have the authority to redistribute $1billion from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to fund his new Clean Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF).

    $1 billion was also set aside to finance a ‘Better Cities Fund’ announced two thirds of the way through the campaign.

    And a further $1 billion ‘drawn ‘ from the “Green Bank ” to clean up the Barrier Reef ($0.6 Billion) is mentioned in an advertisement in the Australian newspaper for jobs to deliver higher water quality in farm runoff in what looks like a subsidy to sugar / ethanol industry.

    $100 million was set aside to prevent the closure of the Steelworks in Whyalla SA, and the University of Tasmania’s Northern Campus in Launceston received a pledge of $150 million to be extracted from the CEFC.

    These monies from ARENA are part of the proposed omnibus legislation meant to wedge the ALP. Prime Minister Turnbull is fundamentally saying to Tasmanians “you can have an expanded Northern Campus or a renewable energy industry, but you cannot have not both”.

    Malcolm promised money he cannot access, with the total pledged so far being $5.6 billion.
    Cabinet Ministers have conspired to remove all funds from the CEFC by pledging the total amount left in the CEFC account to other ‘good LNP causes’.

    At the same time Malcolm Turnbull is subsidising the fossil fuel industry with $24 billion of taxpayer funds. This includes exploration funding for Geoscience Australia and tax deductions for mining and petroleum exploration.

    Prime Minister Turnbull, Deputy Prime Minister Joyce, Former Prime Minister Abbott, Ministers Pyne, Hockey, Cormann and Hunt are attempting to falsely convince the public that the Cabinet can “re-purpose and re-direct the Act” without going back through the Parliament. These changes to the CEFC Act 2012 are still to be legislated.

    Let’s consider the limits the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012 imposes on the responsible Minister’s mandate.
    Section 65: The responsible Ministers must not give a direction under subsection 64(1):

    (a) that has the purpose, or has or is likely to have the effect, of directly or indirectly requiring the Board to, or not to, make a particular investment; or
    (b) that is inconsistent with this Act (including the object of this Act).

    The object of The Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act (2012) is to facilitate increased flows of finance into the clean energy sector.

    Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann attempted to skirt around the law. If this gross ideological interference had not happened, the growth and jobs in the clean energy industry might have delivered some real balance to the downturns in other parts of the economy.

    The LNP Cabinet is in contempt of Parliament. Its Ministers have betrayed our trust.

    The LNP and the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) are still using the same script and still following the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) line of climate deception.

    In a move away from API policy, in September 2014, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden in an interview with the Washington Post said: “Let me be very, very clear. For us, climate change is real and it’s a threat that we want to act on. We’re not aligning with sceptics” (Mufson 2014), Mufson is a director of Shell USA.

    Fraudulent representation means making of a false statement about a material fact, with the knowledge that such statement is false, to another person with an intention that such other person to whom that statement is made must believe it as true and must act upon it resulting in an injury to the person to whom such false representation is made.


    There are strong connections between the API and the IPA’s disinformation and the LNP campaign aims.

    The links are there. The wrongs have been done. Let us join together to promote public debate on this matter.

    AUDIO: CEFC seeks legal advice over Government mandates on wind and solar (Breakfast) – .V9fkLmURqEI the coalition-is-using-clean-energy-financing-as-an-election-slush-fund-australia

    John Ward
    03 62921211
    20 Grosse Road

  8. Phil

    I challenged myself this morning to read articles first, then guess the writer……and lo and behold, I won the gold on this article – Kaye Lee. Forensic, objective and pulls the rug right out from under Cash et al.

    Article duly forwarded to my local LNP backbencher Ms Lucy Wicks who can’t stop crowing about 600 bogus jobs at the locally despised new Gosford waterfront ATO monstrosity. The land, formerly a state primary school was slated as a community arts centre!

  9. Kronomex

    ““As well as adding billions to the economy and drive higher living standards for all Australians, this deal will ensure thousands of jobs are created across all States and Territories.”” What a load of complete and utter bullshit!! Does this hyena laugh of a minister really believe the crap she’s peddling? Sadly I would have to say yes.

    If the TPP falls over (we can only hope) then there’s TISA and from what I’ve read it’s worse

  10. Kaye Lee


    Lucy has been crowing about those 600 jobs for three years now. Has the building even started? Have there been any jobs created except for the person who does the media releases? When I asked her if the jobs would be first offered to the thousands of ATO employees who were being made redundant in Canberra she blocked me from her facebook page.

    From May 2014….

    In a stinging “slap in the face for Canberra” 600 Commonwealth public servants will be relocated to the Central Coast, half of whom will come from the already embattled Australian Tax Office.

    The federal government will open a new building on the Central Coast to boost jobs in the region dominated by Liberal MPs, even though the nation’s capital could already be hit with 6500 or more job cuts in three years as the bureaucracy loses 16,500 positions nationally.

    Accounting, information technology, professional services and legal roles could be some of the job descriptions to relocate.

    Not all the 600 jobs will come out of Canberra, according to a spokesman from Treasurer Joe Hockey’s office, who said the ratio “has not been determined yet”, but others expect Canberrans will make up the vast majority.

    The spokesman also said it was not yet known which other departments would relocate staff to the Central Coast.

  11. Matters Not

    extending monopoly powers of American corporations,

    That’s what they are all about. And through ISDS they ensure that the nation’s ‘sovereignty’ is progressively weakened. The concept of ‘sovereign borders’ is now only applicable to a few wretches in boats while those in corporate jets can come and go as they please. Take what they want and never pay – taxes in particular.

    As for:

    Clinton does not support it either

    will be one of those non-core promises. It is only of recent times that she’s been converted. She’s for the big end of town, make no mistake, and therefore will be again for the turning.

    As for TISA, yes it’s worse, if for no other reason, that it’s flying beneath the radar.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Re TISA,

    They seem to be trying to undermine any assistance for renewable energy development and Australia is playing a big part in that.

    “Its energy annex says that the trade rules will apply to all legislative measures covering power generation services, “whether the energy source is renewable or non-renewable”. It also contains a “standstill” clause freezing in perpetuity the high watermark of liberalisation in certain sectors, and a “ratchet” clause to stop countries reintroducing trade barriers that had been previously removed. Both mechanisms have been proposed by Australia.”

    They also obviously don’t trust the Chinese who played us like a fiddle

    From October 2014

    Amid the talks, Beijing stunned Australia this month by imposing a 3 percent tariff on coal used in steel mills and 6 percent tariff on coal used in power stations, hitting A$9 billion ($7.9 billion) worth of exports from Australian miners already reeling from a slump in prices.

    The tariffs will put coal exports from Australia at a disadvantage to its biggest rival, Indonesia, which is exempt under China’s free trade pact with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

    “The immediate elimination of tariffs on Australian coal exports is a key objective for the sector and we understand the Minister for Trade Andrew Robb will be seeking to secure that outcome as negotiations come to a conclusion over the next month,” the Minerals Council of Australia’s coal director Greg Evans said in an emailed statement.

    Unions saw the sudden imposition of the tariffs as a bargaining tactic as Beijing presses Australia to lower foreign investment hurdles and ease limits on the number of Chinese who can be brought in to work on Chinese-owned projects.

    “What do we get in return for all of this? A commitment from China to drop a tariff they had no intention of keeping in the first place,” Michael O’Connor, national secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, said in a statement.

  13. Jaquix

    Oh yes, Malcolm is intent on making us a nation of baristas. Their wilful obstruction of the solar/wind renewable energy industry, is an absolute disgrace. We need some talented soul to create a 2 column spreadsheet which tracks the “achievements”: or at least decisions (dodgy as some of them are) in one column, and in the other the donations the Libs received around the same time – this will take a while because of the Libs’ deliberate time lag between receipt and reporting. The reform of the donations way of life seems too hard for both sides to tackle, but I would like to see real-time reporting (in this day and age there is no excuse not to have this), and the limit right down to $500 per person or entity. That alone would be a big reform for us to have more clarity around their decision making, and not disturb their current cosy arrangement too much. Labor and the Greens could surely get together on this.

  14. Andreas Bimba

    The Liberal, National and Labor Party leadership know very well FTAs destroy many more jobs than they create. It should be obvious by now to everyone that these political parties are merely the political front men/women for more powerful forces in the Kleptocracy such as the mining, finance and real estate speculation sectors.

    We know how to fix our nation but the solutions will not come from the duopoly.

  15. Kaye Lee

    If an unemployed person receives any income they have to report it fortnightly and they don’t have staff.

  16. Jack Straw

    Kerry Packer had only one Alan Bond and the Chinese only had only one Andrew Alzheimer’s Robb.And Michaelia AKA Serial Mum; makes a great Capitalist Nazi Puppet .All front and No substance.

  17. Fedup

    How the hell did these lunatics get elected back into office. Why do other parties give the go ahead on these policies? Are they just as ignorant as the rest of us? I think the Australian public really need educating on the goings on in this country/politics and the consequences of their blind voting. It’s going to take decades to get this country back to what it was even if that is possible.

  18. kerri

    I think David Speers proved Cash does not read any reports!

  19. Kaye Lee


    That was possibly the most aggravating interview I have ever watched. Either Cash is a fool or she thinks we all are.

  20. Steve Laing -

    I’m still intrigued how we are going to sell “services” into asia when the first pre-requisite of any real service industry is to be able to speak the language, a set of skills that we Australians (and I include myself in this) are hardly in the world leading class. For a party that claims to be the party of business, they seem to be utterly clueless as to how it actually works.

    It goes without saying that it is extremely difficult for a smaller player to be able to negotiate a good deal with a bigger player. It always makes sense to do deals with entities of similar size, because the greater the levels of risk and reward. Where small players outsource functions to bigger companies, they invariably end up with much lower service than they were expecting because the bigger companies unsurprisingly look after the businesses they get more money from. Similarly Australia is just a fart in the Chinese bath tub.

    The free trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea have been worked on over a significant number of years, which isn’t surprising given the level of complexity. To believe that a government who couldn’t even negotiate the passing of one budget would be able to fast track favourable deals with much larger entities is laughable in the extreme. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  21. Jexpat

    There’s a high rise construction site in Newcastle where the entirety of the workforce appears to be Chinese visa holders. I don’t know whether this has any relation to the FTA or not, but considering that the region has relatively high unemployment in this sector, especially youth unemployment, it’s not beneficial domestic policy to “import labor” when your own citizens and residents are capapable and out of work.

  22. Matters Not

    Michael West has a good article dealing with multinationals and the tax they don’t pay.

    Of course, some of the digital new guard – the eBays Googles and Ubers of the world – don’t even deem their businesses here to be Australian businesses at all, and bill directly from low-tax jurisdictions offshore, thereby eliminating both income tax and GST.

    Some interesting analysis by a contact estimates the Tax Office would collect an extra $22.4 billion in one year alone in income tax payments if a 90 per cent ceiling were imposed on tax deductible expenses. It would wipe out more than half the projected budget deficit this year alone.

    Based on the Tax Office data released in December for Australia’s top 1539 public and foreign private companies, this research shows $1.63 trillion in total income. Of these companies, 579 paid zero tax.

    He goes on:

    Take Travelex Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, the company that fleeces you when you go to change money at the airport. Total income $1.683 billion for the year, total expenses $1.6826 billion. Taxable profit $568 million, tax expense $13.7 million.

    Overall, for all companies on the list, tax payable as a percentage of total income was 1.7 per cent and tax payable as a percentage of taxable income was 16.2 per cent.

    Morrison promised extra tax office staff in the Budget but nothing since then. Nevertheless, the real problem isn’t the extra staff. At the heart of the problem is the existing legal framework. Unless that’s addressed, it will all come to nought. The knowledge of what needs doing, and how to do just that, lies within the tax office. What is lacking is the political will.

    Shorten should propose some legislative action.

  23. Anneke Squibb

    SirScotchMistery, I agree with what you’re saying, but I have to come to the defense of Filipino nurses. I worked with quite a few in the Netherlands and they were excellent nurses, smart, worked very hard and were the best colleagues to have. Now nurses from other countries however…..

  24. Zathras

    We can’t blame ourselves for the TPP – it was negotiated behind closed doors and because of the secrecy involved, no public debate was even possible.

    All we had were suspicions and allegations, none of which were addressed or even acknowledged by Abbott’s mob or even mentioned the media, apart from all the wondrous vague things that were going to shower down upon us.

    Many public attempts were made to bring it out into the open but these were all stonewalled.

    It’s the same as all those free Trade Agreements but the TPP was a matter for corporations to create and not sovereign governments to negotiate.

    Soon the tobacco companies will be suing the government for restriction of trade and the government will be shutting down parts of the internet to comply with alleged copyright problems.

  25. diannaart

    Phil September 21, 2016 at 10:24 am

    Article duly forwarded to my local LNP backbencher Ms Lucy Wicks who can’t stop crowing about 600 bogus jobs at the locally despised new Gosford waterfront ATO monstrosity. The land, formerly a state primary school was slated as a community arts centre!

    The above summarises everything needed to know about LNP ‘values’ – they are so clueless, they do not even know when they are behaving fradulently.

    The LNP, IPA and associated leeches will be found out – just when, I really couldn’t say, but they will get their just deserts!

  26. wam

    kaye surely cash is correct there are thousands of jobs in australia for the chinese and they have just bought the northern and southern mainland ports???

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