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Massive Decisions – Zero Transparency

Australians for War Powers Reforms Media Release

The Australian people and the national Parliament have been bypassed and side-lined in today’s massive announcements on defence and nuclear powered submarines.

That’s according to former diplomat and acting President of Australians for War Powers Reform (AWPR), Dr Alison Broinowski AM.

“The lack of transparency and accountability in today’s declaration from the Prime Minister is breath-taking.

“These decisions, which will have far reaching consequences were once again taken by a small group behind closed doors, with no input whatsoever from all our MP’s and Senators.

“There are already suggestions that the defence budget will need to be doubled to accommodate the plan. And this comes at a time when health, climate and an aging population will be demanding attention and extra funding.”

In addition to the lack of consultation AWPR has several serious concerns about the new pact. These include:

  • The plan is likely to inflame tensions with China thereby increasing the risk of conflict.
  • Prospective visits by US & UK nuclear-powered vessels to Australian ports for repair and resupply further militarises our region.
  • The pact could far more readily draw Australia directly into any conflict between the US and China over Taiwan.
  • The new pact could have an adverse impact on Australia’s relationship with New Zealand.
  • The plan keeps Australia tied to a world dominated by superpowers and takes us away from a genuinely independent foreign policy.
  • The submarine decision breaks the long held and accepted understanding that Australia is nuclear free. This decision alone requires serious discussion within the parliament and community.

Dr Alison Broinowski is available for interview.


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  1. Harry Lime

    Yeah, but Jesus ,arsewipe Morrison has to have something to inflate his flagging election prospects,and other peoples money has never been a bother in previous attempts to be relevant.Worst thing ever to happen to this country.He may think God is on his side,but Satan is a big winner with this cretin.Must be on the same deal as Murdoch and Trump. Morals free.Gonna end badly for everyone.No sacrifice is too great to win an election,including provoking a war.The military industrial complex will be delighted.

  2. Pete Petrass

    No mention thus far on how much this rubbish will cost. We know the French deal started at $40 billion (I think) and very quickly escalated to $90 billion and already projected to probably triple that. Also no mention of how much the French deal has cost so far nor the cost to exit the deal. How many millions or billions wasted there, no thanks to Scabbott???
    So just how many hundreds of billions will nuclear submarines cost???

  3. BB

    Scumo, shoving a nuclear submarine of wisdom up his arse, aka Toxic Tony style…

  4. Phil Pryor

    It’s a sad day for Australia and for me as an observer, for the erectional pre-1914 strutting of fading powers run by z grade nobodies is foul, frightening. A tendentious turd of a P M who can’t hold a hose, pisses off to Hawaii, lies to get in and out of self inflicted situations, leaves many of us thinking, clearly, the childishness and arrogance of it is ruinous. Morrison is not alone as a leader, backstabbing anus that he is, in being kaiser and fuhrer type of ultimate misfit, totally unsuited to productive and progressive work. He has never worked in a real way or in a real career, just fantastic bullshitting, egofixated drives, todger tugging mentality and absolutely no morals or ethics beyond the synthetic dishonest rubbish of organised superstition. The sin and iniquity of superstition and fantasy is in its delusional overwhelming influence on a deformed personality (hah) and Morrison shows a ruthless streak of self survival at any cost to others. Biden the crumbling crud, Boris the bullshitting bastard of blather and our own P M, a Preposterous Misfit, make a team of pre 1914 imperial hardline handjobbers.

  5. ajogrady

    It is treasonous for a government to turn a friendly major trading partner into an angry enemy as the L/NP have blatantly done.

  6. Kathryn

    So, so typical of this disgusting, totally corrupt and unpopular government! Whenever the LNP start to STINK IN THE POLLS, they resort to xenophobic racist attacks against minorities, fear, hate and war mongering! Not surprisingly, one of the worst, most corrupt and despised crime ministers in our history, ie the ineffective, misogynistic, bone-idle smirking sociopath, Sloth Morrison, has now decided to waste trillions of hard-earned Australian tax dollars on weapons of war (nuclear submarines) that will do NOTHING but alienate and infuriate our Asian neighbours and, more likely, make Australia a TARGET. Morrison refuses to provide desperately needed funding for our children’s education, is defunding MEDICARE into oblivion, the LNP are tearing desperately needed funds away from our hospital system, environmental programs, charities and social welfare but pouring countless BILLIONS into weapons of war causing mistrust and division with our Asian neighbours!

    The LNP are the worst, most corrupt and dangerous political party in our history. History has PROVEN that the LNP – particularly the Howard, Abbott and Morrison regimes – THRIVE on hate, fear, uncertainty and war because they KNOW that when foolish, Murdoch-manipulated, dumbed down Australians are afraid, they will ALWAYS vote conservatively! SHAME ON THE LNP and SHAME on the deaf, dumb and blind manipulated idiots who support them!

  7. John OCallaghan

    Morrison and his so called Government are certainly an evil corrupted cabal of genuine psychopaths, but evil Government’s are never allowed or enabled to operate their evil plans without their most important and equally evil and psychopathic partner in crime……… The establishment media……or MSM.

  8. guest

    We have all heard of the success of the German submarines in WW11, and the little Japanese submarines that crept into Sydney Harbour. In fact, the history of submarines goes back to 1578.

    There is also a history of anti-submarine warfare which can be developed to fight submarines used by our enemies. Can be a scary situation, being hunted trapped under the ocean. Getting crews can be difficult.

    One US sub blew itself up in 1944.

    But the military development at the end of WW11 was about missiles and today we fear that North Korea will attack us from halfway across the world.

    And then there are drones which can be operated from California, perhaps, to target some enemy general in his car in a far off country.

    Nuclear submarines are very expensive. They might never be actually used much, except to zoom around under the sea very fast, carrying heavy weapons and able to lie on the bottom of the ocean without refueling, watching the missiles and drones flying overhead – its engine humming just a little bit, because it cannot be turned off.

    It will annoy our biggest trading partner no end.

  9. Neilwal

    The stupid imbecile, Scummo doesn’t seem to grasp that these submarines are useless given Russia and China are far advanced in anti-submarine, hypersonic missile technology. Those submarines will be sunk in the event

  10. Terence Mills

    We are a laughing stock internationally with first our prime minister Abbott favouring Japanese off the shelf submarines, then when he got shunted his replacement Turnbull settled for expensive French submarines and when he got punted Scotty approaches the US for their submarines.

    The costs are mind boggling just to scrap the French contract will be approaching three billion including what we have already spent.

    These new subs won’t hit the water until 2040 at the earliest many years after Morrison and Dutton are just a distant creepy memory.

    Why are we doing it now ? My guess is we are going to have a national defence and security scare campaign up to the election.

  11. PeterF

    Remember when the favourite Coalition scare campaign against ALP initiative was ‘Where’s the money coming from?” When will the electorate acknowledge the lie?

  12. paul walter

    Morrison just wanted attention away from Xtian Porter and the Covid foul ups.

    The uranium and reactor sectors have been panting for the breakthrough anyway. Also gives Morrison an opportunity for hostage taking prior to the elections. See how it was done behind people’s backs, as the article says?

    The undermining of democratic processes is very near to Morrison’s heart as is secrecy, and the commercial media will interpret any critical thinking on it as a jeopardising of the security of Australian.

    There WILL be a bill , but it will only become apparent downstream as future generations are saddled with it.

    In the meantime, the new opportunities for rorting must have politicians, consultants and corporations euphoric.

    Also, it is interesting that the Murdochs judiciously fled only just a little while ago.

  13. Harry Lime

    Some very pertinent observations in today’s Saturday Paper by Hugh White on the the submarine fiasco,and Paul Bongiorno on the Liar’s swiftly fading popularity among the hoi polloi.Morrison is fucked six ways from Sunday, no matter when he might call an election.Things are definitely looking up.

  14. Guido Fawkes


    ‘Where’s the money going to?’ should be Labor’s election platform. They do not even try to hide their theft.
    Political preferences aside, this is the most corrupt government – state or federal – that Australia has ever endured. More corrupt than Bjelke-Petersen or Askin and with even less shame, coupled with a dearth of talent greater than the McMahon shower.
    But Aussies don’t notice, or even care.

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