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  1. donwreford

    The CIA and the like covert agencies have long had a interest in the internet as a method of investigating individuals in particular ones who are not considered as part of the cultural norm of what the CIA consider a normal part of what the cultural ideology of Western establishment values, this in part is the individual must have a allegiance to what is defined by often politicians as a supportive and have a internalized brain pattern that endorses the value system as to be a legitimate state of knowing your place?
    What this means is a series of value judgement’s such as Russia being politically suspect, that the democratic system is the fairest way to elect a leader as opposed to the elected leader being a stooge for a minority interest, you must not say the Jews are Arabs, the Jews must not be criticized however they act as a criminal organization as the word for this is antisemitic? one has to as a individual become subservient to the the financial elite without acknowledging that we must be a conditioned slave to the system that is to live in a state of imprisonment that you must pay huge amounts for your sentence in the shell you exist in and including the destruction of your health.

  2. Geoff Andrews

    I’m so disappointed that, in more than four hours since the publication of Mr Ellery’s article, not one single member of Team Australia has reminded us that we have nothing to fear if we’ve done nothing wrong.

  3. Adrianne Haddow

    Geoff, have you forgotten? Reading is not their strong point.
    If they can’t read documents and reports pertaining to their portfolios and policies, they are unlikely to read articles with words like metadata in the title.
    Although I would have thought the name Snowdon would have attracted them. In the eyes of our overlords he equates to a terrorist, doesn’t he?

  4. RosemaryJ36

    Jews may have been despised and marginalised for centuries as well as being persecuted in far worse ways in more recent times.
    But now we have Palestinians being treated in the same way by Israelis (who are mostly Jews) with the support on the USA among others.
    Persecution is never warranted and the Israeli settlements are continuing in a bare-faced breach of prior agreements.
    I do not know at first hand of any god who can be relied on, in which case, who promised the land to Israel?

  5. paul walter

    The article is fine, the sad thing is, not enough people will read and understand it.

  6. 5ime0n

    I think that this article misses a crucial point. It isn’t the technologies we need to be concerned about, but the interests who may or may not be using them for their own goals. Its the same as the argument against the so called ‘New World Order’. A world government could universalize human rights law, make medical advancements available globally, etc. In the case of surveillance and data collection, certain information used correctly could create significant improvements to the movement of people and goods, for example. The real question is why do we feel we can’t trust those in power to not abuse their position?

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