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Matthew 7: 3-5

Tony Abbott, when asked if his Royal Commissions were political stitch-ups, said that the RC into the Home Insulation Programme was put in place because “four people died and the families wanted to get to the bottom of it so to keep faith with the families the government established the Royal Commission.”

It is understandable for grieving families to want answers, but Abbott spending $20 million on a ninth inquiry that found nothing new cannot be viewed as anything other than a wasteful political witch hunt.

Abbott says that his two Royal Commissions “were addressing very serious public policy challenges. (Both)…have been casting a spotlight into some of the darker corners of our national life and that’s what royal commissions are there for”.

In the first twenty months of the Abbott government, according to Fortress Australia, there were 46 reported preventable deaths of asylum seekers – 39 drowned en route, 5 suicides, 1 murdered in detention and one died from complications from an untreated cut. There have been many more people beaten and abused, many incidents of self-harm and mental illness, but this “serious public policy challenge” will remain in a dark corner.

When Bill Shorten defended himself at the Royal Commission by saying him accepting donations from unions or businesses for his campaign was no different to the treasurer accepting donations from business leaders and lobby groups, it gained little traction, with the Commissioner suggesting he keep his answers to “yes, no and I don’t remember.”

Shorten was certainly remiss in not declaring to the AEC, the donated employment of someone to work on his campaign, but there is no suggestion that he personally benefitted financially, unlike those many MPs who have made false entitlement claims. He has recently corrected that omission.

As for possible conflict of interest, Joe Hockey did not declare his wife’s directorship of Steel Harbour Pty Ltd until 2012, despite the fact she was appointed in 1998.

And we still have no proof that Tony Abbott didn’t lie to the AEC about his citizenship.

Abbott refused to comment on Bill Shorten’s future, saying his problem with the Labor Party was it “doesn’t often enough support good policy”.

This from the man who abolished carbon pricing, abolished the mining tax, abolished changes to the fringe benefits tax, opposes changes to superannuation tax concessions, opposes marriage equality, and has reneged on signed agreements with the states for health and education funding.

Small Business Minister Bruce Billson said there was something “NQR” – not quite right – about the donations accepted by Mr Shorten.

“I think what people are really interested in — imagine if you had a trusted mate buying a car for you, trying to get you a good deal, then you find out your mate is getting a sling from the man who is selling the car, that’s just dodgy,” he told Channel Nine.

“If he is getting a sling off the car seller, how does he look after your interests?

“There is something NQR [not quite right] about that, which is the issue.”

And how does a judge ruling that the treasurer allows access to people who can afford to make large donations sound Mr Billson? Speaking of slings, why is your party resisting regulation of the financial sector Mr Billson? And was the approval of a coal mine in the richest agricultural land a condition of getting a signature on a free trade agreement? Were the subs likewise? What about giving slings to dictators, corrupt regimes, and people smugglers?

The Liberal Party has cognitive dissonance down to a fine art.


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  1. Harquebus

    The Labor Party also has cognitive dissonance down to a fine art. The Liberals are just better at it.
    What was that thingy about removing the plank from your own eye?

  2. mars08

    The name…. “The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption” gives the game away. There conclusion was reached well before the first sitting…. it’s a sleazy publicity stunt.

  3. lawrencewinder

    The hypocrisy shown by the mongrels of the ruling rabble knows no bounds.
    Rabid-the-Hun’s daughter “awarded” a $60,000.00 bursary/ scholarship?
    Mandy “Il Patrone” Vanstone exiling innocent Australians whilst, at the same time providing refuge for Mafia thugs.
    Matty “Thug” Guy costing the “Tardis State” Taxpayer $3,000,000.00 for his Ventnor “frolic.” and on and on it goes….
    The whole shambles needs to be cleaned up from the Obeids, the Millennium Foundations, the Hockeys, the Maddeferies… and particularly this rancid prime miniature Rabid-the-Hun!

  4. Kaye Lee

    Brandis redirected $6.7 million of money allocated for the RC into child sex abuse into his pink batts RC. The commissioner was paid $730,000.

    The unions RC specifically applies only to employee associations. We certainly don’t want to look into employer associations like the minerals council because that would open up a REAL can of worms.

    And who could object to Tony spending $80 million to get Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten and $20 million to get Rudd and Garrett – it’s a drop in the ocean to the man who spends billions on war toys and hundreds of millions on media and advertising.

  5. Itsazoosue

    “(Both)…have been casting a spotlight into some of the darker corners of our national life and that’s what royal commissions are there for”.

    By this standard, the Royal Commission into our border protection policies will be the Royal Commission we had to have.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Not to mention political donations…no, really….we are NOT to mention political donations

  7. Mark Needham

    No Evil or wrong doing should go unpunished.
    Plus Royal Commissions, are a means to cleanse, from what I can gather, RC evidence cannot be used in a Criminal Conviction.( legal citation needed here, I am an Electrician)
    Have yet to see any “concrete results” from any RC, so Yes, they are political.
    Even the federal Pollies, rental Accommodation in Canberra, SNOUT in trough, should be nipped in the bud. They are all greedily lapping at the sweet, sweet honey of money for jam.
    Build quarters at a “no better than, Military Quality”, and make them stay in that., in fact make them subject to the same military Code of Conduct and punishment.
    “”Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?””
    This is how we should judge and be Judged.

  8. Bilal

    Do not associate the Huns with our Dear Leader. The Huns were internally democratic and were not sexist. Rabid OK. But not Hun.

  9. iggy648

    The abuse of Royal Commissions for political purposes is now an available tactic for both sides of politics. Royal Commissions are now devalued in my eyes forever. Judges and solicitors bought and sold by politicians. Shame on them all.

  10. Kaye Lee

    In most situations, wrongdoing is best investigated by police and prosecuted in a court.

  11. eli nes

    if he tries, little billy can get labor and labour organised to attack the borrowing by asking where did the money for WA DEBT and many other wasted money COME FROM and abbutt’s character to put pressure on the training to stop his hesitations by establishing techniques like arms the width of his body up and down from the elbows and mouth and tongue movement before speaking he has had serious professional help and he wouldn’t have paid for it himself so surely the spies can find who the ‘lionel logue’ was????

  12. Adriaan de Leeuw

    Unless the British Government have a written document (form RN, or another older Document number) declaring that Tony Abbott has relinquished his British Citizenship he still holds that Citizenship, even though he can hold the Citizenship of another country! He has to have done that PERSONALLY himself and not his Parents, It was they who applied for his Australian Citizenship in 1980!

  13. Blinkyewok

    Hypocrisy metre off the scale. Rabid Rabbott and rancid rabinet: eventually it will come back to bite them. Can’t be too soon for such a deserving rabble.

  14. Adriaan de Leeuw

    Currently we have room for three Royal Commissions at the least!
    A Royal commission into the links between the Liberal Party of Australia, and the Mafia!
    A Royal Commission into the Border Control activities, including whether Australian Ship masters paid People Smugglers in any way shape or form, Whether Australian Warships or Customs vessels entered foreign waters, also whether their has been Prostitution between the refugees and Guards, either over 18 years of age or under 18 years of age and other sexual assaults and drug dealing!
    Of course there should also be a Royal Commission into Tony Abbotts Citizenship and who knew what when! Noting that if any person KNEW he was not a Citizen and covered it up has probably committed Treason in time of war, remember Tony sent troops off to battle!

    In relation to that I would hope that who ever stands against him in the next election actually lodges an action in the Court of Disputed Returns (the High Court of Australia) demanding that Tony Abbott SHOW a copy of his Form RN renouncing his British Citizenship Before he entered Parliament!

  15. Kaye Lee

    Section 46 of the Australian Constitution:

    Until the Parliament otherwise provides, any person declared by this Constitution to be incapable of sitting as a senator or as a member of the House of Representatives shall, for every day on which he so sits, be liable to pay the sum of one hundred pounds to any person who sues for it in any court of competent jurisdiction.

  16. mmc1949

    I would really like someone to ask Tony Abbott where sees himself in relation to Matthew 25:31-46, the parable of the sheep and the goats …. whatsoever you did to the least of these you did to me, said the Lord.
    If Jesus came on a boat as a refugee from the Middle East, what would Abbott do to him?

  17. Aortic

    mmc1949, pay him thirty pieces of silver, and return him from whence he came.

  18. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Could we crowd fund a prosecution against Abbott?

  19. Kaye Lee

    Indeed mmc,

    ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

  20. kerri

    The reason the commissioner wanted answer of a simple “yes” “no” or “I don’t remember” is that is what he is used to hearing from the LNP! Oh! And of course Billson’s excuse when accused of recieving donations via Mafia links “I didn’t know!”
    What’s that rule about ignorance is no excuse????

  21. townsvilleblog

    upwards of 100,000 Australians will be sleeping rough in this Artric blast of cold and Abbott puts on a turn about 4 people lost because small businesses did not follow workplace health and safety prpceedures, and tries to blame the ALP what a sick joke.

  22. kerri

    Kaye Lee and Adriaan De Leeuw the RC into citizenship needs to be expanded to ALL politicians.
    Abetz deserves to repay the commonwealth for his deception as well as Abbott.

  23. Kyran

    Are those “Hypocrisy Detection Systems” available commercially? I had a BS Meter, but it broke. I fixed it, then it broke again. I ran out of gaffer tape in late September, 2013.
    Being unfamiliar with the scripture’s, I had to look up Matthew 7: 3-5. I was immediately reminded of a quote from Matthew Henry. “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see”. I’m tipping a plank in the eye will do that to you.
    With the attention span of a goldfish, I became distracted with other parables, such as Luke 6:31, Do unto others. I understand that modern tony has used the ‘new testament’ version, “Do unto others anything you like BEFORE they do unto you”. During my gold fish odyssey, I found this;

    A great reminder of the similarities of so many religions and belief’s, notwithstanding that ‘modern tony’ wants us all to believe they are intrinsically different, likely mutually exclusive. One of Mr Confucius’s observations attracted my Nemo interest;
    “Zi gong (a disciple of Confucius) asked: “Is there any one word that could guide a person throughout life?”
    The Master replied: “How about ‘shu’ [reciprocity]: never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself?”

    Ever since ‘core and non core promises’, I have been acclimatised to hypocrisy. Short term, visionless, cheap, political expediency is plumbing new depths. Always grateful, Ms Lee. Take care

  24. kerri

    Kaye Lee and Adriaan De Leeuw the RC into citizenship needs to be expanded to ALL politicians.
    Abetz deserves to repay the commonwealth as well!

  25. philgorman2014

    Talk about people living in green houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Cleaning up the political stables is going to be a Herculean task and it would take a standing commission in the form of a national ICAC to do it. As both major parties oppose the very idea I don’t see how such an essential body could ever be established.

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